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Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230: Time Flies

The arrival of Yao Lao’s group had undoubtedly caused the Falling Star Pavilion to become unusually lively. The disciples within the Falling Star Pavilion and even some Elders were extremely curious about this pavilion chief that only existed in legend. The Falling Star Pavilion was basically developed by Feng zun-zhe alone during these years. Even though this was the case, Feng zun-zhe had also been leaving the spot of the pavilion chief empty. He did not have any intention of sitting on it. This was because he ultimately believed that Yao Lao would sooner or later return to the Falling Star Pavilion. This position was something that he had reserved for Yao Lao.

This day had also ultimately arrived like he had anticipated. Hence, after settling the matter of Xiao Yan, he had gathered all the disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion the next day and announce the matter of returning the pavilion chief position.

This kind of matter was undoubtedly extremely shocking to the Falling Star Pavilion. In the past, the Falling Star Pavilion had been treating Feng zun-zhe as the leader. Currently, their true leader was going to change. The disciples below were naturally not very used to it. Fortunately, this unaccustomed manner did not last for very long before it was broken by another excitement.

Even these fledgling younger generation did not feel unfamiliar with the name Yao zun-zhe. Some of the older Elders were even filled with wild joy within their hearts. They were extremely experienced and were clearly aware just what kind of position and reputation Yao Lao from back then had in the Central Plains. If one was to really discuss about his reputation and status, it was likely that even the three great heads from the Pill Tower would be slightly inferior. With such a person being the pavilion chief, why would the Falling Star be worried of not being strong?

Yao Lao could only smile bitterly in the face of such a situation. However, he did not reject anything this time around. After having experienced the matters that had happened during these years, he also understood that unless one’s strength was so great to the point that no one was able to resist one, there would ultimately be quite a big gap between a person and a faction.. Back then, he was at a disadvantage in being too free and unfettered. Hence, he ended up being viciously attacked by the Hall of Soul after the latter found an opportunity.

Since he possessed the chance to do everything again, he would naturally be unwilling to see this matter repeating itself. Additionally, Xiao Yan would definitely come to a true face-off with the Hall of Soul if he wish to rescue his father. At that time, Xiao Yan would require some faction supporting him from behind…

This time around, Xiao Yan had risked death to rescue him. This had caused Yao Lao to place all of his thoughts on this disciple. Currently, he could be considered to be making some prior plans for Xiao Yan.

Feng zun-zhe sighed in relief within his heart when he saw that Yao Lao did not find any excuse to reject the post this time around. He had always thought that the Falling Star Pavilion belonged to Yao Lao in his heart. During these years, he was merely helping the latter manage it. Now that Yao Lao had returned, he would naturally need to return it back.

The relationship between him and Yao Lao could be considered to be friends who had undergone life and death together. Feng zun-zhe was able to search around bitterly for so many years because of Yao Lao. What did a mere pavilion chief position matter? Moreover, he was also extremely clear about Yao Lao’s character. He did not specialize in management. At that time, he would still be the one to have a headache over these matters…

After settling Xiao Yan down, Feng zun-zhe and Yao Lao decided to shut the mountain door first because they

were afraid of the revenge by the Hall of Soul that could interrupt Xiao Yan’s recuperation. With the protection of the Great Falling Star Formation, it was likely that the Hall of Soul would not be able to extend its limbs over. Everything would be discussed after Xiao Yan wakes up.

No one objected to the matter of shutting the mountain entrance. Although this realm could not be compared with the Pill Realm, its size was also quite large. There would not be much of a problem staying here for years. Moreover, the energy in this place was dense. The effect of one’s training would be many times better than the outside world.

Little Fairy Doctor’s group naturally chose to remain behind with the mountain entrance shut. Xiao Yan had yet to awaken. How could she leave first?

There was similarly no objections to Little Fairy Doctor’s group remaining behind. The strength of these people could be considered top level even in the Central Plains. If they could remain in the Falling Star Pavilion, they would undoubtedly greatly strengthen the defence of this place.

After the mountain entrance was shut, time also began to quietly flow by amidst this beautiful greenery. Two months passed within the blink of an eye.

Everything was extremely quiet during these two mouths. The expected Hall of Soul revenge did not occur. During this period of time, Feng zun-zhe had also dispatched people to investigate. The Central Plains was still as lively as before. However, there was no news of any big activity from the Hall of Soul. Not even a little news of the branch hall being destroyed was released. Clearly, the Hall of Soul has locked the news.

Yao Lao and Feng zun-zhe were surprised at this situation. Given the character of the Hall of Soul, it was impossible for them to endure for so long without taking action. It seemed that there should be something restraining the limbs of the Hall of Soul, causing them to only be able to temporarily place this matter aside.

However, the Hall of Soul not seeking any trouble also allowed Yao Lao and Feng zun-zhe to sigh in relief. The current Falling Star Pavilion was no match for the Hall of Soul. If they were to begin a war now, the Falling Star Pavilion would end up suffering a serious blow. It would also not be impossible for the Falling Star Pavilion to be unable to recover from it.

The Hall of Soul had given them an opportunity to recuperate. Naturally, Yao Lao and the rest did not waste the time. After having recovered some life force, he began to continuously find some of the methods to cause the strength of the Falling Star Pavilion to be strengthened…

Time flowed by. Within the blink of an eye, another month had passed. Xiao Yan, who was within the stone tower, still did not show any trace of awakening. However, the originally pale and bloodless face of Xiao Yan had currently gradually become sleek red. His breathing also became normal. He was no longer like a person that was about to die like in the past.

