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Chapter 1365: Activating the Clan Tattoo

Xiao Yan’s eyes were fiery hot as he received the scroll full of fire symbols from Xiao Xuan’s hand. He hesitated for a moment before suddenly asking, “Ancestor, since the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was created by you, you should have also been in possession of a Heavenly Flame back then, right?”

Xiao Xuan smiled and nodded when he heard this question. He sighed, “Back then, I, too, possessed three types of Heavenly Flames. However, I blew up the three types of Heavenly Flames after that final battle…”

Xiao Yan’s eyelids involuntarily twitched when he heard this. His heart contained a shock that he could not hide. Xiao Xuan was actually forced to the point of exploding the three types of Heavenly Flames. One could imagine just how dangerous that situation was… however, the thing that caused Xiao Yan to feel somewhat uncertain was how Xiao Xuan could control three types of Heavenly Flames given that it was unlikely that he had practiced a Qi Method like the Flame Mantra.

“Ha ha. The Qi Method that you practice is indeed very powerful. Although it is not the highest class Qi Method that I have seen, its growth potential is quite frightening. Relying on swallowing a Heavenly Flame to obtain strength is undoubtedly walking on the tip of a blade. This kind of Qi Method is dangerous and overbearing…” Xiao Xuan smiled and spoke after having understood what Xiao Yan was thinking in his heart. “When I controlled three types of Heavenly Flames back then, I was using my strength to forcefully control them. I did not swallow and refine them. Someone who had reached that stage could forcefully suppress even Heavenly Flames.”

Xiao Yan nodded. No wonder, Xiao Xuan had used the most overbearing method to control the three types of Heavenly Flames. Given his strength back then, it was possible to suppress the three types of Heavenly Flames.

“The Qi Method that you practice is most suitable for the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. After swallowing and refining them, you can already use these Heavenly Flames to the pinnacle. There is not even the slightest resistance. This is something that even the me back then was unable to do.” Xiao Xuan smiled as he continued. “Since you have obtained the complete version of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, you should study it properly. Try to successfully train and create the clan tattoo before leaving the Heavenly Tomb.”

Xiao Yan nodded and did not say much. He turned around and briefly chatted with Xun Er. After which, he sat down and placed the scroll on his brows. He absorbed the large amount of information within it into his mind…

This absorption continued for a moment. Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes and a solemn expression surfaced on his face.

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change! First Change! Second Change! Third Change!”

Suddenly, Xiao Yan’s hands formed some seals with lightning-like speed. The Skyfire Three Mysterious Change was completely activated within a short few seconds. At the same time the aura within Xiao Yan’s body also soared…

A searing hot violent Dou Qi swiftly circulated around Xiao Yan’s body. Wave after wave of heat slowly seeped out and entered his blood vessels. The flow of blood within his veins suddenly became faster. With his outstanding Spiritual Perception, Xiao Yan could sense a mysterious energy rapidly shuttling within his blood vessels. Its destination appeared to be his brows!

While the mysterious energy within Xiao Yan’s body was shuttling around, some natural lines gradually began to appear on Xiao Yan’s brows in the outside world. Soon after the first appeared, there seemed to be another line following close behind.


A slight sound was suddenly emitted from Xiao Yan’s body when the third line appeared, and those mysterious lines that had just appeared gradually disappeared.

Xiao Yan’s eyes opened when those lines disappeared. He frowned. Some doubt appeared in his eyes. Clearly, he did not understand the reason for his failure.

“The clan tattoo of the Xiao clan is divided into nine strokes. You only formed three strokes earlier…” Xiao Xuan by the side spoke in an indifferent manner. “The final step after executing the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change is to draw the clan tattoo. Although the clan tattoo is always in your body, you need to activate it… drawing the clan tattoo will require an extremely great amount of Dou Qi and exquisite control. The current you has just experienced a sudden increase in your strength. Clearly, you have yet to reach the stage where you can truly control it at will…”

“The exhaustion from just these three strokes is already terrifying… will anyone dare to activate the clan tattoo when fighting with another?” Xiao Yan bitterly laughed.

