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Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299: One Versus Three

Space distorted as a figure slowly appeared. The figure had blue hair and wore blue robes. This figure was the ninth Tianzun. The person who had led the experts from the Hall of Soul to the Falling Star Pavilion back then…

Xiao Yan remembered this person well. If Yao Lao had not advanced to a Ban Sheng, the Falling Star Pavilion would have ended up with great losses during that attack.

“It is unexpected that even this person has come…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes slightly flickered. From the looks of the situation, it seemed that the Hall of Souls and the Profound Sky Sect showed signs of ganging up. This discovery caused him to feel deflated a little. The Profound Sky Sect might not be comparable to the Hall of Souls, but it was still a strong faction. Should these two parties cooperate, a great pressure would fall on the Falling Star Pavilion.

“Xiao Yan, you are really quite bold. If you had remained within the Falling Star Pavilion, this one wouldn’t have been able to do anything to you. It is unexpected that you actually dare to come running out alone…” Ninth Tianzun smiled as he looked at Xiao Yan and faintly commented on the situation.

Xiao Yan’s expression was gloomy. However, he did not say anything. Some thoughts rotated within his heart. The strength of this ninth Tianzun was at least at the seventh to eighth star level. Even after Xiao Yan had unleashed the Skyfire Three Mysterious Flame, he would not be able to fight against him. Moreover, from what he had said earlier, this space had been sealed by him. Hence, the spatial jade token that teacher had given him had also lost its effect…

Xiao Yan gently exhaled within his heart. He did not expect the situation to become so dangerous. However, his current strength had soared. Hence, he did not truly feel a despair. With the Annihilation Fire Lotus and the Great Heaven Creation Palm, he believed that even this ninth Tianzun would have some trouble forcefully receiving them. Moreover, the Flame Mantra Qi Method had evolved to a Tian class Qi Method. He would not need to worry about entering a weakened state after using the Annihilation Fire Lotus…

“Brat, you should just surrender. Do you really think that you will be able to escape the hands of the three of us with just your strength alone?” Shenluo Guizun spoke in a sinister manner.

Yaohua Liangjun gently waved the foldable fan in his hand. He looked at the gloomy Xiao Yan and an additional caution quietly appeared within his heart. He had exchanged blows with Xiao Yan back then and naturally understood the great strength of that Annihilation Fire Lotus. Currently, this fellow was being forced to a dead end. Should he become hot-headed and go all out, it was likely that he would fight until everyone suffered.

“That may not be certain.”

Xiao Yan coldly laughed. He rotated his right hand and a faint golden light appeared on his palm. Dou Qi whistled within his body at this moment.

“Xiao Yan, don’t you wish to rescue your father?” The ninth Tianzun narrowed both of his eyes when he saw the golden light in Xiao Yan’s palm. He had personally witnessed Xiao Yan unleash the Great Heaven Creation Palm. Even old ghost Zhai Xing was killed on the spot. Thus, he feared this attack. He suddenly cried out when he saw that Xiao Yan wanted to use it.

The golden light on Xiao Yan’s palm became sluggish when he heard the cold cry of the ninth Tianzun. Xiao Yan glared at him.

“Follow this seat back to the Hall of Souls and you will be able to meet your father. If you dare to resist, this seat will kill your father after returning.” The ninth Tianzun spoke with a cold and indifferent face.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were dark and cold as he stared at the ninth Ti

anzun. A moment later, he laughed. His tone was calm as he replied, “To think that you are actually the ninth Tianzun of the Hall of Souls. You even try to use such a foolish tactic. I am not a fool. Only by living properly outside will I truly be able to rescue my father. Once I land in your hands, my Xiao clan… will truly be finished. Therefore, this threat of yours is useless against me.”

The ninth Tianzun’s eyes became gloomy when they registered Xiao Yan’s calm face. He did not expect Xiao Yan to act this way. Of course, it was just as Xiao Yan had said. As long as he was alive, he would be able to rescue Xiao Zhan. However, once Xiao Yan landed in the hands of the Hall of Souls, this slight chance would disappear…

This kind of reasoning was not complicated. A person who valued relationships enough to travel a great distance from the Jia Ma Empire to the Central Plains in order to rescue another possessed a high level of reasoning and was able to accept certain choices.

“Ninth Tianzun, this brat is as cunning as a fox. He will not fall for this trick of yours. Attacking together and capturing him is the right path.” Yaohua Liangjun responded.

The ninth Tianzun’s expression was indifferent as he nodded. He gently took a step forward. The space in front of him became distorted as his body disappeared almost instantly. The next moment, he appeared in front of Xiao Yan in a ghost-like manner. His five fingers formed a claw shape and carried a sharp wind as they grabbed at Xiao Yan’s throat. The space crumbled wherever the wind from the claw passed.

“In that case, this seat shall personally act and capture you back!”

Xiao Yan was expressionless when faced with the sharp wind that suddenly attacked. A faint golden light lingered over his right hand as his fist was thrown heavily.


Two clusters of wind met in the air. A deep explosion suddenly spread apart. The wind ripple spread in a circular fashion, tearing at the surrounding space until numerous dark-black lines appeared.

“Bam bam!”

Xiao Yan’s body trembled when the two collided. His feet staggered over a dozen steps back. Only then did he stabilized his body. He lifted his somewhat numb right hand as the solemn expression in his eyes became even denser. After these exchanges, he completely understood the strength of this ninth Tianzun. The ninth Tianzun was at the peak of the seven star level. Only one step more and he would reach the eight star level…

“Fortunately, my right hand had been tempered by the golden spirit. Otherwise, some injuries would definitely have occurred during this collision…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. The peak of the seventh star was too strong. He could barely deal with an attack even at his current strength. If he did not use the Great Heaven Creation Palm or the Annihilation Fire Lotus, it would be impossible for him to put up a fight.

