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Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263: Great Heaven Fortune Palm

Xiao Yan’s eyes focused on the jade white rib cage. His mind had churned violently because of that shocking thought.

“Those ten scrolls are all used to confuse people. The true treasure is actually on this skeleton. No wonder that old ghost Zhai Xing insist on attacking. It is because… he is aware that the treasure is hidden on this skeleton.” A thought hurriedly lingered on Xiao Yan’s heart at this moment. He finally understood why old ghost Zhai Xing would actually go all out and fight with this Dou Sheng skeleton despite his cautious character.

“Hee, what a cunning old ghost.”

Xiao Yan laughed coldly within his heart. The flickering glow in his eyes was swiftly withdrawn. The purple-brown flame on his hand hovered over it once again. His palm was subsequently thrown out in a lightning like fashion. Each palm violently landed on the rib cage of the Dou Sheng skeleton. Under the frighteningly high temperature, the scarlet colour that was present on the bones also swiftly disappeared. By sweeping his gaze over it for a moment, Xiao Yan discovered that not every bone had the kind of mysterious characters. It appeared that only a couple of ribs near the abdomen had this kind of character.

“There are three ribs that possess this kind of characters…”

An excitement that was difficult to discover danced within Xiao Yan’s eyes. He was certain that the characters on these three ribs were definitely the real Tian class Dou Technique!

Xiao Yan did not dare to stay still for long after gaining an understanding of the situation. He was afraid that others might see though it. Immediately, silver glow flashed under his feet as he narrowly dodged the blade like sharp fingers of the skeleton.

“Everyone, put in more effort. This skeleton is about to be unable to endure any longer.” Old ghost Zhai Xing looked at the increasingly faint scarlet colour on the skeleton’s body. A great joy involuntarily flashed across his face as he cried out loud.

The others acted as though they did not hear anything in the face of his words. This skeleton was extremely troublesome to deal with. Its ability to resist attacks could only be described as perverse. This seemingly weak skeleton was able to endure against so many attacks from the combination of the five of them without showing any signs of cracking. If it was not because of the increasingly faint scarlet colour that indicated that their attacks still had some effect, it was likely that even they would lose their confidence.

“Bang bang bang!”

The vast and mighty Dou Qi was just like a falling star as it tore through the sky and heavily exploded on the body of the Dou Sheng skeleton. A frightening strength shook the unusually hard and firm large hall until numerous arm thick crack lines were formed.

Under the wild and fierce attacks by Xiao Yan’s five men group, the scarlet colour on the Dou Sheng’s skeleton became increasingly faint. The red glow in its eyes was leaping in an increasingly intense manner. At this moment, his body had also suddenly stiffened.

Old ghost Zhai Xing and the others were startled when they saw that the Dou Sheng skeleton had suddenly ceased moving. Immediately, they grabbed this opportunity. A storm like attack continuously poured downwards. Xiao Yan’s heart also became a little uneasy when he was unleashing his attack. An elite Dou Sheng was far too powerful. Even a trace of remanent spiritual imprint would likely not be finished off in such an easy manner…

“Quick, leave the hall!”

Xiao Yan suddenly turned his head and transmitted a voice in the direction where Little Fairy Doctor’s group was at. The latter, who received this transmission, were startled. Before they could inquire

anything, the entire group had already swiftly pulled back.


Frightening attacks blasted apart on the surface of this Dou Sheng skeleton’s body like fireworks. It paused for a moment before suddenly lifting its head. A somewhat vague low and deep hoarse voice appeared to be quietly emitted from the ancient times…

“Great… Heaven… Creation… Palm!”

A hoarse and ancient halting sound was transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ear. It caused all the hair on his skin to suddenly stand up. A kind of extremely dangerous feeling spread apart from deep within the soul. Being driven by the horror of facing death, Xiao Yan had basically turned around almost instantly. Silver light flashed under his feet as he went all out to rush towards the distance.

“It is using a Dou Technique, withdraw quickly!”

While Xiao Yan had turned around and fled, Tang Zhen and the rest had also discovered something unusual. A shocked expression surged up their faces almost instantly. After which, they could not be bothered about anything as they hurriedly turned around and fled like mice.


The face of old ghost Zhai Xing turned green when he saw Tang Zhen and the rest fleeing almost instantly. He cursed furiously. While he cursed, however, his fleeing speed was also not the least bit slow. He had already fled over a hundred metres with a flash.

Xiao Yan’s group, which had suddenly fled in a miserable manner, also stirred the attention of everyone in the large hall. Although they were unaware of what happened, they understood that it was definitely something really bad. Immediately, they claw and rolled as they hurriedly pulled back. In an instant, the entire large hall had once again become extremely chaotic.

During the time when the large hall was in a chaos, the scarlet colour of the Dou Sheng skeleton’s body appeared to have become alive. It completely gathered on the skeleton’s hand. In an instant, it had already dyed the right hand until it appeared to have been immersed in blood for countless number of years. It was so dark and deep that it caused one to feel a chill within one’s heart.


