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Chapter 1228: Serious Injury

This was an extremely vast and endless desolated plains. One could still see some green grass patches on the plains. However, most of it was a desolated bright yellow colour. Occasionally, some eagles would fly in the sky above while being accompanied by a couple of sharp eagle cry.

Desolation covered this entire plain. At a certain moment, the space of this place rippled. Immediately, a dark black hole was split opened in this empty space. A couple of human figures exited from it in a somewhat miserable manner. After which, they landed on the ground.

"Zi Yan, are you alright?"

Little Fairy Doctor hurriedly asked when she landed and saw Zi Yan's pale white face.

Zi Yan shook her head. Purple light flashed on the body. Immediately, she began to slowly shrunk. Within the blink of an eye, she had turned back into the little girl from before. She panted a little before wiping off the cold sweat on her forehead and said, "It's nothing. I will be fine after resting a little. You should take a look at XIao Yan's condition first."

Feng zun-zhe by the side held Xiao Yan's pulse the moment he appeared. His expression became increasingly ugly after a deep probe.

Everyone's heart sunk when they saw this manner of his.

While everyone were completely silent, the dark black ring on Xiao Yan's finger shook. Yao Lao's illusory body flashed and appeared. He grabbed Xiao Yan's pulse. A moment later, a murderous intent suddenly surged within his eyes. He coldly said, "Old ghost Zhai Xing, what a vicious tactic!"

"Old fellow…"

Feng zun-zhe felt a lament when he saw his old friend at this moment. However, now was not the time to catch up on old times. The most important thing now was Xiao Yan's injuries.

"Mister Yao Lao, how is Xiao Yan's injury?" Little Fairy Doctor's pretty face was a little pale as she softly asked.

"The veins in his body are all shattered and seventy percent of his bones are broken. That palm of old ghost Zhai Xing had contained all of his strength." Yao Lao's voice was low and deep as he spoke. That usual smiling face of his currently contained a ferociousness no matter how one saw it.

"Hall of Soul… from today onwards, we will not rest until one of us die."

Yao Chen's savage voice caused Feng zun-zhe by the side to sigh softly. It was the first time that he saw the calm and indifferent Yao Lao show such an emotion in so many years. Even when Han Feng had betrayed Yao Lao back then, the latter did not show such a surge in emotion. It seemed that the importance of Xiao Yan in his heart was quite great.

Little Fairy Doctor's already pale face became even whiter when she heard Yao Chen's words. Her delicate body sway unsteadily. Zi Yan by the side hurriedly supported her upon seeing this.

"Such a serious injury…"

Tian Huo zun-zhe and Xiong Zhan exchanged looks with one another before sighing softly. Forcefully receiving a full force palm from an expert at the peak of the five star Dou Zun class. Forget about Xiao Yan, even the two of them would likely end up losing their lives on the spot. It was already not easy for Xiao Yan to still have a breath left at this moment.

"There should still be some method right? Aren't you known for being able to save someone as long as that person still has a breath left?" Feng zun-zhe hurriedly opened his mouth to speak after seeing that everyone had dark hazy faces. However, he smiled bitterly when he spoke. He had forgotten about Yao Lao's current condition. Not only did the latter not possess a body but he had been turned quite weak by the Hall of Soul. How would he possess the kind of strength that he had when he was at his peak.

Yao Lao's expression was gloomy. He sat beside Xiao Yan and looked at the latter's face, which was covered with fresh blood. The killing intent within his heart once again surged without control. It was the first time that he had such a rich desire to kill in his heart in these many years. He was aware that if it was not because Xiao Yan had come to rescue him, the latter would definitely not allow himself to fall into such a dangerous situation, given his shrewdness.

"Calm down first. Xiao Yan had rescued you after much difficulty. Aren't you delivering yourself to be captured if you head to the Hall of Soul now?" How could Feng zun-zhe, who had been acquainted with Yao Lao for so many years, not know what the latter was thinking after seeing his expression? Immediately, he patted Yao Lao's shoulder and softly spoke.

"The most important thing now is not to seek revenge but to rescue Xiao Yan."

Yao Chen also inhaled a deep breath of air after hearing this. He was aware that Feng zun-zhe was right. At this moment, he must definitely not create trouble…

"You should think properly about what should be done. With your alchemist skills, you should have some solution…" Feng zun-zhe said.

Yao Lao inclined his head slightly. The ferocious expression on his face was withdrawn. His hand rubbed over Xiao Yan's pulse and carefully probed deeply into the condition within the latter's body. When he focused and probe deeply, the familiar Yao zun-zhe aura on his body also gradually seeped out. Back then, he had shook the entire continent. Who was not aware of the name Yao zun-zhe. Many super strong individuals wished to befriend him but was unable to find a way to do so. Although he had currently fell into a low point, it was not difficult for him to recover to his peak with his ability. However, these were not the things that he currently needed to consider. If any accident was to occur to Xiao Yan, it was likely that Yao Lao's remaining life would be lived with a crazy vengeance.

Seeing Yao Lao focusing his mind and engaging in a deep examination, the few people beside him also did not dare to make any noise and disturb him. Xiong Zhan and Tian Huo zun-zhe separated and guarded against any sudden and unexpected situations.

