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Chapter 1328: Mang Tian Chi

The night sky was like water that spread over the land. Cool moonlight scattered down and covered the entire mountain range with a layer of silver yarn.

In the middle of the mountain range, a cluster of buildings stood one after another. They were like numerous ancient beasts standing under the moonlight, emitting traces of an ancient aura. At this moment, these halls were well lit. These few days was a festive period for the Gu clan and many places were well lit and decorated. It was filled with a joyous atmosphere.

It appeared exceptionally quiet on a mountain far from these magnificent ancient halls. Without the noise, this place was just like the residence of a hermit. It was calm and quiet.

A snow-white figure stood on the mountain top in an elegant manner. Her pretty eyes were staring at the well-lit halls without making any noise. No one knew just what she was thinking.

“Aren’t you going to rest?”

A gentle voice suddenly sounded on the top of the mountain. A green-clothed figure walked out from the woods. The moonlight scattered across her elegant face, causing her to appear exceptionally enchanting.

“This is the Gu Realm, huh… it is actually no different than the outside world.” The white-clothed figure turned her head and looked at Xun Er, who was walking over slowly.

“The pressure that one has to face here is far greater than in the outside world. The Gu clan relies on the strength of its bloodline. However, it has also become desolate because of it. This Gu Sacred Mountain Range is the holy ground in the hearts of all the descendant citizens of the Gu Realm. Every few years, countless numbers of descendant citizens will bring their descendants to this place hoping that there will be someone with a powerful bloodline among them. Each time around, there will be some people who rejoice, but most of them end up with endless disappointment. During these years, I have seen many people who could not accept the blow of having discovered that their descendants bloodline has been wasted. They end up committing suicide on the spot…” Xun Er pretty eyes were distant as she looked at the well-lit halls. Her soft voice contained a helplessness that seeped deep into her bones.

“Since it is strong, there will naturally be a price to pay…” The Little Fairy Doctor quietly nodded and softly replied.

Xun Er sighed. She naturally also understood this. This was the price that the Gu clan had to pay for its great strength…

“Thank you very much for all these years…” Xun Er clearly did not wish to get overly entangled on this topic. She turned her head and looked at the gentle pretty face next to her as she said.

“Are you referring to Xiao Yan… I am used to it. I feel quite good to be able to help him by his side.” The Little Fairy Doctor did not hide much in front of this girl, who was aware of her inner heart. She laughed in a free and easy manner. After which, she glanced at Xun Er and said, “You should not do as you please and say random words. I like this present feeling and do not wish to change anything.”

“However, he will continue to be obtuse if you don’t say anything.” Xun Er spoke with a smile.

The Little Fairy Doctor was noncommittal. She glanced at Xun Er before suddenly saying, “I think that you should also be aware of some things related to him, right?”

“What are you referring to?” Xun Er raised her pretty face and asked.

The Little Fairy Doctor hesitated for a moment but did not say anything.

“Are you referring to Medusa or perhaps Cai Lin?” Xun Er lifted her head slightly. Her pretty eyes looked at the star filled sky. An unknown feeling was present within her eyes.

“You are indeed aware of it. Why do you act as though you are unaware of anything in front of him?” The Little Fairy Doctor sighed. With the information gathering ability of the Gu clan and Xun Er’s current status in the Gu clan, all she needed to do was open her mouth and quite a number of people would deliver the relationship between Cai Lin and Xiao Yan to her..

“So what if this is the case? Don’t tell me that I should become furious in front of him and get him to kill Cai Lin?” Xun Er curled her small mouth. The corner of her mouth was curled into a shallow and alluring arc. It seemed that she wanted to smile but ended up softly sighing. She muttered, “Actually, I have a headache over this matter. Other people only hope that I will leave him and even end up hating him over this matter. However, I am aware that this is impossible. Since this is the case, why should I make myself unhappy?”

Xun Er glanced at the Little Fairy Doctor when she finished speaking. She said, “I am waiting for him to take the initiative to bring up this matter. At that time, I will be able to act ruthless and punish him, allowing him to understand that a man who is fickle when it comes to the matter of the heart will not end up with a good ‘ending’!”

The Little Fairy Doctor glanced at Xun Er. There was a slight anger on her face at this moment. This matter was just like a furious woman, who had discovered that her husband was secretly having an affair.

“Alright, I do not wish to discuss such a matter with someone else. Tomorrow is the adult ceremony of the Gu clan. You should also rest early. Hopefully, you will be able to continue to accompany him in the future…” The trace of fury on Xun Er’s face quickly disappeared as she spoke with a laugh.

“What about you?” The Little Fairy Doctor lifted her narrow eyebrow as she asked.