“As long as you activate the clan tattoo, you will no longer need to exhaust such an enormous amount of Dou Qi to form the strokes. All you need to do is think about it and you will be able to unleash the clan tattoo… as the saying goes, the start of everything is difficult. This activation of the clan tattoo is the hardest step….” Xiao Xuan explained with a smile as he waved his hand. “Alright, continue. Being able to draw three strokes on the first attempt is already quite good. Calm your heart and control your Dou Qi perfectly. Only then will you be able to perfectly draw the nine strokes.”

Xiao Yan merely nodded when he heard Xiao Xuan’s urging. He threw a helpless pair of eyes at Xun Er while she covered her mouth and softly laughed. She returned an expression that suggested she could not do anything to help.


Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He quickly calmed his emotions and adjusted himself a little. Subsequently, he once again began to form the clan tattoo!

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change!”

The difficulty of forming the clan tattoo had exceeded Xiao Yan’s expectation. He had originally thought that this thing would be easy. However, it was unexpectedly this troublesome. These short few strokes possessed an incredibly harsh requirement in terms of Dou Qi control. At this moment, Xiao Yan finally understood just how tragic it was for the Xiao clan compared to an ancient clan like the Gu clan, where the clan tattoo was bestowed by the elders of the clan.

Fortunately, there was still plenty of time in the Heavenly Tomb. Although the progress was a little slow, there would ultimately be a day when he fully succeeded.

Time swiftly flowed by while Xiao Yan was bitterly attempting to draw the clan tattoo. This kind of training might be frustrating, but it did not appearing boring. At times, Xiao Yan would remember Gu Qing Yang and the rest who were outside of the tomb. However, he did not find even the slightest bit of time to be lazy in front of Xiao Xuan’s strict monitoring.

Half a year passed by in a flash amid this bitter and dull training.

A skinny figure sat in the hall that was filled with an ancient atmosphere. His eyes were tightly shut as the aura of his body appeared vast and majestic. At this moment, many strange purple-red lines appeared to be forming because of an invisible pen. Upon closer observation, the eighth stroke showed signs of appearing as a perfect line. From the appearance, a clan tattoo that was emitting a mysterious energy had mostly taken shape….

Xiao Xuan was watching the eighth line form of the clan tattoo on Xiao Yan’s brows. He slowly nodded. Being able to form eight strokes of the clan tattoo within half a year was a speed that could be considered among the top even in the Xiao clan back then. Moreover, Xiao Yan had begun to draw the clan tattoo just after his strength soared. His speed caused the difficulty to significantly rise…

Xiao Xuan had just nodded when he saw a purple-red line slowly start to form on Xiao Yan’s brows.

Xiao Xuan was immediately stunned upon seeing this line. Some surprise quickly flashed across his eyes. “This little fellow is thinking of using the momentum to draw the ninth stroke?”

While Xiao Xuan felt surprised in his heart, the mysterious line on Xiao Yan’s brow was slowly formed in a very stable manner. It did not pause along the way. At a glance, it was filled with a natural beauty…

“This little fellow really surprises people…”

That final line was completed at an extremely slow speed after Xiao Xuan exclaimed in surprise. When the final stroke landed, a mysterious purple-red clan tattoo instantly appeared on Xiao Yan’s forehead!


The blood flowing within Xiao Yan’s body suddenly sped up the moment the clan tattoo was formed. A strange voice was slowly transmitted through his blood vessels and body.


A joy flashed over Xiao Xuan’s eyes when he heard the humming sound of the blood vessels.


Xiao Yan’s tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened when the clan tattoo was formed. A purple-red light surged into his eyes. He gradually got used to the light a moment later. After which, the clan tattoo between his brows slowly disappeared under his skin with just a thought.

“It has finally been successfully activated…”

Xiao Yan gave a long sigh. Although the clan tattoo on his brows had already disappeared, he could sense a mysterious energy light suspended under his brows. By being in possession of this clan tattoo, he would no longer need to activate the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change in the future. With just a thought, this clan tattoo would become a perfect Secret Technique!

Xiao Yan’s body trembled as he stood up. He heard a clear sound being emitted from his bones, causing him to smile. Half a year of training had not only allowed him to successfully form the clan tattoo, but his control over the Dou Qi in his body once again reached a peak. The current him could truly be counted as Dou Zun at the peak of the eighth star!

“Counting the time, three years should also be up…”

Xiao Yan slowly raised his eyes as he sensed the enormous difference between the current him and the person who had entered the Heavenly Tomb three years ago. He looked outside the ancient hall. Perhaps, it was time to return.

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