A quiet and tensed atmosphere lingered over this entire area. It was a long while later before Yao Chen, who had his eyes shut, suddenly opened them. He softly said, "The situation… is a little better than I had imagined."

Little Fairy Doctor and the rest let out a soft sigh of relief upon hearing this. Currently, they were unable to endure even more blows.

"There is a way to save him?" Feng zun-zhe also asked while feeling rejoice.

"The constitution of this little fellow is extremely strong. That palm from old ghost Zhai Xing should have severed all of his life force. However, he had managed to forcefully endure through it. Moreover, there is the Heavenly Flame guarding his heart. Hence, it is not truly fatal…" Yao Lao fondled his beard and slowly said. "Moreover, the interior of his body currently has a Heavenly Flame helping him repair his injured body…"

"You mean… the Three Thousand Burning Flame?" Little Fairy Doctor asked softly.

"Yes, the Three Thousand Burning Flame is known as the undying flame. Little fellow, who has swallowed and refined it, also possess this kind of special characteristic. As long as the Three Thousand Burning Flame is not extinguished, it is possible for any injury in his body, regardless of how severe it was, to be healed…" Yao Lao nodded and said.

"However, he is currently already unconscious. The recovery by the Three Thousand Burning Flame is automatically activated. This kind of Heavenly Flame need to absorb the strength of the stars. Hence, we must find a place where the strength of the stars is extremely great. Only then is it possible to increase the recovery rate…"

"Strength of the stars?" Feng zun-zhe was involuntarily startled when he heard this. He immediately laughed, "Let's go to the Falling Star Pavilion then. You have forgotten that the place where the Falling Star Pavilion was built at is originally a meteorite from space. Even after countless number of years, the strength of the stars within it is still gathered there without scattering. It is the most suitable place for Xiao Yan to recuperate."

A joy flashed passed Yao Lao's eyes when he heard these words. He had really nearly forgotten about that good place.

"With the help of that meteorite, this little fellow's life can be considered to be saved…" Yao Lao softly laughed.

"Additionally… it is not that I wish to say words that will give others a blow but even though Xiao Yan's life is saved, such a serious injury will definite affect his training. If in the future… in the future he discovers that his strength has halted and is unable to advance, with Xiao Yan's character… it is likely very difficult for him to accept it." Feng zun-zhe appeared to have thought of something. He hesitated for a moment before softly speaking with a bitter smile.

The heart of Little Fairy Doctor by the side, which had just been relaxed, immediately became tensed. She understood Xiao Yan very well. If the latter discovered that his strength would no longer be able to advance even an inch in the future, it was likely that he would feel worse than having been killed.

"Ke ke, there is no need to be worried about this. Currently, Xiao Yan's body had already become so broken that it cannot be more so. This is an opportunity for him to breakthrough his current shell and obtain a new self… you should come and sense the interior of his body. See if you can find something familiar." Yao Lao merely shook his head and laughed when he heard the concern.

Feng zun-zhe was startled. He extended his hand as he was told and probe deep into Xiao Yan's body. A moment later, he did indeed sense an extremely familiar mysterious energy. His eyes were suddenly opened as he exclaimed in shock, "This… this is the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill?"

Yao Lao smiled and nodded. He sighed, "Fortunately, we have gotten one Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill from Han Feng back then. Otherwise, it will really be troublesome today…"

"That's right, that's ring. Now, the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill is most suitable for him. The injuries within his body is even more severe than those of mine back then. He would definitely be able to completely activate all of medicinal strength within the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill…" Feng zun-zhe was a little excited. He immediately laughed, "It is indeed a great blessing. This time around, this little fellow might even get a blessing in disguise and breakthrough to the Dou Zun class…"

"This will depend on his luck…"

Yao Lao smiled and nodded. His mood had also relaxed a little. With the presence of the Three Thousand Burning Flame and the Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill, it would be difficult for Xiao Yan to die this time around even if he wanted to.

Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan by the side also sighed in relief and appeared to have been relieved of a great burden after hearing the conversation of those two.

"Now, we should hurry back to the Falling Star Pavilion. With the help of the meteorite strength there, Xiao Yan's injury will be healed a little faster." The tensed atmosphere of this place immediately relaxed after Xiao Yan's problem was resolved. Feng zun-zhe stood up. His eyes swept around him, mused for a moment and said, "This should be the northern Desolated Plains that is tens of thousands of kilometres from the Death Soul Mountain Range. There is still some distance to the Falling Star Pavilion. Therefore, we cannot delay any longer…"

"Yes, the branch hall is destroyed and the Hall of Soul will most likely not allow this matter to rest. The terrain of the Falling Star Pavilion in unique and it is well hidden. It is an extremely good hiding spot…"

Yao Chen nodded. Currently, they must allow Xiao Yan to recover as soon as possible. There will be opportunities to settle the scores with the Hall of Soul in the future.

Naturally, no one had any objections to Yao Lao's words. That big fellow Xiong Zhan came over and carried Xiao Yan on his back. Being large and tough, he was the best person to be entrusted with this task. However, Little Fairy Doctor was worried about his rugged manner. Therefore, she continued to follow behind him. She was afraid that a bump might shake the currently extremely weak Xiao Yan until something happened.

