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Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231: Advancement, Dou Zun!

A black stone tower stood on the top of a mountain in a lonely manner. Wild grass grew on surroundings of the stone tower. These grass represented the change of time…

The top of the stone tower was still that same scene that had not changed for a millennium. A young man sat on the stone platform with his eyes tightly shut. A kind of purple-brown flame lingered around his body. The flame burned fiercely and it actually vaguely emitted a kind of great lifeforce.

Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes were startled as she looked at the young man in the flame from the side of the stone platform. It was a long while later before she sighed in a quiet manner.

“It has been a year… have you not awoken…”

Little Fairy Doctor softly muttered to herself. An entire year had passed ever since Xiao Yan was shifted over to this place back then. The Falling Star Pavilion had suddenly strengthened rapidly during this one year. However, Xiao Yan, whom Little Fairy Doctor was most concerned about did not wake from his unconscious recuperating state.

Initially, Yao Lao and the rest merely thought that it was because Xiao Yan’s injuries was too serious. However, this kind of thinking was finally abandoned after Xiao Yan remained unconscious for over half a year. This was because they could sense that the injuries within Xiao Yan’s body had currently completely recovered. The situation within his body was even better than his previous peak. Even Yao Lao was unable to understand why Xiao Yan continued to remain unconscious despite having been fully healed.

Although their hearts were anxious in the face of such a situation, they were unable to do anything about it. Fortunately, none of them were reckless people. Hence, no one had the impulse of forcefully pulling Xiao Yan from his unconscious state.

One year quietly flew by like the sand between one’s fingers while everyone waited helplessly…


Little Fairy Doctor looked at the human figure, who had appeared to have turned into a stone, within the stone tower. An expression of grief flashed across her eyes. She gently shook her head and softly said, “Even if it is for Xun Er and the child in Cai Lin’s womb, you must not continue to sleep like this.”

These words did not obtain any immediate effect. Little Fairy Doctor could only sigh in disappointment. She was just about to turn around when her lovely body suddenly stiffened. At that instant earlier, she had clearly saw Xiao Yan’s finger shook a little. This kind of shaking might be extremely slight but Little Fairy Doctor would definitely not be mistaken, given her eyesight!

Quite a number of Falling Star Pavilion’s disciples were current gathered at a training ground near the back mountain for their daily training. A green figure was standing with her hands behind her back at the middle. Her face was somewhat stern and beautiful. The current Mu Qing Luan had some awe to her when compared to the past.

Mu Qing Luan’s pretty eyes took one look around. She only nodded slightly when she saw that no one was not putting in effort. Immediately, her eyes turned towards the back mountain. She was clearly able to see the black stone tower there.

Mu Qing Luan was a little absentminded as her eyes looked at the stone tower. One year ago, Xiao Yan had exchanged blows with a five star Dou Zun and had broken an arm of the other party. This battle result still caused her to feel some shock even when she recalled about it now. However, the price of such a shocking battle result was also quite great. It had even reached a height that an ordinary person was unable to accept.

“The back mountain had already been shut for a year. Big senior, do you know when it will open again?” Mu Qing Luan rec

overed when she heard the soft voice that appeared behind her. She turned her head around and took a look. It was actually a couple of young disciples who possessed quite a great reputation within the Falling Star Pavilion. She smiled immediately, shook her head and replied, “It is likely that even teacher is unaware of this matter.”

“I heard that a senior called Xiao Yan is training in the stone tower. It is rumoured that he is the direct disciple of the pavilion chief…” A female disciple asked in a somewhat curious soft voice.

“However, this training period is a little too long. It has been a year but we have never hear even the slightest activity within the stone tower. Could it be…” A person spoke hesitatingly.

“Alright, let’s not discuss about such matters.” Mu Qing Luan knitted her brows slightly and said.

Everyone hurriedly ceased their discussions after seeing Mu Qing Luan frowning. It appeared that the latter possessed quite a high prestige and authority within this Falling Star Pavilion.

“Recently, quite a number of Elders has left because of some matters. All of you should not take this opportunity to be lazy. If you fail to pass the year-end test, you will suffer for it…” Mu Qing Luan reprimanded.

“Hee hee, big senior sister, you can be rest assured… additionally, I recently heard that there seems to be some ancient remains appearing in the Ten Thousand Great Mountains at the southern regions borders of the Central Plains. Could it be that the Elders has left because of this matter?” A young man, who appeared quite intelligent, curiously inquired.

“Aye, it is a little related. This ancient remains is not an ordinary one. Those factions with some ability in the Central Plains intend to encroach onto it. However, the Ten Thousand Great Mountains is within the Beast Region. That is the territory of the Magical Beast tribes. Those old shrewd fellows will definitely be unhappy to share this ancient remains with others. Therefore, quite a number of battles will occur when the time comes.” Mu Qing Luan spoke without hiding anything since they were all core disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion.

