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Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223: Fooled

“Ke ke, are you finally about to go all out and stake your life? The old me really wish to see just whether anyone within the current Xiao clan still possess the domineering aura from when Xiao Xuan was still alive.” Old ghost Zhai Xing involuntarily laughed after seeing Xiao Yan kept Yao Lao into his ring.

Xiao Yan’s expression was cold and indifferent. The vast and mighty Dou Qi within his veins were roaring wildly, appearing like numerous fire dragons. The current him was undoubtedly at a state where he had unleashed his strength to its peak after having swallowed the Three Thousand Burning Flame. Of course, he also understood that if he did not unleash all his strength in the face of old ghost Zhai Xing’s peak five star Dou Zun’s strength, it was likely that he would not even possess the opportunity to attack.

“Hand the ‘key’ from the Xiao clan to the old me and the old me can spare your life.” Old ghost Zhai Xing smiled leisurely and spoke with a faint voice in the face of the increasingly mighty Dou Qi from Xiao Yan. With his peak five star Dou Zun’s strength, there was no need for him to even be a little afraid of Xiao Yan. That enormous gap between their class was sufficient for him to view Xiao Yan as an ant.

Xiao Yan let out a cold laughter within his heart in the face of old ghost Zhai Xing’s words. He completely ignored it. His eyes were rotated all around as he searched for a way to breakthrough.

“Ugh, in the case, the old me shall do it myself…” Old ghost Zhai Xing sighed when he saw this. His hand was spread and his five fingers faced Xiao Yan. Immediately, his finger shook and five vicious black fog shot out from the tip of his fingers. After which, it agglomerated into a strange black chain amidst some crashing sound. The chain wrapped around in the midair before emitting a ‘chi’ sound and directly penetrated into the empty space. Within a blink of an eye, it had appeared above Xiao Yan’s head.

This sudden thunderbolt like attack also caused Xiao Yan’s expression to change. Silver glow flickered under his feet and he swiftly took a couple of hurried steps back in a matter that was not sufficiently fast.


The chain violently pierced downwards from the midair. After which, it adhered to the front of Xiao Yan and rushed past. Finally, it was ruthlessly inserted into the hard black rocks. It shook slightly and the rocks around immediately cracked, forming numerous crack lines.

“Your reaction is not bad.”

Old ghost Zhai Xing laughed faintly. He flicked his finger and the chain rose in a lightning like fashion. It became just like a poisonous snake as it carried a sharp wind that swept towards all the lethal spots around Xiao Yan’s body.

The chain attacks possessed an extremely frightening speed. Numerous afterimages remained in the sky, causing one to have difficulty defending against them.

“Clang clang clang!”

Xiao Yan clenched his hand in the face of this attack by old ghost Zhai Xing. The Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared with a flash. The body of the ruler moved, forming some densely packed ruler shadow defence that received all the chain attacks.


The chains heavily pressed onto the heavy ruler. Those waves of frightening force directly caused Xiao Yan’s legs to rubbed onto the ground and form a deep scar. Only that did it gradually stabilized. His hand even vaguely felt a little numb.

“An expert at the peak of the five star Dou Zun class is really terrifying…”

After a brief exchange, Xiao Yan also clearly understood the strength of this old ghost Zhai Xing. A solemness immediately surged within his heart. It would likely not be as easy as he imagined if he wishe

d to successfully free himself today.

“By being able to receive an attack from the old me with the strength of a nine star Dou Zong. It must be said that you are unique…” Old ghost Zhai Xing looked at Xiao Yan with a solemn face. He smiled and his body suddenly inclined forward slowly. He was just like a wild beast that was about to eat.

“However, the old me does not have the time to waste with you. After finishing you off, the old me still needs to finish off those troublesome fellows outside…” Old ghost Zhai Xing laughed. His foot took a gentle step forward. After which, the space wiggled and his body disappeared almost instantly.

Xiao Yan sensed a shrivelled hand gently being extended from the empty space beside him the moment that old ghost Zhai Xing disappeared. After which, it grabbed at his throat. This dry folded hand might not be covered by any Dou Qi but a dark black spatial scar was being directly formed wherever it passed.

