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Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262: Join Hands

The skeleton thin body stood within the large hall. Its originally jade white body had already turned scarlet. At a glance, it gave one a kind of extremely strong bloody feeling. Two clusters of faint red glow flickered slightly within the skeleton’s eyes.

Two scrolls were dancing in the midair above the head of the Dou Sheng skeleton. Some unknown lucky fellow had obtained one scroll during the chaos earlier. Hence, there were currently these two scrolls remaining that were without an owner. Of course, at this moment, there were hardly anyone who dared to snatch the meat from a tiger’s mouth in the face of the deterrence by the Dou Sheng skeleton.

The expressions of everyone in the hall once again changed slightly when that hoarse and old voice slowly sounded. From the looks of it, they would not be able to smoothly leave if they did not defeat this Dou Sheng skeleton.

“Everyone, there is no need to panic. The interior of this Dou Sheng skeleton only possess a remanent spiritual imprint left by that expert when he was alive. It is not a genuine Dou Sheng. It is not impossible to defeat it. However, the precondition is that we must join hands. Otherwise, if it defeats us individually, there is a chance that all of us will perish.”Old ghost Zhai Xing spoke in a deep voice.

“Old mister Zhai Xing is right. However, since this skeleton was awaken by you, please be the first to attack.” Xiao Yan smiled slightly and said.

“Yes, this should indeed be the case. You must take a large part of the responsibility for this manner. If you wish for all of us to join hands in dealing with it, you must be the first to fight.” Tang Zhen also nodded and agreed. Some other experts mused for a moment before nodding in agreement. They were already quite displeased with old ghost Zhai Xing’s reckless action. Being able to take this small revenge could relief their anger.

The shrivelled face of old ghost Zhai Xing involuntarily twitched upon seeing this. His eyes were vicious as they stared at Xiao Yan. This soft blade of the latter had directly pushed him to the most dangerous place. Moreover, from the looks of it, he was unable to pull back. All he could do was to harden his skin and step forward.

“Everyone… is being reasonable. In that case, the old me shall be the first to attack. However, I will remind everyone that the fewer experts there are present, the more dangerous our situation will me. Regardless of whether we have any grudge in the past, we are all currently on the same boat. No one will have any good ending if this boat capsizes.” Old ghost Zhai Xing could only harden his skin in the face of the many gazes and spoke in a righteous manner.

“Old mister Zhai Xing, please be reassured that we will not just watch you die in the hands of this Dou Sheng’s skeleton.” Xiao Yan smilingly said. Those words that he had uttered, however, caused a green colour to appear on old ghost Zhai Xing’s face.

“Alright, let’s not talk any nonsense. You should be quick if you wish to attack. This Dou Sheng skeleton seemed to be absorbing the strength within the blood fog to replenish itself.” That black robed elder from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe suddenly had a sunken expression as he coldly cried out.

Everyone were startled when they heard these words of his. Their gazes looked over and did indeed see that the blood red colour on the body of the Dou Sheng skeleton becoming increasingly dark. The surrounding black fog was also swiftly flowing into his body.

“Old mister Zhai Xing, it is time to attack!”

Xiao Yan cried out in a deep voice.

“The corner of old ghost Zhai Xing’s eyes twitched. He endured the impulse he had to kill Xiao Yan with a slap as he clenched his teeth and said, &

ldquo;The old me knows this. There is no need for you to say anything more!”

Old ghost Zhai Xing understood that there was no time for him to continue delaying after his voice sounded. His body moved and it transformed into a blurry black figure that rushed towards the blood skeleton that was at the middle of the hall. Vast and mighty Dou Qi surged out from the body of old ghost Zhai Xing like a volcano in all directions. This aura caused the blood fog that permeated within the large hall to become a little thinner.

The morale of quite a number of people were braced when they saw this mighty aura of old ghost Zhai Xing.


The blood glint within the eyes of the skeleton looked towards the black figure that rushed over while being accompanied by vast and mighty Dou Qi. It moved its jaws up and down a little before taking a step forward. A dark red skeleton hand directly grabbed towards old ghost Zhai Xing.


The speed of the skeleton was extremely frightening. He had just lifted his hand when the space in front of him was directly torn apart. His hand penetrated through the shattered space. It had already appeared in front of old ghost Zhai Xing when it next appeared.

The frightening speed of this blood coloured skeleton also caused the heart of old ghost Zhai Xing to sink. His hand was tightened into a fist and the Dou Qi within his body gathered on his right arm before it was suddenly thrown outward!


A fist violently smashed on the palm of the skeleton. However, the seemingly weak skeleton was currently even harder than steel. This punch of old ghost Zhai Xing, which contained all of his strength, merely forced back this Dou Sheng skeleton by a step. On the other hand, he was forced back by over a dozen steps, appearing a little miserable.

However, this old ghost Zhai Xing was also a vicious character. His mission this time around wa to bring this Dou Sheng skeleton back. Therefore, he did not dare to be lazy. After stabilizing his body, he moved once again. His body shot outwards and once again became entangled with the Dou Sheng skeleton. A big battle erupted.

Xiao Yan and the rest watched the big battle. They were involuntarily a little speechless. This Dou Sheng skeleton was indeed very powerful. Even an expert like old ghost Zhai Xing was being suppressed until he continued to be defeated despite using his full strength.

“This is merely just a remanent spiritual imprint. Just how frightening will it be if it is a completely elite Dou Sheng?”

