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Chapter 1330: Bloodline Grade, Clan Tattoo!

After the vast and mighty voice sounded, three Gu clan Elders with extremely formal clothes stood up from their seats a short distance away with stern expressions. After which, they entered the stadium. At this moment, there were many tools present at that place. The adult ceremony of the Gu clan was quite complicated because one was only considered fully grown after one had undergone the adult ceremony of the Gu clan. The younger generation could only be considered a part of the core of the clan after the adult ceremony. Even marriages could only be conducted after one completed the adult ceremony.

“The true experts from the Gu clan have yet to show themselves…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept around this special area. Other than a small number of Elders from the Gu clan, he did not see anyone on the level of the clan head of the Gu clan. Clearly, these important people would not reveal themselves even at such a moment. However, he wondered who that voice belonged to since it contained a Dou Sheng’s pressure?

“Although they do not show themselves, there is some vague auras present here. It seems that these important people are observing events despite not showing themselves.”

Through his sharp Spiritual Perception, Xiao Yan probed for a moment before discovering strange fluctuations in the sky. His heart felt a sudden understanding at this moment.

“The ceremony will begin. Ling Quan!”

The three Elders from the Gu clan on the square completed their preparations while Xiao Yan was quietly thinking to himself. After which, they followed the list of names and read the first name, which Xiao Yan was extremely familiar with.

Ling Quan hurriedly stood up when he heard the cry of the three Elders. His body moved and he rushed into the square with high spirits. He bowed respectfully to the three Elders. There was naturally quite a number of young people within the Gu clan who had become adults. However, those who could have their adult ceremony conducted in such a place were in the minority, and these people were undoubtedly the top among the younger generation of the Gu clan. Hence, it was little wonder that some pride filled Ling Quan’s face.

A stern-looking Elder from the Gu clan clenched his hand while standing on the square. A ten-foot-large star disk appeared in front of him. Ling Quan quickly stepped forward, and his hand touched the star disk as he shut his eyes.

After Ling Quan shut his eyes. A powerful glow was suddenly emitted from the star disk. Six stars slowly appeared on it.

The Elder from the Gu clan nodded his head when he saw these six stars. After which, he cried out loud, “Ling Quan, Black Submerged Army seventh commander, one star Dou Zun strength, grade six bloodline. After a discussion at the Elders Council, he is bestowed with the gold clan tattoo!

“It will be the gold clan tattoo. He is indeed worthy of being the seventh commander…”

The Gu clan members in the stadium immediately emitted some envious voices when they heard the cry that came from the Elder’s mouth.

Joy flashed across Ling Quan’s eyes when he heard this. He knelt with one kneel on the ground and raised his head. An Elder held a flickering golden pen. His hand danced and formed numerous after-images. A mysterious symbol appeared on Ling Quan’s forehead and a golden light shot out, emitting a special energy fluctuation.

“Grade six bloodline? Gold clan tattoo? What are these things?”

Xiao Yan was extremely unfamiliar with these things. He immediately frowned and asked Xun Er.

“The bloodline of the Gu clan is separated into ten different grades. Grade one is the lowest while grade ten is the highest… normally speaking, only those whose bloodline has reached grade four and above have the qualification to participate in the adult ceremony. It is not bad for Ling Quan to reach the sixth grade…” Xun Er smiled and explained. “As for this gold clan tattoo, it is the evaluation that is given after summarizing all the various conditions. This kind of clan tattoo has been inherited by the Gu clan since the ancient times. During a critical moment, it will enable the bloodline strength within the body of a member of the Gu clan to temporarily soar and enable them to escape danger. This clan tattoo is divided into four levels: silver, gold, purple-gold, rainbow-gold. They are differentiated by colors. This clan tattoo of Ling Quan is the third gold clan tattoo.”

“This clan tattoo actually possesses such a mysterious effect?” Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he questioned.

“Aye. It is rumored that the ancestor of the Gu clan, who is that existence who had reached the Dou Di class, created it. After obtaining the clan tattoo, one requires a month in order to unleash its ability.” Xun Er smiled as she spoke.

Xiao Yan nodded. He had merely thought that this was a formal ceremony of the Gu clan. It was unexpected that it actually possessed such a benefit. No wonder these fellows viewed the adult ceremony so seriously. It seemed that the reason was because of this clan tattoo.

“In that case, has Xun Er’s bloodline reached the tenth grade? Is she able to obtain a rainbow-gold clan tattoo?” Xiao Yan laughed.

“I never took the test after leaving my retreat the last time around. However, the tenth grade bloodline is also called the divine bloodline. It has never appeared within the Gu clan after a thousand years. Xun Er is afraid that she will not be able to reach that stage… as for the rainbow-gold clan tattoo, there is likely only one person within the current clan who has it. It has been shelved high above. It has been a long time since someone has reached the qualifications.” Xun Er shook her head as she responded.

