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Chapter 1306: Awaken

"Bang bang bang!"

An intense energy rippled across the sky like muffled thunder, resonating above the dragon island.

Xiao Yan, who was seated in front of the large cauldron, appeared to be unable to sense the chaotic situation that existed in the outside world. His blood-filled eyes were staring at the inside of the large cauldron. His hands were stiff as he formed a seal and controlled the temperature. This one month without rest and the need to perform such a frightening task would be enough to tire an expert at the peak of the Dou Zun class to the point of exhaustion. However, Xiao Yan had endured this bitter struggle. Despite his endurance, his mind had become blurry at this moment…

Hei Qing's eyes were anxiously staring at the disheveled Xiao Yan. His fist slowly tightened. He was aware that Xiao Yan was already at his limit. Xiao Yan's mind had been extremely tense during this period of time and had never relaxed even a little. Continuing like this would cause him great damage.

"This fellow is really extremely ruthless to himself. If the matter this time around can be resolved, I, old Hei, will become sworn brothers with you and fight anyone that you ask me to…" Hei Qing softly muttered to himself. Even someone as proud as him had no choice but to be impressed by Xiao Yan.


Hei Qing's voice had just sounded when an earth-shaking sound was transmitted from the distance. Immediately, a ferocious aura rushed over with lightning-like speed. Before the figure had arrived, a wild and unchecked laugh rolled around like thunder.

"Ha ha, it is actually here!"

After the wild and rampant laughter was transmitted over from the distance, that figure arrived near the volcano within a couple of flashes. After which, it slowly reduced its speed. Everyone glanced over and saw that it was a man wearing dark-golden armor. The man's eyes were golden in color. His face also contained a faint fierceness.

"The fourth commander of the Dragon Armor army, Xia Sha?"

Hei Qing was slightly startled when he saw this person. He immediately frowned. With a gentle wave of his hand, over a dozen figures rushed out of the surrounding mountain forests. They cautiously watched this man called Xia Sha.

"Hei Qing? Hee hee, it is unexpected that I have meet you here…"

Xia Sha watched Hei Qing standing in front of him. Both of his eyes narrowed, but he did not say any unnecessary words. With a wave of his hand, many figures with great murderous intent charged forward from behind him. A mighty dragon roar reverberated across the sky.

Hei Qing's expression sank when he saw them. He nodded and the dozen plus experts from the Eastern Dragon Island swiftly rushed out. They blocked those human figures wearing dark-golden dragon armor.

"Hei Qing, obediently hand over that great person. Otherwise, blood will flow like a river through your Eastern Dragon Island today!"

Xia Sha loudly laughed. His body flashed and appeared about a dozen meters in front of Hei Qing. They looked at each other. Sparks shot between their eyes and a frightening energy quietly poured out.

"We will have to see whether you, Xia Sha, has the qualifications to snatch this person!"

Hei Qing's expression was dark and solemn. His fist was suddenly clenched and he threw a ruthless punch. A dark-black line was immediately formed. Soon after, this dark-black spatial crack rapidly swam toward Xia Sha.


Xia Sha also let out a cold snort when he saw Hei Qing's attack. His body did not give in a little as he suddenly threw a punch that violently collided with the dark-black line.


An incomparably powerful force spread out in a ripple. Xia Sha's body trembled before swiftly stabilizing. His foot stomped on the sky, and his body appeared beside Hei Qing in a ghost-like fashion. A ferocious storm-like attack was launched with lightning-like speed.

Hei Qing let out a cold laugh when faced with Xia Sha's attack. He let out that cold laugh and did not give in. Instead, he collided head-on with Xia Sha.

"Bang bang bang!"

The two figures violently collided together in the sky. Each time a fist moved, it would cause the surrounding air to emit a sonic boom.

The only quiet place had also become chaotic when the two began to fight. However, the skinny figure seated in front of the large cauldron did not show the slightest activity despite this…


Two figures collided in the air. Fighting energy shook and tore space itself, forming a hundred-foot-wide dark-black hole. These two fighting figures also separated upon contact before pulling back.

"It is really unexpected… the current you has also advanced to the Ban Sheng class…" Man Yan's footsteps staggered back. The deep-purple dragon scales on his body had become much dimmer at this moment. Both of his eyes stared at Zhu Li a short distance away as he spoke in a deep voice.

Zhu Li's face was without expression. His strength was similar to that of Man Yan, but Man Yan possessed a special secret technique that could turn him into a half-dragon half-human for combat, making him quite troublesome to deal with. Hence, it was quite a difficult task to defeat the other party.

"Zhu Li, do not continue any pointless resistance. The strength of your Eastern Dragon Island is the weakest among the four islands. Currently, the three islands are working together. There is no way for all of you to resist. You should hand the person over…" Man Yan slowly said.

