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Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219: Giant Hall

Feng zun-zhe and the rest were immediately stunned upon hearing Zi Yan’s words. They saw the docile manner of the Stone Swallowing Ant Queen that was rumoured to be incomparably fierce and their hearts seemed to have understood something. Their eyes looked at Zi Yan in a strange manner before softly speaking, “The old me really has terrible eyesight. It is unexpected that this little girl is also someone who hides her skills.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He was much better as compared to the shock that Feng zun-zhe and the others face. Zi Yan’s identity was something that he was already clearly aware of. The Ancient Void Dragon was known to reign supreme amongst all beast. The pressure that originated from the bloodlines did indeed possess a kind of unknown deterrence towards these low rank Magical Beasts.

Due to Zi Yan, the originally tensed atmosphere had suddenly become relaxed. Xiao Yan’s body moved and he appeared a short distance from Zi Yan. His eyes curiously observed the so called Stone Swallowing Ant Queen.

The Ant Queen was dark gold in coloured. There were eight onion skin like wings on its back. Its enormous mouth had serrated sharp teeth that caused one to feel a chillness in one’s heart. If one was bitten by this thing, it was likely that he would end up with quite a miserable fate.

While Xiao Yan was observing this Stone Swallowing Ant Queen, the latter also appeared to have sensed him. Its eight wings were flapped slightly as it revealed its ferocious large mouth that was covered with sharp teeth towards Xiao Yan.

“There is no need to be afraid, no need to be afraid…” Zi Yan’s small hand patted the Ant Queen. Only then did the latter felt a little more secured. However, those eyes of it still contained a fierce glint when looking towards Xiao Yan. This kind of Magical Beast was extremely fierce and brutal. If it was not because it was suppressed by Zi Yan’s dragon might, it was likely that it would have become violent and injure someone.

“This thing knows where the Hall of Souls is located?” Feng zun-zhe also floated over. He spoke with some joy after glancing at the Ant Queen.

“Yes.” Zi Yan nodded. After which, she glanced at Xiao Yan and said, “Should we get moving now?”

Xiao Yan mused for a moment. He exchanged glances with Feng zun-zhe before nodding. Speed was valued in battle. They had already roamed this forest for a period of time. If they continued to stop, they would sooner or later be discovered by those from the Hall of Souls.

“Follow me.”

Zi Yan began moving after seeing this situation. She took the lead in rushing towards the mountain range that was permeated by cold fog. Xiao Yan and the others hurriedly followed from behind.

This time around, the speed of Xiao Yan’s group had clearly been raised significantly with the Ant Queen leading them. Moreover, their attention need not be diverted to find their path. Hence, after less than half an hour, they had ventured deep into the mountain belly.


Zi Yan, who was leading the way through the forest that was covered by cold fog in front, suddenly stopped. She indicated for Xiao Yan’s group not to make any noise.

Although Xiao Yan’s group felt some uncertainty when they saw this, they still remained quiet as they were told. Their eyes cautiously swept around them.

After everyone became quiet, the Ant Queen on Zi Yan’s back suddenly emitted a slight strange sonic wave. After which, this sonic wave spread like a ripple.

“Bam bam bam…”

A few seconds after this sonic wave was emitted, Xiao Yan’s group discovered numerous black figures falling down from the surrounding cold fog. After which, they landed on the shrivelled

yellow grass. Their bodies were covered with fist size black coloured ants. These ants firmly bite on their throats, completely blocking their voices.

The eyes of the entire group looked over, only to be surprised to discover that these black figures were actually palm size small black birds. The size of these birds were very small and they were hidden within the cold fog. Even with Xiao Yan’s perception, he had never discovered them.

“These are the eyes of the Hall of Souls. As long as there is any activity, they will use sound waves to transmit informations. If we do not completely eliminate them, our trail will be captured by the Hall of Souls.” Zi Yan explained to Xiao Yan’s group.

Xiao Yan and the rest involuntarily emitted some cold sweat when they heard this. This Hall of Souls was indeed strange. They had actually groomed these small things to be their eyes. How could can an ordinary person expect this? If it was not because of the Ant Queen leading them this time around, it was likely that the Hall of Souls would have already set a trap for them to jump into by the time they reached the branch hall.

“The communication birds nearby has already been quietly removed by the Stone Swallowing Demon Ants. There is no need to be worried. Additionally, the Hall of Souls is a short distance away. All of you should be careful…” Zi Yan spoke softly.

The hearts of Xiao Yan’s group tensed upon hearing her words. Dou Qi began to quietly circulate within their bodies as they prepared to handle all sudden situations anytime.