“Ninth Tianzun, do not give this brat any time to rest. He practices a Tian class Qi Method and is able to recover very quickly. If things drag on like this, something unexpected might happen…” Shenluo Guzun and Yaohua Liangjun came over in a flash after watching the ninth Tianzun reveal his great might to force Xiao Yan back. Shenluo Guzan let out a loud cry and the two attacked together. Incomparably ferocious Dou Qi pillars violently rushed toward Xiao Yan without giving him any time to rest.

“Being able to get all three of us to attack together, Xiao Yan, you can be considered someone who is thought highly by us…”

The ninth Tianzun did not oppose Shenluo Guizun’s suggestion. His mission was to capture Xiao Yan. The mission from last time had failed, which displeased the hall chief. This time around, he had come out on his own accord. If he could capture Xiao Yan, he would have made up for his failure. Hence, he could not bother about the way this looked. Everything could be discussed after capturing Xiao Yan.

The ninth Tianzun did not continue to hesitate after this thought flashed through his heart. His body moved, and he once again rushed forward. A majestic Dou Qi surged in all directions when he lifted his hand. Its might caused even the sky to tremble.

“Bang bang bang!”

The surging energy in the sky continued to explode. Faced with the attacks of two six star Dou Zuns and one seven star Dou Zun, even Xiao Yan was in a dangerous situations. If he did not have the help of his speed and the might of his Heavenly Flames, he would have been seriously injured by these three. Nevertheless, as the battle became white-hot, the situation became worse and worse for him…


Xiao Yan was once again forced to collide with the palm of the ninth Tianzun. After which, the bone wings behind his body swiftly flapped and two after-images appeared. Only then did he narrowly dodge the sneak attacks made by Yaohua Liangjun and Shenluo Guizun. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he withdrew from the area surrounded by those three.

Xiao Yan’s expression turned dark and dense after having pulled back. A golden light surged on his right palm. Dou Qi surged out of his body and poured into his palm.

“Be careful, he is about to use a Tian class Dou Skill!”

The ninth Tianzun’s body suddenly came to an abrupt halt when he saw what Xiao Yan was doing. He informed them in a dense voice.

The ninth Tianzun’s words startled Shenluo Guizun and Yaohua Liangjun. They began to rapidly pull back.

“Great Heaven Creation Palm!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was gloomy. The energy on his palm brightened. An instant later, a strange black glow appeared. His palm slammed toward the empty space below.


A strange spherical black light immediately spread with lightning-like speed after his palm was pushed down. At the same time, an extremely strong suction force erupted from the spherical light.

The Ninth Tianzun and the two others slowed after being influenced by the frightening suction force. They looked at the black light sphere that was rapidly expanding. The ninth Tianzun’s expression sank. He cried out, “Do not panic. A Tian class Dou Skill might be powerful, but the three of us can still receive it if we join hands!”

The ninth Tianzun’s body was the first to turn after crying out. Dou Qi surged out of his body without any restraint. The vast and mighty Dou Qi caused tiny raindrops to slowly fall.

Shenluo Guizun and Yaohua Liangjun hesitated for a moment after seeing the ninth Tianzun stop fleeing. They also clenched their teeth and summoned all the Dou Qi within their bodies. In an instant, Dou Qi whistled through the sky like a hurricane that brought about a whining sound.


Dou Qi surged explosively out of the bodies of the three of them. They formed three Dou Qi pillars that were a thousand feet large. The pillars lingered over the heads of the three of them and rotated once around. After which, they emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as they rushed over to collide with the black light circle!


A couple of extremely frightening energies collided together. At this moment, even the sun became dim. A frightening energy storm expanded from the point of contact. The densely packed trees below appeared like harvested wheat. With a crushing sound, their trunks were broken in spectacular ways.

The energy storm spread. That unmatchable black light sphere was forcefully prevented from spreading. However, the suction force within it remained terrifying. The three thousand-foot-long Dou Qi pillars were swallowed into the empty black hole. Only then did the sphere slowly disappear.


Seeing the black light sphere disappearing, Shenluo Guizun and Yaohua Liangjun both heaved a sigh of relief. A horror was present in their eyes. If the ninth Tianzun hadn’t been here, just the two of them alone wouldn’t have been able to contend with this frightening Dou Skill.

The ninth Tianzun’s face was a little pale. Clearly, he was exhausted by this act. Fortunately, he had managed to block Xiao Yan’s killing blow. Next… he slowly raised his head. His eyes were dense as he stared at Xiao Yan a short distance away and ferociously laughed, “Now, this seat shall see what other tactics you have.”

A cold smile also surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face when he saw the ninth Tianzun’s ferocious smile. He clenched his hand and four types of Heavenly Flames appeared.

“Relax, I will ensure that all of you will eat to your heart’s content…”

The ferocious smile on the face of the ninth Tianzun turned green when he saw the four types of Heavenly Flames in Xiao Yan’s palm.

“Ugh, little brother Xiao Yan. I have finally found you…”

A spatial crack line suddenly split open while the ninth Tianzun’s face was green. Following the formation of the spatial crack, a strong figure anxiously stumbled out of it. He cleared his throat and wailed at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this familiar figure. He qin a stunned voice, “Hei Qing?”

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