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Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265: Collecting the Bones

After keeping the three ribs into his Storage Ring, Xiao Yan did his best to suppress his rapidly beating heart beat. He raised his eyes, only to see old ghost Zhai Xing, Huang Xuan and Bing He zun-zhe rushing over with churning killing intent.

“Xiao Yan, hand over the Dou Sheng skeleton!”

Old ghost Zhai Xing roared furiously. His body suddenly quickened and his large hand grabbed violently towards Xiao Yan across the space. The space around the latter’s body immediately collapsed, forming a concave spatial prison.

“Since you want it, I’ll give it to you.”

The purple-brown flame around Xiao Yan’s body surged out. It directly shook aside the collapsed space. His toes pressed on the empty air as his body swiftly withdrew. At the same time, the Dou Sheng skeleton, which he was grabbing in his hand, was directly tossed towards old ghost Zhai Xing in front of many startled eyes.

Old ghost Zhai Xing was startled when he saw that Xiao Yan had actually really handed the Dou Sheng skeleton over. However, he did not hesitate much. He grabbed with his hand and once again held the Dou Sheng skeleton in his hand.

“Old ghost, swallowing all the food alone is not good behaviour!”

Two cold cries suddenly resounded beside old ghost Zhai Xing’s ears when his hand grabbed the Dou Sheng skeleton. Immediately, two large hands were extended over from behind with lightning like speed and grabbed on the bone. After which, they pulled with a sudden force.


Under the pulling force from such a terrifying strength, the Dou Sheng skeleton immediately emitted a crack sound. Its entire body trembled slightly.

“This is something that my Hall of Soul needs. The both of you actually dares to intervene?” Old ghost Zhai Xing’s face was green. His single arm firmly grabbed onto the skeleton. Dou Qi was circulated in a crazy manner within his body as he transferred waves after waves of powerful strength into his hand. His mouth also let out a furious cry at the same time.

“Humph, other people might be afraid of your Hall of Soul but my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe isn’t!” Huang Xuan merely laughed coldly in the face of the threatening words of old ghost Zhai Xing. The strength on his arm was increased instead of reduced. Even the space itself, where his hand was grabbing at, formed some tiny dark black crack lines.

Bing He zun-zhe’s eyes flickered. His expression was dark and cold and he similarly ignored old ghost Zhai Xing. The Hall of Soul was indeed large but a person died for wealth and a bird died because of food. What did it matter if they had to offend this faction in order to obtain this Dou Sheng skeleton? Should he really obtain this thing and glimpse the secret to advance to a Dou Sheng, even the Hall of Soul would not dare to do anything to him.

“Creak creak…”

The three of them stood in the midair. Their hands were firmly grabbed onto the skeleton. Green veins bulged on their arms, appearing just like earthworm as the pulsed repeatedly. With them pulling this forcefully, some of the joints of the skeleton had also gradually become loose.

“Hee hee, since everyone refuses to let go, the old me shall come and lend all of you a hand!”

Tang Zhen’s figure had also flashed and appeared when all three of them refused to let go. His large hand grabbed on one side of the skeleton and he let out a loud cry. A frightening force also suddenly erupted from his hand.


Four experts, with the strength of four or five star Dou Zuns, used all of their strength at the same time. This Dou Sheng skeleton was finally unable to endure any longer. It emitted a ‘bang’ in front of many stunned gazes. The f

our people flew backwards and the jade white skeleton directly scattered apart. It turned into many bone fragments that scattered down from the sky.

“Damn you!”

Old ghost Zhai Xing’s face became green when he saw the skeleton being destroyed. He lowered his head and saw the skull in his hand. The corner of his mouth twitched. His mission this time around was to bring the complete Dou Sheng skeleton back. However, all he had obtained was a skull and an arm…

“Dou Sheng skeleton. Quick, snatch!”

The many Dou Sheng bones scattered down from the sky. Finally, they were thrown onto the square. Those experts, who had originally gave up hope, revealed a wild joy on their faces when they saw this situation. Numerous figures suddenly shot upwards and wildly grabbed at those bones.

Xiao Yan was also stunned when he saw this scene. He had only pulled off three weak ribs. It was unexpected that these fellows were even more vicious. They had actually pulled the skeleton until it turn into fragments.

“However, from the looks of old ghost Zhai Xing’s appearance, it seems that he is unaware that the Dou Sheng skeleton has a Tian class Dou Technique hidden on it. Otherwise, he would not simply just leave it be.” Xiao Yan glanced at old ghost Zhai Xing, who had a green face as he held a skull and an arm, while this thought appeared in his heart.

“That chief of the Hall of Soul might not have told him of the Tian class Dou Technique secret when assigning this mission to him…” Xiao Yan blinked his eyes and involuntarily laughed within his heart. This Tian class Dou Technique was hidden extremely secretively. If it was not because he was lucky to suddenly see it, it was likely that he would have difficulty imagining that it was hidden on three ribs on the body of the skeleton.

“However, these Dou Sheng bones are also quite usefully. Since I am unable to obtain a complete one, I should at least obtain a piece of it.”

Xiao Yan had already personally experienced the hardness of these bones. He had merely broke three weakest ribs yet he had to rely on the frighteningly hot temperature of the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame and used all of his effort. Even though this was the case, he could only break it. He had no means to shatter this thing.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the midair and swiftly locked onto a relatively larger bone. From its appearance it should be a right arm of the skeleton. This thing was harder than the other parts. Hence, it did not suffer much damage. However, Xiao Yan was not the only one targeting this bone at this moment. There were also a couple of experts whose target was also extremely clear as they rushed towards that arm.


Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed when he saw this. His toes pressed on the empty air and silver glow flickered under his feet. Within an instant, he had taken the lead to appear beside the bone in a ghost like fashion. He grabbed with his hand and gripped it in his hands.


Xiao Yan’s sudden intervention also caused the experts, who were rushing over to this arm, to experience a change in expression. They forcefully stabilized their bodies in the midair and their faces were a little gloomy. However, when they thought about Xiao Yan’s strength and Little Fairy Doctor’s group a short distance away, these people could only unwillingly grit their teeth and quickly turned around, rushing towards those other fallen bone fragments.

Xiao Yan glanced at these people, who had quit after being aware of the difficulty. He grabbed the arm in his hand and gently weighed it. The arm was not very heavy. It was actually quite light. Only upon close inspection did Xiao Yan discover that these skeleton seemed to have some naturally formed unusual lines. There was even a fluorescence light vaguely being emitted from it, causing it to appear exceptionally mysterious.

Xiao Yan looked at the bone arm. He mused for a moment before flicking his finger. A wisp of purple brown flame surfaced on the tip of his finger. After which, he lowered the bone arm. Due to the bone being originally jade white in colour and the reflection of the fire light on it, its interior appeared to be transparent. It was possible to vaguely see a little liquid like thing quietly flowing within the bone arm.

“This is… Dou Sheng essence?”

Xiao Yan’s arm immediately trembled when he saw this extremely faint liquid. Perhaps… the mission of that old ghost Zhai Xing this time around was this thing.

“The interior of all these bones should have…”

Xiao Yan suddenly turned around after sensing this. He looked at the bone fragments that scattered over the square. He suddenly waved his sleeve and a suction force surged out. Quite a number of bone fragments flew towards him.

This action of Xiao Yan naturally attracted the displeasure of quite a number of experts. However, Little Fairy Doctor’s group moved when they looked at Xiao Yan with furious gazes. They appeared in the midair and wrapped Xiao Yan around them. The appearance of this kind of powerful lineup immediately caused those fellows to dismiss the thoughts within their hearts.

Xiao Yan looked at these bone fragments that were suspended in front of him. Upon careful

observation, he discovered that not all of these bones possessed the kind of Dou Sheng essence within them. After a selection, however, Xiao Yan still found four bone fragments that possessed some traces of liquid. After which, he carefully stored them into his Storage Ring. He might be able to use these things in the future. Anything left behind by an elite Dou Sheng was a rare treasure.

Xiao Yan tossed away those bone fragments that did not contain the essence of a Dou Sheng aside. His eyes swept over the midair, only to discover that old ghost Zhai Xing was gathering the bone fragments from all over the place with a gloomy expression. Some of the fellows, who had luckily obtain a bone fragment, had also become his target. He snatched the bones forcefully. His heart was filled with fury and he had also killed the couple of unlucky fellows in passing. Seeing the viciousness of this old fellow, those experts on the square, who were collecting the bone fragments, also hurriedly withdrew from shock.

Even after old ghost Zhai Xing had chased a couple of pieces down, he was still not satisfied with his gain. Immediately, his dark and dense eyes were rotated as he looked towards Xiao Yan in the midair.

Xiao Yan lifted his eyebrows when he saw old ghost Zhai Xing’s dense eyes looking over. His face did not contain even the slightest fear as he laughed coldly, “Why? Have you not snatched enough?”

“Hand over the bones in your hands!” Old ghost Zhai Xing cried out in a dark and cold voice.

“You should come and try.” Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He flicked his finger. Three clusters of Heavenly Flames slowly appeared in front of him. The colour of the three flames shone onto the eyes of old ghost Zhai Xing, causing the latter’s face to become volatile.

The corner of old ghost Zhai Xing’s mouth twitched. His fury almost overcome his reasoning. However, he eventually controlled himself. The current Xiao Yan was already an elite Dou Zun. Adding his companions, who also possessed quite a great strength, it was likely that he would not gain much of a benefit if he attacked. Moreover… even until now, his heart still possessed a horror towards the might of the frightening fire lotus of Xiao Yan. If he was not because he had summoned the Black White Tianzuns over at the last moment, it was likely that he would have really lost his life in Xiao Yan’s hand after being caught off guard.

“Old ghost Zhai Xing, I propose a collaboration. Do you want it?” While old ghost Zhai Xing was considering his chances of victory in his heart, a cold smile surfaced on Huang Xuan’s face a short distance away as he laughed out loud.

Xiao Yan’s expression immediately sunk a little when he heard this old demon opened his mouth. Were these fellows from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe finally unable to control themselves?

“What collaboration?” Old ghost Zhai Xing asked faintly.

“We will join hands and capture this brat. The Dou Sheng skeleton will be yours. I only wish to take one thing from them…” Huang Xuan laughed in a dark and cold manner. The Dragon Pheonix Origin Fruit was far too important for the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. No matter what tactic they used, they must definitely obtain it today!

Old ghost Zhai Xing narrowed his eyes upon hearing this. A moment later, his eyes were filled with ridicule and viciousness as he looked towards Xiao Yan in the midair. He immediately nodded gently.

“Alright, agreed!”

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