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Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218: Stone Swallowing Demon Ant

The Death Soul Mountain Range was located at the north-western region of the Central Plains. This place could also be considered one of the more dangerous place within the Central Plains. It was rumoured that many big battles had erupted in this place a long time ago. An unknown number of skeletons were buried under the soil of the mountain range. Moreover, due to this place having an extremely dense natural cold Qi, it had resulted in this mountain range being covered by a cold fog all year round. One’s Spiritual Strength would even be affected deep within this kind of cold fog. A reckless person might even be trapped to death within this mountain range.

The Death Soul Mountain Range was not very far from the Pill Region. With the speed of Xiao Yan’s group, they were able to reach it in around five days time. After having began their journey, Xiao Yan’s group did not have many stops along the way. They basically continued travelling through the night and day. Under this craziness, the group had already sensed the surrounding temperature beginning to swiftly fall on the afternoon of the fourth day…

“Are we about to arrive…”

Xiao Yan raised his head. His eyes looked into the distance. There was the outline of a mountain range there. However, the exterior of the mountain range was covered by a layer of icy cold fog.

Xiao Yan’s tensed face relaxed a little as he looked at the mountain range, which appeared a little sinister under the cover of the cold fog. They had finally reached the Death Soul Mountain Range.

With their target within close proximity, Xiao Yan waved his hand and slowly landed towards a mountain top within a mountain range.

“We have arrived at the Death Soul Mountain Range. However, everyone should recuperate a little first. The travelling during this period of time has not been easy…” Xiao Yan landed on the mountain top. He looked at Little Fairy Doctor and the rest, who had closely followed behind, and smilingly said.

Zi Yan immediately sat down on the grass below upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. Her pretty face was filled with bitterness. The travelling these few days was really about to take her little life..

“Is this the Death Soul Mountain Range…” Little Fairy Doctor lifted her eyes and looked at the mountain range in the distant that was covered by a cold fog. She softly asked, “Can we directly fly into it?”

“No. The cold fog outside is still alright. However, the further one ventured into it, the denser it would be. If we end up losing our direction at that time, we will end up losing our way inside. Moreover, those cold fog possess quite a number of mysterious Magical Beasts. It will be very easy for us to be ambushed…” Feng zun-zhe looked into the distance and replied.

“Moreover, this Death Soul Mountain Range has a branch hall of the Hall of Souls. No one can guarantee that they do not have some defensive precautions here. It is extremely easy to be discovered if we charge in from the sky.”

In terms of the familiarity of the Central Plains, it was likely that no one else present could be compared with Feng zun-zhe. Moreover, he was also extremely experienced and was far better than Xiao Yan and the rest in this aspect. Hence, no one doubted his words. All of them nodded instead.

“This current season can be considered to be the time when the cold fog of the Death Soul Mountain Range is at its densest. However, we do not have the time to wait until the cold fog becomes thinner. Therefore, we can only enter with this fog…” Feng zun-zhe narrowed his eyes slightly. His gaze swept over the Death Soul Mountain Range as he said, “There are some smaller sects and factions around the Death Soul Mountain Range.

From what I know, most of these factions are controlled by the Hall of Souls. Therefore, we must not allow anyone to discover our trail when we enter. If someone unfortunately sees us…”

“Leave it to me.” Tie Jian zun-zhe by the side spoke in a hoarse voice.

Feng zun-zhe nodded quietly. This operation of theirs was really too important. Anyone who ended up knocking into them could only blame himself for being unlucky.

Everyone recuperated for around half an hour on the mountain top. After which, they stood up in usion. They looked at each other and could see a seriousness within the other party’s eyes. The strength of the Hall of Souls was something that everyone present were clearly aware of. It was not as easy matter to rescue someone from their hands…

“If this operations fails, it is likely that we will no longer have such an opportunity in the future. Therefore… no matter what, we must rescue Yao Chen this time around.” Feng zun-zhe had a grave face as he spoke in a deep voice.

Everyone nodded gently upon hearing this.

“Everyone should remain close after entering the mountain range. Be careful. Let’s go.”

After saying these words, Feng zun-zhe took the lead to move. He became just like a large bird that glided down from the mountain top. After which, he rushed into the vast forest covered by a cold fog. Xiao Yan and the others followed closely behind.

White fog covered the entirety of one’s sight within the forest that was permeated by a cold fog. Visibility was extremely low in this kind of environment. Even if one used one’s Spiritual Perception, one could only sense the area within a hundred metre or so around. It was impossible to extend any further.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The waves of low and deep monster roar that occasionally sounded within the forest that was covered with white fog suddenly had some slight rushing wind sound appearing. Immediately, a couple of agile monkey like figures broke through the cold fog. They rushed forward and swiftly headed towards the deep regions of the mountain range.

As they entered deeper into the mountain range, Xiao Yan and the others also gradually met with some trouble.

The size of the Death Soul Mountain Range was extremely large. Additionally, cold fog permeated the place. It was not easy to find the location of the Hall of Souls from within it. The map that Xuan Kong Zi had given them was of some use initially. However, as they ventured deeper into the mountain range, the use of it became increasingly less. At the end, Xiao Yan’s group could only rely on their own ability to gradually search this place.

