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Chapter 1307: Dragon Emperor, Zi Yan

The icy cry that resounded beside Qing Yan's ear was not loud, but at this instant, it caused his soul to violently tremble because the cry contained a pressure that he was unable to resist. This kind of pressure originated from his soul and his bloodline…

"A matured royal bloodline…"

A paleness surfaced on Qing Yan's face the moment his body stiffened. His hand, which was close to landing on the top of Xiao Yan's head, suddenly halted. He did not hesitate even a little as his toes pressed against empty air to explosively pull back.


While Qing Yan's figure pulled back, a purple-golden pillar suddenly shot out of the large cauldron. It penetrated empty space, and within the blink of an eye, it smashed into Qing Yan's body.


The purple-golden light exploded on Qing Yan's body. A frightening wind caused his throat to feel sweet as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His body ended up flying back in a miserable manner.

While Qing Yan was sent flying, Xia Sha and the other experts, who were fighting with Hei Qing's group around the volcano, experienced a drastic change. They hurriedly lifted their heads, and their eyes looked to the large cauldron, which was surrounded by a flame. A lovely figure vaguely surfaced from that spot. When that delicate figure appeared, they could clearly sense the blood within their bodies showing signs of boiling. They almost could not help but kneel in the sky after being driven by this boiling feeling.

"The true royal bloodline… has been awakened…"

Hei Qing's eyes looked to the large cauldron as he muttered with excitement.

The fiercely burning flame within the large cauldron was slowly extinguished in front of the many eyes present. A tall figure slowly appeared in front of everyone.

The lady who had appeared was wearing a purple-golden robe. A dragon and a phoenix were dancing on the robe. They appeared as though they were alive, emitting a noble aura that could not be hidden. The figure was tall and possessed long purple hair that poured down her body like a waterfall. Her hair spread over her narrow waist and reached her buttocks.

The lady was extremely beautiful. Her purple eyes had transformed into a purple-golden color. They appeared mysterious, containing a magical charm. Under the gaze of these purple-golden eyes, it was as though the entire world would submit to her…

The current Zi Yan no longer possessed the appearance of a little girl. Instead, she had turned into a mature lady, whose beautiful appearance could bring disaster to a country or a city.

Numerous eyes were initially absent-minded because of Zi Yan's noble aura. Their eyes gathered on the spot behind her. A pair of ten-foot-long purple-golden wings were gently being flapped. Wind was created and the sound of thunder was vaguely emitted when the wings were flapped, shaking one's very soul.

"Heavenly Phoenix wings… Ancient Dragon body…"

The excitement on Hei Qing's face grew even denser when he saw the pair of purple-gold wings on Zi Yan's back. A moment later, he suddenly knelt in the sky. His respectful voice contained a devotion that originated from his heart.

"Greetings to your majesty, Dragon Emperor!"

"Greetings to your majesty, Dragon Emperor!"

After Hei Qing spoke, the experts from the Eastern Dragon Island immediately knelt down with wild expressions. They all gave their greetings in an orderly manner.

Xia Sha, Qing Yan, and the other experts from the other islands also revealed a different expression when they saw this scene. They were not members of the Eastern Dragon Island. Due to them having submitted to the three great dragon kings for a long period of time, they did not act like Hei Qing and the rest despite having sensed the pressure that originated from their soul and bloodline.

"Xia Sha, Qing Yan, all of you are really bold. You are not kneeling down after seeing the Dragon Emperor!" Hei Qing turned his head suddenly and furiously yelled at Qing Yan's group.


Qing Yan and Xia Sha dryly chuckled when they heard Hei Qing's furious cry. Their blood was completely suppressed upon being looked at by the purple-golden eyes from a distance. This kind of pressure was far stronger than the pressure from the bodies of the three great dragon kings.

"We have seen the Dragon Emperor, but we are all the subordinates of the dragon kings. We will come and meet the Dragon Emperor in the future when we have the time…"

The two of them exchanged looks before hardening their skin. After uttering these words, the both of them no longer dared to remain any longer. Their bodies swiftly withdrew.


Hei Qing was extremely furious when he saw these people turning around to flee. He was just about to give chase when Zi Yan, who had just stepped out of the large cauldron, waved her hand. The purple-golden wings on her back were flapped and her body appeared in front of Xiao Yan in a ghost-like fashion. When she saw his blood covered eyes and stiffened hands, her purple-gold eyes, which always seemed to contain an endless amount of nobility, finally displayed a fluctuation.

"Rest first… it has been tough on you."

Zi Yan's hand was gently placed on Xiao Yan's forehead. A rich purple-golden light materialized from Zi Yan's body. It followed her finger and swiftly entered Xiao Yan's body. Within the blink of an eye, his body was wrapped by a purple-golden light. Xiao Yan's blood covered eyes were slowly shut.