Xiao Yan’s expression was grave. His footsteps were hurriedly withdrawn and the heavy ruler in his hand was violently hacked downwards in an instant.

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

Xiao Yan cried out furiously in his heart. A ruler glow that was hundreds of feet wide immediately rushed out from the tip of his ruler. After which, it hacked heavily onto the shrivelled hand. However, this seemingly fierce wind merely caused the latter to shake a little. Soon after, the hand increased its speed. In a flash, it had already appeared in front of Xiao Yan and was gently slamming towards his chest.

This palm was extremely swift. Even with Xiao Yan’s speed, he did not possess the ability to dodge it. At this critical moment, his heavy ruler was placed vertically in front of his body.


The shrivelled hand gently landed on the heavy ruler and a clear sound immediately appeared!

Xiao Yan’s expression changed drastically when the two collided. That seemingly skinny firewood like bone appeared like a mountain. It was incomparably heavy. At the moment of contact, Xiao Yan’s hand emitted a slight sound of bone being pressed.


Xiao Yan’s legs were deeply embedded into the rock under the frightening force. At this moment, that hard rock was just like beancurd, appearing extremely fragile.

Xiao Yan forcefully received this palm from old ghost Zhai Xing. The blood within Xiao Yan’s body churned even more furiously. His heavy ruler was hurriedly flipped and his feet stepped on the ground. Xiao Yan’s body adhered to the ground as he rushed backwards. After which, he stomped on the ground and straightened his body. He looked at the Heavy Xuan Ruler, only to be surprised to discover that a shallow palm imprint was actually being left behind.

Although the palm imprint was not deep, it was still quite shocking to Xiao Yan. The Heavy Xuan Ruler had been his weapon all these while. He could not be more certain of the hardness of the latter. However, this old ghost Zhai Xing was the first one who was able to leave a palm imprint on it.

“What a tough fellow…” The space a couple of dozens of feet in front of Xiao Yan became distorted. Old ghost Zhai Xing’s figure slowly appeared. He glanced at the heavy ruler in XIao Yan’s hand and smiled faintly.

Xiao Yan’s eyes cautiously looked at this old fellow. At this moment, he must first leave this Lock Soul hall. Things might be much easier once he reached the outside and obtain the help from Little Fairy Doctor and the rest. If he continued to to be entangled in this place, he would sooner or later be exhausted to death by this old fellow. Even Xiao Yan, who had activated the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, would not be able to block an attack of that level many times.

“Ke ke, do not play any tricks. Those are useless in front of absolute strength…”

Old ghost Zhai Xing laughed, appearing to be aware of what Xiao Yan was thinking. After which, his toes pressed on the ground and he charged towards Xiao Yan like an arrow that had left its bow. This time around, the smile on his face had clearly become much denser. Clearly, he did not intend to continue dragging it out with Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan also sensed the change of old ghost Zhai Xing. Silver glow flashed under his feet and his body rushed backwards. When he was pulling back, a purple-brown flame swiftly gathered onto his palm. After which, it rapidly transformed into an exquisite fire lotus. A wave of extremely wild and violent energy spread out from the fire lotus.

After his Spiritual Strength broke through to the soul state, the rate at which Xiao Yan agglomerated the Fire Lotus Flame also became increasingly smooth. The fire lotus could be formed with just a thought.

Xiao Yan ruthlessly tossed the purple-brown fire lotus towards old ghost Zhai Xing after it appeared. After which, his swiftly withdrawing figure became even faster.


The fire lotus suddenly exploded like a thunder when it was only five feet away from old ghost Zhai Xing. It resounded over the sky and a terrifying fire wave swept out. It shook some of the sky supporting pillars in this large hall until numerous crack lines that were visible to the naked eye appeared. The entire square was destroyed until it was a mess.

Xiao Yan did not relax even a little after the fire lotus exploded. He was aware that by just relying on this kind of Angry Buddha Lotus Flame, it would not be possible to truly kill old ghost Zhai Xing.

