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Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222: Old Ghost Zhai Xing

This was the first time that Xiao Yan had personally see Yao Lao ever since the latter was captured back then. That white haired elderly form no longer had the calmness of back then. All it had was a weakness of an extremely old man. All of these was the source of Xiao Yan’s heartache.

Yao Lao’s life might not be harmed during these years that he had landed in the hands of the Hall of Souls. However, it was clear that he did not live well.

When Xiao Yan knelt down on the ground, the eyes of Yao Lao, who was within the light cluster, trembled slightly. After which, he slowly opened them. Turbid eyes looked at the redden eyes of the young man in front of him. He was startled for a moment before a weak pleased smile slowly surfaced on his face. His voice was hoarse as he said, “Little fellow… has finally grown up…”

Xiao Yan could be said to merely be a youth with a soaring zeal and sharp edges when they parted back then. However, within these couple of years, the youth back then had already grown until such an extent.

This short sentence caused the heartache Xiao Yan felt to reach its peak. He rubbed his eyes and swiftly adjusted his mood. Currently, he was in an extremely dangerous place and did not have much time to catch up. Everything could be discussed after he successfully leave the Death Soul Mountain Range.

Xiao Yan slowly stood up. His eyes swept around the light cluster. After which, he extended his hand and placed it onto the light cluster. Vast and mighty Spiritual Strength immediately surged out from between his brows like floodwaters. An invisible ripple appeared on the light cluster. The ripple spread out from the spot in contact with Xiao Yan’s palm before covering the entire light cluster.

“This Spiritual Strength… possess some scent of the Soul State.” Although Yao Lao was currently extremely weak, he still possessed his experience. The moment Xiao Yan displayed his Spiritual Strength, Yao Lao immediately sensed a familiar feeling from within it. A surprise quickly flashed across his eyes. Immediately, he felt even more pleased. The achievement Xiao Yan currently had far exceeded his expectations. After he was captured back then, the only thing that he was worried was that Xiao Yan would have no one to instruct him, resulting in his state being unable to advance. From the looks of it now, it seemed that had underestimated Xiao Yan’s potential.


Xiao Yan cried out in a deep voice. A cold glint flashed over Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at the increasingly dense invisible ripples on the light cluster.


After his voice sounded, the light cluster immediately trembled and emitted a ‘bang’ and cracked apart amidst a slight sound.

“Teacher, are you alright?” Xiao Yan hurriedly helped Yao Lao up from the ground after breaking the light cluster. His eyes immediately looked at the four enormous python like black chains. His fist involuntarily tightened. These bastards from the Hall of Souls…

“These are the Lock Soul Chains. They are specially used to restrain souls. This thing is extremely hard. It is not easy to destroy it…” Yao Lao looked at the chains that lingered over his limbs and involuntarily laughed. He said, “However, these fellows really think very highly of the old me. They actually used such a large one…”

Xiao Yan knitted his brows slightly. His hand rubbed over the metal chain and a kind of dark and dense chillness erupted along his palm. However, these dark and dense aura had just entered his body when it was refined into nothingness by the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame.


Xiao Yan’s palm grabbed the chain. Purple-brown flame immediately

erupted from his palm. After which, it burned the dark black metal chain until the latter emitted waves of white smoke.

“This is…” Yao Lao was startled when he saw the purple-brown flame on Xiao Yan’s palm. Immediately, he understood something. A joy surged within his eyes as he softly asked, “You have swallowed another Heavenly Flame?”

“Yes, it’s the Three Thousand Burning Flame.” Xiao Yan laughed.

“Looks like your encounters during these years are also extraordinary…” Yao Lao sighed emotionally. An ordinary alchemist might not even find a single Heavenly Flame in their entire lifetime. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan was able to find it time and time again.

Xiao Yan smiled. The purple-brown flame on his hand was suddenly strengthened. Terrifying high temperature directly burned and scattered the black colour on the metal chain. Moreover, those strange symbols on the metal chain were also scattered at this moment.


Xiao Yan clenched his hand violently after the symbols disappeared. The metal chain was forcefully cracked apart. Xiao Yan felt a slight joy when he saw that the Three Thousand Lotus Heart Flame had such strength. He hurriedly continued in this manner and the three others large python like chains were also burned and broken.

Xiao Yan removed the burned chains from Yao Lao. Having lost these strange things, the weak expression between Yao Lao’s brows was slightly reduced. Although his body was still weary, he was much better as compared to before.

Yao Lao gently exercised his wrist. He looked at the strange chains that had finally been removed from his body. He lamented a little at that moment. It was unexpected that he, Yao Chen, would actually really have a chance to escape.

“Let’s go. This Hall of Soul is extremely strange and unpredictable. It is best to leave first.” Yao Lao looked around him. This Lock Soul Hall was still filled with a dense sinister aura. It also emitted a rich scent of death.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His eyes suddenly glanced at the light clusters that filled the huge hall. A cold glint flashed in his eyes as he said, “Since I am here, I should also destroy this place and allow these souls to escape. This will also create some chaos for the Hall of Soul.”

