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Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217: Rescue Mission

The top level of the Pill Tower consisted of an extremely spacious and grand hall. Normally, the great heads of the Pill Tower would only receive guests here when they were VIPs.

At this moment, there were some figures randomly seated within this large hall, that had been vacated for a long time. A female servant was respectfully pouring tea.

“Ke ke, Feng zun-zhe, it has been many years since we have last seen each other. You still have that free and easy manner.” Xuan Kong Zi in the leader’s seat looked at a green-clothed, old man with a smile on his face and laughed.

The green-clothed, old man was naturally Feng zun-zhe, who had traveled non-stop from the Falling Star Pavilion after having received Xiao Yan’s message. He merely shook his head and laughed after hearing Xuan Kong Zi’s words, “How can I be as comfortable as you, a great head? My Falling Star Pavilion is merely a small character when compared to the Pill Tower.”

There was a somewhat old-fashioned man was seated beside Feng zun-zhe. His body was rigid. It was as straight as a spear, giving one a kind a sharp feeling. It was as though the one seated was not a person, but a sword that contained a sharp aura.

“Ke ke, the old me has not left the Pill Region for a long time. May I know who this friend is?” Xuan Kong Zi’s eyes slid to the old-fashioned man as he asked with a smile.

“I have long since forgotten my old name. Subsequently, I have created a name for myself, Tie Jian (Metal Sword)…” This old-fashioned man was polite to Xuan Kong Zi. He cupped his hands together, and his face revealed a somewhat ugly smile.

“Tie Jian? Could it be Tian Jian zun-zhe who washed the Jade Sword Gate in blood five years ago?” Surprise immediately flashed over Xuan Kong Zi’s face as he asked.

The face of the old man Tie Jian moved a little before nodding. Clearly, he did not wish to linger on this topic for long.

“This old fellow’s character is just like this. The enmity between he and the Jade Sword Sect is too deep. It is difficult to explain everything in a short time…” Feng zun-zhe laughed and suddenly swept his eyes over the large hall. He asked, “Where is Xiao Yan? That little fellow has summoned me here. Don’t tell me that he is not even going to show himself?”

“Ke ke, what is old Feng saying? How can this member of the younger generation fool an elder like you.” A soft laugh was transmitted from outside of the large hall when Feng zun-zhe’s voice had just sounded. Immediately, a couple of figures pushed open the door and slowly walked in.

Xiao Yan’s eyes focused on Feng zun-zhe inside the moment he entered the large hall. He immediately sighed in relief. Feng zun-zhe was absolutely necessary for this operation. Therefore, Xiao Yan felt reassured after having personally seen Feng zun-zhe in the hall.

“Nine star Dou Zong?”

Feng zun-zhe swept his eyes over Xiao Yan. The teacup in his hand slightly trembled as he exclaimed in surprised. He clearly remembered that Xiao Yan had only just broken through to the Dou Zong class when they parted ways. How could Xiao Yan’s strength soar to the ninth stars in a little over a year?”

The face of the stern-looking Tie Jian zun-zhe by Feng zun-zhe’s side twitched a little. Some shocked flashed across his calm eyes. Feng zun-zhe had told him in detail about the matters related to Xiao Yan. From the way Feng zun-zhe had spoken, it was obvious that he was extremely pleased with Yao Chen’s disciple. Initially, Tie Jian zun-zhe had not been so sure about Yao Chen’s disciple. However, now that he had looked over Xiao Yan personally, he finally sensed the hidden extraordinariness under this young


“Ke ke, I was merely lucky.”

Xiao Yan laughed as he walked into the large hall. The Little Fairy Doctor, Tian Huo zun-zhe, and the lazy-looking Zi Yan followed behind him. This girl was extremely dissatisfied that Xiao Yan had brought her to meet these old people. Was it not better to allow her to sleep a little longer?

Feng zun-zhe smiled. His eyes shifted before solidifying on the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe without moving. Tian Jian zun-zhe by the side also revealed a grave expression on his old-fashioned face. His eyes were staring intently at those two. Being an elite Dou Zun, he was able to sense that this elderly person and woman seemed to possess a strength that was a little stronger than him.

“Who are these two?” Feng zun-zhe blinked his eyes. From the way he saw it, these two people seemed to have a deep relationship with Xiao Yan. Moreover, the thing that caused him to pay more attention was the strength of the Little Fairy Doctor and Tian Huo zun-zhe. From his senses, these two people had both reached the level of a three star Dou Zun!

