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Chapter 1327: Devil General

After that Elder called Gu Qian was told to withdraw, Xun Er’s bright eyes once again swept over the vast mountain range. They finally paused on a green mountain. She could sense an extremely faint but exceptionally icy killing intent.

“Gu Yao… if you dare try anything funny, I will definitely not let you off!” Xun Er clenched her hand as a furious expression flashed across her pretty eyes.

“Let’s go, Xiao Yan ge-ge…” Xun Er slowly suppressed the fluctuation within her heart. She turned to Xiao Yan beside her, only to discover that his eyes had also locked on the spot where her eyes had paused earlier.

“A very strong person.” Xiao Yan softly said. With his outstanding Spiritual Perception, he could sense an extremely faint but dangerous aura spreading from that mountain. Moreover, this aura was clearly targeting him.

“Ordinary means are useless if one wishes to truly remove some resistance within the Gu clan!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was calm. Although he had defeated Ling Quan and Lin Xiu, who were the experts of the Gu clan’s younger generation, in Gu Sacred City, he understood that they were far from sufficient to prove his strength. In the eyes of the old fellows from the Gu clan, defeating Lin Xiu’s duo would not cause them to look at him differently. Hence, the current Xiao Yan needed to find a peak expert of the younger generation within the Gu clan. Someone who possessed a truly great reputation and make that person his opponent. Moreover, he must win such an exchange. Otherwise, those clan members within the Gu clan, who had remained neutral, might start opposing him.

Therefore, he must not fail!

It was obvious that Lin Xiu’s group did not possess the qualification to be called such an opponent. Gu Zhen possesses quite a great reputation within the Black Submerged Army. However, he had yet to reach the peak level among the younger generation within the Gu clan. Currently, there were only four people in the Gu clan who met such a requirement. They were the four generals of the Black Submerged Army!

Xiao Yan was certain that the dangerous aura from earlier should be from one of the four generals!

“Let’s go…”

Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his eyes. He smiled at Xun Er as he spoke.

“Aye.” Xun Er slightly nodded. Her delicate body moved, and her posture was as alluring and elegant as a flying butterfly. Xiao Yan’s group followed close behind her in front of the many gazes around.

That man on the distant green mountain with the black and white hair over his forehead stared in the direction where Xiao Yan’s group had headed. A faint cold smile was lifted on his face.

“Ha ha, he is indeed worthy of being from the Xiao clan… that gaze he threw over earlier… you should be aware of what it means, right? He actually wishes to challenge you…” That silver-robed man laughed.

“Challenge, huh… a cow that is just born isn’t afraid of the tiger…” Gu Yao raised his eyes and faintly said. “Tomorrow will be the adult ceremony. According to the rules, I can choose my own opponent. Seeing that he is full of such courage, I shall give him a chance tomorrow… as for Xun Er, she will understand my actions in the future.”

Gu Yao’s figure gradually became illusory after his voice slowly sounded. A moment later, he completely disappeared.

“Ha ha, how interesting. How many years has it been since the younger generation of the Gu and Xiao clans have exchanged blows? I really anticipate whether this Xiao Yan can surprise us…”

The silver-robed man laughed. His body gradually became blurry and completely disappeared a moment later. Only low laughter continued to reverberate over the mountain.

While being led by Xun Er, Xiao Yan’s group did not head to the special receiving area of the Gu clan. Instead, they stopped in front of a bamboo house in the deepest parts of the mountain range. At this moment, an elderly figure was smiling as he watched Xiao Yan’s group descend in front of the bamboo house.

“Old Ling?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw the familiar figure in front of the bamboo house. He immediately smiled and cupped his hands together.

“Ha ha, it has been less than ten years. It is unexpected that young master Xiao Yan has already reached such a stage. It really causes the old me to feel ashamed…” Ling Ying sighed. When he had been under orders to secretly protect Xiao Yan back then, Xiao Yan had merely been a young and inexperienced individual who had just washed off the humiliation from having his engagement canceled, yet that youth was now a renowned expert across the Central Plains.

“Let’s go. Please enter first. This place is my training area. Seldom anyone can come here. I think that Xiao Yan ge-ge will likely not like to go anywhere else.” Xun Er smiled and spoke.

Xiao Yan nodded. The environment of this place was quiet. It matched what he liked. After what he had done, it was likely that he was already a hot conversation topic for the Gu clan. Therefore, he did not wish to head to those places to be observed by others like a monkey.

The group followed Xun Er and entered the bamboo house. After which, they sat down in the living room. Xiao Yan took the opportunity to introduce both parties. When Xun Er and Ling Ying heard that the delicate and pretty-looking Qing Lin possessed the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupils, a surprise expression flashed across their faces. They had also heard about these mysterious eyes.

