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Chapter 1339: Meet

The expressions of quite a number of Elders changed when the rainbow light covered the hall. Their bodies involuntarily trembled. If they did not possess a great strength, the pressure from the bloodline would likely cause them to kneel down like those guards…

“Xun Er…”

Some of the Elders bitterly laughed. Who else in the Gu clan other than Xun Er possessed such a bloodline pressure.

A beautiful figure slowly walked into the large hall under the eyes of many. The rainbow light spreading from her brows.

“Ugh… Xun Er, hide the clan tattoo first.” Elder Tong Xun helplessly sighed. He glanced at Elder Gu Shan, whose expression was a little ugly, as he spoke.

After hearing Elder Tong Xuan’s words, the rainbow light that was being emitted from between her brows gradually weakened. She walked to the side of the meeting table. Some fury was leaping within her pretty eyes. She knew that these fellows would definitely not accept Xiao Yan. Even though he had displayed an extremely great strength, these people still could not help but quietly obstruct him.

“Xun Er, you are a member of our Gu clan! Think more for the Gu clan when you act!” Gu Shan’s face sunk as he tried to reprimand her.

“Elder Gu Shan, although I am a member of the Gu clan, there are some things that you should not go overboard with. Our Gu clan has already gained a great advantage on the matter of spots available. Moreover, the spots for the Xiao clan have always been handed to our Gu clan since they left the Central Plains. Putting it this way, our Gu clan has benefited from their favor. Now that Xiao Yan has arrived here after much difficulty, not only do you not plan on returning the spots to him, you even thought about excluding him. Anyone with a conscience would not do such a thing, right?” Xun Er glared at Gu Shan. Her words had become extremely stern, causing the his face to sink. He found it difficult to form a retort.

“Xun Er, this place is where the Elders discuss various issues. You barging in here has already broken the rules…” Gu Qian frowned as he came up with a reply.

“Elder Gu Qian, have you forgotten about the authority of the rainbow clan tattoo?” Xun Er coldly demanded.

Gu Qian was startled when he heard this. He immediately felt a little bitter. According to the rules of the Gu clan, any clan member who possessed the rainbow clan tattoo would be able to surpass most of the Elders in terms of position. Entering this meeting room was not against any rules.

“Alright, stop arguing…” Elder Tong Xuan knit his brows as he finally opened his mouth and ordered them.

The large hall had become much quieter after hearing his voice. Numerous eyes gathered on Elder Tong Xuan.

“It is indeed a little overboard to exclude Xiao Yan… add him to the namelist for this Heavenly Tomb. Our Gu clan has taken advantage of the Xiao clan’s spots for many years. It is now time to return them. Moreover, only one Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan has come. Even if we allow him to enter the Heavenly Tomb, our Gu clan still has five spots. This is already quite good. Everyone should not think too much about it…” Elder Tong Xuan crossed his fingers as his calm voice resounded around the large hall.

Gu Shan and some Elders frowned when they heard this. However, they could only nod their heads. They understood that Xun Er was in possession of a divine bloodline. Forget about her father being the current clan head. Just this bloodline and the rainbow tattoo caused the weight of her words to become many times heavier. Even experienced Elders like them could not reprimand her.

“Since there are no objections, we will decide to do it like this. The Heavenly Tomb will open in two days. Xun Er, ask Xiao Yan to prepare for it…” Elder Tong Xuan spoke.

“Aye, Elders, sorry to have disturbed you…”

Xun Er slightly nodded. She bowed her body in a courteous manner to all the Elders seated. After which, she turned around and walked out of the large hall in front of the respectful eyes of the surrounding guards.

Quite a number of Elders within the hall looked at each other after seeing Xun Er’s back disappear. They did not expect Xun Er, who usually did not bother with such matters, to act so forcefully when it came to something related to Xiao Yan.

“Elder Tong Xuan, there is still the tomb of Xiao Xuan within the Heavenly Tomb. Our people have failed to enter that place even now…” Gu Shan was quiet for a moment after Xun Er left before involuntarily speaking.

Elder Tong Xuan could not resist frowning when he heard these words.

“All of you should not have any thoughts toward the tomb of Xiao Xuan. Given his divine abilities back then, if he did not wish others to enter his tomb, then even the clan head would not have a fifty percent chance of success if he tried to enter. Therefore, you need not waste your efforts…” An elderly voice suddenly materialized within the large hall while Elder Tong Xuan was frowning. Gu Shan wisely shut his mouth when he heard this voice. Since even this person had spoken, he could only stop thinking about the tomb of Xiao Xuan.