His expectations was not wrong. Soon after the fire lotus explosion occurred, an elder figure slowly walked out from the fire wave. Xiao Yan glanced and found that it was old ghost Zhai Xing. However, the latter’s clothes had been torn at this moment. At a glance, he appeared a little miserable. Clearly, the might of the fire lotus had exceeded his expectations.

“You are indeed worthy of being someone from the Xiao clan. With just the strength of a nine star Dou Zong, you are able to display such a powerful attack…” Old ghost Zhai Xing started at Xiao Yan. A dense expression flashed over his face.

Xiao Yan’s expression did not change. A glow flashed over his eyes as his foot suddenly stomped onto the ground. His body rose and numerous purple-brown fire glow surged out from within his body and shot out explosively.

“Clang clang!”

The fire glow shot out and ruthlessly hacked onto the dense chains that were hanging in the midair within the large hall. These chains were not as troublesome as the chains that had trapped Yao Lao. All of them cracked with the flame hacking over them, After which, the countless number of light clusters within the large hall quietly broke apart. Numerous painful and lost looking souls slowly opened their eyes..

These souls were stunned for a moment after they opened their eyes. After which, he suddenly understood something. Immediately, a screech resounded over the place and all of them fled out of the large hall in a chaotic fashion.

“You are seeking death!”

Old ghost Zhai Xing had a change in expression when he saw that Xiao Yan actually dared to release so many souls. His body moved and transformed into a ray of light that rushed towards the latter.


Xiao Yan let out a cold snort as he watched old ghost Zhai Xing rushing over with a killing aura all over his body. He clenched his hand and three purple-black beads appeared within it. Surprisingly, it was the Fire Lightning Bead that Xiao Yan had refined using those Three Thousand Burning Flame within the star region.

Swoosh swoosh!

Xiao Yan swung his arm. Three Fire Lightning Beads formed a triangular shape as they rushed over towards old ghost Zhai Xing. After which, they suddenly exploded when they were around ten feet from the latter.


A frightening air wave was suddenly blasted apart in the midair. Quite a number of those surrounding black chains were broken. Immediately, souls began to dance within the entire large hall. After which, they swarmed and fled out of the hall.

Old ghost Zhai Xing rushed out forcefully from within the frightening air wave. At this moment, there was vaguely some dense fury on his face. These strange tactics of Xiao Yan caused even him to suffer some loss.

“Bastard! These souls have all fled. In that case, I will take you as compensation!”

“Star Plucking Hand!”

There was a black vapor lingering over old ghost Zhai Xing’s face. His right hand had suddenly swelled at this moment. After which, his body moved and he appeared in front of Xiao Yan in a ghost like fashion. His large hand suddenly grabbed and the surrounding space around Xiao Yan solidified. Immediately, the latter could only just watch this large hand being swiftly magnified in front of him.

“Little fellow Xiao Yan, it’s over!”

Old ghost Zhai Xing revealed a ferocious smile on his face. Immediately, he clenched his hand abruptly. The space around Xiao Yan collapsed almost instantly…

When the space collapsed, the blurry blood and flesh that old ghost Zhai Xing expected did not appear. That body of Xiao Yan emitted a ‘bang’ in his eyes and turned into nothingness.


This scene caused old ghost Zhai Xing to be stunned. Since when did the strength of the Star Plucking Hand become this terrifying?

“No, this is a fake!”

However, this old ghost Zhai Xing was also an extremely old and experienced person. He abruptly recovered after being startled for a moment in his head. His eyes hurriedly turned towards the exit of the Lock Soul Hall. A figure had already fled from that spot like an agile monkey. From the appearance of the back, who else could it be but Xiao Yan?

The expression of old ghost Zhai Xing was so gloomy that it was frightening after he saw Xiao Yan’s figure disappearing. He did not expect that he would actually be fooled by a younger generation in such a manner today!

“Xiao Yan, the old me shall see just where you can run to today!”

A low and deep furious roar instantly resounded within the interior of the large hall.

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