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Chapter 1298

Chapter 1298: Qi Method Revealing its Might

Xiao Yan did not give in as he sensed the dense cold wind that spread from the large dark-black hand. He coldly laughed, “Do you think that I am afraid of you, old ghost, in a one-on-one battle?

After his cry sounded, a flame hurriedly gathered on his palm. After which, he suddenly threw a punch forward. It heavily collided with Shenluo Guizun’s large dark-black hand.

“Octane Blast!”

The wind around the fist suddenly became sharp as it violently collided with the large dark-black hand. A shocking noise abruptly rang out. A rippling force also rapidly spread. The surrounding space gradually became distorted.

“Bam bam!”

The fist and palm collided, and a strong wind erupted in a circular shape. Xiao Yan and Shenluo Guizun’s bodies trembled. Their feet took a couple of steps back.

With Xiao Yan’s current strength and the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame, he possessed the strength to exchange blows with a six star Dou Zun. Moreover, the Flame Mantra Qi Method had evolved into a Tian class Qi Method. Dou Qi surged over when it was circulated. He did not need to worry about being exhausted to death should the other party take turns attacking.

“Hmph, not bad! You do indeed possess some ability!”

Surprise flashed across Shenluo Guizun’s eyes since his palm ended up in a draw with Xiao Yan’s fist. His eyes slide to Yaohua Liangjun. At this moment, Yaohua Liangjun was rapidly resolving the flames around him. Although he appeared a little miserable, the flames did not cause him much harm. The strength of a six star Dou Zun was not merely for show.

While Shenluo Guizun was pulling back, Xiao Yan’s eyes swept around him. Qing Lin’s battle in the distance was progressing well. With the strangeness of the Triple Jade-Green Snake Flower Pupil and the help of the Ancient Heaven Serpent soul, that expert from the Profound Sky Dect was unable to do anything to her within this short amount of time. However, the other two battlegrounds were not looking good.

Even after having experienced the strengthening by the formation, the Sky Demon Puppet could only fight against a four star Dou Zun. That Elder from the Profound Sky Sect was a six star Dou Zun. The Sky Demon Puppet was naturally at a disadvantage while exchanging blows with him. If its body could feel pain and wasn’t extremely hard, it was likely that it would have turned into a pile of mud. Even though this was the case, sparks continued to sputter away from the Sky Demon Puppet’s body because of that fellow. Dents were starting to appear all over its hard body.

While the Sky Demon Puppet had fallen to a disadvantage, the many experts controlled by Qing Lin were also not facing a good situation. Although there were many of them, their strengths were all much weaker than Hua Jin. If there weren’t two Dou Zun experts of the second star blocking her, it was likely that the others would have already been finished off by her rising and falling blade. From the looks of the situation, they were clearly unable to endure much longer.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swiftly flicked over these battlegrounds. His brows involuntarily knit. The situation this time around was indeed a little troublesome. These fellows from the Profound Sky Sect were not as easy to deal with as he had imagined.

“Brat, at this moment, you should take care of yourself first!”

A cold laugh was let out in front of Xiao Yan while he was frowning. He raised his head, only to see Shenluo Guizun and Yaohua Liangjun rushing over at the same time. Majestic Dou Qi lingered over their bodies. Their murderous intent clearly indicated that they were beginning to attack together.


Xiao Yan let out a long breath. His expression regained

its calmness. A vast and mighty Dou Qi swiftly rotated within his veins. A frightening strength that could destroy mountains and rivers rapidly circulated within his muscles.


Shenluo Guizun’s expression turned chilly as he cried out in a cold voice. Both Yaohua Liangjun and him rushed over at the same time. Two unusually ferocious Dou Qi pillars cut through the air. They were accompanied by a deafening roar as they explosively rushed toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s expression was grave as he faced the combined attack. He clenched both of his hands. The purple-brown flames in his palms contained hints of a dense whiteness as they explosively surged out. After which, they formed into two large fire hands and forcefully collided with the Dou Qi pillars. An earth-shaking explosion erupted.

“Chi chi!”

Dou Qi slowly expanded across the sky. Its might caused the space to form a distorted illusory form. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though there was a mirage above the forest…

“Nine Hell Hand!”

“Evil Wind Tear!”


Shenluo Guizun and Yaohua Liangjun joined hands. Numerous incomparably ferocious Dou Qi attacks continuously poured out. They wildly flew toward Xiao Yan. It was obvious that the two intended to rely on their numbers to forcefully grind Xiao Yan to death!

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

“Open Mountain Seal!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was grave when he faced theses two crazy attacks, but powerful Dou Qi was unleashed as he pleased. He then randomly attacked and collided with the attacks of the duo.

“Bang bang bang bang!”