By advancing and searching in this manner, their speed was naturally reduced. Moreover, the thing that really caused one to feel depressed was that the effect obtained was not great. This season was when the cold fog of the Death Soul Mountain Range was at its speak. Some of the indicators on the map were also destroyed by this cold fog. It was likely that Xuan Kong Zi and the others had not expected this.

After advancing and searching for a period of time, Feng zun-zhe noticed the cold fog around them gradually becoming dark. He involuntarily frowned slightly and softly said, “Night will arrive soon. We cannot continue travelling. The Magical Beast within the Death Soul Mountain Range are extremely fierce at night. Moreover, they are just like the maggots in one’s bones and are extremely difficult to shake of. If any unusual movement was created, it would not only disturb the other Magical Beast but it would likely also attract the attention of the experts from the Hall of Souls.”

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment upon hearing this but he could only nod his head. Feng zun-zhe’s experience was far from what he could compare with. It was definitely right to listen to him.

Feng zun-zhe made a hand signal to Tie Jian zun-zhe when he saw that no one had any objections. The latter nodded and swung his hand. Some black stuff rushed out from it and flew into the distance.

“These are the stool of some high rank Magical Beast. It is able to stop some Magical Beast from disturbing us. Everyone should rest for tonight. We will continue searching tomorrow. The branch hall of the Hall of Souls will definitely be quite big. Although this mountain range is very large, it is only a matter of time before we find it.” Feng zun-zhe softly comforted.

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. His heart felt a little depressed. Currently, they were fully prepared but they were unable to find their way after arriving at the site. This was really a little comical.

Although Xiao Yan felt depressed in his heart, he did not say anything. He sat down on a tree branch and slowly shut his eyes. The other people, who had travelled for so long, also shut their eyes and rested a little.

The night of the Death Soul Mountain Range was exceptionally dark and cool. Various howls resounded within the mountains. This caused one to feel one’s pores stand.

Beast roars resounded for over half a night within the mountain range before gradually disappearing. Just when everyone were about to sigh in relief, they suddenly heard some shuffling sound being transmitted from the distance.

Feng zun-zhe, who had his eyes tightly shut, suddenly opened them when these sound appeared. His eyes swept over the distant white fog. After which, his face changed a little as he exclaimed, “This is bad. It’s the Stone Swallowing Ant colony?”

Upon hearing the exclamation from Feng zun-zhe, the expressions of Xiao Yan, Tie Jian and the rest also changed slightly.

Stone Swallowing Ant colony. It was a kind of extremely frightening Magical Beast within the Death Soul Mountain Range. This was not due to their strength but because they possessed terrifying numbers that could amount to tens of millions.

The fierce reputation of the Death Soul Mountain Range was partially as a result of the cold fog. However, most of it was because this Death Soul Mountain Range had a kind of Magical Beast. This type of Magical Beast was the Stone Swallowing Demon Ant.

This Stone Swallowing Demon Ant was not of a high rank. They were merely rank three or four. However, the frightening aspect of them was their numbers. This kind of terrifying ant tide that numbered to the tens of millions would swarm over from all directions. Even a rank 8 Magical Beast could only temporarily hide.

Moreover, this kind of Stone Swallowing Demon Ant could swallow any flesh and blood that blocked them. Anywhere within the Death Soul Mountain Range where the Stone Swallowing Demon Ant tide passed would be covered with densely white bones. It was not possible to find even a trace of blood. Any expert who had accidentally entered the mountain range and meet this kind of ant colony would be no different from meeting certain death. If it was not because these Stone Swallowing Demon Ant could only exist within the cold fog, it was likely that no one would dare to even live outside of this mountain range.

The reason that the fierce reputation of the Death Soul Mountain Range would gradually spread over these years was largely credited to these terrifying ant colony.

Xiao Yan’s group had never expected that they would be so unlucky. They had met this kind of troublesome thing just after having entered the Death Soul Mountain Range.

“Prepare to withdraw. Do not engage in a head on collision with these damn things!” Feng zun-zhe quickly got up and spoke in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan and the rest did not dare to slight the situation upon seeing the solemn expression of Feng zun-zhe. They hurriedly got up and were preparing to withdraw when a lovely little figure suddenly rushed down from the tree. After which, she charged into the forest that was covered by a cold fog.

Feng zun-zhe’s expression changed drastically upon seeing this action of Zi Yan. He involuntarily cried out furiously, “What is this girl doing? Is she seeking death?”

“All of you should leave first. I will rescue her.”

“Wait, the voices of the ants had come to a halt…” Little Fairy Doctor’s eyebrows were vertical as she suddenly said.

Feng zun-zhe and the rest were also startled when they heard this. They listened carefully and did indeed realise that the shuffling sound, which left one’s heart cold, had already completely disappeared.


Just when Feng zun-zhe and the rest had a stunned expression, a lovely little figure rushed out from the cold fog without being hurt. After which, the one who appeared on a tree was Zi Yan, who had just ran out by herself earlier. At this moment, a half a foot large golden coloured eight winged large ant was on her shoulder.

“Stone Swallowing Ant Queen?”

Feng zun-zhe’s and Tie Jian zun-zhe’s expressions immediately changed slightly when they saw that gold coloured eight winged large ant.

Zi Yan merely laughed in face of the drastic change of the expressions of Feng zun-zhe’s group.

“Let’s go. This big fellow knows where the Hall of Souls is located…”

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