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Chapter 1388: Severely Punished

A great heat radiated from the dark-red medicinal cauldron, causing the temperature grow hot and the air to become dry…

Refining a tier 8 medicinal pill was extremely complicated. Nearly a hundred different types of medicinal ingredients were involved. An ordinary alchemist could forget about the refinement process. They would have their hands full just controlling these medicinal ingredients in the air. Of course, this did not pose the slightest problem for Xiao Yan’s mighty ocean-like Spiritual Strength…

Numerous high grade medicinal ingredients that most alchemists present had never even heard of were thrown into the medicinal cauldron. The flame within the cauldron only needed to randomly sweep over before the pure medicinal strength in the medicinal ingredient was perfectly refined. Finally, the pure energies would remain suspended in the medicinal cauldron. They were packed together while emitting a shockingly pure energy.

The First Start Pill was a medicinal pill that could attract a five-colored Pill Lightning. A medicinal pill of this grade did not pose much of a problem for the current Xiao Yan. After years of training, Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength was much greater than what it had been at the Pill Gathering. Hence, this First Start Pill might be extremely troublesome to refine, but the refinement proceeded smoothly for Xiao Yan…

The refinement of medicinal pills, especially a tier 8 medicinal pill, was a time consuming task. Even with the aid of a Heavenly Flame, half a day had passed by the time Xiao Yan had fully refined all the medicinal ingredients. The alchemists in the square were completely immersed by Xiao Yan’s smooth pill refinement process. None of them had realized so much time had passed. At the same time, the respect in their eyes was becoming richer. Xiao Yan’s techniques were really too mysterious to them. None of the alchemist grandmasters they had met before could reach Xiao Yan’s ability.

Three days quietly passed amid this quiet atmosphere. The number of alchemists whom Xiao Yan had attracted increased. Some of the alchemists who were not from the Pill Hall but were temporarily staying in the Mysterious Yellow Fortress, also hurried over after hearing about the refinement, causing the area around the Pill Hall to fill with people. There were even many people standing in the sky.

With the increasing commotion, some experts who were not alchemists also hurried over. Due to the matter of the Profound Lion Sect, quite a number of factions and experts had sought refuge with the Yan Alliance. Some of these people had left after the Profound Lion Sect was defeated while many had remained. Currently, all of them had been attracted by the pill refinement.

As the number of observers continued to increase, Cai Lin had no choice but to dispatch the experts from the Yan Alliance to maintain order and prevent any disturbances from interfering with Xiao Yan’s pill refinement.

Another three days passed as a countless number of people observed this process…


On the eighth day after Xiao Yan became immersed in his pill refinement, thunder suddenly rumbled across the clear sky. Some of the experts with sharp senses discovered that the energy around them had become violent…

While a disturbance had occurred because of these changes, thick dark clouds suddenly began to appear in the sky without warning. Numerous silver snake-like bolts of lightning vaguely shuttled through the clouds.

A commotion appeared in the Mysterious Yellow Fortress when everyone saw thunder clouds suddenly cover the clear sky. The expressions of many experts drastically changed. They could sense the terrifying energy contained within these thunder clouds. If the energy poured down, it would likely destroy half of the Mysterious Yellow Fortress…

While the Mysterious Yellow Fortress had turned into an uproar, Xiao Yan, who had been seated on the stone stage, slowly opened his eyes. The thunder clouds seemed to have been sparked by something as they churned and became more brilliant. Within a short two minutes, the dark-black thunder clouds had turned into brilliant five-colored thunder clouds in front of the many startled eyes.

“Is this the legendary Pill Lightning…”

A devotion and excitement surfaced on the faces of all the alchemists present as they studied the five-colored thunder cloud in the sky. This kind of Pill Lightning was something that many alchemists were unable to summon even after spending their entire life attempting to do so.

“It is really a five-colored Pill Lightning…”

Gu He and Fa Ma studied the sky, and Gu He softly sighed. His heart felt somewhat defeated as he stared at the skinny figure. No wonder Yun Yun ultimately loved him. This talent was something that Gu He had to admit that he did not have.


An intense thunder suddenly reverberated while the thunder clouds churned in the sky. The cloud layer suddenly broke apart as a thousand-foot-long five-colored Pill Lightning suddenly blasted down toward Xiao Yan below in front of many shocked pairs of eyes.

Upon sensing the frightening energy contained within the five-colored Pill Lightning, even the expressions of Cai Lin’s group involuntarily changed.

Xiao Yan slowly lifted his head and glanced at the five-colored Pill lightning as it tore through the sky and rushed over like an enormous dragon. With a flick of his finger, a dark-golden body appeared. The dark-golden body ruthlessly collided with the Pill Lightning.


The two collided and that incomparably ferocious Pill Lightning disappeared in an instant, causing many people to reveal stunned faces. Their eyes carefully glanced over, and they discovered an expressionless hollow-eyed puppet. It was Xiao Yan’s Sky Demon Puppet.


The thunder clouds in the sky seemed to have been angered after the Sky Demon Puppet devoured the Pill Lightning. Numerous five-colored lightning pillars came pouring down in a crazy fashion. However, none of them broke through the Sky Demon Puppet’s defense…

These uncontrollable thunderbolts continued for nearly ten minutes before the clouds gradually paled. The frightening thunder clouds slowly disappeared in front of many frightened eyes.

