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Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266: Intervention of Various Parties

The dark and cold smile on Huang Xuan’s face became even denser when he saw old ghost Zhai Xing nodding his head. He slowly raised his head, looked at Xiao Yan’s group in the sky and spoke faintly, “Hand over the thing and you might still be able to survive.”

At this moment, Huang Xuan possessed a great confidence within his heart. Old ghost Zhai Xing was a genuine five star Dou Zun. The latter’s strength was even a little stronger when compared to him. Now that the strong and the strong has joined hands to attack Xiao Yan, their lineup had already far surpassed Xiao Yan’s group.

Xiao Yan glanced at old ghost Zhai Xing, who had a face filled with ridicule. He involuntarily laughed coldly and said, “Old ghost, looks like having lost one arm is insufficient to you…”

“Relax, this time around, I will hacked off all your limbs!” Old ghost Zhai Xing’s face involuntarily revealed a savage expression as he spoke sinisterly after Xiao Yan mentioned his broken arm.

“In that case, it will depend on whether you have this ability!” Little Fairy Doctor roared coldly.

Huang Xuan laughed coldly. He waved his hand. The many experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the Wind Lightning Pavilion slowly stepped forward. Vast and mighty Dou Qi spread out, causing the atmosphere of this place to swiftly become tense.

Xiao Yan was without expression. He waved his sleeve and eleven puppets appeared. These puppets might not have any aura but each of them had a dangerous feeling permeating over them. No one would dare to easily underestimate them.

“Hmph, are you planning to rely on your large numbers?”

Qin Lin also laughed coldly. A green glow flashed within her emerald green eyes. The space in front of her slowly became distorted. Ten figures appeared from nowhere in front of the many stunned gazes. The auras that were being emitted from within the bodies of those two leading black clothed elders also stirred many shocked gazes. Everyone could tell that these two were also genuine Dou Zuns.

“She Ya, Huo Yan? Since when did your Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe get together with this brat?”

Huang Xuan’s eyes swept over the faces of those two black clothed elders. Their expressions suddenly changed as he exclaimed.

“Elder, that’s not right. These two Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe Elders are rumoured to have been missing for some time…” Feng Qing Er’s pretty eyes flashed as she suddenly frowned and said.

“Missing?” Huang Xuan was startled. Immediately, he appeared to have recalled something. His eyes suddenly turned towards Qin Ling. He spoke with some disbelief, “So you are the mysterious murder that has turned the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe upside down?”

Qin Ling glanced at him but did not reply.

“Ha ha, good. Xiao Yan, it is unexpected that you are actually in cahoots with such a person. Given the character of those fellows from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe, they will not let you off so easily!” Huang Xuan laughed out loud and said in the face of this silent admission by Qin Ling.

Xiao Yan was unmoved by these words of Huang Xuan. Since he had recognised Qin Ling, he already understood that he will definitely have some grudge with the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. However, there was nothing worthwhile for him to regret. The Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe might be powerful but they could not be compared with Qin Ling in terms of importance within Xiao Yan’s heart. He liked to help those close to him as oppose to the side of justice. This was because justice would not help him at a truly critical moment. Instead, his companions and relatives wo

uld risk their lives for him.

“You can just act if you wish to snatch something. Why are you just chipping away?” Xiong Zhan curled his mouth impatiently. He let out a furious curse that turned Huang Xuan’s expression gloomy the moment he curled his mouth.

“Old ghost Zhai Xing, that brat’s puppets are able to reach the strength of a five star Dou Zun after being strengthened by a formation. Leave these puppets for me to deal with. Our side will have experts to block the others. That Xiao Yan will be left to you. What do you say?” Huang Xuan’s gaze turned towards old ghost Zhai Xing and said.

The corner of old ghost Zhai Xing’s eyes twitched when he heard this. Although Xiao Yan was merely a one star Dou Zun amongst this group, old ghost Zhai Xing clearly understood that this brat was the most difficult to deal with. That frightening fire lotus attack still caused his heart to feel some lingering fear even until today.

Although there was some hesitation in his heart, this current situation did not allow old ghost Zhai Xing to reject the suggestion. That fire lotus was indeed frightening. However, it required time to be unleashed. As long as he pestered Xiao Yan, the latter would not have the time to unleash it. The Xiao Yan without that kind of fire lotus was not worth mentioning in old ghost Zhai Xing’s eyes. After musing for a moment, he finally nodded.

“Elder, leave that brat for me to deal with.” That white haired man suddenly spoke at this moment. Xiao Yan had been in the limelight ever since he entered the large hall. This had caused the white haired man to feel quite displeased. At this moment, he even end up seeing that an expert like old ghost Zhai Xing have to act personally to deal with Xiao Yan. This caused him to feel as though he had been surpassed by the other party.

“You are no match for him.” Old ghost Zhai Xing glanced at the white haired man, shook his head and said. Although he was happy to let other people take over his place but this white haired man clearly did not possess the qualification to do so.

The expression of the white haired man changed immediately when he heard this. Due to old ghost Zhai Xing’s strength, however, he could only forcefully swallow the displeasure within his heart. Before he could say anything, he saw Huang Xuan wave his hand. All he could do was to clench his teeth and step back.

