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Chapter 1331: Challenge

Gu Yao’s expression was cold and indifferent as everyone’s eyes gathered on him. His footsteps were gentle and slow as he gradually entered the square. After which, he bowed to the three Elders. However, he did not kneel with one knee on the ground like Ling Quan, Gu Zhen, and the rest had done earlier. Instead, his body was straight, appearing like a long sharp spear with chilly air flowing from him.

The three Elders did not reveal any displeasure on their faces with Gu Yao’s actions. Although Gu Yao’s experience was not as great as them, his reputation within the Gu clan was extremely great. He was also in possession of an extraordinary strength. It was only natural that he did not kneel to them. They exchanged looks with each other and waved their sleeves. That ten-foot-large star disk gently flew in front of Gu Yao. Some light seeped out of it.

“It is your turn, Gu Yao.”

Gu Yao nodded with a calm expression when he heard this. After which, he slowly extended his hand in front of the many gazes and gently touched the star disk.

There was a momentary silence after Gu Yao’s hand touched the star disk. A moment later, the star disk suddenly shook. Bright powerful light shot out of it. Numerous stars continued to appear on the star disk.

“One, two, three… eight stars!”

The stadium immediately uproared when everyone looked at the eight stars that slowly appeared. Even some Elders nodded their heads in amazement. Clearly, this test had satisfied them.

“He actually possesses a grade eight bloodline… he is indeed worthy of being one of the four great generals.”

“When young miss took the test back then, it seems that she was only eight stars, right? It is unexpected that general Gu Yao has actually caught up with young miss…”

“However, that test was a long time ago. Who knows just how much stronger the bloodline of young miss has grown?”

The members of the Gu clan in the stadium were chatting with each other at this moment. Private conversations immediately spread.

“This fellow has indeed reached the eighth grade of the bloodline strength…” Xun Er looked at that figure in the square and softly sighed.

Xiao Yan’s expression did not change. His heart was a little shaken though. Compared to Gu Yao, Ling Quan, and Lin Xiu, the so-called young geniuses of the Gu clan were nothing. The reputation of this demon general was not just an empty name.

The three Elders present were also a little absent-minded because of the eight stars. A moment later, they recovered. Their stern faces also revealed rare smiles.

“Gu Yao, one of the four great Generals of Black Submerged Army, eight star Dou Zun. Grade eight bloodline. Bestow a purple-gold clan tattoo!”

The cry had just sounded when the purple-gold dragon pen in the hand of the Elder erupted in an extremely bright intense glow. Rich energy gathered at the tip of the pen. After which, his hand danced. A mysterious clan tattoo swiftly appeared on Gu Yao’s forehead.


Drawing this purple-gold clan tattoo seemed to exhaust one’s Dou Qi. Hence, some perspiration appeared on the forehead of this Elder after the last line was drawn. He exhaled a long breath of air, stopped his hand, and placed the pen down. The bright light on the tip of the pen finally began to slowly weaken.

After the Gu clan’s Elder’s hand left, a life-like purple-gold clan tattoo appeared on Gu Yao’s forehead. The shade of this purple-gold clan tattoo was clearly many times deeper than the purple-gold clan tattoo on Gu Zhen earlier!

This clan tattoo was something that Gu Yao had relied on his strength to obtain. It wasn’t something that Gu Zhen, who required an exception to obtain the purple-gold clan tattoo, could compare with.

“The clan tattoo has been formed. Gu Yao, please leave. Next…” That Elder smiled when the clan tattoo was created. After which, he waved his hand and spoke.


The words of this Elder had yet to appear when the indifferent-looking Gu Yao suddenly cried out.

“Huh?” The three Elders were startled when they heard his cry. They immediately frowned and asked, “What is it?”

“Do I possess the qualification to challenge anyone during the adult ceremony?” Gu Yao spoke in a faint dark voice in front of the eyes of many people.

Xiao Yan, who was seated, immediately clenched his hand when these words entered his ear. Whatever might come would ultimately come.

The faces of quite a number of people in the stadium changed a little when they heard Gu Yao’s words, especially for Ling Quan, Lin Xiu and the rest. Their gloating eyes landed on Xiao Yan almost instantly. Clearly, they had already expected this.

The three Elders hesitated for a moment before nodding. They said, “According to the rules, you can chose to challenge any member of the clan during the adult ceremony. However, if the other party is not a member of the clan, the agreement of the other party is needed before you can spar.”