The entire group was all ready to get going after it had a target. After packing up briefly, they rose into the air and swiftly rushed towards the area where the Falling Star Pavilion was located.

Chapter 1229: Falling Star Pavilion

The Falling Star Pavilion was situated at the southern region of the Central Plains. Amongst the so called four pavilions, the Falling Star Pavilion had the least number of disciples. Of course, their numbers might not make it but it was fortunate that the Falling Star Pavilion could pass in terms of quality. One must not underestimate a disciple from the Falling Star Pavilion due to the latter's young age should one end up meeting him. This was because the Falling Star Pavilion never recruit mediocre people…

The Falling Star Pavilion did not only possess the least number of disciples amongst the four Pavilions but it was also the most mysterious one. The other three pavilions built their headquarters in an extremely grand manner, causing one to be able to sense the great strength of this sect from a glance. However, the Falling Star Pavilion was different. Unless it was someone who had a great understanding of the Falling Star Pavilion, otherwise, it was likely that one would have difficulty even finding the location of the sect. This caused the Falling Star Pavilion to possess an additional mysterious feel to it from other people's perspective.

The Pill Region was at a greatest distance from the southern region. Even with the speed of Yao Lao's group, they had spent nearly half a month before truly entering the boundary of the southern region. After which, they spent another seven to eight days before coming to a stop after reaching the exterior area of the Sky Star Mountain Range in the southern region.

"The Falling Star Pavilion is located within the Sky Star Mountain Range. Ha ha, the place is a little unique. If one did not possess a special entry method, even an elite Dou Zun would not be able to enter it." Feng zun-zhe also sighed in relief as he watched the familiar lush green mountain range. He turned his head and smilingly spoke to the weary Little Fairy Doctor's group.

"Sky Star Mountain Range… it is been many years that I haven't visited this place." Yao Lao looked at the continuous mountain range and sighed.

"The Falling Star Pavilion was established by the two of us back then. However, you end up being an absent leader. Everything was done by me. It had caused me to end in a terrible state back then." Feng zun-zhe shook his head and said.

"Ha ha." Yao Lao laughed. "I do not like these things. Back then, I have established this Falling Star Pavilion because I was a little interested…"

Feng zun-zhe could only shake his head helplessly when he heard this. After which, he turned around and waved towards everyone. Next, he rushed hurriedly towards the mountain range. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest followed closely behind.

The group flew for over ten minutes within this vast mountain range before Feng zun-zhe at the front finally came to a slow halt. Little Fairy Doctor and the others behind were startled. Their eyes swept in all directions but they only end up discovering that this place was still a lush green forest. Their surroundings did not possess any buildings nor was there any mountains. It was completely just an ordinary sea of trees.

"Ke ke, this is the Great Falling Star Formation of the Falling Star Pavilion. This great formation is not man made. Instead, it is naturally formed…" Feng zun-zhe smiled slightly. An old jade appeared in his hand. After which, he flew out and a tread of strange star light spread out from within it. Light spread and the space in front actually became gradually distorted. Finally, it formed a large spatial door in front of the stunned gazes of Little Fairy Doctor's group.

"Let's go. Inside this place is the true headquarters of the Falling Star Pavilion…" Feng zun-zhe smiled and took the lead to step into that large spatial door. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest behind hesitated for a moment before following him. After everyone entered, that large spatial door was finally turned invisible again…

Little Fairy Doctor and the others sensed that the area in front of them became blurry for a moment after entering the large spatial door. The world in front of them appeared to have travelled through time as it suddenly changed. The originally endless sea of trees currently had a tall mountain appearing. There were some buildings that could be seen on the top of the mountain. One could even vaguely hear the cries from sparing.

"This is strictly speaking a realm that is created from the star strength of the meteorite. Ke ke, of course, it cannot be compared with those large realms created by those elite Dou Shengs. The size of this place is merely similar to that of a city…" Feng zun-zhe laughed. "However, due to this place being naturally formed, its ability to hide is extremely great. Even an elite Dou Zun would have difficulty sensing the profoundness of this place should they fly pass it."

Little Fairy Doctor and the rest were also amazed when they heard this. Only Zi Yan curled her little lips. She already knew that this place had some mysteriousness to it when she looked over from outside earlier. Of course, she was the only one in this group who possessed such an ability.


Soon after everyone had appeared in this realm, over a dozen large white cranes suddenly flew over from the distant mountain top. There were some human figures standing on those cranes. A green figure, who led them, rushed over. After which, the figure appeared in front of everyone. It was surprisingly Mu Qing Luan, whom Xiao Yan had met once.


Mu Qing Luan sighed in relief when she saw that the person who had come was Feng zun-zhe. She waved her hand and asked those white crane lingering in the midair to withdraw.

"Yes." Feng zun-zhe smilingly nodded. After which, he pointed towards Yao Lao beside him and said, "Quick, come and greet the pavilion chief of our Falling Star Pavilion."

Mu Qing Luan was startled when she heard this. She glanced at Yao Lao and suddenly discovered that the latter looked exactly the same as the drawing of the founder within the sect. Immediately, she understood that Feng zun-zhe was not joking and hurriedly spoke in a respectful manner, "Qing Luan greets… hall chief."