The sky had become extremely excited because of this incomparably intense battle. Bright, beautiful energies exploded apart like fireworks. The explosive sounds of energy colliding made themselves known. One could even vaguely sense the energy ripples within a fifty kilometer radius.

Seeing Xiao Yan grow fiercer the more he fought, Shenluo Guizun started to frown in a tight manner. Such a prolonged battle had exhausted their Dou Qi by a frightening extent. The two of them felt that the Dou Qi within their bodies had been greatly reduced. However, Xiao Yan did not show any signs of weakening and instead appeared to be full of energy…


Shenluo Guizun suddenly cried out after gently inhaling a breath of air. Upon hearing his cry, Yaohua Liangjun slightly nodded. The aura all over his body suddenly changed. An extremely rich killing desire slowly spread from both their bodies.

Xiao Yan frowned upon sensing their killing auras, which had suddenly turned demon-like. This kind of feeling… was not foreign to him.

“The old me shall see how much you can endure today!”

The murderous auras swiftly spread. Shenluo Guizun’s eyes suddenly widened. He sharply cried out, “Heaven Offering Demon Hand!”

A substance-like killing fog billowed from their bodies after his cry sounded. The fog formed a cluster of dark clouds in front of them. The dark cloud moved and a hundred-meter-large dark-black hand suddenly rushed out. After which, it reached toward Xiao Yan.

The dark-black large hand was filled with a murderous aura that caused one’s heart to chill. This kind of desire to kill was formed from the will of the duo. If this hand were to strike Xiao Yan, it would definitely damage his resolve.

“The Heaven Offering Demon Hand huh…”

Xiao Yan merely laughed as he studied the enormous hand that grabbed at him from all directions. His body trembled. A similar wave of sharp killing desire surged out of his body in a lightning-like fashion. Within a short instant, another dark-black hand rapidly formed in front of shocked eyes. After which, the hand rushed over and violently collided with the large hand.


The two collided. However, no loud explosions appeared, only a slight muffled sound could be heard. The murderous intent widely spread. Shenluo Guizun’s and Yaohua Liangjun’s breathing became heavier once they were infected by this murderous aura.

The two auras began to erode each other after they collided. After which, they slowly scattered. The desire to kill suddenly dispersed. Three pale-looking people appeared within it.

“You actually know one of the ultimate and most guarded sect skills of my Profound Sky Sect, the Heaven Offering Demon Hand?”

Shenluo Guizun’s expression was full of disbelief as he stared at Xiao Yan. That Dou Skill that Xiao Yan had used earlier was obviously the same as theirs.

Xiao Yan ignored the stern cry. The Heaven Offering Demon Hand was something he had obtained from the hands of Yi Chen of the Profound Sky Sect. Xiao Yan had frequently practiced it after obtaining it. However, this was the first time that he had used it. The effect he had obtained appeared not bad…

“Do not give him the opportunity to relax. He has also been exhausted!” Yaohua Liangjun’s expression was a little ugly as he yelled in a deep voice.

Shenluo Guizun slightly nodded. He was just about to attack when he saw a strange smile suddenly lift onto Xiao Yan’s face. Xiao Yan then slowly parted his hand. The two of them suddenly sensed the natural energy around them start to boil like water. Wave after wave of substance-like energy continuously rushed toward Xiao Yan’s body. With the support of this vast and mighty energy, the paleness on Xiao Yan’s face slowly disappeared…

“This is… Tian class Qi Method?”

Shenluo Guizun’s group was immediately dull when they witnessed this scene. With their experience, they were naturally aware that this act of plundering energy was something that could only be achieved by a legendary Tian class Qi Method.

“No wonder the two of us are unable exhaust him no matter how we fight. This fellow has the support of a Tian class Qi Method…”

The mouths of the duo twitched. By possessing the support of a Tian class Qi Method, Xiao Yan’s Dou Qi was basically endless. The two of them, on the other hand, would experience a time when their Dou Qi was exhausted. Just how were they going to fight such a battle?

Xiao Yan’s eyes were slowly opened while the two were shocked. He sensed that his body was filled with a lot more Dou Qi, causing him to involuntarily smiled. He mockingly asked the other two, “Again?”

Shenluo Guizun’s expression became gloomy when he saw the way Xiao Yan acted. He said, “You should not act so pleased. Our Profound Sky Sect is not the only one interested in you…”

After uttering these words, Shenluo Guizun’s eyes landed on the forest below. He cried out, “If you do not attack, this brat will end up escaping again!”

“Ha ha, Elder Shenluo, please be reassured that he will not be able to run. I was afraid that he possesses a spatial jade that Yao Chen made him. Therefore, I sealed this space first…” Shenluo Guizun’s cry had just sounded when a faint laugh rang out. The sky became slightly distorted and a figure slowly appeared.

Xiao Yan’s heart sank when he saw the familiar figure that appeared in the sky.

“Ninth Tianzun… even you have come…”

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