After finishing off these hidden eyes of the Hall of Souls, Zi Yan once again led the way. They continued to transverse through the mountain range in this manner for around ten minutes or so before she finally came to a stop. After which, she sighed softly and whispered, “We have arrived…”

Xiao Yan’s footsteps suddenly became faster when he heard this. Only then did he discovered that the fog here had actually become much thinner for some unknown reason. The spot where they were currently located was an extremely tall and steep slope. At the end of this slope was a large valley with its four sides facing the mountains. The interior of the valley was a thousand feet large black hall. It was just like a prostrating prehistoric fierce beast that was spreading a terrifying aura that chilled one’s heart within the darkness/

“This… is the Hall of Souls huh…”

Xiao Yan involuntarily inhaled a breath of cool air as he looked at the incomparably large building within the valley. This Hall of Souls was actually able to create such a big thing within this deep secluded mountain forest. They were indeed quite powerful…

Feng zun-zhe and the rest also walked over from behind Xiao Yan. They glanced at the large black hall within the valley and an excitement surged into their eyes. At the same time, some seriousness also appeared in them. Next, it would be the time where they truly battle it out…

“Wait, a spatial barrier has been placed in this place…”

Xiao Yan gradually recovered his calmness. Suddenly he discovered that the sky above the valley a short distance away had some distortion. He immediately frowned and softly said.

“Leave the spatial barrier to me. I am able to tear it open without alerting those inside…” Zi Yan said.

“Old Feng, can you sense just how many elite Dou Zuns are present inside this large hall?” Xiao Yan nodded slightly before turning his head and asking Feng zun-zhe.

Feng zun-zhe shut his eyes. A moment later, he opened them and softly said, “The information is right. I sense five hidden auras. Clearly, they are all Dou Zun class experts. I have also sensed more than ten Dou Zongs. There are also quite a number of even weaker auras…”

Xiao Yan’s heart quietly sighed in relief upon hearing this. Five Dou Zuns. This lineup might be extremely powerful but they were at the very least able to deal with it.

“When the spatial barrier is opened, we will first release some Stone Swallowing Demon Ant into it and bite all those fellows to death…” The excited manner of Zi Yan by the side caused Xiao Yan and the rest to become speechless. She was really a little monster.

“Five Dou Zuns. The four of us can barely block them. Xiao Yan shall take the opportunity to enter the Hall of Souls and find Yao Chen. Take him away immediately after you find him. We cannot stay for long. No one can guarantee whether the Hall of Souls will have any swift reinforcements.” Feng zun-zhe spoke in a deep voice.

“You will not be only able to barely block them once you include this.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He flicked his finger and the Sky Demon Puppet appeared beside him. Its dark golden body was not easily discovered under the cover of the fog.

“This is… a Dou Zun class puppet?”

Feng zun-zhe and Tie Jian zun-zhe had a change in their expressions when they saw the Sky Demon Puppet. Their hearts were greatly shaken. It was difficult to imagine that the strength around Xiao Yan had actually become this great during this one year plus time.

“Alright… with this puppet, we will be able to completely delay the five Dou Zuns from the Hall of Souls. The matter of finding Yao Chen will be left to you.”

Xiao Yan’s expression was grave as he nodded. After which, he lifted his chin towards Zi Yan. The latter nodded knowingly. She took two steps forward. A purple light lingered over her finger as she gently pressed it on the distorted space, cutting a ten feet large spacious door. She pushed with her hand and the space quietly turned into nothingness. An invisible spatial door appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s group eyes.


The Ant Queen on Zi Yan’s shoulders once again emitted a strange sonic wave after the spatial door was opened. Immediately, Xiao Yan’s group heard the shuffling sound being transmitted over. After which, the skin on their heads became numb as they saw densely packed black ants swarm over from the forest like floodwaters. Finally, they surged passed Xiao Yan’s group and the rushed into the spatial door.

Under the cover of the faint cold fog, this wave of black ants followed the slope and quickly rushed towards the large black hall within the valley.

“Attack. Regardless of how frightening the Hall of Souls is, we will enact a good show of snatching food from a tiger’s mouth this time around!”

Xiao Yan laughed when he saw the ant tide surging into the valley. He suddenly stood up. A sharp aura slowly spread from within his body. After which, he took the lead to stride into the spatial barrier.

The rescue operation that he had prepared for so many years had finally truly begun at this moment.

There was an enormous square deep within the large black hall. Thousand feet large black stone pillars stood on the square while appearing to support the sky. The stone pillar was covered with countless number of strange symbols. Numerous dark black chains were extended from the stone pillars. They crossed and outline the midair of the square. The end of these metal chains had numerous weak light clusters suspended over them. Within them were surprisingly some illusory spiritual bodies with painful expressions.

The middle territory of this square was a platform that was around a hundred feet from the ground. The surroundings of the platform had four enormous stone pillars. Four tight thick black chains meandered like pythons…

The end of the four chains was an extremely intense light cluster. There was an elderly soul who was seated with his eyes shut within the light cluster. From the looks of it, he was surprisingly Yao Lao, who had fallen into the hands of the Hall of Souls!

At this moment, four strange black chains lingered over the limbs of Yao Lao like a vine. It caused him to be unable to move even a little.

A deathly silence and strangeness covered this entire square. This place was completely filled with a dark denseness and deathly scent.

This silence continued for a period of time before Yao Lao on the platform suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes. At this moment, a trace of extremely familiar aura had appeared within his senses.

The appearance of this aura directly caused Yao Lao to be stunned. A moment later, he inhaled a deep breath of air and slowly raised his head. Those pair of eyes that had been dry for a long time, had some moisture surging it at this moment.

When he had left back then, this aura was still that of a tender young man who required his protection. Now, however, this aura had already grown to such an extent…

The young eagle back then had finally soared to the sky at this moment…

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