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Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290: Qi World Transformation

Xiao Yan’s shoulders shook as he watched Yaohua Liangjun rushing over explosively. Green-red bone wings appeared. Both of the wings were flapped and his body rushed towards the sky. That frightening speed directly caused Yaohua Liangjun’s attack to completely miss.

“What a fast speed!”

Yaohua Liangjun’s expression changed slightly after he missed. Immediately, his eyes looked at Xiao Yan, who was suspended in the sky, in an icy cold manner. He spoke indifferently, “Does Yao Chen only teach you how to run?”

“There is no need for you to be worried about this.” Xiao Yan smiled. He waved his sleeve and eleven puppets appeared in a flash. A formation was created. After the energy transmission, the Sky Demon Puppet’s body quickly became brilliant in colour.

“Demon puppet huh… Hua Jin, you should go and seal with Yun Yun. Leave this brat to me.”

A disdain flashed across Yaohua Liangjun’s eyes when he saw this puppet. He turned his head towards Hua Jin and cried out.


Hua Jin nodded. She immediately turned her cold smiling eyes towards Yun Yun. Her strength was around that of a four star Dou Zun while Yun Yun was merely a one star Dou Zun. There was a huge gap between the two. Finishing off the latter was merely something that would end within a couple of exchanges.

“Slut, this chief shall see just which part of you have caught the eye of that old woman!”

A jealous hatred flashed across Hua Jin’s eyes. She turned her delicate waist and directly rushed over towards Yun Yun. Majestic Dou Qi surge out in all directions.


Golden light tore through the sky. Before that Hua Jin could appear in front of Yun Yun, a strong figure had descended from the sky. A fist that contained a terrifying wind smashed towards the former’s head without any mercy.


This sudden fight also caused Hua Jin’s expression to change a little A wave of Dou Qi erupted from her palm and violently collided with that golden fist. Immediately, clear metallic collision sound appeared.


The frightening force caused Hua Jin to be shakened until she took two continuous steps back. She swept her eyes across and focused them onto the golden figure in front of her.

“Hua Jin, you should just focus on dealing with that puppet. I will capture this brat first. That puppet will automatically stop after that.” Yaohua Liangjun in the sky turned his dense cold eyes towards Xiao Yan in the midair. The foldable fan on his hand suddenly unleashed a deep green light. The fan was waved and one could hear a wild wind spreading over the sky.Enormous wind blades tore passed the sky and rushed towards Xiao Yan from all directions.

Xiao Yan smiled faintly as he watched those wind blades rushing over. The bone wings on his back flapped and his frightening speed allowed him to pull back by a thousand feet, easily dodging Yaohua Liangjun’s attack in the process. With the Three Thousand Lightning Movement activated to its limit along with the strengthening by the bone wings, Xiao Yan’s speed had already reached quite a frightening level.

“This battle must end quickly…”

Xiao Yan slowly inhaled a deep breath of air when he dodged the attack by Yaohua Liangjun. Both of his hands suddenly formed numerous unusual seals. While his hand seals flew, numerous hot fire pillars also shot out from his body towards the sky.

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. First Change! Second Change! Third Change!”

Three stern cries sounded. Xiao Yan’s aura had directly soared in front of many stunned gazes. Within a blink of an eye, it had already reached the

four star Dou Zun level.

After unleashing the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change until its limit, Xiao Yan did not halt immediately. His hand was clenched. Three clusters of flames appeared within his hand. Soon after, he hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth and spitting out a cluster of dense white flame.

The appearance of four types of Heavenly Flame in the sky also caused the temperature of this entire place to be raised instantly. Some cold perspiration had appeared on the faces of quite a number of people. Even Dou Qi was unable to completely isolate such a temperature.

Yaohua Liangjun’s expression changed a little when he saw the four types of Heavenly Flames suspended in front of Xiao Yan. Finally, he felt a little uneasy. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that these four types of flames were definitely the most terrifying Heaven Flames in this world. However, the thing that surprised him was that Xiao Yan’s body could actually possess four types of Heavenly Flames at the same time. Was it not the case that only one of such thing could exist within a person’s body?

“I cannot continue to allow this little brat to continue unleashing it!”

Yaohua Liangjun did not plan to give Xiao Yan any time to prepare despite his uncertainty. Light erupted from the fan in his hand. His body was suddenly enlarged by a couple of times. Both of his hands held the fan and violently swung it in the air.

“Great Splitting Wind!”

The cry had just sounded when numerous dark black crack lines were immediately formed on the space in front of the large fan. These crack lines were just like invisible spatial poisonous snakes. They rushed out through the empty space with lightning like speed before finally headed towards Xiao Yan in the distance in a ruthless manner.

Xiao Yan was unconcerned with the attack by Yaohua Liangjun. His bone wings were flapped continuously. Numerous afterimages were suspended in the sky. That actual body of his was hidden under the afterimage, causing Yaohua Liangjun’s attack to be unable to find a target.


