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Chapter 1352: Collecting Remuneration

“Ancient Devouring Insects?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he heard the mutterings of Gu Qing Yang’s group.

“This is a small Magical Beast that lived during ancient times. Their bodies are extremely tiny, but they are endless in number. The ancient Devouring Insects, as their name suggests, are able to devour everything. After which, they secrete pure energy. Originally, this kind of thing should have gone extinct. It is unexpected that we have found them here…” Xun Er softly explained.

“This light curtain should have been created by these Ancient Devouring Insects… unexpectedly, we have barged into their nest. If they awaken, not even dregs would remain of us.” Gu Qing Yang’s expression was a little grave as he spoke. Finding these Ancient Devouring Insects had completely exceeded his expectation.

“It is likely not just this light curtain. It might be possible that quite a bit of energy within this Heavenly Tomb has been created by them…” Gu Zhen lowered his body, touched the ground, and slowly wondered aloud.

“Gu Qing Yang, are you planning on getting all of us killed here?” Hun Ya laughed in a dense and cold manner.

“By bringing all of you into this place, I have, at the very least, allowed you to live until now. If we did not enter, all of you would have already died in the energy storm.” Gu Qing Yang glanced indifferently at Hun Ya. After which, his eyes swept over everyone as he said in a deep voice, “Now is not the time to talk about this. The crystal walls on the two sides are slowly closing up. We must open the tunnel as soon as possible. Otherwise…”

Everyone nodded upon hearing his words. It was a little late to say anything now. There was a raging energy storm outside the tunnel. They would die if they pulled back and left. Remaining here would also lead to death. The only way to survive was to open a tunnel through!

“Everyone should cease preserving your strength from now on. Of course, I will not stop you if you wish to die…” Gu Qing Yang spoke in a deep voice. He immediately waved his hand. “Let’s begin!”


Everyone nodded upon hearing his command. They quickly stepped forward, and the Dou Qi within their bodies surged out without holding back. In an instant, a loud rumbling sound appeared within the tunnel in an intense manner.

“Bang bang!”

Amid the wild and violent explosions of this group of people, the speed at which the crystal wall was being opened suddenly increased. Crystals shot out and thick layers landed on the ground.

While everyone was doing their best to open the tunnel, the crystal walls on both sides slowly began to wiggle. In the end, one could see the crystal walls on both sides slowly closing with one’s naked eye.

“There’s an increasing number of Ancient Devouring Insects gathering…”

Gu Zhen’s expression was solemn. There was an endless amount of liquid energy seeping out of the crystal walls. After which, this energy liquid rapidly solidified. If this continued, this tunnel would close before they could completely break through the crystal wall.

“It won’t do to continue like this…” Seeing this, Xiao Yan slowly shook his head and commented in a deep voice.

“There is no choice. We can only do this regardless of how ineffective it is. We will die if we stay. All we can do is go all out.” Gu Qing Yang knit his brows. He also felt a headache. It was unexpected that they would be so unlucky to meet such a troublesome thing in this place.

Xiao Yan also frowned. He cautiously looked at both walls. It was vaguely possible to see densely packed insect figures behind the crystal wall. Their numbers really caused one’s skin to feel numb.

“We must hinder the rate at which the crystal wall closes up!”

Gu Qing Yang shook his head when he heard this. “It’s useless. Any attack is swallowed by these Ancient Devouring Insect. Randomly attacking will only cause the energy that they secrete to increase.” He waved his sleeve after uttering those words. A powerful Dou Qi violently struck the crystal wall on both sides. All of them watched the Dou Qi disappear when it came into contact with the crystal wall. Wave after wave of energy liquid began to rapidly flow from the spot where the Dou Qi landed.

A frightened expression finally surged into Xiao Yan’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. These insects might be inconspicuous, but it was unexpected that they possessed such a mysterious strength after gathering together.

“These Ancient Devouring Insects are hiding behind the crystal wall. Attacking them will not be effective. Those insects will also gather in front of us…” A chill suddenly rose within Xiao Yan’s heart when he thought of this. Wouldn’t that mean they would be sealed to death in this place if that was the case?

Gu Qing Yang was slightly startled when he saw Xiao Yan’s face suddenly change. He seemed to recall something. His eyes swiftly turned to the crystal wall where he vaguely saw some tiny figures swiftly gathering.


A fist that contained a powerful wind struck the crystal wall in front of them. This time around, the expected scattering of crystals did not appear. Only a half-a-foot-wide dent appeared where the fist landed. Moreover, this dent had just appeared when waves of liquid energy seeped out and quickly repaired it.

“Those Ancient Devouring Insects have run to the front!”

Everyone’s expression became ugly when they saw this unexpected change. A panic even surged into the eyes of some people. This was really a blind alley!

“Bang bang!”

Some people refused to be misled. They once again unleashed two violent attacks. However, they did not manage to cause much of an impact.

“What should we do now?”