Yao Lao helplessly shook his head and spoke in fashion where he could neither laugh nor cry, "You old fellow, you are purposefully trying to embarrass me…"

"You are originally the hall chief of the Falling Star Pavilion, how could it embarrass you…" Feng zun-zhe smiled. He turned his head towards Mu Qing Luan and said, "With Yao zun-zhe here in the future, all of you people are going to be blessed."

"Yao zun-zhe?"

Mu Qing Luan's heart was quite shaken when she heard these words. Yao Lao's name back then was basically known by everyone within the Central Plains. She had occasionally heard Feng zun-zhe mention about him. However, she did not expect that she was actually able to meet him in person today.

"Forget it, don't listen to this old fellow talk nonsense. Let's settle Xiao Yan down first…" Yao Lao waved his hand and said.

Mu Qing Luan's eyes moved when she heard this and saw Xiao Yan on the back of Xiong Zhan. She was involuntarily shocked when she saw the latter covered in fresh blood with only a breath left. Although she could not be said to have an extremely good understanding of Xiao Yan, she also understood that this fellow was not an ordinary person. Who could turn such a shrewd fellow into this manner.

"Let's go. This little fellow engaged in a head on clash with a five star Dou Zun. Although he broke one of the other party's arm, he had also been beaten until he is seriously injured." Feng zun-zhe sighed and explained.


The head of Mu Qing Luan by the side began to buzz when Feng zun-zhe's sigh fell. She stared at Xiao Yan in a stunned manner. This fellow actually dared to exchange blow with an elite Dou Zun. Moreover, it was someone who had reached the level of a five star Dou Zun? This strength was something that even her teacher, Feng zun-zhe had never reached… moreover, the thing that really caused the corner of her mouth to twitch was that this fellow had actually even broken one of the other party's arm?

Mu Qing Luan wiped off some cold sweat. A moment later, she finally recovered gradually. A bitter laughter appeared in his heart. Just what did this fellow do during this one year? Back then, just a northern pavilion chief of the Wind Lightning Pavilion had already managed to chase after him until he fled in all directions like a dog which had lost its home. Yet, within this short one year, his opponent had already directly leaped from the Dou Zong class to the Dou Zun class.

Mu Qing Luan turned her body around while her head was still a little dazzled. She led the group to head up to the mountain top. After which, she obeyed Feng zun-zhe's instruction and arrange for Little Fairy Doctor and the others to settle down. After doing all these, she finally recovered from the shock that Feng zun-zhe's words brought. A strange thought suddenly rose within her heart.

"If that Feng Qing Er was to meet Xiao Yan now, I wonder just what kind of interesting expression she will have."

After settling the weary Little Fairy Doctor's group down, Yao Lao and Feng zun-zhe carried Xiao Yan and directly rushed to the back mountain. A moment later, a dark black stone tower appeared in their sight.

This stone tower was built in an extremely crude manner. It was described as a stone tower but it looked more like an ugly black stone pillar. Although its exterior appearance was ugly, this rock pillar was the place with the strongest star strength within this area. This was because this was coincidentally the point where that meteorite from space gathered the star strength.

Feng zun-zhe carried Xiao Yan and leaped onto the top of the stone tower. This top level was around thirty to forty feet wide. There was a black stone tower within it. The top of the stone stage was only five feet wide. If one looked through the space, one would coincidentally be able to see that clear sky. This meteorite not only gathered star strength but it was also able to absorb the star strength from space. This stone stage was the gathering spot for these two strength that were absorbed…

Feng zun-zhe carefully placed Xiao Yan on the stone stage. At this moment, the latter had both of his eyes shut tightly. There was barely any breath left. Even the sound of his breathing was unusually weak. His entire person was no different from that of a dying person.

Xiao Yan's body had just lied on the stone stage when a wave of dense star strength permeated out from the stone platform. After which, it continued to gather into his body. Purple-brown flame curled and rose at this moment. It transformed into a circular fire barrier that covered the entire of Xiao Yan's body.

Feng zun-zhe and Yao Lao rejoiced instead of being shocked when they saw this scene. At this moment, the Three Thousand Burning Flame was increasing dense. Xiao Yan's injuries would thus recover increasingly quickly.

"This Falling Star Stage is indeed not bad…" Yao Lao sighed in his heart and softly said.

"Ke ke, there is no need to be worried. As long as there is sufficient star strength to support it, the Three Thousand Burning Flame will never be extinguished. Xiao Yan would also make a complete recovery from his injuries…" Feng zun-zhe laughed.

Yao Lao nodded gently.

"Let's go. Allow him to stay here alone quietly and recuperate. This recuperation period will likely be long. We can only wait…"

Yao Lao smiled and nodded. It did not matter how long or short it would take. As long as Xiao Yan was able to recover the injuries within his body, the length of time needed did not matter…

"Little fellow, take care. Teacher is still waiting for you to help me refine a body…"

Yao Lao smiled slightly as he watched the pain on Xiao Yan's face reduce a little when the flame rose. Only then did he wore a tired expression between his brows and quietly withdraw from this stone tower with Feng zun-zhe.

