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Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285: Meeting Old Acquaintance

Yao Lao looked towards the spot where ninth and eighth Tianzuns had disappeared. A moment later, Yao Lao finally withdrew his eyes. He glanced at the distant experts but did not pay much attention to them. He turned around and landed beside Xiao Yan. His brows were involuntarily knitted slightly when he saw the mess within the star realm. Although he had stopped the attempt of the Hall of Soul to destroy the faction, the Falling Star Pavilion had also lost some disciples to death.

“If it is not because I have just advanced to a Ban Sheng and my foundation is unstable, I would have buried those two with everyone who had died.” Yao Lao sighed. His tone had some murderous intent surging within it.

“Teacher need not be concerned about it. If it is not because of your intervention today, it is likely that the Falling Star Pavilion will really suffer from a great calamity today.” Xiao Yan smilingly said.

“Ugh, it is all thanks to you. Otherwise, forget about Ban Sheng, even recovering to my peak strength would be extremely difficult.” Yao Lao smilingly said. His smile was quite a happy one.

“Old fellow, congratulations…”

During the time that Yao Lao was chatting with Xiao Yan, Feng zun-zhe had also led the others to swiftly rush over. He cupped his hands towards Yao Lao from a great distance away and said.

Yao Lao smilingly shook his head. He spoke softly, “Give instructions to take care of the mess. It is likely that the Hall of Soul will not dare to easily come and attack again.”

Feng zun-zhe nodded. With an elite Ban Sheng present, it was likely that the Hall of Soul would also understand that it was pointless for an ordinary expert to come. When it came to a Ban Sheng class expert, it was likely that even the Hall of Soul could not simply dispatch them as it desired.

“Quite a number of spies from various factions has come today. Perhaps it would not be long before news that you have reached the Ban Sheng class spreads throughout the Central Plains. This is not a bad opportunity. With you around along with your reputation as the top alchemist in the continent, it is likely that some of the old demons with some friendship with us will not reject our invitation.” Feng zun-zhe voiced his thoughts.

Yao Lao nodded slightly. The foundation of the Falling Star Pavilion was too shallow. Even amongst the four pavilions, it could be considered to have been founded for the least amount of time. Although he had currently advanced to a Ban Sheng, there were not many experts in the pavilion who could hold their own. One must not lack such characters if one wished to strengthen a faction.

Fortunately, Yao Lao was currently not only a Ban Sheng but also held the title of the top alchemist in the Central Plains. This was an incomparably glittering golden nameplate. As long as word was spread, it was likely that quite a number of genuine experts would take the initiative to come. At that time, the Falling Star Pavilion could truly be considered to be strengthened.

After the withdrawal of the Hall of Soul, the Falling Star Pavilion, which had experienced an intense big battle gradually became peaceful during the subsequent days. During this peacefulness, the Central Plains had turned into a great uproar because the Falling Star Pavilion had produced a Ban Sheng. Everyone understood what an elite Ban Sheng represented. This kind of expert was something that even the Pill Tower did not posses son the surface…

On just this point alone, it was sufficient to greatly brace the reputation of the Falling Star Pavilion… this was especially the case when everyone knew that this elite Ban Sheng was also the top alchemist on the continent. This kind of reputation was magnified limitlessly!

Hence, the Falling Star Pavi

lion had suddenly become lively after three days of peace. The leaders of various factions and some experts from the older generations flocked over. Countless number of people came to visit everyday. This scene was a completely different one from how their doors were empty in the past.

Amidst this liveliness, some experts, who once had some relationship with Yao Lao and Feng zun-zhe also finally accepted the invitation to become a guest Elder of the Falling Star Pavilion. Although this name was a little empty, they were indeed pulled onto the same boat as the Falling Star Pavilion.


While the entire Falling Star Pavilion was busy and lively, Xiao Yan did not participate much in the activities. He had never liked this kind of interaction. Hence, after the day the Hall of Soul retreated, he had chosen to undertake a retreat in the stone tower at the back mountain to train.

Although with Xiao Yan’s age, he was already considered to be the outstanding amongst the outstanding people of his generation by being in possession of such a strength, it was insufficient to satisfy him. With his increased interaction with the Hall of Soul, he also began to increasingly sense just how terrifying this faction was. A two star Dou Zun strength did not provide him with the qualification to fight with them.

Although the Falling Star Pavilion was becoming stronger under Yao Lao’s management in order to become Xiao Yan’s firm support, Xiao Yan also understood that there were some matters that he still had to rely on himself. Hence, he did not dare to be lazy when it came to training.


Xiao Yan, who was seated on a stone platform at the top of the stone tower slowly exhaled a breath of air. His shut eyes were also slowly opened. A smile surfaced on his face when he sensed the surging Dou Qi that filled his body.

“Have you awakened…”

The smile had just appeared when a warm laughter sounded from the side. Xiao Yan turned his eyes, only to see Yao Lao standing at the stone window of the stone tower with his hands behind him. His face was full of smiles.

“Teacher, why have you come?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this. He hurriedly stood up and greeted him.

“Old Feng is better than me when it comes to those matters. Like you, I do not really like such things. However, after suffering the loss from last time, I must establish a sufficiently strong faction this time around, regardless of how I dislike it…” Yao Lao smilingly said.

