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Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227: Mysterious Person

The expressions of Feng zun-zhe and the rest changed slightly upon hearing the icy cold voice that resounded over the sky. Immediately, their eyes focused intently on the spot where the firestorm had disappeared. There, two, no, three figures had appeared within their line of sight.

Two of the three who had appeared were unknown old men. They were dressed in black and white robes respectively. The clear colour made it easy for others to identify them. At this moment, the expressions of these two were covered with a shady expression. A branch hall was destroyed. If one looked into the matter, it was likely that all the members of the Hall of Soul present would not be able to escape responsibility.

After everyone’s eyes swept over these two people, their gazes paused onto the figure, who was between the two of them. In an instant, their expressions became a little interesting.

The condition of that figure was currently not much better than Xiao Yan. He was similarly covered with fresh blood. The skin that was revealed outside of his robes had revealed a large about of blood and flesh. His sleeves had already been completely blown off. Moreover, fresh blood continuously dripped from his sleeves. One of his arm had actually disappeared…

Seeing this miserable manner of old ghost Zhai Xing, regardless of whether it was Feng zun-zhe or old Mu Gu, all of them were completely stunned. Immediately, his heart violently inhaled a deep breath of cool air. Finally, numerous shocked eyes turned towards Xiao Yan, who was in Zi Yan’s embrace. This fellow… he actually relied on his nine star Dou Zong’s strength to turn an expert at the peak of a five star Dou Zun into such a miserable manner…


Old Mu Gu swallowed a mouthful of saliva while his face was covered with perspiration. Those eyes which he used to look at Xiao Yan had an additional fear and joy. He rejoice that Xiao Yan did not use such a frightening fire lotus against him back then. His strength was far inferior to old ghost Zhai Xing. If he was to suffer such a blow, he would definitely perish on the spot.


Old ghost Zhai Xing coughed intensely. Mouthfuls of fresh blood was continuously being vomited. One could even see some internal organ fragments within the fresh blood. Clearly, old ghost Zhai Xing had not only lost an arm this time around but his internal injury was also unprecedentedly serious. It was normal for him to even die.

Everyone looked at each other upon seeing this scene. Their hearts quietly sighed for this old man. Even if he could survive from such serious injuries, it was likely that some sequelae would remain. It was not impossible for him to have difficulty advancing his strength any further in the future.

“Kill… kill that brat. I… I want to tear him into tens of thousands of pieces!”

Blood foam continued to seep out from the corner of old ghost Zhai Xing’s mouth. However, his eyes were still viciously staring at Xiao Yan. The hatred he felt towards the latter was monstrous at this moment. With his peak of the five star Dou Zun strength, he would actually end up suffering such a terrible loss in the hands of a nine star Dou Zong brat. How could he calm the fury within his heart?

The two black and white robed old man by the side looked at this manner of old ghost Zhai Xing. Although their expressions were still icy cold, there was an astonishment surfacing in their eyes. They were clearly aware of the strength of this old ghost. He might not be comparable to the two of them but his strength was not far away. It was unexpected that he would actually end up with such a fate today.

“You old ghost. You really can only blame yourself for this. If you used the spatial jade to summon the both of us once yo

u discovered them, how would you end up in such a fate?” That black robed old man’s tone contained some fury. “Currently, the branch hall has been destroyed. If they hall chief pursues the manner, you will suffer for it!”

“Forget it, It is pointless for you to tell him this now. Don’t you know what kind of character this old ghost has? Capturing Xiao Yan is considered a deed with great merit. Earlier, he thought that victory was assured and would naturally not call the both of us over to divide the credit. Hee hee, I think that if it is not because he has been forced by the other party until such a manner, he would not use the spatial jade.” The white robed elder coldly laughed.

Some fury also surged in the eyes of old ghost Zhai Xing when he saw this faint mockery from these two. However, he currently did not possess the ability to display even the slightest anger. The intense pain that was continuously transmitted from within his body clearly told him that the injury that he had suffered this time around had already reached a fatal extent. If he was not careful, it was likely that he might not even be able to keep this life of his.

“Greetings to Black White Tianzuns.”

That old Mu Gu and the others also hurriedly flew over at this moment and respectfully greeted these two old men.

“All of you also have some responsibility for the destruction of the branch hall…” White Tianzun glanced at the couple of them and spoke in a faint voice.

The expressions of Old Mu Gu and the rest changed upon hearing this. However, they did not dare to say anything more. All they could do was to smile bitterly and admit it.

“Currently, the only way for all of you to use merit to make up for your mistake is to capture Xiao Yan. All of you should be aware of this point…” Black Tianzun coldly said.

Old Mu Gu and the others hurriedly nodded. From the looks of Xiao Yan’s condition, he had clearly fought with old ghost Zhai Xing until they were both seriously injured. He should no longer be able to use another of that terrifying fire lotus attack.

White Tianzun patted old ghost Zhai Xing gently. A gentle force entered the valley. There was still some members of the Hall of Souls who had managed to keep their little lives there. At this moment, they could only get them to look after this old fellow first.

“Don’t delay any longer. Let’s attack. Together…”

Black Tianzun spoke in a deep voice. Currently the strength on their size held the absolute advantage. He would naturally not give up this kind of advantage. Currently, the most important thing was to grab Xiao Yan first. Otherwise, once the hall chief become furious, the people here would end up suffering.

“It is actually Black White Tianzun… unexpectedly, even these two old demons have hurried over.”