This place became completely silent after these two people withdrew. Only that purple-brown flame burned fiercely in a tireless manner. Xiao Yan, who was within the flame, was just like a phoenix bath in a flame, waiting for the moment that he would be reborn…

Chapter 1230: Time Flies

The arrival of Yao Lao's group had undoubtedly caused the Falling Star Pavilion to become unusually lively. The disciples within the Falling Star Pavilion and even some Elders were extremely curious about this pavilion chief that only existed in legend. The Falling Star Pavilion was basically developed by Feng zun-zhe alone during these years. Even though this was the case, Feng zun-zhe had also been leaving the spot of the pavilion chief empty. He did not have any intention of sitting on it. This was because he ultimately believed that Yao Lao would sooner or later return to the Falling Star Pavilion. This position was something that he had reserved for Yao Lao.

This day had also ultimately arrived like he had anticipated. Hence, after settling the matter of Xiao Yan, he had gathered all the disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion the next day and announce the matter of returning the pavilion chief position.

This kind of matter was undoubtedly extremely shocking to the Falling Star Pavilion. In the past, the Falling Star Pavilion had been treating Feng zun-zhe as the leader. Currently, their true leader was going to change. The disciples below were naturally not very used to it. Fortunately, this unaccustomed manner did not last for very long before it was broken by another excitement.

Even these fledgling younger generation did not feel unfamiliar with the name Yao zun-zhe. Some of the older Elders were even filled with wild joy within their hearts. They were extremely experienced and were clearly aware just what kind of position and reputation Yao Lao from back then had in the Central Plains. If one was to really discuss about his reputation and status, it was likely that even the three great heads from the Pill Tower would be slightly inferior. With such a person being the pavilion chief, why would the Falling Star be worried of not being strong?

Yao Lao could only smile bitterly in the face of such a situation. However, he did not reject anything this time around. After having experienced the matters that had happened during these years, he also understood that unless one's strength was so great to the point that no one was able to resist one, there would ultimately be quite a big gap between a person and a faction.. Back then, he was at a disadvantage in being too free and unfettered. Hence, he ended up being viciously attacked by the Hall of Soul after the latter found an opportunity.

Since he possessed the chance to do everything again, he would naturally be unwilling to see this matter repeating itself. Additionally, Xiao Yan would definitely come to a true face-off with the Hall of Soul if he wish to rescue his father. At that time, Xiao Yan would require some faction supporting him from behind…

This time around, Xiao Yan had risked death to rescue him. This had caused Yao Lao to place all of his thoughts on this disciple. Currently, he could be considered to be making some prior plans for Xiao Yan.

Feng zun-zhe sighed in relief within his heart when he saw that Yao Lao did not find any excuse to reject the post this time around. He had always thought that the Falling Star Pavilion belonged to Yao Lao in his heart. During these years, he was merely helping the latter manage it. Now that Yao Lao had returned, he would naturally need to return it back.

The relationship between him and Yao Lao could be considered to be friends who had undergone life and death together. Feng zun-zhe was able to search around bitterly for so many years because of Yao Lao. What did a mere pavilion chief position matter? Moreover, he was also extremely clear about Yao Lao's character. He did not specialize in management. At that time, he would still be the one to have a headache over these matters…

After settling Xiao Yan down, Feng zun-zhe and Yao Lao decided to shut the mountain door first because they were afraid of the revenge by the Hall of Soul that could interrupt Xiao Yan's recuperation. With the protection of the Great Falling Star Formation, it was likely that the Hall of Soul would not be able to extend its limbs over. Everything would be discussed after Xiao Yan wakes up.

No one objected to the matter of shutting the mountain entrance. Although this realm could not be compared with the Pill Realm, its size was also quite large. There would not be much of a problem staying here for years. Moreover, the energy in this place was dense. The effect of one's training would be many times better than the outside world.

Little Fairy Doctor's group naturally chose to remain behind with the mountain entrance shut. Xiao Yan had yet to awaken. How could she leave first?

There was similarly no objections to Little Fairy Doctor's group remaining behind. The strength of these people could be considered top level even in the Central Plains. If they could remain in the Falling Star Pavilion, they would undoubtedly greatly strengthen the defence of this place.

After the mountain entrance was shut, time also began to quietly flow by amidst this beautiful greenery. Two months passed within the blink of an eye.

Everything was extremely quiet during these two mouths. The expected Hall of Soul revenge did not occur. During this period of time, Feng zun-zhe had also dispatched people to investigate. The Central Plains was still as lively as before. However, there was no news of any big activity from the Hall of Soul. Not even a little news of the branch hall being destroyed was released. Clearly, the Hall of Soul has locked the news.

Yao Lao and Feng zun-zhe were surprised at this situation. Given the character of the Hall of Soul, it was impossible for them to endure for so long without taking action. It seemed that there should be something restraining the limbs of the Hall of Soul, causing them to only be able to temporarily place this matter aside.

However, the Hall of Soul not seeking any trouble also allowed Yao Lao and Feng zun-zhe to sigh in relief. The current Falling Star Pavilion was no match for the Hall of Soul. If they were to begin a war now, the Falling Star Pavilion would end up suffering a serious blow. It would also not be impossible for the Falling Star Pavilion to be unable to recover from it.