“Alright, let’s dismiss. The Gu clan has recently invited quite a number of experts. All of you should pay more attention. Do not allow them to disturb the descendant citizens of the Gu clan…”


Many Elders respectfully replied when they heard these words. After which, they slowly stood up and left the hall one after the other.

Elder Tong Xuan sat in his seat. He watched this large hall rapidly empty before sighing, “How does the clan leader and the rest view Xiao Yan?”

The space in a chair beside the meeting table became distorted after Elder Tong Xuan’s words sounded. A gray-robed old man slowly appeared. He faintly answered, “He is going to make it big.”

“Oh?” Elder Tong Xuan raised his brows. It was definitely not easy to get this old fellow with ridiculously high expectations to utter these words.

“What about the Tou She Ancient God’s Jade?” Based on our guesses, it is most likely with Xiao Yan. Things will be somewhat troublesome should this thing end up being taken by the Hun clan…” Elder Tong Xuan hesitated for a moment before asking.

The gray-robed figure’s shriveled hand rubbed the armrest of the chair. A moment later, he finally said, “There is no need to be worried. It will be resolved…”

“So it’s like this, huh…”

Elder Tong Xuan nodded and muttered to himself.

A faint cloud lingered over a lush green mountain, giving it the appearance of paradise.

Xiao Yan used gentle and slow footsteps to walk to the top of the mountain. The injuries and exhaustion within his body had healed. After his physical body had undergone the tempering of Zi Yan’s Dragon Phoenix strength, it had become extremely strong. Its ability to recover did not even need mentioning.


Xiao Yan allowed the Flame Mantra to circulate as he slowly walked through the mountain forest. He absorbed the pure energy and let it invade every part of his body. However, Xiao Yan’s feet paused while he was immersed in such a state. His shut eyes were swiftly opened. A solemn expression flashed onto his face as he looked at the edge of the mountain road in front of him. A figure was standing with his hands behind his back at that spot.

Surprise surged into Xiao Yan’s eyes when he looked at that back. From his senses, this person did not even possess the slightest aura. It was as though this person, even the space where he was located, did not exist. However, it was possible for one to ascertain that this was a person when one looked with one’s naked eye. These conflicting senses were exceptionally unusual.

“This junior Xiao Yan is merely passing by. Elder, please forgive me if I have disturbed you.”

Xiao Yan cupped his hands to this figure and spoke in an exceptionally polite voice. After which, he shifted his feet and slowly pulled back. The feeling this person gave him was too strange, causing him to have no choice but to be a little cautious.

“There is no need to leave. I have been waiting for you here…”

Xiao Yan had just stepped back when a faint laugh buzzed beside his ear. His eyes became dazzled. The next time he focused his mind, he discovered that he was already at the top of the mountain. Clouds lingered around him, giving it an atmosphere of paradise. However, this caused a chill to rise within Xiao Yan’s heart. Just what kind of s tactic was this? He had met a countless number of experts over the years. However, this was the first time that he had met someone who could shift his own body without him sensing the changes.

Xiao Yan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He looked straight ahead where a figure was standing with his hands behind him a short distance away. That person did not possess a powerful pressure, but Xiao Yan dared not slight this person even a little. He was certain that the person in front of him was definitely the most terrifying person he had met since his birth!

Since Xiao Yan was here, he would not remain horrified. He quickly controlled his emotions. The other party’s strength was too frightening. He did not even possess the slightest ability to resist. Hence, he was not worried the other party would do anything to him. By possessing such a strength, all the other party needed to do was to randomly wave a hand and that would seriously injure him. It was pointless to play all these useless tricks.

“Ha ha, it is unexpected that the Xiao clan has actually been able to produce such an outstanding young man after its bloodline has been wasted. This has caused me to have no choice but to believe that Xiao Xuan’s actions were with reason…”

Xiao Yan’s heart felt slightly cold. From this short sentence, he understood that the mysterious person in front of him had been in contact with his ancestor. In other words, the other party was an old demon who had lived an unknown number of years…

“May I know elder’s name?” Xiao Yan respectfully asked.

That figure smiled faintly when he heard Xiao Yan’s question. After which, he slowly turned around. This person appeared to be around forty years old or so. He looked just like an ordinary middle-aged man. His clothes were ordinary and made of linen. The smile that was appeared on his face caused one to feel somewhat peaceful.

This ordinary appearance was somewhat different from what Xiao Yan had imagined in his heart. Before he could recover from this difference, the middle-aged man’s next sentence caused him to feel stunned.

“I am Xun Er’s father…”

“Xun Er’s father…”

Xiao Yan was speechless. He had heard Xun Er mention that her father was the Gu clan head and a true peak existence within this world…

Now, this peak existence on the Dou Qi continent had appeared in front of him with an extremely ordinary appearance!

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