Everyone faced each other before their eyes gathered on Gu Qing Yang. However, he was also frowning at this moment. Their hearts involuntarily sank.

“Hee, Gu Qing Yang, what a good tactic…” Hun Ya’s originally pale expression had become even paler as he spoke in a dark and sinister voice.

“I will give it a try…” Xiao Yan knit his brows as he took two steps forward.

“It is useless…” Gu Qing Yang sighed. The Ancient Devouring Insects’ devouring ability was too frightening. Even with their strength, they were unable to resolve the desperate situation in front of them.

Xiao Yan did not show any reaction to his sigh. He clenched his hand, but he did not release Dou Qi. Instead, a cluster of purple-brown Heavenly Flames with a dense white-color was summoned. The temperature within the tunnel rose with the appearance of this cluster of Heavenly Flames.

“Go.” Xiao Yan flicked his finger. The Heavenly Flame in his hand rapidly flew forward. It gently drifted and touched the crystal wall.

“Creak creak!”

A creaming sound was suddenly emitted from the energy wall when the two made contact. Everyone was stunned to see a two-foot-deep hole appeared where the flame landed. The remnant heat annihilated a countless number of Ancient Devouring Insects.

“Looks like this is not a hopeless situation. These Ancient Devouring Insects are unable to devour Heavenly Flames.”

Xiao Yan sighed in relief and laughed to everyone after seeing the effect that the Heavenly Flame obtained.

Everyone quietly sighed in relief at this moment as well. Fortunately, they were able to find hope once again.

“Xiao Yan, quickly open the tunnel!”

A joy flashed across Hun Ya’s eyes as he hurriedly urged.

Xiao Yan ignored Hun Ya. His eyes landed on the red-clothed lady from the Hun clan and the man from the Yao clan. He said, “You two, I can be in charge of opening the tunnel. However, I hope that the both of you will use your Heavenly Flames to deal with the sides and slow down the rate at which the crystal wall closes up. This job should not be difficult for the two of you.”

“The lady from the Yan clan is called Huo Zhi. She possesses the Red Lotus Ye Flame, which is ranked eighth on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. That man from the Yao clan is called Yao Xing Ji. He is called Human Medicine in the Yao clan. His alchemist level is quite extraordinary…” Xun Er, who was beside Xiao Yan, introduced them in a voice that only he could hear.

“Red Lotus Ye Flame?” Xiao Yan’s heart thumped slightly upon hearing this. He had never seen a Heavenly Flame of this rank.

Huo Zhu nodded without hesitation after hearing Xiao Yan’s words while Yao Xing Ji frowned. Nevertheless, he could only nod his head when he thought about their current situation.


Xiao Yan smiled when he saw the two of them nodding. He slowly continued, “Everyone should be aware just what kind of enormous undertaking it is to open this crystal wall. Using the Heavenly Flame is also very exhausting. I, alone will not be able to endure through it all. Hence, other than Huo Ya and Yao Xing Ji, I will require the energy cores in everyone else’s hands.”

Everyone was startled when they heard this. Gu Qing Yang’s group did not comment much as they nodded. The members from the remaining few clans did not object after hesitating for a moment. They were aware that what Xiao Yan said was true. They still felt tired even after joining hands. Even less needed to be said now that the job would be completed by Xiao Yan alone.

“Brother Xiao Yan might be straightforward, but his words are reasonable. These are the energy cores that we have gathered during this period of time…” The two individuals from the Lei clan mused for a moment before tossing a cloth bag toward Xiao Yan. The cloth bag contained extremely dense energy. From its weight, there was likely more than a hundred energy cores.

Seeing the duo from the Lei clan take the lead, the remaining people also began to take out the bags that stored their energy cores one after another. They then tossed them to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled as took all the bags. After which, his eyes landed on Hun Ya’s duo at the back. He spoke in a faint voice, “What about you two?”

“Xiao Yan, you have already taken so many energy cores. Isn’t it enough?” Hun Ya demanded in a deep voice. His face had turned cold after seeing that he had failed to escape.

“Regardless of whether it is enough, I still wish to get a reward from you…” Xiao Yan answered with a smile. It was a whimsical thought if they were thinking of getting him to work for them without any remuneration.

Xun Er involuntarily smiled when she saw this from the side. It seemed that Xiao Yan had decided to ruthlessly grab everything from these two fellows.

“Of course, I will not force you if you are not willing. However, please turn around and walk back.”

Hun Ya and Hun Li’s faces turned green when they saw Xiao Yan show a ‘please leave’ gesture. However, they would definitely be at a disadvantage fighting here given that Xiao Yan’s group was large in number. Hence, the two of them exchanged glances and could only clench their teeth. They took out a bag with great dissatisfaction and violently tossed it at Xiao Yan.

“Take it. Quickly get to work!”

The smile on Xiao Yan’s face involuntarily became denser when he heard the furious voices of these two individuals.

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