The Hall of Soul had given them an opportunity to recuperate. Naturally, Yao Lao and the rest did not waste the time. After having recovered some life force, he began to continuously find some of the methods to cause the strength of the Falling Star Pavilion to be strengthened…

Time flowed by. Within the blink of an eye, another month had passed. Xiao Yan, who was within the stone tower, still did not show any trace of awakening. However, the originally pale and bloodless face of Xiao Yan had currently gradually become sleek red. His breathing also became normal. He was no longer like a person that was about to die like in the past.

All of these indicated that the injuries within Xiao Yan's body was currently gradually recovering. His awakening was only a matter of time…

During this one month, Little Fairy Doctor's group also took a position of Elders within the Falling Star Pavilion after Feng zun-zhe invited them with great effort. Although they were only Guest Elders, they were at the very least being pulled to the side of the Falling Star Pavilion.

Little Fairy Doctor was non-committal towards Feng zun-zhe attempt to draw her ove. Yao Lao was Xiao Yan's teacher. Currently, the former was also the chief of the Falling Star Pavilion. In the future, Xiao Yan might also end up being the pavilion chief of this Falling Star Pavilion. In that case, it did not matter for her to become a nominal Elder.

Tian Huo zun-zhe also agreed to Feng zun-zhe's invitation after hesitating for a period of time. In any case, there was currently nowhere for him to go. It was also good for him to find a place to settle down. Zi Yan was playful in nature. Her agreement with Feng zun-zhe was completely base on her whim. Moreover, with her joining, that Xiong Zhan could only nod his head with her coercing him.

Feng zun-zhe and the Elders of the Falling Star Pavilion smiled happily in the face of this powerful group joining them. Three Dou Zun class experts joining them together. This weight was quite a great one. Just this alone would likely cause the Falling Star Pavilion to leap and truly become the top of the four pavilions.

However, all of them forgotten that should Yao Lao completely recover his peak strength in the future, just his ability to gather people alone would likely cause the Falling Star Pavilion to become quite a strong faction within the entire Central Plains. There was no need to even discuss about the four pavilions.

Time flowed like water. Spring passed and autumn arrived. A greenish-yellow colour was added onto the lush green mountain forest…

Half a year's time flowed by without one realizing it. However, Xiao Yan had still yet to wake. Although everyone could sense that the condition within his body was becoming increasingly good, he still did not show any signs of awakening. Even Yao Lao felt somewhat helpless in the face of this scene. The only one who could be relied on regarding this matter was Xiao Yan himself.

During this period of time, the back mountain had been labelled as the forbidden ground of the Falling Star Pavilion. Other than Feng zun-zhe's group, even the Falling Star Pavilion's Elders were forbidden from entering. This situation naturally attracted the curiosity of all the Falling Star Pavilion disciples. However, after much inquiry, they were only aware that there was a young man called Xiao Yan in the stone tower, who recuperating while undertaking a retreat.

Dou Qi continent north-western region, Jia Ma Empire, Jia Ma Sacred City.

Any citizen of the Jia Ma Empire were aware that the true ruler of this empire was no longer the Jia Ma Imperial Family. Instead, it was an alliance. This alliance was called the Yan Alliance.

Yan, the Yan from Xiao Yan.

Every person within the Jia Ma Empire were aware the the founder of this absolute overlord within the current Jia Ma Empire was a person called Xiao Yan. He had personally ended a Misty Cloud Sect era within the Jia Ma Empire and began another Yan Alliance era!

In the hearts of all the younger generation within the Jia Ma Empire, this name represented a kind of honor and hard work. This was because everyone were clearly aware that the person who had created this miracle was called a trash back then.

There was a grand and towering large hall in the middle of the Jia Ma Sacred City. The large hall was extremely tall. Its top overlooked the entire city. This place was currently the place with the greatest authority within the Jia Ma Empire.

At this moment, the top of this heavily guarded large hall was a lady wearing a brilliant robe. She stood with her hands behind her. The figure of this lady was extremely bewitching. Even with the somewhat loose robe, it was still difficult to hide her demon like curves that would cause one to be attracted. A faint moonlight scattered down from the sky, shining on her beautiful face that would cause one to involuntarily cease breathing.

The first impression that this beautiful appearance gave one was a kind of demonic like bewitching feeling. Her red lips were curled slightly. This arc enchanted everyone. However, there was a kind of pressure from a person of great authority between those narrow brows. An enchanting and majestic feeling coexisted. This caused that charm of hers to instantly reach the peak.

At this moment, this lady, who possessed an bewitching appearance that could enchant everyone was frowning slightly. She raised her head and looked at the bright moon. A skinny figure lingered continuously in her eyes.

"It has likely been five to six years… Xiao Yan, you have promised this Queen that you will return. If you eat your words, I will tear your corpse into tens of thousands of pieces even if you die."

The bewitching lady clenched her hand slightly. A complicated expression flashed over those pretty eyes that were filled with allure.


An unusually tender voice that carried the tone of a baby suddenly sounded from behind this alluring lady while she was softly muttering to herself.

The icy cold expression on the face of this bewitching lady immediately disappeared upon hearing this voice. A kind of beautiful smile that even Xiao Yan had never seen before surfaced. After which, she swiftly turned around and looked in the direction that the voice had arrived from.