“A tier 8 medicinal pill’s Pill Lightning is indeed frightening. Such a strength is something that even some elite Dou Zuns cannot endure…”

Many people present quietly clicked their tongues after watching the Pill Lightning slowly disappear. A medicinal pill of such a tier really could not be refined by an ordinary person.

Xiao Yan beckoned with his hand after seeing the Pill Lightning disappear. He returned the Sky Demon Puppet to his Storage Ring. With a flick of his finger, the cauldron cover was pulled open. A rainbow color explosively shot away with lightning-like speed. It was just about to flee into the distance when Xiao Yan reached out with his hand. An invisible wind firmly restrained the pill before it was eventually sucked to his palm. It was subsequently stuffed into a jade bottle that was then thrown into his Storage Ring.

“Alliance chief is mighty!”

A deafening cheer immediately resounded when everyone saw Xiao Yan successfully refine the pill. Many alchemists’ faces were red as their eyes stared at Xiao Yan with a fiery heat. This was the first time that they had ever seen an alchemist of this tier and a Pill Lightning of this level…

Xiao Yan smiled when her heard these overwhelming cheers. He smiled and gently pressed his hands down. His eyes slowly swept over the faces of all the alchemists present. Finally, they paused on Liu Chang and Wu Zhen’s faces. At this moment, their expressions were a little unnatural, and they did not dare to meet Xiao Yan’s eyes.

“This pill refinement is only one of the reasons I have come to the Pill Hall this time around…”

The entire place became completely silent when everyone heard Xiao Yan’s faint voice. Some people began to feel uneasy. They seemed to predict what was going to happen.

“The Pill Hall is one department of the Yan Alliance. Its status is no different than the other halls, but some people have begun to gain an arrogance during these years. They ignore the Yan Alliance and act selfishly, resulting in an internal disharmony. This is a great offence!” Xiao Yan’s expression slowly became cold. His chilling cry echoed next to everyone’s ears.

“I have a list of names here. Everyone on it has a charge against them!” Xiao Yan clenched his hand and a scroll appeared in it. He subsequently tossed it to Cai Lin and commanded in a deep voice, “Read!”

Many people trembled when they heard Xiao Yan’s deep voice. A chill appeared in their hearts.

Cai Lin received the scroll. Her pretty eyes coldly swept over everyone present. The names recorded on it were those who were the most arrogant. Some had even caused a lot of trouble, but these troubles were eventually swept away. In the past, she had worried about the Pill Hall, so she could only tolerate these grievances. However, with Xiao Yan’s return, such worry had completely disappeared.

“Pill Hall first department, Hu Zhou, ignores orders and acts arrogantly. He once delayed the delivery of medicinal pills due to some personal matters, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Yan Alliance brothers!”

“Pill Hall second department, He Yuan Ming, secretly pocketed the medicinal ingredients of the Yan Alliance. Not only did he not plead guilty after being exposed, he even injured the person who had exposed him!”

“Pill Hall first department…”

The faces of some of the alchemists within the Pill Hall suddenly turned pale when they heard the many names that were spoken from Cai Lin’s mouth…

“Pill Hall Elders, Liu Chang and Wu Zhen, becoming arrogant because of their contributions, not obeying orders, and withdrawing from battle. They have secretly sold Yan Alliance medicinal pills and pocketed the profits!”

The square turned into an uproar when Cai Lin’s final cold cry sounded. Liu Chang and Wu Zhen’s expressions paled. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan would dare to act against them!

“A country has its laws and an alliance has its own rules. Those that have been mentioned will be dealt with according to the alliance rules. No one will be spared!” Xiao Yan spoke in a faint voice.

“Alliance chief!”

Liu Chang and Wu Zhen suddenly stood up and furiously cried out, “The both of us are tier 7 high grade alchemists. Both of us have helped develop the Pill Hall to its current state. Are you planning to get rid of us now that it has become successful?”

“Your merit does not make up for your mistakes! The Yan Alliance is not a loose organization. No one can break its rules!” Xiao Yan coldly cried out. There would be no standards without rules. If the Pill Hall were allowed to continue along this path, internal discord would soon form within the Yan Alliance. Hence, Xiao Yan would not show mercy if he really needed to be ruthless.

“Bastard! Who cares about this Pill Hall Elder position. This elderly self will quit!”

Liu Chang and Wu Zhen’s faces alternated between green and white. A moment later, they coldly laughed. With a wave of their sleeves, they cried out loud, “Will anyone leave with the two of us?”

Upon hearing this cry, the alchemists in the square glanced at each other. Finally, some of their close confidants and some of the names that had been read, who knew that they would be down on their luck if they stayed, hurriedly walked forward and followed Liu Chang’s group.

Liu Chang and Wu Zhen involuntarily smiled in a pleased manner when they saw these people. They looked at Xiao Yan and said, “Alliance chief, if this place does not allow us to stay, there will be another that will. Goodbye!”

A smile suddenly appeared on Xiao Yan’s face as he stared at the duo, who had coldly smiled and turned around. He slowly asked, “Cai Lin, what kind of punishment awaits those who privately betray the alliance and leave?”

An icy-cold arc lifted on the corner of Cai Lin’s lips when she heard this. She replied in a faint voice, “Death without mercy!”

Liu Chang’s group, who had just turned around and left, suddenly stilled when they heard Cai Lin’s words.

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