"Great Dragon Emperor, it is all thanks to little brother's tireless efforts during this period of time that the Dragon Phoenix crystal has melted…" Hei Qing rushed forward and respectfully explained the situation.

"Aye, I know…"

Zi Yan gently nodded her head. After having transformed to her current form, it seemed that her character had become completely different than before. Her indifferent coldness seemed to contain a nobility that was comparable with that of the world. In the face of this aura, even Hei Qing did not dare to treat her as that mischievous little girl from back then. Instead, he regarded her as the new Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.

"Take good care of him and allow him to rest properly. Leave the matter of the dragon island to me…" Zi Yan handed over Xiao Yan, who was still covered by a purple-gold light, and gave an order


Hei Qing hurriedly supported Xiao Yan in a respectful manner upon hearing this. After which, he held Xiao Yan in his arms as he swiftly pulled back.

After Hei Qing and Xiao Yan withdrew, the purple-golden eyes of Zi Yan drifted around the Ancient Dragon Island, which was still embroiled in numerous fights. The wings behind her were gently flapped. Her lovely figure immediately appeared high in the sky, appearing as though she had teleported. She looked down at all the battles from high above. A rich purple-golden light continued to spread from within her body like an ocean wave. It scattered over every corner of the Ancient Dragon Island like rain.

"This is… what a powerful bloodline pressure."

"Such a pressure is something that even the three great dragon kings do not possess…"

"That is… Dragon Emperor?"

All the battlegrounds within the Ancient Dragon Island halted almost instantly when the purple-golden light spread. Everyone was completely stunned. While being bathed in this kind of purple-golden light, they could sense that even the blood within their bodies had suddenly slowed.


Man Yan's eyes were shocked as he looked to the sky. The dragon claws, dragon arms, etc. on his body began to transform under the purple-gold light. In the blink of an eye, he once again returned to the appearance of a regular old man. Even his aura had become a lot more sluggish.

"Has it really succeeded…"

Elder Zhu Li was stunned as he studied the figure in the sky. A moment later, an excitement that was difficult to restrain swiftly surged into his heart. Both of his legs slowly knelt in the sky, old tears fell.

"A Dragon Emperor has finally appeared in the Ancient Void Dragon tribe…"

Bang bang!

Numerous figures in the sky, on the ground, and around the mountain respectfully and sincerely knelt at this moment. Even some of the weaker experts from the other three islands hesitated for a moment before they were finally unable to resist the pressure that originated from their blood and soul. Their legs were bent, and they suddenly knelt.

The Ancient Dragon tribe did not kneel to the heavens or the earth. In their hearts, the true god was the Dragon Emperor, who possessed a perfect royal bloodline!

At this moment, many were willing to give up everything because of their inherited bloodline and the faith of their souls. The fact that the Ancient Dragon tribe had been split for many years and that quite a number of experts from the three dragon islands possessed a majestic aura of the three great dragon kings didn't matter.

"With the appearance of the Dragon Emperor, the three great dragon kings are really going to panic…"

Man Yan softly sighed. Although someone as strong as him did not kneel at this moment, he still bowed his body to figure in the distant sky.

"The matter today has completely failed. With the great Dragon Emperor present on the Eastern Dragon Island, the elites of the other three islands no longer possess even the slightest fighting strength…" Man Yan's eyes were similarly grave as he exchanged glances with Xia Sha. An ordinary tribe member of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe was unable to attack the Dragon Emperor. Even someone of their strength would not dare to do something this outrageous.

"The commanders from the three islands. Leave with your people within ten breaths' time…"

While the two of them were sighing, a calm voice that was filled with a prestige that could not be resisted slowly descended from the distant sky.

Man Yan and Xia Ao bitterly laughed upon hearing these words. Man Yan turned his head to look at Zhu Li. He softly said, "The persistence of the Eastern Dragon Island is perhaps correct. However, all of you should be careful in the future. The three great dragon kings are all people filled with wild ambition. They will not allow the great Dragon Emperor to unite the Ancient Dragon tribe."

Man Yan ceased remaining any longer after he spoke. He waved his hand and led the many human figures into the empty space outside of the Eastern Dragon Island. The people from the other two islands also hurriedly followed. They did not dare to hesitate even a little.

"After you return, inform the three great dragon kings that the Ancient Void Dragon tribe has only had a single Dragon Emperor since ancient times. There are no dragon kings… when the time comes, this emperor will personally retrieve the trace of royal bloodline in them!"

The figure that was covered by a purple-golden light in the sky once again spoke when the experts from the three islands fled into the empty space.

The bodies of Man Yan's group involuntarily trembled when these words entered their ears. It seemed that a great change would occur within the Ancient Void Dragon tribe very soon… this new great Dragon Emperor was infuriated by the arrogant and domineering actions of the three great dragon kings.

The fury of a Dragon Emperor would shake the world…

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