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Chapter 1366: The Final Training

“There are still around five days left before three years is up… this Heavenly Tomb trip will come to an end.” Xun Er by the side smiled and spoke as she studied the expression of contemplation on Xiao Yan’s face.

Xiao Yan could not resist sighing softly when he heard this. He did not expect three years to pass in the blink of an eye. Although only half a year had passed in the outside world, they had trained bitterly for three years…

Although the training was bitter and dull, it was fortunate that its effects were unexpectedly good. Xiao Yan had only just advanced to a six star Dou Zun after entering the Heavenly Tomb back then. However, he had reached the peak of an eight star Dou Zun. Adding his many techniques and the clan tattoo, he would be able to fight even a nine star elite Dou Zun. The three years had allowed Xiao Yan to experience a drastic transformation.

“Ha ha, it is also time to leave. Time really flies…”

Xiao Xuan by the side also laughed. His voice contained a faint sadness. The Heavenly Tomb might enable him to live in another form, but it also left him with an endless loneliness. He was like a criminal trapped in a world void of liveliness.

“Ancestor… will you still continue to exist in this manner in the future?” Xiao Yan was silent for a moment before inquiring.

Xiao Xuan softly sighed. He nodded and replied, “This is the price for surviving in another form. We cannot leave the Heavenly Tomb. Once we step out of here, we will instantly vanish. Hence, we can only survive in this world in this manner and endure the loneliness…”

Hearing the faint desolation in Xiao Xuan’s words, Xiao Yan’s heart felt extremely terrible. Xiao Yan and Xun Er had only stayed in this place for three years, and they found that it was difficult to stay longer, yet Xiao Xuan had been stuck in this place for hundreds or even thousands of times longer than them…

“Is there any other way for you to be revived?” Xiao Yan slowly asked.

“Ha ha, I am aware that you are an alchemist… some high tier medicinal pills can indeed revive a person on the brink of death. However, I am a soul that died a countless of years ago. Moreover, this soul is incomplete…” Xiao Xuan smiled and appeared quite open-minded. He patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder and said, “ Little fellow, if you feel terrible in your heart, you should try your best to breakthrough to the Dou Di class. If you can reach that level, you might think of a way to help me escape. However, it is pointless for the current you to think about…”

“The reason that I have endured the loneliness and remained here is not because I wish to be revived. Instead, I had hoped to be able to pass down the bloodline strength of the Xiao clan. I did not want the bloodline strength of the Xiao clan to be buried in this dark Heavenly Tomb with me.”

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the churning emotions in his heart. He was aware that what Xiao Xuan was saying was true. Even if Xiao Yan really possessed a method to free him, he did not possess the ability to do so…

“Ancestor please rest assured. I will definitely return to the Heavenly Tomb again. However, I will have broken through to the Dou Sheng class the next time I return!” Xiao Yan replied in a deep voice. Although it would be extremely difficult to reach the Dou Sheng class, he would do his best no matter what![a][b][c]

Xiao Xuan smiled in a pleased manner as he studied Xiao Yan’s grave face. He suddenly beckoned with his hand, and Xiao Yan’s Storage Ring shook. A palm-sized light cluster drifted out and stopped in front of Xiao Xuan.

“This is?”

Xiao Yan was slightly startled when he saw the thing that floated out. He could see a fist-sized piece of jade suspended in the light cluster. A mysterious aura was vaguely emitted from it…

“This is the insect queen of the Ancient Devouring Insect. This insect queen has also reached a level equivalent to the Ban Sheng class of humans, but it is currently in hibernation. Otherwise, you would not have tunneled through the energy wall so easily…” Xiao Xuan smiled and informed them.

“Ban Sheng class insect queen?”

Xiao Yan’s face twitched when he heard these words. His hand quickly became a little numb. It was really the case of the ignorant being fearless. If he had known that this thing was that terrifying, he would not have grabbed it out of curiosity.

“No wonder the Ancient Devouring Insects had become crazy after we exited the crystal wall. It was because Xiao Yan ge-ge had brought the insect queen out…” Xun Er curiously glanced at the jade object and laughed.

“If you were allowed to take this thing out and it woke up, the insect queen would quietly enter your body and secretly devour your Dou Qi. Unless an elite Dou Sheng intervened, it would be impossible to find it within your body…” Xiao Xuan explained with a smile.

A cold sweat immediately appeared on Xiao Yan’s forehead when he heard this… he had already experienced this once. Even though the current him was no longer his past self, he still did not wish to touch these damn things.

“Fortunately ancestor has sharp eyes. Otherwise, I would have ended up harmed by this damn Devouring Insect Queen…” Xiao Yan spoke with some fear lingering in his heart.

