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Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289: Yaohua Liangjun

Numerous eyes on the square were stunned as they looked at the man, who had suddenly barge in and grabbed Yun Yun’s hand. In an instant, the entire place actually became quiet. Everyone looked at each other and were somewhat uncertain of the reason for this occurrence.

“You… Xiao Yan? Why are you here?”

Yun Yun’s face was red from embarrassment. She also also somewhat stunned as she stared at the young man wearing a teasing smile on his face beside her. A moment later, she finally involuntarily cried out loud.

“You can’t expect me to simply stand idly by the side if you are in trouble right?” Xiao Yan observed this peerless beauty in front of him. There was an additional unconscious gentleness in his voice.

“It is Yanran?” Yun Yun was slightly startled before she comprehended the situation. Immediately, she sensed the heat that was transmitted from her hand. She hurriedly pulled her hand out from XIao Yan’s palm with a beautiful red face and spoke in a somewhat cautious manner, “This is the Flower Sect. How can you simply recklessly barge in?”

“You have already hid from me so many years. It should be enough, no?” Xiao Yan smiled slightly and said.

“Who is hiding from you…”

“Who is the one who has come? Tell me your name. You actually dare barge into my Flower Sect?” That graceful clothed woman focused her eyes onto Xiao Yan and cried out coldly. From this manner, it seemed that this young man was a helper that Yun Yun had found?

“You can treat me as Yun Yun’s companion…” Xiao Yan glanced at the gracefully clothed woman and spoke in a casual manner.

Yun Yun’s face reddened upon hearing these words of Xiao Yan. She looked at the latter in a embarrassed and angry manner. However, Xiao Yan ignored her. His eyes merely stared at those two people on the opposite side.

“Someone with a mere two star Dou Zun strength also dares to act arrogantly here. This venerable self thinks that you are tired of living.” The evil looking man beside the gracefully clothed woman gently flapped the foldable fan in his hand. A chillness, however, surged within his eyes. The intimate act between Xiao Yan and Yun Yun caused his heart to feel somewhat displeased.

“Yun Yun, you have said yourself that you do not have a companion. Yet, you end up being unable to help yourself and have called someone over huh…” The gracefully clothed woman laughed coldly, “It’s just as well. You can call if you like. Otherwise, you might end up saying that this chief is bullying you. Today, I’ll allow you and this little fellow to fight together. If you are defeated, you will hand over the Dou Qi from the previous sect chief!”

Yun Yun knitted her brows when she heard this. She did not wish to drag Xiao Yan into this internal fight within the Flower Sect. She took a step forward and was just about to speak when Xiao Yan by the side stopped her.

“Leave it to me.”

Yun Yun was startled when she heard the calm tone of Xiao Yan. Her pretty eyes observed the young man beside her and saw the firm lines on the side of his face. An absent-mindedness appeared within her heart. After having not met him for a couple of years, the current Xiao Yan was no longer the tender youth from back then. Currently, the latter also possessed quite a strong reputation even within the Central Plains, which was filled with experts. The present him already truly possessed the qualification and strength to stand in front of her hand block all the storms.


Some words lingered on her mouth for a moment. In the end, it finally transformed into a low and submissive voice.

“There is natural

ly no problem if you wish to have a match. However, the stakes of this match appears a little too laughable. If you win, you will end up getting the inherited Dou Qi of Yun Yun. However, if you lose, you will not lose anything. Do you think that there’s such good things in this world?” Xiao Yan demanded faintly.

The gracefully clothed woman narrowed her eyes. She coldly laughed, “If this chief loses, Yun Yun can safely leave the Flower Sect. No one will pester her.”

“If it is only like this, there is no need for this match…” Xiao Yan’s expression turned slightly cold as he said.

“You dare! What do you treat my Flower Sect as a place you can come and leave as you please?” The graceful clothed woman’s expression changed when she saw this. She cried out furiously, “Even if you can leave the Flower Sect today, you will be chased after by the Flower Sect for the rest of your life!”

“If you dare, you can come and chase me all the way to the Falling Star Pavilion!” Xiao Yan did not give in when faced with the furious cry of this gracefully clothed woman’s threat. He merely laughed coldly.

“Falling Star Pavilion?” That gracefully clothed woman was startled when she heard this. Her expression immediately changed a little as she spoke in a disturbed manner, “You are someone from the Falling Star Pavilion?”

The Flower Sect had also heard about the matter of the Falling Star Pavilion producing an elite Ban Sheng. With an expert of that class present, the Falling Star Pavilion need not be afraid of the Flower Sect with its strength. Moreover, no one would forget that the elite Ban Sheng of the Falling Star Pavilion was also a top alchemist on the Dou Qi continent.

“I am Xiao Yan. My teacher is Yao Chen. Before I left, teacher has instructed me to represent his elderly self to greet the elders of the Flower Sect should I end up meeting them!”

Xiao Yan suddenly raised his eyes. He looked towards the lush green mountain range around the Flower Sect. His loud cry spread while containing some Dou Qi before resounding continuously within the entire place.

Ever since he had stepped into the Flower Sect, Xiao Yan could vaguely sense that there were some hidden auras present within the mountain range. These auras were all extremely powerful. It was likely that they should belong to some experts from the older generation in the Flower Sect, who do not show themselves. Xiao Yan might not be afraid of the other experts from the Flower Sect. However, he must be cautious of these old demons.