“Hee hee, according to the calculations of the Gu clan bloodline, as long as one is able to reach the grade nine bloodline, one has the potential of advancing to the Dou Sheng class. As for the divine bloodline, perhaps that potential will enable her to reach the peak of the Dou Sheng class… of course, I think that this will also be quite difficult. It has been many years since the divine bloodline has appeared…” Mang Tian Chi in front turned his head and laughed.

Xiao Yan was quietly speechless. The foundation of the Gu clan was indeed frightening…

“Next, Lin Xiu!”

While Xiao Yan and Xun Er were chatting, another cry had once again sounded. Lin Xiu immediately stood up. He bolted down with an excited face. After which, he followed steps that Ling Quan had taken earlier. However, only six stars appeared on the star disk.

“Lin Xiu, second commander of the Black Submerged Army. Five star Dou Zun. Grade six bloodline. Bestow the gold clan tattoo!”

When Xiao Yan saw that this five star Dou Zun, Lin Xiu, was only able to obtain the gold clan tattoo, he sensed that it was difficult to leap over the different clan tattoo levels. One’s strength was not the main factor. The most important was the grade of their bloodline…

Although the both of them had obtained gold clan tattoos, the golden color on Lin Xiu’s forehead was brighter than Ling Quan’s color. Perhaps this slight difference was because of their different strengths.


After Ling Quan and Lin Xiu, members of the younger generation from the Gu clan, who were quite strong, continued appearing one after another. However, there was ultimately no one whose bloodline had exceeded the sixth grade. Xiao Yan began to understand that the bloodline grade within the Gu clan was difficult to strengthen.

“Gu Zhen, first commander of the Black Submerged Army, seven star Dou Zun, grade seven bloodline strength, bestow…”

While Xiao Yan was feeling a little impatient because of the long process, he suddenly stilled a little because of the voice that was transmitted from the square.

“Gu Zhen?”

Xiao Yan’s heart pounded when he heard this name. He lifted his head, and his eyes looked to the square. He saw that Gu Zhen was kneeling with one knee on the ground. His face was calm as he looked at the three Elders, who were softly discussing something.

Everyone on the square began to look at each other when they saw the three Elders beginning to discuss something. Their eyes gathered on Gu Zhen. It seemed that this fellow was a little different to the others before him.

The three Elders in the square chatted for a moment before they finally stopped. One of the Elders clenched his hand and a purple-gold pen appeared.

“It is actually the purple-gold dragon pen!”

Numerous exclamations immediately rang out within the stadium when they saw the purple-gold pen in the Elder’s hand.

“After the Elder Council’s discussion, Gu Zhen has extraordinary battle credits and a calm character. Hence, he will be bestowed with the purple-gold clan tattoo!”

The stern-looking Elder cried out in a deep voice. The energy in his palm surged and activated the purple-gold pen. He swiftly left behind a purple-gold clan tattoo on Gu Zhen’s forehead. However, this purple-gold color was a little pale, but that did not stop many envious gazes from appearing.

“Based on the bloodline grade, Gu Zhen has yet to reach the level of the purple-gold clan tattoo. However, his reputation in the Black Submerged Army is very great. It can catch up with the four great generals. Hence, the Elder Council has made an exception.” A soft voice sounded beside Xiao Yan’s ear while he was observing Gu Zhen in the square. This voice was Xun Er explaining things to him.

Xiao Yan nodded. He had made contact with Gu Zhen and was naturally aware that this person was indeed someone with an extremely calm character. If he was able to obtain a high position in the Gu clan in the future, his achievements would definitely be great.

“This Gu clan really has many experts… it is indeed worthy of being an ancient clan that has lasted a countless number of years. It is old but does not decline.”

Even though Gu Zhen had exceeded expectations and obtained the purple-gold clan tattoo, his face did not reveal an overly strong fluctuation. He merely bowed in a respectful manner to the three Elders. After which, he stood up. His body moved, and he returned to his seat in front of numerous envious gazes. His gaze shot to the spot where Xiao Yan was located when he sat down. After which, he nodded.

Xiao Yan also returned a smile in the face of this friendlier action. He was just about to speak when he abruptly sensed that the temperature had suddenly turned icy-cold.

Xiao Yan slowly slid his eyes over because of this change in his surroundings. Finally, they stilled on the icy-cold back in front of him. At this moment, the demon general, who was one of the four great generals of the Gu clan, had quietly stood up in front of everyone present. However, he merely took one step at a time as he walked toward the square.

“Is it his turn…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed when he sensed the surrounding environment, which had become quiet and icy-cold. He was extremely curious about this strong opponent of his. Just what level had he reached?

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