The place where the voice originated from was a flight of stone stairs. At this moment, there was a two year old or so child on her bare little legs. The thing that caused one to feel surprise was that this little child was suspended half an inch from the ground without borrowing any support.

Standing in empty air. This was something that only an elite Dou Zong could achieve!

That jade carving like face of the little girl made her appear like an exquisite porcelain doll. It caused only to like her so much to the point of being unable to let her go. A pair of dark black intelligent eyes appeared exceptionally sly under the moonlight.

When the lady looked over, the clothes of the little child wiggled and a seven coloured small snake came out from under her clothes. After which, it laid on the white tender small arm of the child. It hissed and extended its snake's tongue. From this appearance of it… it was surprisingly exactly the same as the Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python from back then!

Chapter 1231: Advancement, Dou Zun!

A black stone tower stood on the top of a mountain in a lonely manner. Wild grass grew on surroundings of the stone tower. These grass represented the change of time…

The top of the stone tower was still that same scene that had not changed for a millennium. A young man sat on the stone platform with his eyes tightly shut. A kind of purple-brown flame lingered around his body. The flame burned fiercely and it actually vaguely emitted a kind of great lifeforce.

Little Fairy Doctor's eyes were startled as she looked at the young man in the flame from the side of the stone platform. It was a long while later before she sighed in a quiet manner.

"It has been a year… have you not awoken…"

Little Fairy Doctor softly muttered to herself. An entire year had passed ever since Xiao Yan was shifted over to this place back then. The Falling Star Pavilion had suddenly strengthened rapidly during this one year. However, Xiao Yan, whom Little Fairy Doctor was most concerned about did not wake from his unconscious recuperating state.

Initially, Yao Lao and the rest merely thought that it was because Xiao Yan's injuries was too serious. However, this kind of thinking was finally abandoned after Xiao Yan remained unconscious for over half a year. This was because they could sense that the injuries within Xiao Yan's body had currently completely recovered. The situation within his body was even better than his previous peak. Even Yao Lao was unable to understand why Xiao Yan continued to remain unconscious despite having been fully healed.

Although their hearts were anxious in the face of such a situation, they were unable to do anything about it. Fortunately, none of them were reckless people. Hence, no one had the impulse of forcefully pulling Xiao Yan from his unconscious state.

One year quietly flew by like the sand between one's fingers while everyone waited helplessly…


Little Fairy Doctor looked at the human figure, who had appeared to have turned into a stone, within the stone tower. An expression of grief flashed across her eyes. She gently shook her head and softly said, "Even if it is for Xun Er and the child in Cai Lin's womb, you must not continue to sleep like this."

These words did not obtain any immediate effect. Little Fairy Doctor could only sigh in disappointment. She was just about to turn around when her lovely body suddenly stiffened. At that instant earlier, she had clearly saw Xiao Yan's finger shook a little. This kind of shaking might be extremely slight but Little Fairy Doctor would definitely not be mistaken, given her eyesight!

Quite a number of Falling Star Pavilion's disciples were current gathered at a training ground near the back mountain for their daily training. A green figure was standing with her hands behind her back at the middle. Her face was somewhat stern and beautiful. The current Mu Qing Luan had some awe to her when compared to the past.

Mu Qing Luan's pretty eyes took one look around. She only nodded slightly when she saw that no one was not putting in effort. Immediately, her eyes turned towards the back mountain. She was clearly able to see the black stone tower there.

Mu Qing Luan was a little absentminded as her eyes looked at the stone tower. One year ago, Xiao Yan had exchanged blows with a five star Dou Zun and had broken an arm of the other party. This battle result still caused her to feel some shock even when she recalled about it now. However, the price of such a shocking battle result was also quite great. It had even reached a height that an ordinary person was unable to accept.

"The back mountain had already been shut for a year. Big senior, do you know when it will open again?" Mu Qing Luan recovered when she heard the soft voice that appeared behind her. She turned her head around and took a look. It was actually a couple of young disciples who possessed quite a great reputation within the Falling Star Pavilion. She smiled immediately, shook her head and replied, "It is likely that even teacher is unaware of this matter."

"I heard that a senior called Xiao Yan is training in the stone tower. It is rumoured that he is the direct disciple of the pavilion chief…" A female disciple asked in a somewhat curious soft voice.

"However, this training period is a little too long. It has been a year but we have never hear even the slightest activity within the stone tower. Could it be…" A person spoke hesitatingly.

"Alright, let's not discuss about such matters." Mu Qing Luan knitted her brows slightly and said.

Everyone hurriedly ceased their discussions after seeing Mu Qing Luan frowning. It appeared that the latter possessed quite a high prestige and authority within this Falling Star Pavilion.

"Recently, quite a number of Elders has left because of some matters. All of you should not take this opportunity to be lazy. If you fail to pass the year-end test, you will suffer for it…" Mu Qing Luan reprimanded.

"Hee hee, big senior sister, you can be rest assured… additionally, I recently heard that there seems to be some ancient remains appearing in the Ten Thousand Great Mountains at the southern regions borders of the Central Plains. Could it be that the Elders has left because of this matter?" A young man, who appeared quite intelligent, curiously inquired.