“Ancient remains… hee hee, it is rumoured that a Tian class Dou Skill has even surfaced. Whoever could obtain it, tsk tsk…”

“Tian class? I have never seen a Dou Skill of this level in all my life.”

“Don’t daydream. Such a treasure will be a hot potato in the hands of anyone. If one does not possess some ability, one will not only be unable to keep the treasure but will end up attracting trouble.” Mu Qing Luan rolled her eyes and said.

Everyone laughed when they heard these words of Mu Qing Luan. After chatting idly for awhile, all of them were preparing to sit down and train when the entire mountain suddenly trembled. The footsteps of quite a number of people staggered a little and they nearly fell.

“Why? What had happened?”

This sudden trembling immediately stirred quite a great commotion. All the Falling Star Pavilion’s disciples, who were training, hurriedly got up. In an instant, the great chaos and private conversations continued to spread.

Mu Qing Luan was also shocked for a moment because of this unexpected change. She immediately cried in a deep voice, All of you be quiet. There is the pavilion chief and the various Elders guarding this place. What can happen?”

The chaos finally gradually calmed down after hearing Mu Qing Luan’s cry. Everyone faced each other and felt that those words were logical. Currently, the Falling Star Pavilion had many experts. Even if this mountain was about to collapse, they would be able to directly reconnect it.


While everyone gradually calmed down, the mountain top suddenly shook again. This time around, everyone, who had calmed down, immediately discovered the source of the ripple. Hence, numerous gazes were suddenly turned towards the stone tower at the back mountain!

“It is a ripple that was emitted from that place…”

Mu Qing Luan looked at the stone tower at the back mountain. Her heart involuntarily leaped. This was the first activity that the stone tower had emitted during this one year…

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

The trembling also attracted the attention of the many experts within the Falling Star Pavilion. Immediately, numerous figures rushed out from various spots. Finally, they were suspended in the midair. Their eyes were shocked and uncertain as they looked towards the back mountain. They could vaguely sense an extremely terrifying aura. It was just like that of a huge slumbering dragon slowly awakening…


Two elderly figures also swiftly surfaced in the midair. Their eyes looked at the commotion of the stone tower on the back mountain. Immediately, a wild joy that could not be hidden flashed across their eyes after they sensed the frightening aura…

“This aura… it’s Xiao Yan! This fellow has finally awaken huh?”

While the entire Falling Star Pavilion had turned into an uproar because of the activity, an unusual change also gradually appeared within the stone tower.

Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes were filled with joy and surprise as she looked at the stone platform in front of her from within the stone tower. At this moment, a vast and mighty star strength was continuously seeping out from Xiao Yan’s body, which was on the stone platform, in a torrent like manner. She could sense a familiy aura slowly awakening while these star strength spread.

“Is he finally going to wake up…”

An excited and joyful expression surfaced on Little Fairy Doctor’s face when she sensed this activity. It had been a year. Finally, there was some activity!

While Little Fairy Doctor was filled with a wild joy, the purple-brown flame that covered Xiao Yan’s body, suddenly swelled at this moment. It spread over the entire stone tower. Seeing this scene, Little Fairy Doctor hesitated for a moment before she moved and rushed out from the stone tower. The strength of the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame was extremely strong. Even she was unable to endure for too long.

While Little Fairy Doctor was withdrawing from the stone tower, the purple-brown flame that permeated the stone tower suddenly erupted like a volcano. It burst out from the top of the tower. After which, they agglomerated from all directions. Finally, they formed a thousand feet large purple-brown dragon!

The large dragon meandered and forcefully occupied the place. Its enormous body covered the entire stone tower. A rich dragon’s might spread, causing the legs of quite a number of people to weakened.


The enormous dragon was formed. It suddenly roared towards the sky. The sound of the dragon roar spread in a vast and mighty manner. Immediately, everyone saw that the sky became distorted. A star light pillar that was nearly a thousand feet large gathered from the night sky in the outside world. After which, it penetrated through the spatial barrier and heavily landed on the body of the meandering large dragon.

This vast and mighty star strength completely landed on the body of the enormous dragon. It caused the latter’s large body to suddenly emit a wave of bright intense light. Soon after, a vast and mighty aura spread out like floodwaters…

Light shot in all directions, causing the eyes of quite a number of people to be shut. A moment later, they finally opened their eyes. After which, they saw a skinny figure slowly appearing at the head of the meandering large dragon. A vast and mighty aura seeped out from within the body of this person.

“This aura… it’s… Dou Zun…”

Mu Qing Luan’s expression instantly became stunned as she sensed the strength of this vast and mighty aura. A moment later, she inhaled a deep breath of air. Her voice trembled a little as she muttered.

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