After ascertaining their opponents, Huang Xuan’s eyes turned towards Xiao Yan’s group. A densely cold expression flashed across his eyes. He had already sent news back to the tribe ever since they had left the ancient forest. He believed that with the allure of the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit, the tribe will definitely dispatch quite a number of reinforcements. When the reinforcements were to arrive at that time, Xiao Yan’s group would definitely have difficulty escaping. That Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit would also belong to his Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe when that time comes!

“Old ghost Zhai Xing, attack!”

Huang Xuan cried out coldly. His foot suddenly stomped on the ground and his body slowly rose into the sky. At the same time, the experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe and the Wind Lightning Pavilion also swiftly followed.

Xiao Yan’s face was icy cold. He was aware that if he wished to successfully bring the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit and the Tian class Dou Skill away today, he could not avoid a truly miserable battle.

“Ugh, everyone, we cannot force our will on everything. It is possible to try to get something that does not belong to you. Why must you meet in a fight?” While many experts were approaching Xiao Yan’s group, Tang Zhen in the distance also sighed. His body moved and he appeared beside Xiao Yan. He looked at old ghost Zhai Xing and said.

“Valley chief Tang, what do you mean by this?” Huang Zuan and old ghost Zhai Xing coldly cried out with sunken expressions when they saw this action of Tang Zhen.

“Our Burning Flame Valley owes a favor to young friend Xiao Yan. The old me naturally cannot just watch idly by the side.” Tang Zhen was also a little helpless. He wanted to befriend Xiao Yan. In that case, he must not just shrink by the side at this moment. Otherwise, the good relationship between the two would completely disappear.

“Tang Zhen, you should think more for the Burning Flame Valley!” Old ghost Zhai Xing cried out furiously. He saw that this side of his had occupied the upper hand. How could he not be furious if the Burning Flame Valley was to intervene. Moreover, he was extremely clear of Tang Zhen’s strength. Even he did not have the confidence to defeat the latter. Should Tang Zhen intervene, the situation would definitely be reversed.

“Old ghost Zhai Xing, there is no need for you to threaten the old me. You have not even been born when my Burning Flame Valley held sway over the Central Plains!” Tang Zhen had a cold face in the face of old ghost Zhai Xing’s threat as he spoke in a deep voice.

The faces of old ghost Zhai Xing and Huang Xuan changed when they heard this. They did not expect that the relationship between Tang Zhen and Xiao Yan would reach such an extend.

“Valley chief Tang, you cannot put in this way. It is not good for you to participate in the matters of others… coincidentally, my Ice River Valley opposes the Burning Flame Valley over the generations. Today, allow this venerable self to try and see just how strong your Burning Flame Valley’s Nine Dragon Lightning Flame is.”

During the time that old ghost Zhai Xing and Huang Xuan were quietly feeling furious in their hearts, Bing He zun-zhe, who had been watching the show, smiled faintly. He also had some grudge with Xiao Yan. Back then, quite a number of Ice River Valley’s Elders had died in the latter’s hand. Even when he personally showed himself, he had ended up with an ashen face because of the Gu clan intervening. Given his character, he would naturally not put aside such a grudge so easily. Currently, it was the best opportunity for him.

“Bing He, are you also intending to intervene?” Tang Zhen’s face sunk slightly as he slowly demanded.

Bing He zun-zhe smiled. His strength was indeed a little weaker when compared to Tang Zhen. However, it was not impossible to hold back the latter. At that time, once old ghost Zhai Xing and the rest finished off Xiao Yan, it was likely that this Tang Zhen could only leave in a dejected manner. Moreover, as long as Xiao Yan was dead, he would be able to relieve his terrible anger.

Due to him not being clear about the relationship between Xiao Yan and the Gu clan, Bing He zun-zhe did not wish to personally attack and kill Xiao Yan. Otherwise, he might end up attracting some unnecessary trouble. However, the Hall of Soul and the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribes were all renown large factions on the Central Plains. Their foundations were quite solid. Although the Gu clan was powerful, it was impossible to cause them to feel any fear.

At this moment, there were still quite a number of experts remaining on the square. They looked at this face off that had suddenly implicated many large factions. All of them involuntarily felt momentarily speechless. All of those people in the sky were not ordinary individuals. If they really end up fighting, things would be quite interesting and lively…

“Ha ha, we will definitely return the favour of Bing He zun-zhe lending us a hand in the future.”

The suddenly help also caused old ghost Zhai Xing and Huang Xuan to rejoice. They cupped their hands together towards Bing He zun-zhe. Their gazes once again turned towards Xiao Yan’s group. With a wave of his hand, he cried out sharply, “Attack!”


The sharp cry had just sounded when old ghost Zhai Xing and Huang Xuan took the lead in the offence. They rushed towards Xiao Yan’s group with lightning like speed, appearing just like large eagles pouncing on their preys. Vast and mighty Dou Qi shook the air until it trembled.

“Xiao Yan, you can answer this vengence for the broken arm now!”

Old ghost Zhai Xing had a ferocious expression. A roar that was filled with killing intent resounded over this entire place like a furious thunder!

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air as he watched the crowd that came flooding over like wolves and tigers. His eyes were shut slightly as the seal formed by his hands changed swiftly. Purple brown colour flame whistled out like a fire dragon around his body. An instant later, he suddenly opened his eyes. A flame erupted from within his dark black eyes.


Dou Qi immediately erupted from the bodies of Little Fairy Doctor’s group when they heard this dense cold cry. Vast and mighty Dou Qi pressure spread over the entire place.

A truely terrible battle had finally erupted abruptly at this moment.

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