"Aye, it is a little related. This ancient remains is not an ordinary one. Those factions with some ability in the Central Plains intend to encroach onto it. However, the Ten Thousand Great Mountains is within the Beast Region. That is the territory of the Magical Beast tribes. Those old shrewd fellows will definitely be unhappy to share this ancient remains with others. Therefore, quite a number of battles will occur when the time comes." Mu Qing Luan spoke without hiding anything since they were all core disciples of the Falling Star Pavilion.

"Ancient remains… hee hee, it is rumoured that a Tian class Dou Skill has even surfaced. Whoever could obtain it, tsk tsk…"

"Tian class? I have never seen a Dou Skill of this level in all my life."

"Don't daydream. Such a treasure will be a hot potato in the hands of anyone. If one does not possess some ability, one will not only be unable to keep the treasure but will end up attracting trouble." Mu Qing Luan rolled her eyes and said.

Everyone laughed when they heard these words of Mu Qing Luan. After chatting idly for awhile, all of them were preparing to sit down and train when the entire mountain suddenly trembled. The footsteps of quite a number of people staggered a little and they nearly fell.

"Why? What had happened?"

This sudden trembling immediately stirred quite a great commotion. All the Falling Star Pavilion's disciples, who were training, hurriedly got up. In an instant, the great chaos and private conversations continued to spread.

Mu Qing Luan was also shocked for a moment because of this unexpected change. She immediately cried in a deep voice, All of you be quiet. There is the pavilion chief and the various Elders guarding this place. What can happen?"

The chaos finally gradually calmed down after hearing Mu Qing Luan's cry. Everyone faced each other and felt that those words were logical. Currently, the Falling Star Pavilion had many experts. Even if this mountain was about to collapse, they would be able to directly reconnect it.


While everyone gradually calmed down, the mountain top suddenly shook again. This time around, everyone, who had calmed down, immediately discovered the source of the ripple. Hence, numerous gazes were suddenly turned towards the stone tower at the back mountain!

"It is a ripple that was emitted from that place…"

Mu Qing Luan looked at the stone tower at the back mountain. Her heart involuntarily leaped. This was the first activity that the stone tower had emitted during this one year…

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

The trembling also attracted the attention of the many experts within the Falling Star Pavilion. Immediately, numerous figures rushed out from various spots. Finally, they were suspended in the midair. Their eyes were shocked and uncertain as they looked towards the back mountain. They could vaguely sense an extremely terrifying aura. It was just like that of a huge slumbering dragon slowly awakening…


Two elderly figures also swiftly surfaced in the midair. Their eyes looked at the commotion of the stone tower on the back mountain. Immediately, a wild joy that could not be hidden flashed across their eyes after they sensed the frightening aura…

"This aura… it's Xiao Yan! This fellow has finally awaken huh?"

While the entire Falling Star Pavilion had turned into an uproar because of the activity, an unusual change also gradually appeared within the stone tower.

Little Fairy Doctor's eyes were filled with joy and surprise as she looked at the stone platform in front of her from within the stone tower. At this moment, a vast and mighty star strength was continuously seeping out from Xiao Yan's body, which was on the stone platform, in a torrent like manner. She could sense a familiy aura slowly awakening while these star strength spread.

"Is he finally going to wake up…"

An excited and joyful expression surfaced on Little Fairy Doctor's face when she sensed this activity. It had been a year. Finally, there was some activity!

While Little Fairy Doctor was filled with a wild joy, the purple-brown flame that covered Xiao Yan's body, suddenly swelled at this moment. It spread over the entire stone tower. Seeing this scene, Little Fairy Doctor hesitated for a moment before she moved and rushed out from the stone tower. The strength of the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame was extremely strong. Even she was unable to endure for too long.

While Little Fairy Doctor was withdrawing from the stone tower, the purple-brown flame that permeated the stone tower suddenly erupted like a volcano. It burst out from the top of the tower. After which, they agglomerated from all directions. Finally, they formed a thousand feet large purple-brown dragon!

The large dragon meandered and forcefully occupied the place. Its enormous body covered the entire stone tower. A rich dragon's might spread, causing the legs of quite a number of people to weakened.


The enormous dragon was formed. It suddenly roared towards the sky. The sound of the dragon roar spread in a vast and mighty manner. Immediately, everyone saw that the sky became distorted. A star light pillar that was nearly a thousand feet large gathered from the night sky in the outside world. After which, it penetrated through the spatial barrier and heavily landed on the body of the meandering large dragon.

This vast and mighty star strength completely landed on the body of the enormous dragon. It caused the latter's large body to suddenly emit a wave of bright intense light. Soon after, a vast and mighty aura spread out like floodwaters…

Light shot in all directions, causing the eyes of quite a number of people to be shut. A moment later, they finally opened their eyes. After which, they saw a skinny figure slowly appearing at the head of the meandering large dragon. A vast and mighty aura seeped out from within the body of this person.

"This aura… it's… Dou Zun…"

Mu Qing Luan's expression instantly became stunned as she sensed the strength of this vast and mighty aura. A moment later, she inhaled a deep breath of air. Her voice trembled a little as she muttered.

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