This thought flashed across the hearts of quite a number of people at this moment. Clearly, the fighting strength of this skeleton had caused them to be a little shocked.


While everyone were exclaiming, a couple of rushing wind sound was suddenly emitted from the large hall that was covered by a blood fog. A couple of figures charged out from the blood fog with lightning like speed. After which, they fiercely attacked old ghost Zhai Xing. Everyone glanced over and found that they were actually the human puppets that had yet to be completely finished off earlier.

After the intense big battle earlier, those human puppets had killed quite a number of experts. However, there were a couple of them that had been shattered into dust by the combined attacks of many experts. However, there were still six of them that remained. The expression of old ghost Zhai Xing changed immediately when these six appeared together. He was already at a disadvantage. If these human puppets were to join the matter, he would end up dying in this place within less than ten exchanges.

“Bastard, why are all of you still watching the show? Quickly attack!”

Old ghost Zhai Xing roared furiously. His body rushed backwards after he stomped on the ground with his foot.

“Valley chief Tang Zhen, valley chief Bing He and this young friend Xiao Yan. The four of us will attack together and aid old ghost Zhai Xing in finishing of this Dou Sheng Skeleton, what do you say?” That black robed old man from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe was aware that they can no longer simply watch the show after hearing the furious cry of old ghost Zhai Xing. Immediately, his eyes turned towards Tang Zhen and Bing He. Their strength had reached the level of a five star and four star Dou Zuns respectively. However, the thing that surprised everyone was that he had actually called Xiao Yan, who was merely a one star Dou Zun, when he opened his mouth.

Xiao Yan moved his finger. He glanced at the black robed old man. This old fellow was clearly worried that he would end up having an overly easy time and possess a great amount of remaining strength. This was disadvantageous to them. Therefore, he wanted to pull Xiao Yan into the most dangerous battleground.

“Yes.” Tang Zhen and Bing He zun zhe nodded while Xiao Yan was in deep thought. Seeing this, Xiao Yan could only nod his head. He looked around him and said, “These six human puppets will be left to all of you experts.”

“Mister Xiao Yan, please be rest assured that these puppets will not disturb all of you.”

There were still quite a number of experts present. Although their legs would tremble when facing a Dou Sheng skeleton, they could still deal with these six puppets by relying on their large numbers.

“Be careful.” Little Fairy Doctor whispered.

“Yes, all of you should also pay more attention. If the situation is not right, you should all leave first. There is no need to bother about me. I will be fine.” Xiao Yan nodded. His eyes exchanged looks with Tang Zhen and the others before the four of them rushed out at the same time. They became like large birds that hurried into the large hall. After which, they and old ghost Zhai Xing, encircled around the Dou Sheng skeleton.

Xiao Yan’s group had just began to attack when the other experts within the large hall also got into action. Numerous figures once again rushed into the large hall. Powerful Dou Qi surged and lured away those six puppets. After which, the large number of people surged forward like locust. In an instant, an intense battle erupted within the large hall.

Old ghost Zhai Xing sighed in relief when he saw Feng Xuan, Tang Zhen and the others coming to aid him. He spoke in a deep voice, “Everyone, let’s attack together. Be careful of this fellow’s swift speed!”

The few people nodded slightly when they heard old ghost Zhai Xing’s reminder. Most of them were extremely experienced old individuals. Even though Xiao Yan appeared young, none of those old demons present dared to underestimate this young man, who had caused most of them to suffer some loss.

“Let’s attack together!”

The black robed old man, Huang Xian, who Elder from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, cried out.

His voice had just sounded when his arm trembled. A pair of wings were extended. His speed also suddenly increased at this moment. With a flash of his body, he became the first to appear above the head of the Dou Sheng skeleton. He waved his large sleeve and a sharp palm wind covered the latter.

After Huang Xuan attacked, Tang Zhen, Bing He zun-zhe, old ghost Zhai Xing and Xiao Yan also rushed over one after another. Dou Qi erupted from within their bodies. Their vast and mighty Dou Qi was just like a monstrous wave that covered the Dou Sheng skeleton. Incomparably sharp wind violently struck onto that skeleton and waves after waves of sparks erupted.

The Dou Sheng skeleton appeared to be in a flurry in the face of the attack from Xiao Yan’s group. Currently, it was no longer that supreme Dou Sheng. With the strength of Xiao Yan’s group, it was not difficult for them to destroy him.

“Clang clang clang.”

The limbs of Xiao Yan’s group violently landed on the Dou Sheng skeleton as sparks flew. Each time they struck heavily on it, it would result in the blood colour on the skeleton to pale a little. The blood glow within the skeleton’s eyes also gradually became weak.

The hearts of Xiao Yan’s group were surprised when they saw that the attack had quite a good effect. They increased their attacking speed. At the same time, the eyes of old ghost Zhai Xing also flickered.


A silver glow flashed under Xiao Yan’s feet as he directly rushed into the area within half a foot from the Dou Sheng skeleton. Purple-brown flame lingered over his hand as it suddenly slammed violently on the rib cage of the skeleton. While bringing about some eye-piercing sparks, it also completely scattered the blood colour on the rib cage.

Xiao Yan withdrew after having succeeded in his first attack. His eyes suddenly paused on the bones that had turned jade white in colour. He could vaguely see some unusual words on it.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over this kind of strange words. He was initially startled before a glint flashed across his eyes. A disbelief immediately surged up his heart.

“These words… could they be the Tian class Dou Technique?”

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