Gu Yao slowly nodded. After which, he turned around. His black and white hair was exceptionally glaring. At this moment, his bone-chilling eyes locked onto a skinny young man a short distance away. He indifferently said, “You should be aware that I am targeting you. If you wish to laugh at the Gu clan, then you should take out your genuine strength. Otherwise, the eyes that people will use to look at you will ultimately contain ridicule and pity…”

“The current me is able to give you this opportunity. You can challenge me. Of course whether you have enough courage is your problem. However, I hope that you will leave the Gu Realm by yourself if you reject me…”

The rules of the adult ceremony allowed Gu Yao to challenge anyone. However, the way he put it was like he was attempting to get Xiao Yan to issue the challenge to him.

A challenge was usually issued by someone below to someone above. Clearly, Gu Yao thought that the one who should issue the challenge was not him but Xiao Yan.


Gu Yao’s words had just sounded when the gazes of everyone present emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound. Their gazes all paused on the skinny figure. The eyes of quite a number of people contained a gloating expression.

“Is he the disciple of the abandoned fellow from my Yao clan? Looks like he is really unlikable. However, Gu Yao has acted really quickly. Originally, I was thinking of sparing with this brat to let him to know that the so-called Pill Gathering champion is merely a game for children. It is not worth even the slightest honor…” A couple of figures were leaning lazily in a tall spot of the stadium. Among them, a man with a medicinal cauldron drawing on his forehead was looking at the skinny figure in the distance as he laughed.

“Relax, as long as he is able to survive Gu Yao’s assault, you will still have a chance. What skill do these alchemists from outside have…” A scantily clad demonic lady with a sexy figure curled her mouth and spoke. From the special symbol between her brows, she was also a member of the so-called Yao clan.

“Ha ha, this seems quite difficult. There are very few people who can remain alive in the hands of Gu Yao.”

“Chi, this fellow dares to snatch my target… hopefully that brat will be able to endure a little longer. Otherwise, it will really be boring.” A figure in one corner, who was wrapped in a black robe, raised his head and revealed an exceptionally pale young face. He was surprisingly the member of the Hun clan who Xiao Yan had come into contact with back then, Hun Ya!

“As expected… there is really someone who cannot control himself and wishes to attack.” Huo Xuan looked at the figure a short distance away from within the special area. He sighed softly as he spoke.

“Moreover, the one who is attacking is Gu Yao… it looks like Xiao Yan will face a terrible fate.” The red-clothed young lady with a veil over her face softly spoke.

“This fellow doesn’t know how to come to the Gu clan after he is a little stronger. A five star Dou Zun might be a genius that is difficult to find in the Central Plains, but a genius of this level is commonplace in the Gu clan…” The man with a gentle appearance nodded as he spoke

“Hopefully he will be able to keep his life…”

“Gu Yao! He is a guest. This request is too overboard!”

Xun Er clenched her hand. At this moment, she involuntarily stood up. Her brows were knit as she cried out in a deep voice.

“The rules are like this… it is precisely because he is a guest that I have given him the qualification to challenge me. He can reject this qualification!” Gu Yao’s eyes stared at Xiao Yan as he slowly said. “As long as he says no, this challenge can be skipped!”

Xun Er’s face was ice-cold. How could she not understand that if Xiao Yan were to reject his challenge, he would be immediately be cast aside by the Gu clan which valued warriors. Avoiding a battle was an extremely humiliating action when viewed by the Gu clan.

“Young miss, there is nothing wrong with the way Gu Yao has acted. Everything is determined by whether the person involved is willing.” The white-haired Elder Gu Shan spoke faintly at this moment.

Xun Er clenched her hand. She was reprimanding herself within her heart. If she had been aware that Xiao Yan would suffer so many obstructions when he came to the Gu clan, she would not have agreed with Xiao Yan’s request to come to the Gu clan!

The smile on Mang Tian Chi’s face was withdrawn because of this strange atmosphere. He rotated the ring on his finger and turned his head to look at the young man, who had remained quiet. He was unable to provide much help when it came to such a matter. Moreover, he also wanted to see if this person, whom Su Qian had praised as the most outstanding student, would be able to deal with this situation where he could neither advance nor withdraw.

“Xiao Yan, I have already said what I have to say. No one can take your place today. Give me an answer! Tell me whether you are going to fight or withdraw!” Gu Yao stared at Xiao Yan. His indifferent voice resounded over this entire stadium.


Xiao Yan, who had shut his eyes in front of the countless number of eyes, slowly opened them. After which, he slowly stood up. He smiled and softly said, “Since general Gu Yao is being this aggressive, then… Xiao Yan shall represent the Xiao clan and accept this match!”

Ever since Xiao Yan had entered the Gu Realm, he was aware that this match was unavoidable. Since it was unavoidable, all he could do was fight.

Advance and fight or withdraw and seek humiliation!

The current Xiao Yan could fight but not be humiliated.

Even if his opponent was this ultimate genius of the Gu clan!

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