During the time that Xiao Yan was dodging, the four types of Heavenly Flames in front of Xiao Yan also rapidly merged together. With his current ability, there were only two ways for him to end this battle quickly. It was either the Annihilation Lotus Flame or the Great Heaven Creation Palm. From the perspective of the current Xiao Yan, who could easily control the Bone Chilling Flame, the former was undoubtedly an easier option. This was because he would no longer require a long time to brew before unleashing it like before…

The fire cluster continued to swell and shrink in Xiao Yan’s palm. Wave after wave of unusually wild and violent how energy also slowly spread, causing the energy of the entire world to become violent. Yaohua Liangjun, who had sensed this scene, finally changed his expression drastically. From the appearance of this manner of his, everyone knew that Xiao Yan was preparing a great killing weapon.

“Do you only know how to hide?”

Although he was aware that Xiao Yan was preparing a great killing weapon, Yaohua Liangjun was completely unable to compare with the former’s speed. Immediately, his face became usually green as he roared furiously.

However, Xiao Yan completely ignored his furious roar. He split his attention. On one hand, he was dodging Yaohua Liangjun’s attack. On the other, he was agglomerating the fire lotus and maintaining its equilibrium…

Quite a number of Elders from the Flower Sect faced each other as they looked at the endless chase in the sky. Although the strength of Yaohua Liangjun surpassed Xiao Yan, he was still fooled by the latter until his face turned ashen. With their eyesight, they were naturally able to tell that Xiao Yan was gathering an extremely frightening energy in his hand. Should this energy completely explode, it was likely that Yaohua Liangjun would end up in quite a miserable state even with his strength.

“He is indeed worthy of being Yao Chen’s disciple… by relying on a two star Dou Zun strength, he is actually able to cause a six star elite Dou Zun to be helpless…”

Yun Yun on the square also had a startled expression on her face as she watched the afterimages that repeatedly flashed and appeared in the sky as well as the furious roar of Yaohua Liangjun. It was difficult to imagine that the latter was actually unable to deal with Xiao Yan, given his strength…

“This fellow… has improved really quickly…”

Yun Yun softly muttered. Her expression was a little complicated. When she met Xiao Yan for the first time, the latter was merely a youth who had just advanced to the Dou Shi class. Yet, that small Dou Shi from back then currently already possessed the ability to fool an elite six star Dou Zun.

“Bastard. Yao Chen has really lose his face in having a disciple like you!”

The chase continued for nearly ten minutes. Yaohua Liangjun, who had gained nothing, had a face that was so gloomy that it was terrifying. A roar continued to resound across the sky. This manner of which he had lost himself caused quite a number of Flower Sect disciples to secretly extend their tongues. It was unexpected that this elegant and refined Yaohua Liangjun would actually be this terrifying when he was angry.


Xiao Yan, who had never stopped in the sky, suddenly halted. His eyes were indifferent as he watched the roaring Yaohua Liangjun. He smiled slightly and softly said, “Have you had enough chasing? If that is the case, it will be my turn…”

After uttering those words, the cluster of flame in Xiao Yan’s palm churned slowly. Immediately, a palm-sized exquisite fire lotus slowly surfaced from within the cluster of flame.

The moment the fire lotus appeared, the energy of this entire place emitted a buzzing sound and shook. Wave after wave of destructive aura spread out from within the fire lotus, causing the space around Xiao Yan to break amidst some cracking sound…

“What frightening energy!”

Upon sensing the terror of this energy, the expressions of those Elders from the Flower Sect changed. They hurriedly beckoned with their hands. Dou Qi spluttered out. Immediately, they joined hands and built an unusually strong Dou Qi barrier around the square.

The frightening amount of energy within the fire lotus was also sensed by Yaohua Liangjun. Immediately, his face became extremely ugly. Although he was also aware that Xiao Yan was preparing a great killing weapon, he did not expect that this great killing weapon would actually reach such a level… that kind of annihilation energy caused even him to be afraid.

“How is this possible? This brat only possess the strength of a two star Dou Zun. Even though he had used a Secret Technique, he is merely at the four star level. How is it possible that he can unleash an attack of this level?”

“Brat, you should not be so pleased this soon. This venerable self is not someone easy to deal with!”

Yaohua Liangjun clenched his teeth tightly. His expression was gloomy. A moment later, he inhaled a deep breath of air and halted his chasing figure. Seals were swiftly formed by his hand. Majestic Dou Qi surged out explosively from within his body. Immediately, it gathered into a thousand feet large giant. This giant was completely formed using Dou Qi. Vast and might Dou Qi flowed endlessly like an ocean.

“Profound Sky Technique, Qi World Transformation!”

Yaohua Liangjun’s face turned pale when the giant was formed. Clearly, this act had consumed quite a terrifying amount of Dou Qi. Although his expression was terrible, his gaze was unusually vicious as it stared at Xiao Yan. A somewhat hoarse dense cry was emitted from his throat.

“This venerable self shall just watch whether the fire lotus that you have created after fleeing around like a rabbit for half a day or this venerable self’s “Qi World Transformation” is superior!”

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