All of these indicated that the injuries within Xiao Yan’s body was currently gradually recovering. His awakening was only a matter of time…

During this one month, Little Fairy Doctor’s group also took a position of Elders within the Falling Star Pavilion after Feng zun-zhe invited them with great effort. Although they were only Guest Elders, they were at the very least being pulled to the side of the Falling Star Pavilion.

Little Fairy Doctor was non-committal towards Feng zun-zhe attempt to draw her ove. Yao Lao was Xiao Yan’s teacher. Currently, the former was also the chief of the Falling Star Pavilion. In the future, Xiao Yan might also end up being the pavilion chief of this Falling Star Pavilion. In that case, it did not matter for her to become a nominal Elder.

Tian Huo zun-zhe also agreed to Feng zun-zhe’s invitation after hesitating for a period of time. In any case, there was currently nowhere for him to go. It was also good for him to find a place to settle down. Zi Yan was playful in nature. Her agreement with Feng zun-zhe was completely base on her whim. Moreover, with her joining, that Xiong Zhan could only nod his head with her coercing him.

Feng zun-zhe and the Elders of the Falling Star Pavilion smiled happily in the face of this powerful group joining them. Three Dou Zun class experts joining them together. This weight was quite a great one. Just this alone would likely cause the Falling Star Pavilion to leap and truly become the top of the four pavilions.

However, all of them forgotten that should Yao Lao completely recover his peak strength in the future, just his ability to gather people alone would likely cause the Falling Star Pavilion to become quite a strong faction within the entire Central Plains. There was no need to even discuss about the four pavilions.

Time flowed like water. Spring passed and autumn arrived. A greenish-yellow colour was added onto the lush green mountain forest…

Half a year’s time flowed by without one realizing it. However, Xiao Yan had still yet to wake. Although everyone could sense that the condition within his body was becoming increasingly good, he still did not show any signs of awakening. Even Yao Lao felt somewhat helpless in the face of this scene. The only one who could be relied on regarding this matter was Xiao Yan himself.

During this period of time, the back mountain had been labelled as the forbidden ground of the Falling Star Pavilion. Other than Feng zun-zhe’s group, even the Falling Star Pavilion’s Elders were forbidden from entering. This situation naturally attracted the curiosity of all the Falling Star Pavilion disciples. However, after much inquiry, they were only aware that there was a young man called Xiao Yan in the stone tower, who recuperating while undertaking a retreat.

Dou Qi continent north-western region, Jia Ma Empire, Jia Ma Sacred City.

Any citizen of the Jia Ma Empire were aware that the true ruler of this empire was no longer the Jia Ma Imperial Family. Instead, it was an alliance. This alliance was called the Yan Alliance.

Yan, the Yan from Xiao Yan.

Every person within the Jia Ma Empire were aware the the founder of this absolute overlord within the current Jia Ma Empire was a person called Xiao Yan. He had personally ended a Misty Cloud Sect era within the Jia Ma Empire and began another Yan Alliance era!

In the hearts of all the younger generation within the Jia Ma Empire, this name represented a kind of honor and hard work. This was because everyone were clearly aware that the person who had created this miracle was called a trash back then.

There was a grand and towering large hall in the middle of the Jia Ma Sacred City. The large hall was extremely tall. Its top overlooked the entire city. This place was currently the place with the greatest authority within the Jia Ma Empire.

At this moment, the top of this heavily guarded large hall was a lady wearing a brilliant robe. She stood with her hands behind her. The figure of this lady was extremely bewitching. Even with the somewhat loose robe, it was still difficult to hide her demon like curves that would cause one to be attracted. A faint moonlight scattered down from the sky, shining on her beautiful face that would cause one to involuntarily cease breathing.

The first impression that this beautiful appearance gave one was a kind of demonic like bewitching feeling. Her red lips were curled slightly. This arc enchanted everyone. However, there was a kind of pressure from a person of great authority between those narrow brows. An enchanting and majestic feeling coexisted. This caused that charm of hers to instantly reach the peak.

At this moment, this lady, who possessed an bewitching appearance that could enchant everyone was frowning slightly. She raised her head and looked at the bright moon. A skinny figure lingered continuously in her eyes.

“It has likely been five to six years… Xiao Yan, you have promised this Queen that you will return. If you eat your words, I will tear your corpse into tens of thousands of pieces even if you die.”

The bewitching lady clenched her hand slightly. A complicated expression flashed over those pretty eyes that were filled with allure.


An unusually tender voice that carried the tone of a baby suddenly sounded from behind this alluring lady while she was softly muttering to herself.

The icy cold expression on the face of this bewitching lady immediately disappeared upon hearing this voice. A kind of beautiful smile that even Xiao Yan had never seen before surfaced. After which, she swiftly turned around and looked in the direction that the voice had arrived from.

The place where the voice originated from was a flight of stone stairs. At this moment, there was a two year old or so child on her bare little legs. The thing that caused one to feel surprise was that this little child was suspended half an inch from the ground without borrowing any support.

Standing in empty air. This was something that only an elite Dou Zong could achieve!

That jade carving like face of the little girl made her appear like an exquisite porcelain doll. It caused only to like her so much to the point of being unable to let her go. A pair of dark black intelligent eyes appeared exceptionally sly under the moonlight.

When the lady looked over, the clothes of the little child wiggled and a seven coloured small snake came out from under her clothes. After which, it laid on the white tender small arm of the child. It hissed and extended its snake’s tongue. From this appearance of it… it was surprisingly exactly the same as the Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python from back then!

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