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Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286: Fortune

A beautiful figure was seated on a chair in a somewhat restrained manner within the hall. The lady was wearing a pale-green clothes. Her lovely body with alluring curves appeared extremely enchanting while being wrapped under her clothes. However, that pretty face appeared a little haggard when compared to the past. Those beautiful eyes of hers would repeatedly sweep outside of the hall when she picked up a teacup.


While she was sitting uneasily, the tightly shut door of the hall was slowly pushed opened. Immediately, a familiar young figure slowly walked in.

Nalan Yanran’s pretty eyes watched the young man, who had pushed open the door and entered. A complicated emotion flashed across her eyes. She had naturally heard about the matters regarding Xiao Yan in the Central Plains during these years. No one could expect that the latter would actually be able to do extremely well for himself within this Central Plains that was filled with many experts after they separated at the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool back then.

Although her heart possessed some unknown bitterness, Nalan Yanran quickly suppressed it. The current her was also no longer that sentimental girl from back then. She was clearly aware of just how big of a gap she had with Xiao Yan now. All the various arrogance of hers in the past was completely useless in front of this man.

“Are you well? You had already left when I came out from the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool back then…” Xiao Yan walked into the hall. He looked at the haggard face before sighing in his heart and softly asked.

“Aye, I had something to do back then. Therefore, I was unable to stay.”

Nalan Yanran nodded. For some unknown reason, her heart actually felt a little anxious when she spoke with Xiao Yan. This kind of anxious likely originated from their current status and strength. The matter of a Ban Sheng appearing in the Falling Star Pavilion had already spread wildly in the Central Plains. Although an expert of this level was extremely distant to Nalan Yanran, she still understood the meaning of this level.

Even if one did not mention that the Ban Sheng was Xiao Yan’s teacher, just Xiao Yan’s current strength alone was sufficient for he, who had relied on the strength from the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool to luckily breakthrough to the Dou Zong class, to look up to.

“I think that something has happened for you to come to the Falling Star Pavilion to look for me this time around, no?” Xiao Yan’s heart had some kind of unknown feeling when he saw Nalan Yanran’s somewhat uneasy manner. This lady in front of him should originally… be the woman who would accompany him for his entire life. However, they had ended up nearly becoming strangers.

Nalan Yanran’s hand was tightened when she heard this. She hesitated for a moment before speaking, “I… I wish to ask you to help teacher.”

“As expected…”

Xiao Yan’s heart also beat slightly when he heard these words. His gaze was focused as he softly said, “Speak clearly…”

That woman, who was once the most noble person in the Jia Ma Empire and was the first to have a fascinating ambiguous relationship with him, ultimately possessed quite a great amount of weight in Xiao Yan’s heart. Back then, he was enemies with the Misty Cloud Sect. Being the chief of the Misty Cloud Sect, she was caught between the two of them. That pain from having to choose was something that only she was clearly aware of. After which, Xiao Yan had returned and destroyed the sect, which had groomed her. Originally, she ought to hate Xiao Yan. In the end, however, she chose to go far away and leave the empire that gave her bitter memories.

Following his current maturity, Xiao Yan, wh

o had lost the vigor from back then, had also gradually understand some of the pain she had felt. There was a vague heartache and apology in his heart. She had never appeared during these years. Although Xiao Yan understood that she, who was in the Central Plains, had definitely heard some rumours about him, she had never come to find him…

This seemingly strong woman, who had a weak heart, appeared to be only able to use this method to escape from the pain that was hidden deep within her heart.

“I have acted on my own and come… originally, teacher does not allow me to come and look for you.” Nalan Yanran laughed bitterly.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He was not surprised about this. Given Yun Yun’s character, even if she really ended up meeting any trouble that she could not settle, it was likely that she would not come and look for him. This woman was stubborn to the point it gave one a heartache.

“I should have told you the last time. Soon after teacher and I have arrived at the Central Plains, we ended up joining the Flower Sect…” Nalan Yanran slowly explained. “This sect is a little unique. It only accepts females. Moreover, it does not possess a strong aggression like the other factions. If one was to describe it, it was just hermit sect.”

Xiao Yan greatly agreed with this point. Compared with the Profound Sky Sect, which was one of the two sects, the Flower Sect did indeed keep a much lower profile.

“We have joined this sect only because teacher like the atmosphere there. Therefore, she took a guest Elder position. Teacher and I stayed there for a prolonged period… originally, if no accident occurred, someone like teacher and I would not stir much ripple within the Flower Sect. After all, with our strength, we can only be considered average within the Flower Sect.”

A bitter smile also surfaced on Nalan Yanran’s face when she spoke until this point. She continued, “This situation had likely started on the second year after teacher and I joined the Flower Sect. At that time, teacher and I found a mountain within the territory of the Flower Sect to stay. Normally, no one came to visit us. Originally, the both of us also thought that the two of us were the only ones on the mountain. However, who could expect that teacher would find a cave when she was randomly roaming around. There was an old woman with crippled legs within the cave.”