Xiao Yan smiled. He appeared to have recalled something and his finger rubbed the dark black ring. After which, he took it off and tossed it towards Yao Lao. He said, “Teacher, since you have already revived, it is time that this thing returns to its owner.”

Yao Lao was startled when he saw the dark black ring that drifted in front of him. A yearning emotion was revealed in his eyes. His finger rubbed the ring. A moment later, he said, “All the things that teacher has learnt in my life have been completely left behind in this ring. The current you has likely already learnt most of it. From a certain point of view, you have already reached the qualification to leave teacher.”

“Keeping these things will indeed no longer be of much use to you…” Yao Lao wore the black ring on his finger. Immediately, he changed the topic and laughed, “However, there is somthing that is of great use to you…”

Yao Lao’s finger gently pressed the dark black ring after his words sounded. A cluster of dense white flame slowly curled and rose. Finally it was suspended in front of Yao Lao. It was surprisingly the Bone Chilling Flame.


Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this.

“You practice the Flame Mantra. The Heavenly Flames are even more important to you. Now that I have advanced to a Ban Sheng, this Bone Chilling Flame is no longer of much use to me.” Yao Lao’s gentle eyes looked towards Xiao Yan as he said.

“Teacher should stop fooling me. Now, I am no longer that ignorant youth from back then. It is impossible for me to take this Bone Chilling Flame.” Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head. A Heavenly Flame is definitely a powerful weapon for an alchemist. Even though Yao Lao had become a Ban Sheng, possessing the Bone Chilling Flame would be like adding wings to a tiger. The so called ‘no longer of much use’ was complete nonsense.

Yao Lao helplessly shook his head when he heard this. His heart said that this young fellow was no longer that greenhorn from back then. However, this did not cause him to abandon his decision. Immediately, he ignored Xiao Yan and gently placed his finger on the cluster of Bone Chilling Flame. The latter immediately trembled intensely. A moment later, the shaking ceased. A paleness surfaced on Yao Lao’s face.

“Little fellow, I have already removed the spiritual imprint in the Bone Chilling Flame. However, this Bone Chilling Flame had been refined by me for many years. Even though the spiritual imprint had been removed, it will still possess quite a great resistance to you. Therefore, you will not be able to use the Flame Mantra to refine and swallow it for a short period of time. Otherwise, it is likely that you will incur its backlash.” Yao Lao’s hand gently rubbed the Bone Chilling Flame. After which, he smiled slightly. He flicked his finger and the latter gently drifted towards Xiao Yan before being suspended in front of him.

“You should plant your spiritual imprint into it now and properly keep it within your bod. When it no longer possess any resistance towards you, you can merge with it.

Xiao Yan’s eyes turned a little red as he looked at the cluster of dense white flame in front of him. This Bone Chilling Flame should be something that had accompanied Yao Lao for a long time. Yet, he had personally removed the spiritual imprint at this moment.

“With your current strength, you will perhaps not see an overly terrifying leap in strength even if you swallow it. A Heavenly Flame of the Bone Chilling Flame ranking might be a little inadequate for you…” Yao Lao was somewhat regretful. Immediately, he urged, :Alright, quickly plant your spiritual imprint.”

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. Now that things was like this, he was not allowed to reject any longer. All he could do was to shut his eyes. His finger touched the dense white flame and a trace of spiritual imprint moved along his finger before slowly entering it.

With the invasion of the spiritual imprint, the Bone Chilling Flame initially emitted some resistance from within it. However, it was currently without an owner. Hence, after a brief resistance, the resistance began to scatter. Xiao Yan’s spiritual imprint was also successfully planted into it.

The Bone Chilling Flame shook when the spiritual imprint was successfully planted. It swiftly turned into a fire glow that entered the pale white fire seal between Xiao Yan’s brows.

Xiao Yan immediately felt a warm feeling being emitted from his brows when the Bone Chilling Flame entered his body. If he carefully sensed it, he would discover that the Bone Chilling Flame merely lingered between his brows. It did not show any signs of entering his veins and gather together with the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame. Clearly, its resistance was the cause.

Xiao Yan was indifferent to this. Such a resistance would disappear sooner or later. It was only a matter of time.

“That’s right, have you gathered all the ancient maps for the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame?”

Xiao Yan was depressed when this was mentioned. He shook his head and said, “Ever since I obtained that piece from the Black Corner Region, I have not gained anything else…”

“The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame is too mysterious. Even I have never seen it. If it is possible to obtain a Heavenly Flame of this rank, the help it could provide you was far from what the Bone Chilling Flame could compare with. I will do my best to help you inquire about it during this period of time…” Yao Lao voiced his thoughts.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly.

“Oh, that’s right… there is an aquaintance who have come to the Falling Star Pavilion to look for you. Do you wish to meet her?”

Yao Lao suddenly seemed to have recalled something. His expression was suddenly a little strange as he said.

“Who?” Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this appearance.

“Nalan Yanran.”

Hearing this name, Xiao Yan frowned slightly. Given Nalan Yanran’s character, she would likely not come looking for him for no reason unless…

“Something has happened to Yun Yun?”

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