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Chapter 1338: Rainbow clan Tattoo

Elder Tong Xuan’s expression was respectful as he held the rainbow dragon pen in his hand. His heart was filled with excitement. This Rainbow Heavenly God Pen had not been used by the Gu clan for a thousand years, but it was going to be unsealed!

“Xun Er…”

Elder Tong Xuan held the Rainbow Heavenly God Pen in his hand as he looked at Xun Er. Xun Er nodded when she saw this, and then she shut her eyes.

Elder Tong Xuan’s expression became grave when he saw Xun Er nodding. A monstrous aura surged from his body in all directions. After which, the hand holding the Rainbow Heavenly God Pen tightened. His arm danced and numerous mysterious lines began to rapidly form under his palm. Following the dancing of the Rainbow Heavenly God Pen, numerous rainbow-colored symbols began to appear on Xun Er’s smooth forehead with every stroke.

This rainbow was an extremely brilliant color. It was many times stronger compared to the rainbow color on the forehead of the green-clothed man. The divine grade and the ninth grade was the difference of one grade. However, there was still an extremely great difference between the two.

The expression of Elder Tong Xuan became more grave with every stroke of the rainbow clan tattoo. The hand he was holding the Heavenly God Pen in involuntarily trembled. The Dou Qi within his body swiftly flowed like floodwater…

“What a frightening Heavenly God Pen. No wonder no one has the qualification to touch it in a thousand years. From just this degree of Dou Qi exhaustion, anyone without the strength of a Dou Sheng would be sucked dry!”

Elder Tong Xuan’s expression sank as he sensed the rapidly diminishing Dou Qi in his body. He quickly focused his mind and controlled the perfect orbit of the pen…

“Chi chi!”

The Rainbow Heavenly God Pen danced above a spot half an inch or so in front of Xun Er. Numerous rainbow lines continued to appear on her forehead.


This drawing of the clan tattoo in front of a countless number of gazes continued for nearly ten minutes before it was finished. After the final stroke landed, a cold sweat involuntarily surfaced on Elder Tong Xuan’s face despite his great strength. Although he was exhausted, his eyes were still filled with his excitement.

“It’s done…”

Xun Er’s tightly shut eyes were slowly opened after hearing the voice beside her ear. The moment her eyes were opened, the rainbow clan tattoo on her forehead suddenly emitted a powerful rainbow glow!


Under this rainbow light, quite a number of powerful clan members from the Gu clan were unable to endure the pressure that came from deep within their souls. A ‘plop’ sounded as they knelt for Xun Er with wild and heated faces.

“Ha ha, the rainbow clan tattoo has finally appeared in our Gu clan after a thousand years…”

An elderly laugh vaguely sounded from the distant sky when the rainbow light erupted. The laugh was extremely faint and was fleeting. If someone’s ears weren’t sharp, the voice would be impossible to detect.

“It is unexpected that even this person has been disturbed…”

Elder Tong Xuan was slightly startled when he heard this unusually old voice. He immediately bowed to a certain part of the sky.

The rainbow light only lasted for a moment before it completely withdrew into the rainbow clan tattoo on Xun Er’s smooth forehead. The clan tattoo shook before gradually disappearing. This clan tattoo would not appear on the surface. It would only appear when its owner intentionally summoned it.

“Let’s go, there is nothing to see. In time to come, Xun Er will definitely surpass everyone within the clan…”

The green-clothed man on the towering tree in the distance smiled when the rainbow light scattered. He merely smiled and was about to turn around when his eyes suddenly turned to a seat. The eyes of the somewhat pale-looking Xiao Yan were thrown to his position.

“Ha ha, have we been discovered. What sharp senses…”

The green-clothed man smiled when he saw Xiao Yan’s eyes. After which, his toes pressed on the top of the tree before his body drifted and withdrew. Within a couple of flashes, he had disappeared. The silver-robed man and the burly man followed close behind.

“There are indeed as many experts as there are clouds in this Gu clan. The Dou Di bloodline is indeed worthy of stirring the envy of others…”

Xiao Yan frowned as he watched the mysterious green-clothed man leave. This person should be a member of the Gu clan. However, the pressure that he left for Xiao Yan was even stronger than Gu Yao.

“Let’s leave too. There is nothing interesting in the subsequent ceremony.” Xiao Yan stood from his seat, cupped his hands, and bid Mang Tian Chi goodbye. After which, he smiled at Xun Er in the square. He led the Little Fairy Doctor’s group. They turned and headed back using the route they had used to come.

“This little fellow has likely suffered a serious injury. Although Elder Tong Xuan has healed his external wounds, that Silent Destruction Finger of Gu Yao is quite an overbearing Tian class Dou Skill…” Mang Tian Chi did not stop Xiao Yan as he watched the group leave. He naturally understood that it was a narrow victory despite Xiao Yan having emerged victorious this time around.

“Since the ceremony is over, I shall take my leave first…” Xun Er was also worried about Xiao Yan’s injuries when she saw Xiao Yan’s group leave. She did not wish to continue remaining in this place. After uttering these words to Elder Tong Xuan, she ignored his response, and her body chased after Xiao Yan’s group in front of many gazes with a flash.