Xiao Yan clenched his hand after uttering these words. The purple-brown flame was extended, transforming into a fire whip. The whip shook and it drew an arc across the midair before violently being swung at those black chains in the midair of the large hall.

However, these fire whips were about to make contact with the black chains in the midair when the space suddenly solidified. The fire whip appeared to have stuck onto a spatial wall, emitted a clear sound before it rebounded.

“There are still experts from the Hall of Souls. Quick, leave!”

Yao Lao spoke in a deep voice. His expression changed slightly when he saw this scene.

Xiao Yan recovered almost instantly the moment that invisible spatial wall had appeared. There was no need for Yao Lao’s reminder. He grabbed Yao Lao and his body transformed into a thunderbolt that rushed towards the exterior of the large hall.

“Ha ha, Yao Chen, you have found a good disciple. He actually really dares to come to my Hall of Souls to snatch a person. Even the old me has to praise this boldness…”

Xiao Yan’s figure withdrew explosively while a laughter suddenly resounded over the interior of the large hall. Immediately, the space where Xiao Yan was withdrawing towards suddenly became distorted and turned into an invisible barrier…


Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly upon sensing the barrier that was formed behind him. His foot stomped on the ground and he forcefully stabilized his body. After which, he raised his head, only to see a grayish-white clothed old man in the midair that was covered with black chains. The latter’s feet were stepping on a chain as he smilingly looked towards them.

“This person is actually also a Dou Zun?” Xiao Yan glanced over and his heart immediately sunk. The thing that he was most worried about had still occurred. The experts from the Hall of Souls guarding this place did not only comprise of the five Dou Zuns from the intelligence that they had gathered…

“Old ghost Zhai Xing? You are actually also here?” Yao Lao looked at this old man. His expression changed slightly as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Ha ha, the hall chief values you greatly. Therefore, he has also dispatched me here. It is just that you did not discover me.” The old man who was called old ghost Zhai Xing smiled slightly. After which, he looked towards Xiao Yan and said, “Moreover, the old me was planning to fish for a big one…”

“You knew that I would come?” Xiao Yan asked with a cold smile.

“It is something that will happen sooner or later…” old ghost Zhai Xing laughed and replied, “You are the big fish. The hall chief’s interest in you is even greater than Yao Chen. Of course, I am referring to that ‘key’ of the Xiao clan. That thing should be with you. Although your father refuse to say anything even if he is beaten to death, the most outstanding person in the current Xiao clan is you. It will be safest if the key is placed with you.”


Xiao Yan’s heart trembled slightly. A dense killing intent surged within his eyes. These bastards from the Hall of Soul. It seemed that they had hurt all of his kins!

“Do not fight with him. Leave first. You are no match for him.” Yao Lao spoke in a deep voice when he saw that dense expression of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan gritted his teeth and nodded. This old ghost Zhai Xing always had a smiling manner. However, Xiao Yan could sense that this person was even more terrifying that Old Mu Gu. Today, he could be considered to have fallen into a truly dangerous environment. If he did not go all out, forget about bringing Yao Lao away, even he himself would end up falling at this place.

“Since the old me has already revealed myself, how can I allow you to leave safely?” old ghost Zhai Xing laughed. His old white hand was extended from under his sleeves. Vast and mighty black fog surged and instantly agglomerated into a hundred feet large black fog handprint. A palm was slammed violently onto Xiao Yan.

“Hoot hoot.”

Xiao Yan’s expression changed a little upon hearing the frightening rushing wind sound that was transmitted over. His hand seal also began to hurriedly change.

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. First change! Second change! Third change!”

A cold cry hurriedly sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart. His aura also soared abruptly at this moment. Purple-brown flame spluttered out from his palm and transformed into a fire dragon. It let out a roar and violently collided with that palm.


An earthshaking explosion resounded within the interior of the large hall. Frightening air wave forcefully broke some of the black chains nearby. Some light clusters were also sent flying. When the light clusters cracked apart, they revealed some spiritual bodies, which faces still had some pain and loss remaining on them.

The air wave spread. Xiao Yan also steadily took over a dozen steps back. Blood churned within his body as a solemn expression flashed over his eyes. The strength of this old ghost Zhai Xing was really terrifying. Base on his guess, it had at least reach the level of five stars. In other words, this old fellow should be the so called Tianzun from the Hall of Soul.

“This old ghost has the strength of a peak five star Dou Zun. Do not fight him head on!” Yao Lao swiftly said after seeing Xiao Yan being forced back.

“Teacher, enter the ring. Leave the rest to me!” Xiao Yan said in a deep voice.

Yao Chen was startled when he heard this. He immediately nodded. After which, his body moved and transformed into a light that rushed into the dark black ring on Xiao Yan’s finger. If he was at his peak, it would naturally not be difficult to defeat this old ghost Zhai Xing. However, his current condition was extremely weak and he was unable to aid Xiao Yan. All he would do was to become the latter’s burden.

A fierce glint was revealed in Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw Yao Lao enter the ring. No matter who it was that stopped him today, he would definitely bring Yao Lao away from this terrible place!

He would kill anyone who stop him!

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