“Young master Xiao Yan, the time for you to come to the Gu clan is far earlier than what the old me expected…” Ling Ying sighed. Originally, he thought that Xiao Yan would require at least twenty years before coming to the Gu clan. Astonishingly, he had arrived after about ten years.

“However, with young master Xiao Yan’s strength, you do possess the qualification to come to the Gu clan. Young miss will be able to relax a little with you here. There are many people in the clan that suggest bringing everyone from the Xiao clan into the Gu realm. I think that you should be a aware of the intention of bringing them here. Fortunately, young miss and some Elders opposed it. Only then was the thought dispelled from those people.”

“However, this was only a temporarily peace because someone brings up such a suggestion almost every year. In order to obtain enough time for you, young miss had entered a prolonged period of retreat. The Gu clan greatly values their bloodline. The denser one’s bloodline is, the greater the weight that person’s words carry… young miss has continuously undertaken a retreat to bitterly train during these years in order for her words to become even more important. Only by doing this will she be able to suppress the suggestions of those within the clan who are prepared to attack the Xiao clan. The process was difficult. Fortunately, young miss eventually succeeded. The status of the current her within the clan is such that even some Elders would have to greet her when they meet. The decision to attack the Xiao clan had been suppressed by her until now…”

Ling Ying sighed when he spoke until this point. He said, “The old me is aware that young master Xiao Yan must have undergone many hardships in order to reach your current level within a short decade. However, young miss has also put in a great amount of effort…”

“Old Ling…” Xun Er softly cried out. After which, she shook her head at Ling Ying and indicated that he should not continue to speak.

Ling Ying smiled when he saw her shake her head. He said, “This old fellow is like this. I cannot control my mouth.”

Xiao Yan faintly smiled. His dark-black eyes stared at this elegant appearance that could bring disaster to countries and cities. He gently held Xun Er’s hands and softly said, “It has been hard on you during these years. I shall bare all of this in the future. I will resolve the pressure from your clan…”

A bright redness surfaced on Xun Er’s face as she sensed the warmth that was transmitted from her hand. Her heart felt a little pleased. Regardless of how strong she showed herself to be in front of her clan members, she was still a girl. Her heart possessed the softness of a girl. She appeared to be satisfied that her many years of effort could obtain these words. She did not hope for much. Although she possessed an incomparable talent and an powerful bloodline, she was incomparably persistent and even stubborn when it came to the matters of her heart.

The feelings she had developed when she was young had been buried deep within her memories. They had gradually fermented with the flow of time, turning mellow and moving.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, tomorrow will be the adult ceremony within the Gu clan. This adult ceremony usually has nothing to do with you guests who have been invited. However, due to you being a member of the Xiao clan as well as my involvement, this adult ceremony will definitely involve you…” Xun Er slightly knit her brows and said, “According to the rules, any clan member who participates in the adult ceremony will be able to choose someone to spar with. Some people will likely not easily give up such a fair opportunity.”

“Of course, with Xiao Yan ge-ge’s current strength, there are not many people who can defeat you even within the younger generation of the Gu clan. However, there are four people who are likely not included…”

“The four great generals?” Xiao Yan softly inquired.

“Aye… the strength of these four are all at the eighth star Dou Zun level and above. Moreover, they are said to be existences with the highest chance of becoming the Black Submerged King…” Xun Er’s face was grave as she said. “Among the four of them, the one who will most likely target you is the one called Devil General, Gu Yao.”

“Devil General, Gu Yao…” Xiao Yan slowly muttered. He immediately said, “The person from earlier should be him, right?”

“Aye.” Xun Er nodded. Her heart was a little surprised. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan had sensed Gu Yao’s aura.

“Gu Yao’s talent is extraordinary. He also possesses an extremely rich Dou Di bloodline. Most of the people within the clan hope that I will get together with him. Half a year ago, he has also took the initiative to mention this to the Elder Council. However, he was rejected by me. The reason is because of Xiao Yan ge-ge…” Xun Er bitterly laughed and said. “Given his character, he will definitely target you during tomorrow’s adult ceremony. He clearly understands that if he defeats you during such an occasion, those remaining neutral within the clan will lean to his side…”

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. The teacup in his hand suddenly formed some ripples. He similarly understood that this was a rare opportunity for him. If he lost, the members of the Gu clan would not think greatly of him. However, if Gu Yao lost, those Elders within the Gu clan would likely have difficulty finding any excuse to find trouble with the matter between Xiao Yan and Xun Er in the future!

Therefore, this battle with Gu Yao was the intersection between paradise and hell!

Hence, he could not lose this fight!

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