“Xiao Yan?”

That gracefully clothed woman and the Yaohua Langjun’s expression changed slightly when they heard Xiao Yan announce his name. They did not expect that Xiao Yan would actually possess such a background.

Those Flower Sect’s disciples from the surrounding square also conversed privately amongst themselves. Numerous curious eyes gathered onto Xiao Yan. The Flower Sect only had female disciples. They were naturally interested in a young and outstanding man like Lin Dong.

“It is actually Yao Chen’s disciple… that old fellow is really considerate. If I have time in the future, I will definitely visit the Falling Star Pavilion…” Soon after Xiao Yan’s loud cry sounded, a somewhat hoarse elderly voice was slowly emitted from within the mountain range. Finally, it resounded over the square.

Xiao Yan cupped his hands together respectfully in the direction where the voice originated from. After which, his eyes turned towards the capricious gracefully clothed woman and laughed faintly.

“Hua Jin, since mister Xiao Yan has a request, let’s listen to him.”

An elderly woman towards the north of the square slowly opened her mouth and said. From her dressing, she should be an Elder of the Flower Sect. Moreover, her status seemed to be quite great.

Hearing this, the gracefully clothed woman called Hua Jin could only clench her teeth unwillingly. She said, “If you have some words to say, just say them quickly!”

“If we end up losing this match, the Dou Qi inheritance within Yun Yun’s body will be handed to you. If your side loses, the position of the Flower Sect chief will be handed to Yun Yun!” Xiao Yan said.

“So you are after my position as the chief of the Flower Sect!” Hua Jin’s expression was dark and cold as she laughed furiously.

“Xiao Yan, I am not interested in being the sect chief. Do not add any more trouble!” Yun Yun by the side also hurriedly said.

“Granny Hua has originally transferred the position of sect chief to Yun Yun. Yet, you have shamelessly snatch the jade tablet representing the sect chief. Currently, she is merely just taking back the thing that Granny Hua has given her!” Xiao Yan laughed coldly.

“You! What a sharp tongued brat!”

The expression of Hua Jin gradually became icy cold when she saw Xiao Yan acting in such an unceremonious manner. However, she did not respond. She was only an acting sect chief. Honestly speaking, not many Elders within the sect supported her. If it was not because she had been groomed by Granny Hua back then for over a decade, it was likely that it would not even be her turn to take this acting sect chief spot. If anything unexpected really occurred this time around, it was likely that the position would really not have any relation to her.

“Damn old woman. I have followed you for over a decade. Don’t tell me that cannot surpass the three years this slut stayed with you?”

A fury burned within Hua Jin’s heart along with her sense of reasoning when she thought of how Granny Hua had left the greatest treasure to Yun Yun.

Hua Jin inhaled a deep breath of air. She suppressed the fury within her heart. Her eyes suddenly turned towards Yaohua Liangjun beside her. The latter was the stronger between the two. Everything would be determined by what he thought.

Yaohua Liangjun glanced indifferently at Xiao Yan, appearing to be aware of what Hua Jin was thinking in her heart. The fan in his hand was flapped slowly. He had also heard some rumours about Xiao Yan. However, rumours was after all rumours. They were usually exaggerated. Moreover, with his six star Dou Zun strength, there were hardly anyone, even within this Flower Sect, who could beat him. Regardless of how great Xiao Yan was, he merely had the strength of a two star Dou Zun. It was not so easy to surpass this four star difference…

Yaohua Liangjun nodded when he thought of this. His eyes paused on Xiao Yan as he calmly said, “Since you have such a request, we will do as you say. You can be rest assured that this venerable self will ensure that you remain alive on account of Yao Chen’s face…”

Xiao Yan finally smiled slightly when he heard this. He turned his head and softly spoke to Yun Yun, “You should step back a little. I will take care of it…”

“You? You alone?” Yun Yun was startled. Her face was filled with surprise. The other party had a six star Dou Zun and a four star Dou Zun. Xiao Yan was merely a two star Dou Zun. Was he not seeking death by fighting against the two of them alone?”

“You have only just gained the strength of a Dou Zun and you have yet to refine that inherited Dou Qi. You will definitely be no match for them if you fight… relax, it will be over soon.” Xiao Yan spoke softly. He could sense the terrifying Dou Qi within Yun Yun’s body. However, this Dou Qi was not something that she could control at this moment. Her own strength was definitely insufficient to be a match for that Hua Jin.

Yun Yun looked at Xiao Yan somewhat doubtfully. However, due to her trust in the latter, she did not open her mouth again. She could only nod slowly and took a step back.

Xiao Yan stepped forward when he saw Yun Yun stepped back. Dense white flame slowly lingered within his eyes. A frightening temperature spread out, causing the entire place to immediately become hot.

“Since all of you have come to an agreement, let the match begin.”

An Elder from the Flower Sect waved her sleeve and cried out loudly when she saw the tensed swords-drawn atmosphere.

After the voice of that Elder from the Flower Sect sounded, an icy cold smile was lifted onto Yaohua Liangjun’s face. Her toes pressed on the ground and her body rushed towards Xiao Yan in a ghost like manner. Vast and mighty Dou Qi spread out in all directions.

“This venerable self shall see just how much of Yao Chen’s ability does his disciple have.”

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