Feng zun-zhe looked at the distant white and black old men. Their expressions were somewhat dark and solemn as he slowly spoke.

“Today… it is likely not easy to escape. The strength of these two old demons are a little stronger than old ghost Zhai Xing. Adding the few remaining Dou Zuns, this lineup surpass us…” Tie Jian zun-zhe spoke in an indifferent manner. Although the current situation was dangerous, there was still not much of a change to his expression. It was as though he was not involved in his situation.

“Looks like, we might have to go all out once. Zi Yan, bring Xiao Yan and leave…” Little Fairy Doctor softly said. It was clearly already impossible for them to withdraw safely in this kind of situation. Someone must stay behind to delay these people.

Little Fairy Doctor’s voice had just sounded when her arm was suddenly grabbed. She turned her head, only to see that the one who had grabbed her was Xiao Yan, who was covered in fresh blood. She involuntarily felt a heartache upon seeing the latter’s appearance. This was also the first time that she had saw Xiao Yan, who was usually laughing, appearing so miserable. Although his opponent was at the peak of the five star Dou Zun class…

“Do not leave some last words. It is not impossible to escape…”

Zi Yan clenched her silver teeth. She appeared to have made some resolution as she spoke in a deep voice. “All of you should quickly follow me in awhile. Do not hesitate. Otherwise, even I will not have any solution…”

Zi Yan did not give them any time for inquiries after her words sounded. She bit the tip of her tongue and a drop of dark golden blood suddenly flew out. Finally, it landed on the tip of her finger. Zi Yan’s expression became deathly white when this drop of golden blood appeared. Even her body began to sway unsteadily.

Zi Yan forcefully stabilized her body. Her hand seal changed. Immediately, that delicate finger of hers, which had touched the dark golden blood, suddenly cut across the empty space in front of her. A spatial crack line slowly appeared…

Zi Yan’s hand seal changed once again when this spatial crack line appeared. The crack line was slowly opened like a tightly shut room door. Following the appearance of this spatial door, some dense cold sweat appeared on Zi Yan’s clear forehead.

“You wish to leave?”

The activity of this area had immediately been discovered by the Black White Tianzuns. Their expressions sunk as they let out a cold cry. They waved their sleeves and two mighty black fog pillar cut through space before rushing over towards Xiao Yan’s group.

Feng zun-zhe and the rest had a slight change in expression when they saw the black fog pillar rushing over in an explosive manner. He was about to act when Zi Yan spoke in a deep voice, “There is no time to fight. Whoever fights will not be able to leave…”

Everyone’s body paused upon hearing this. Their expressions were a little complicated. An instant later, Little Fairy Doctor looked at the black fog pillar that was rapidly arriving. She clenched her silver teeth and was just about to rush out when she was being forced back by a palm. Tie Jian zun-zhe immediately stepped forward. His voice was indifferent as he said, “All of you should leave.”

“Yao Chen, you have done me a great favor back then. Today, I shall return it to you.”

Tie Jian zun-zhe laughed faintly. Before Feng zun-zhe could say anything, his body moved and rushed out explosively. The Dou Qi within his body surged and forcefully received those two black fog pillars. However, that frightening force shook him until he directly spat out a mouthful of blood. With his two star Dou Zun strength, how could he be a match for the Black White Tianzun.

“Ha ha, I have taken my great revenge. All that I seek for is death. Being able to die in the hands of the Hall of Soul Tianzun is really worthwhile.”

Tie Jian zun-zhe rubbed the trace of blood from the corner of his mouth. He laughed out loud towards the sky. Immediately, everyone was stunned to discover that the Dou Qi within the former’s body had suddenly become wild and violent at this moment.

“Be careful. This fellow is about to self-destruct!”

The faces of the Black White Tianzuns changed slightly upon seeing this. They quietly cursed ‘crazy’ within his heart. This fellow was really intending to seek death!

While Tie Jian zun-zhe was blocking the Dou Zuns from the Hall of Soul, the spatial door was finally slowly opened. Immediately, a rich silver light surged out from within and wrapped around Xiao Yan’s group.

The light had just wrapped around them when the spatial door suddenly trembled intensely. Zi Yan’s face also changed slightly. With her current strength, she had strained herself too much by forcefully attempting to open a spatial door and shuttle through the emptiness. Moreover, the most important issue was that she was bringing a group of people with her now…

Just when the spatial door shook with greater intensity and a despair involuntarily rose within Zi Yan’s heart, the trembling spatial door suddenly began to strangely solidify. Light once again burst out. This time around, the light was actually unprecedentedly strong. The spatial fluctuation was also extremely stable.


Zi Yan was startled when she saw this kind of change. Immediately, she appeared to have understood something. A gratitude flashed across her eyes. Her hand seal suddenly changed and the light from within the spatial door burst out. Soon after, a frightening suction force surged from it and forcefully dragged Xiao Yan’s group into the spatial door…

After everyone entered it, the spatial door shook and disappeared…


A helpless sigh finally sounded after Xiao Yan’s group had successfully entered the spatial door. A dark black spatial crack line suddenly appeared behind Tie Jian zun-zhe, who was about to self-destruct, and swallowed him inside…

This sudden unexpected change directly caused the Black White Tianzuns to be stunned for a moment. A long while later, their eyes suddenly turned towards the location where Xiao Yan’s group was at. However, the place was completely empty. Their expressions immediately turned green.

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