"If the Elders of my Eastern Dragon Island hadn't entered the emptiness to train while the First Elder and the Second Elder are undertaking a deep retreat, forget about you, even the three great dragon kings would not dare to come here!" Zhu Li coldly laughed.

"Ha ha, Zhu Li, you should also be aware that it is only an 'if'…"

Zhu Li's cold laugh had just rang out when a soft laugh was suddenly transmitted from empty space. Zhu Li's expression immediately became ugly when this soft laugh was heard. His eyes stared intently at empty space, "Northern Dragon Island… has finally appeared huh!"

The empty space suddenly emitted numerous green lights in front Zhu Li's focused eyes. The green light rapidly became bigger. Numerous human figures rode the green light. They carried a monstrous aura as they appeared in the sky above the dragon island, wave after wave of rushing wind could be heard.

"It seems that I am late. However, it is fortunate that I did not miss the main event…"

A green-robed elder in the sky looked at the chaotic Ancient Dragon Island. He involuntarily smiled as he spoke.

"Qing Yan."

Zhu Li's heart completely sank when he saw this green-robed elder. These three great dragon kings did indeed act in a grand manner. They had actually dispatched one Ban Sheng and two experts at the peak of the Dou Zun class. It seemed that they really intended on taking Zi Yan at all cost.

The old man called Qing Yan glanced at the gloomy-faced Zhu Li after he appeared. He laughed before turning to the deepest part of the dragon island. He said, "Elder Man Yan, you will block Zhu Li. The old me shall personally bring that great person who possesses a royal bloodline away…"

Qing Yan moved after uttering those words. He turned into a light figure that rushed toward the deepest part of this dragon island. Zhu Li became extremely furious upon seeing this. However, Man Yan blocked him before he could give chase. Man Yan's dragon claws danced, cutting through the air to rush toward Zhu Li.


Zhu Li was furious after being blocked by Man Yan. Monstrous Dou Qi explosively surged out of his body. Zhu Li ruthlessly rushed toward the Man Yan.

While Zhu Li was blocked by Man Yan, that old man called Qing Yan appeared above the volcano within a couple of flashes.

Qing Yan glanced at Xiao Yan, who was seated in front of the large cauldron. His eyes then paused on the interior of the large cauldron. His brows were knit slightly as he muttered, "That is the great person who possesses a royal bloodline huh? She is only a child. However, the pressure of her bloodline already gives me a clue to her identity."

"Bring the person away first. Unexpected occurrences might happen if we delay."

Qing Yan was unwilling to remain for long after arriving. His body moved, and he was just about to attack when a figure flashed and appeared a short distance in front of him. That figure was Tie Jian zun-zhe. He was without expression. His hand tightly held his metal sword while staring at Qing Yan. An indifferent feeling quietly spread…

"You are seeking death!"

Qing Yan knit his brows when he saw Tie Jian zun-zhe blocking him. With his strength at the peak of the Dou Zun class, he would naturally not be concerned with Tie Jian zun-zhe. He waved his sleeve and an energy storm appeared in front of him. It rushed toward Tie Jian zun-zhe in a lightning-like fashion.


Tie Jian zun-zhe's expression remained indifferent. It appeared as though he could not see the gap between him and Qing Yan. He raised his large sword up and immediately hacked it down in a simple manner.

The sword landed. Tie Jian zun-zhe's expression immediately became weary. It was as though all of his Dou Qi had disappeared with this sword. At the same time, a palm-sized light emitted a 'chi' sound as it rushed from the tip of his sword. Finally, it collided with that storm.


The two first stilled upon collision. Soon after, a frightening energy whirlwind explosively surged out.


The light sword was above the storm. The weary-faced Tie Jian zun-zhe immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His body appeared to suffer a heavy blow, and he landed in the forest below.

"You really don't know your limits."

The corner of Qing Yan's mouth was lifted in disdain after all it took was a wave of his hand to defeat Tie Jian zun-zhe. Someone of Tie Jian zun-zhe's strength dared to show himself. He really was seeking death.

"Brat, stop your flame…"

Qing Yan stepped through empty space after defeating Tie Jian zun-zhe. He slowly walked toward Xiao Yan and indifferently ordered him.

However, the shriveled Xiao Yan appeared to have not heard his voice. His blood-filled eyes were staring intently at the interior of the large cauldron.

"Another one who seeks death…"

Qing Yan's footsteps slowly halted beside Xiao Yan. He shook his head when he received no response. He slowly raised his hand. Dou Qi surged as he ruthlessly smashed at the top of Xiao Yan's head.

While Qing Yan's hand was violently smashing down, the tightly shut eyes of the girl within the cauldron were suddenly opened. An icy-cold voice that contained an immeasurable amount of pressure resounded beside Qing Yan's ear. It was like thunder that reverberated through his soul, causing his body to instantly still.

"If he loses even a strand of hair, you shall use your life as repayment!"

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