Elder Tong Xuan helplessly shook his head when he saw Xun Er leave as she pleased. He bitterly laughed, “Looks like the divine bloodline is not enough. The Xiao clan is still better. They don’t need to do anything, yet they have been able to obtain a daughter-in-law with a divine bloodline…”

A figure that was covered in a black robe at a corner of the square looked at Xun Er’s distant back with flickering eyes. There was a faint chilly glint within them.

“It is unexpected that the Gu clan has produced a divine bloodline. Looks like she will be a great enemy of my Hun clan in the future, and she might even disrupt the plan of my Hun clan. Looks like I need to quietly find an opportunity to finish this person off…”

After experiencing Xun Er’s bomb-like ceremony, the subsequent ceremonies had difficulty stirring the excitement of others. Hence, Elder Tong Xuan had withdrawn, leaving the remaining people to the other Elders…

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s group had returned to the bamboo house within the mountain forest. The quiet atmosphere caused everyone to sigh in relief after such a busy day.

A blood-red sun hung on the edge of the sky in the evening, unleashing its last heat on the land.


A tightly shut bamboo door was gently pushed open. The Little Fairy Doctor gently walked in. After which, she looked at Xiao Yan on the bed. His eyes were currently open, so she smiled and asked, “How are you?”

“There is nothing serious. I have only exhausted myself too much. The Silent Destruction Force that had been transmitted into my body has been removed with Xun Er’s help…” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. At this moment, his expression was already much better after a couple of hours of rest.

“Ugh, I should not be so miserable. However, it is becoming more difficult to leap between the levels…”

Xiao Yan sighed as he spoke. Following the increase in his strength, the ability of his fighting across the levels had become more limited. After all, every star after the fifth star of the Dou Zun class was an enormous gap. If it was an ordinary Dou Zun, one would not be able to defeat an opponent of a higher level. Moreover, the opponent that Xiao Yan had faced this time around was a ferocious individual who possessed a Tian class Qi Method and Tian class Dou Skills…

Xiao Yan’s ability to emerge victorious in such a fight was quite a surprising thing.

The Little Fairy Doctor smiled and nodded. She said, “This is only natural. If you were at the same level as Gu Yao, it is likely that he would not even have the ability to retaliate…”

Xiao Yan was noncommittal in the face of thr Little Fairy Doctor’s words. He asked, “Where is Xun Er?”

“She has gone to the Gu clan. I heard her say that this “Heavenly Tomb” will open in two days…” The Little Fairy Doctor spoke.

“Heavenly Tomb…”

Xiao Yan’s heart pounded when he heard this name. Part of the reason why he had come to the Gu Realm this time around was to head to the tomb left behind by his ancestor Xiao Xuan, and from what Huo Xuan had said, this tomb was in the Heavenly Tomb. In other words, he needed to enter the “Heavenly Tomb” before he could enter Xiao Xuan’s tomb.

Xiao Yan involuntarily frowned when he thought of this. The relationship between him and the Gu clan was not in a good place. Hence, he was a little worried that the Gu clan would intervene and stop him from entering…

The main hall of the Gu clan was well lit. Numerous elderly figures were seated around a wide meeting table. The atmosphere was solemn and stern.

“Next, we will discuss the matter of the opening of the Heavenly Tomb. Everyone knows that there are a total of sixteen people who can enter the Heavenly Tomb. Each of the eight ancient clans possess two spots… however, no one from the Ling clan has come this time around. Hence, two spots have become vacant. According to the rules, our Gu clan can use these two spots. In other words, our Gu clan will have four spots.” Elder Tong Xuan’s eyes overlooked the entire hall from a spot on the meeting table as he spoke.

“However, there should be six people that our Gu clan has arranged to enter the Heavenly Tomb… in other words, we are lacking two spots.” An Elder softly spoke.

“Aren’t the spots for the Xiao clan always used by our Gu clan? There are just enough if we add them…” Gu Qian exchanged looks with a couple of elders beside him before opening his mouth to speak.

“However, the Xiao clan has Xiao Yan. He has come this time around… if this is the case…” An Elder hesitated.

“The Xiao clan has already declined to such an extent. It is no longer ranked among the ancient clans. There is nothing wrong in excluding it. I think that Xiao Yan should be able to understand this.” That white-haired Elder Gu Shan spoke in a calm voice.

Some of the Elders involuntarily nodded when they heard his words. However, Elder Tong Xuan frowned.


The tightly shut door emitted a ‘bang.’ It had been shook open while Elder Tong Xuan was frowning. The guards at the door were just about to furiously cry out when they suddenly knelt down under a rainbow glow.

“Elder Gu Shan. Ever since the Xiao clan left the Central Plains, the Gu clan has been occupying their spots. Currently, someone from the Xiao clan has finally come, yet you refuse to return this spot. Aren’t you going a little overboard?”

The rainbow glow lit up the large hall, spreading to all the Elders within. At the same time, a cool voice suddenly sounded within this large hall.

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