“Ha ha, this insect queen is indeed troublesome. However, it is the best material to make an Ancient Insect Emperor Cloth…” Xiao Xuan smiled. He started to explain when he saw Xiao Yan’s uncertain eyes. “The Ancient Insect Emperor Cloth is a kind of special defensive Dou Skill. After refinement, it will be able to take on an armor shape that covers one’s body. This thing was most popular during the ancient times. Based on my expectations, if this insect is used to refine the Ancient Insect Emperor Cloth, it will likely be able to endure an attack by an elite Ban Sheng without being destroyed…”


Xiao Yan’s eyes brightened when he heard that this unassuming thing could actually endure the attack of an elite Ban Sheng. His body already possessed the Dragon Phoenix Ancient Armor. If this Ancient Insect Emperor Cloth was added to it, he should be able to retain his little life even if he were to endure a blow from an elite Dou Sheng, right?

“You can rest assured. Leave the refinement of this thing to me. I will hand the Ancient Insect Emperor Cloth to you before you leave…” Xiao Xuan smiled and said. “The current you should make full use of the time to do another thing…”

“What thing?”

Xiao Yan asked in a startled manner.

“To finish off the two members of the Hun clan. After suffering such a great loss, one cannot just forget about it, right? A member of the Xiao clan is not magnanimous.” Xiao Xuan spoke with a faint smile.

“Hun Ya and Hun Li, huh…” Xiao Yan’s eyes shrank after listening to his ancestor. He replied, “How can I forget about those two? However, it is just that I am unaware of where they have hidden to at this moment…”

Xiao Yan’s current strength had soared. If he were to face Hun Ya and Hun Li, he would be able to finish the both of them off without having to summon the Sky Demon Puppet. The only living individuals on the Heavenly Tomb were the few of them. This place was filled with danger. Even if those two were to die in this place, it was likely that no one would know. It was really the best location for murder.

“As long as they are still in the Heavenly Tomb, they will not be able to escape my senses…” Xiao Xuan gave a slight grin. He gently waved his hand. The space in front of him fluctuated as a crack line slowly formed

Xiao Yan shook his head. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a dense cold smile. He did not say anything else as he strode forward and entered the spatial crack. Xun Er followed close behind.

Xiao Xuan smiled when he saw the two of them vanish into the spatial crack. This could be considered Xiao Yan’s final training before leaving…

A faint energy fog lingered in the air of this endless land. Energy bodies would occasionally drift by. They were extremely silent, appearing just like ghosts.

A figure wearing a silver armor was seated in the air above a messy rock ruin. Powerful energy spread from its body. Clearly, this figure was an energy body that had reached the nine star level. At this moment, this energy body’s eyes were cautiously sweeping the area below. Although not a single person was present, his many years of instincts caused him to feel a hint of danger.

The energy body focused for a long time but it was to no avail, but this nine star energy body had just relaxed when the space around him suddenly froze. Two black chains penetrated empty space with lightning-like speed. They were accompanied by a ringing sound as they rapidly penetrated this energy body. Subsequently, a black figure appeared in the empty space in a flash and grabbed the nine star energy core.

“These energy bodies possess a great energy, but they do not have the slightest fighting strength…”

That black figure randomly put the energy core into his Storage Ring. He raised his head and revealed a ghastly young face. It was surprisingly Hun Ya from back then!

“There are quite a number of powerful energy bodies in the deepest parts of the Heavenly Tomb. However, that fellow is too frightening. It is best to stay away from him…” Another figure appeared soon after. A face covered in frightening scars revealed itself to be Hun Li.

“Hmph, it is unexpected that there is an expert from the Xiao clan in this Heavenly Tomb. That bastard Xiao Yan really has quite good luck…” Hun Ya’s eyes were shady. He continued in a dense voice, “We are leaving the Heavenly Tomb soon. Remember to use the spatial jade token to leave once we get out. If any news spreads, the Gu clan will definitely hold us back. As for Xiao Yan, hmph, once we have the opportunity in the future, I will naturally lead some people to eliminate the Falling Star Pavilion along with him!”

Hun Li slowly nodded. A rich killing desire filled both of his eyes. They had been subdued by Xiao Yan ever since they had entered the Heavenly Tomb. How could these two proud fellows accept this outcome?

“There is no need to wait until next time. Would it not be a lot easier to resolve things now? You two, aren’t I right…”

However, a mysterious ripple suddenly appeared when Hun Li nodded. A soft laughter slowly spread as two figures stepped onto empty space. They appeared with smiling faces while Hun Ya and Hun Li appeared gloomy…

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