When the final trace of blood gathered onto the right palm, a soybean size black dot suddenly appeared at the palm of the Dou Sheng skeleton. This black spot was really of an extreme pure black. If one was to glance at it, even one’s soul would appear to be swallowed into it. It was extremely strange.

The Dou Sheng skeleton suddenly raised its hand when the black coloured small dot appeared. After which, it smashed heavily on the incomparably hard ground of the hall.

The stone floor did not emit any sound when the bone palm landed. The moment it made contact, the incomparably hard stone floor instantly disappeared, revealing the deep brown colour rock under it.


The ground disappeared. A black light circle suddenly surface from the stone floor. After which… it suddenly spread!

Chi chi chi!

The black light scattered. Countless number of people immediately became extremely shocked. Regardless of whether it was the stone floor, the stone pillar or any other thing, any place where the black circle reached would disappear. It had truly disappeared. Not even a little of it remained…

This kind of feeling was just like a black hole, appearing mysterious and frightening.

“Quick, run!”

The frightening scene caused everyone to feel their skin become numb. This was especially the case when they saw that the black light circle was still continuing to spread. Their hearts had all become tensed as their bodies hurriedly withdrew.


They ran quickly but the spreading of the black light was even quicker. The thing that was even more shocking was that the interior of the light circle had erupted into an extremely frightening suction force. Some of the experts that were caught off-guard had directly been forcefully pulled until they flew out. They disappeared when they touched the black light circle and did not even leave any dregs behind…

The sharp miserable cry sounded one after another within the large hall. In an instant, numerous human figures began to struggle wildly within the midair. However, they were unable to resist that suction force. Finally, they were absorbed into the black light circle and annihilated…

Xiao Yan’s heart became numb when he heard the continuously miserable scream appearing. This kind of Dou Technique was definitely of the Tian class!


Xiao Yan’s figure, which was rushing explosively, suddenly paused. His expression also suddenly changed. The suction force from behind was becoming increasingly frightening. It was already sufficient to affect his speed.

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth tightly. His speed had been unleashed to its limit at this moment. Purple-brown flame lingered over his body. There were some repeated miserable screams continuously appearing in front of him as human figures flew out in an uncontrollable manner. The miserable screams from imminent death caused the hearts of everyone who head them to feel a chill.

The black light circle was just like a death god after one’s life. It swiftly spread from the large hall. The entire large hall was also completely annihilated at this moment…

“The suction force is becoming increasingly strong. We must escape. Otherwise, we will definitely be sucked into it.”

Xiao Yan suddenly clenched his teeth as he sensed the increasingly strong suction force from behind. He actually forcefully turned his body around.

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

“Open Mountain Seal! Sea Flipping Seal…”

Numerous unusually fierce attacks rushed out from Xiao Yan’s hand. After which, it shot out violently. With the help of this thrust, Xiao Yan’s figure also rushed backwards swiftly. However, these attacks that had shot out automatically disappeared when it spread to the black coloured light circle. The latter’s spreading rate was not even halted for an instant.

“Three Thousand Lightning Illusory Body!”

Xiao Yan’s hand seal changed once again. A spiritual avatar directly appeared in front of him. After which, he violently swung his feet onto the shoulders of this avatar. Under the push force, Xiao yan’s body immediately emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as he finally shot out of this large hall and heavily landed on the square outside. That avatar crushed onto the black light circle under the opposite push force and was quickly destroyed.


After Xiao Yan escaped and rose upwards, the black robed old man a short distance behind him also suddenly let out a sharp cry. His entire body shook as he transformed into a ten feet large Heaven Demon Phoenix. Both of his wings were flapped and he finally escaped from that frightening suction force. After which, he rushed out in an extremely miserable manner and collided violently on the corridor outside.

Tang Zhen, Bing He zun-zhe, old ghost Zhai Xing and the rest also stake their own lives and raised their speed to their limits when Huang Xuan began to go all out. Finally, they charged out of the large hall at the last moment and miserably landed on a square.


Everyone outside of the large hall were extremely frightened as they looked at the strange black light circle that spread within the hall. Fortunately, the latter had gradually halted when it had reached the edge of the square. Finally, it slowly disappeared in front of the gazes from the numerous survivors.

After the black light circle disappeared, a thousand feet large big deep hole appeared in front of everyone’s gazes. At this moment, the spacious main hall… did not even have the least bit of dross remaining.


Xiao Yan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. He had really sensed death earlier. It was likely that even if old ghost Zhai Xing and the others were to meet with the black light circle earlier, they would also definitely end up dying!

Xiao Yan inhaled a couple of deep breath. He suppressed the great storm within his heart as his eyes paused on the midair within the large hall. A jade white skeleton was standing in the midair. The red glow within its eyes had completely disappeared at this moment. Clearly, the remanent spiritual imprint left behind by that elite Dou Sheng had also completely disappeared at this moment.

“Tian class Dou Technique…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the jade white skeleton. A shocking heat suddenly erupted from his eyes.

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