Some fluctuations also rose within Xiao Yan’s eyes when he heard this.

“The temperament of this old woman was tricky and strange. She directly use her hand to strike teacher and sent her flying after discovering her. Teacher had suffered some injuries because of this. However, she was not only not angry but had even delivered food to that old woman everyday… this delivery lasted for two years. After two years, that old woman was finally willing to leave the cave. She stayed together with us for a year.”

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly and shook his head when he heard this. Delivering food for two years. To think that Yun Yun had actually managed to think about it. Just how kind must a person be in order to do this…”

“After that old woman had lived with us for one year, her temper became much better. At that time, we were finally aware that she calls herself Granny Hua. However, we were uncertain of just what she does. Moreover, we did not discover that she was an expert…” Nalan Yanran sighed. “However, this old granny did not seem to be able to live for long. She had reached the end of her life after having lived with us for a year. However, when she was about to reach her limit, she used a strange technique without explaining anything to seal all of her Dou Qi within teacher’s body. Moreover, she even gave teacher a jade tablet and asked her to become the chief of the Flower Sect…”

Nalan Yanran raised her head to look at Xiao Yan, who had opened his mouth, when she spoke until this point. She laughed bitterly, “Do you find it bizarre? We also felt that it was incredulous at that time. Teacher had personally examined this Granny Hua when rescuing her. There was not the least bit of Dou Qi within the latter’s body. However, from the performance of Granny Hua on her last day, she was obviously an extremely powerful person, whose strength is at the peak of the Dou Zun class.”

Xiao Yan’s mouth moved. By randomly finding a place to stay, one actually ended up with such a lucky encounter. What was called fortune? This was fortune. Compared to this, Xiao Yan, who had trained bitterly, could just find a rock and knock himself to death.

“Teacher was quite helpless in the face of this kind of sudden situation. However, she was not interested in being the whatever chief of the Flower Sect. Therefore, after having buried Granny Hua, she continued to stay at that place. Who could have expected that the acting chief of the Flower Sect would actually suddenly appear half a year ago and ask teacher to hand over the chief’s jade tablet. Teacher did not wish to be meddlesome. Therefore, she handed the jade tablet over after some thought. In the end, that woman had come looking for us soon after obtaining the jade tablet. This time around, she wants the Dou Qi of Granny Hua that was sealed within teacher’s body.” A fury surfaced on Nalan Yanran’s face when she spoke until this point. Clearly, she was extremely furious towards this woman who wanted a foot when given an inch.

“What strength does this chief of the Flower Sect has?” Xiao Yan asked.

“She is only the acting chief. However, she also possess the strength of a four star Dou Zun. However, the one who is troublesome to deal with is not her. Instead, it is her male companion… Yaohua Liangjun. This person possess the strength of a six star Dou Zun.” Nalan Yanran helplessly said.

“A six star Dou Zun huh…” Xiao Yan’s finger gently tapped on the table. The Flower Sect was indeed worthy of being one of the two sects. A six star Dou Zun could be considered quite great even in the entire Central Plains.

“Yun Yun has obtained the inheritance of that Granny Hua but she is no match for the two?” Xiao Yan spoke with some surprise.

“How can teacher refine that enormous amount of Dou Qi within a short period of time?” Nalan Yanran laughed bitterly and said. :Currently, that seal has already merged into teacher’s body. If one takes it out, it will definitely take teacher’s life. That evil woman clearly intends to take teacher’s life.”

“Fortunately, it seemed that Granny Hua has arranged something when she was still alive. Hence, quite a number of Elders are standing on teacher’s side. Hence, that woman don’t dare to forcefully snatch it. However, she had already issued a bet and wish to have a match with teacher…”

“It should originally be considered fair if it it is a match. However, the Flower Sect possess a kind of strange rule. The rule is that a man and woman can fight an opponent together. In order words, that woman can fight together with Yaohua Liangjun…” Nalan Yanran laughed bitterly.

“Fight together?” Xiao Yan knitted his brows slightly when she heard this. A four star Dou Zun and a six star Dou Zun. This was really bullying.

“Teacher has already agreed to this match. I think that she had become irritated from being constantly pestered…”

“Does she not have a brain?” Xiao Yan involuntarily cried out furiously. Was this not delivering oneself to die?

Nalan Yanran sighed softly. Her pretty eyes looked at the young man in front, whose face contained a trace of anger. She said, “Therefore, I can only secretly come and look for you. If you do not intervene, teacher will likely end up dying this time… therefore, please help teacher, alright?”

Xiao Yan slowly sighed when he heard Nalan Yanran’s weak voice that was pleading. He asked in a deep voice, “How long more is there until the match?”

“Half a month…”

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