Xun Er’s delicate and long eyebrows twitched slightly but she did not reply. She waved her hand, turned around, and walked to the bamboo house on the middle of the mountain.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyebrows were knit slightly as she watched Xun Er’s back. However, she ceased opening her mouth to inquire. Her body flashed as she followed.

The Gu Sacred Mountain Range had become lively when the first ray of morning light scattered down from the sky. Numerous figures shot through the sky. Various gongs and drums that were filled with joy resounded across the mountain range.


A tightly shut door was slowly opened. Xiao Yan, who had already changed into fresh clothes, swiftly walked out. His eyes swept around the area in front of his room, only to see that Xun Er was waiting for him here. He felt a little embarrassed.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, have you rested enough?”

Xun Er smiled as she stepped forward. Her hand gently pressed against the creases on Xiao Yan’s clothes. Her gentle actions were just like an obedient wife. Should the other members of the Gu clan witness this scene, it was likely that their eyes would turn completely red. During these years, Xun Er was elegant and ethereal, appearing like a goddess in front of them. They couldn’t imagine just how heartbreaking the scene of their goddess helping a man arrange his clothes was.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He sensed the warm hand touching the front of his chest. A fluctuation appeared in his heart before he swiftly withdrew his emotions. His eyes stared into the distant at many buildings before saying, “The adult ceremony is about to begin, right?”

“Aye, let’s leave.”

Xun Er smiled. She beckoned with her hand and a completely snow-white strong-looking single-horned beast flapped its snow-white wings and flew out of the forest. After which, it stopped in front of everyone. The lovely body of Xun Er flashed, and she appeared on the spacious back of the single-horned beast. Xiao Yan’s group swiftly rushed onto it after seeing her move. After which, Xun Er gently patted the single-horned beast. It flapped its wings amid a clear cry before turning into a ray of light that swiftly rushed toward the many halls in the distance.

The speed of the single-horned beast was extremely quick. Within a short couple of minutes, they had arrived where the many buildings stood. They slowly landed at the middle of the cluster of buildings under Xun Er’s guidance.

With Xun Er accompanying them, Xiao Yan’s group was undoubtedly the most eye-catching. Hence, numerous strange gazes from around them were shot over the moment they leaped down from the single-horned beast.

“Let’s go…”

Xun Er ignored these gazes. She called out to Xiao Yan’s group before taking the lead as they swiftly headed to the middle of an enormous stadium covered in an ancient aura.

There were many warriors from the Black Submerged Army wearing their black armor around the ancient stadium, Their sharp eagle-like eyes continuously swept around them. Those sharp eyes clearly paused when they saw Xiao Yan. However, they did not do anything else.

Quite a number of figures had already taken their seats around the stadium. However, Xun Er’s footsteps did not pause. Instead, she walked toward the seats in the middle of the square. Xiao Yan’s group behind her hesitated a moment before following.


Xun Er’s slow footsteps had just entered this area when long spears clashed together. Two warriors in golden armor had used their long spears to block Xiao Yan’s group.

Xun Er’s expression immediately changed when she heard this deafening sound. A fury slowly rose within her heart.

“Move aside!”

The two warriors in golden armor were startled when they heard the icy-cold voice sounding beside their ears. They hesitated a little.

“Young miss, there is no need to make things difficult for them. This area is a special place. Anyone who has not specifically been invited by the clan is not allowed to enter. Please understand…”

A faint laugh was slowly emitted. The calm Xiao Yan swept his eyes around and discovered an old man with his hands behind his back. This old man was similar to Gu Qian. From the golden-armored warriors in this region, Xiao Yan was aware that this place was likely a special area. He was not very interested in such an area. However, Xun Er did not think this way. Since Xiao Yan had come to the Gu clan, there was naturally a need for her to give him the best hospitality.

This place was a little eye-catching, and Xun Er was also present. Hence, many eyes from immediately shot over. Finally, they gathered onto Xiao Yan. Quite a number of their eyes contained a playfulness.

“Young miss, elder brother is right. Although Xiao Yan is your good friend, he has not reached the requirement. Therefore…” A voice from the side was transmitted over. It was Elder Gu Qian who had attacked Xiao Yan back then.

Xun Er’s face was ice-cold. Her pretty eyes vaguely contained a golden flame within them. The repeated obstruction by these old fellows seemed to have truly aroused a fury within her heart.

“Gu Qian, Gu Xu, did you two shameless old fellows get it right? The old me is also lazy to bother about the two of you bullying someone. However, you two have bullied my Jia Nan Academy. Do you really think that the old me is a softie?”

Before Xun Er was about to erupt, a furious curse erupted across the sky. Xiao Yan was somewhat familiar with this voice, causing him to be slightly startled.

“Mang Tian Chi?”

Gu Qian’s duo was startled while Xiao Yan was feeling stunned. Their expressions immediately changed slightly as a shocked voice was emitted from their mouths.

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