“They are all my friends and will also be helpers during this operation. This is Little Fairy Doctor and this is Tian Huo zun-zhe…” Xiao Yan smiled and replied.

Even with Feng zun-zhe’s calmness, his heart involuntarily shook a little when he heard Xiao Yan’s introduction. He had not seen Xiao Yan for slightly over a year, yet his strength had not only soared to the ninth star but two powerful friends with the strength of three star Dou Zuns had appeared beside him. This rapid growth really left one speechless.

“Ugh, he is indeed worthy of being a disciple who caught the eye of that old fellow. One really cannot judge him using common sense…”

Feng zun-zhe bitterly laughed in his heart. Over a year ago, Xiao Yan was merely a young fellow who had just entered the Central Plains. However, now he had already managed to make a name for himself within the Central Plains. News of that earth-shaking competition during the Pill Gathering had already spread across the entire Central Plains region. Bases on Feng zun-zhe guess, it was likely that the expressions of the Wind Lightning Pavilion would be quite interesting after hearing the news. A tier 8 alchemist guru was not someone one could offend.

“This is Tie Jian zun-zhe. He is also a helper that I have found. Ugh, some of out friends in the past withdrew after hearing that we are planning to oppose the Hall of Souls. I am also unable to use any force. These people have their own factions behind them. They are afraid they might anger the Hall of Souls and that they would retaliate by washing their factions in blood.”

Feng zun-zhe sighed. After which, he pointed at Tie Jian zun-zhe by his side and said, “This Tie Jian zun-zhe is alone and does not have any relations. Back then, he also owed a great favor to Yao Chen. Otherwise, he would not have been able to avenge his blood feud. He had taken the initiative to follow me when he heard that I was going to rescue Yao Chen.”

Xiao Yan quietly nodded when he heard this. It seemed that Feng zun-zhe had been quite active during this period of time. However, the Hall of Souls was too strong. Even Dou Zun class experts would not dare to offend them. Nevertheless, Xiao Yan’s heart felt some admiration for this Tie Jian zun-zhe since he was able to step forward and lend as hand. Making a perfect situation more perfect might be unfortunate, but delivering help when it was needed was truly considered a treasure.

“Xiao Yan shall represent teacher while thanking Tie Jian zun-zhe for his righteousness.” Xiao Yan’s expression was grave as he faced Tie Jian zun-zhe, cupped his hands together, and thanked him.

“The reason I managed to have my revenge was because of Yao Chen’s aid. Now that I have taken my revenge, I do not have anything left to be worry about. As long as that old fellow can escape and allow me to return this big favor, barging into the Hall of Souls is nothing. I also wish to meet those fellows who are neither ghosts nor humans…” Tie Jian zun-zhe’s voice was somewhat hoarse as he spoke.

Xiao Yan was silent when he heard the tone of this person, which appeared as though he had already tossed aside everything. The kind of people who could randomly toss themselves aside was the most terrifying. Fortunately, this person was standing on their side during this operation.

“Xuan Kong Zi has already informed us about the news relating to Yao Chen. I have been finding helpers during this period of time and did not notice that the Hall of Souls had already shifted Yao Chen’s prison. Otherwise, we might have ended up alerting them if we charged to Ming City.” Feng zun-zhe fondled his beard and softly commented.

“However, I did not expect them to transfer him to the Death Soul Mountain Range. The terrain there is complicated since the cold fog is so dense. If they made a mistake and let someone flee into the deep mountains covered in cold fog, it is likely that even the Hall of Souls would have difficulty finding him. It looks like they are worried that Yao Chen will be rescued by someone.”

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. He said, “We do not have sufficient time. Moreover, we do not know if the Hall of Souls will receive some news and quietly transfer teacher away. If that happens, all of our effort will be wasted.”

“Ugh, we must indeed quickly resolve such a matter. Otherwise things may change if more time elapses.” Feng zun-she nodded in agreement. After which, he looked to Xiao Yan and asked, “When do you plan to leave?”

“We’ll leave tomorrow!”

Xiao Yan replied in a deep voice. Currently, all the helpers had been gathered. Adding Feng zun-zhe and Tie Jian zun-zhe, their group already possessed five Dou Zuns. Adding Xiao Yan’s explosive fighting strength, they would be able to fight against six Dou Zuns. This lineup was already quite strong within the Central Plains. As long as no unexpected changes occurred, Xiao Yan felt a seventy percent confidence that he would be able to rescue Yao Lao from the hands of the Hall of Souls.

Feng zun-zhe was slightly startled when he heard Xiao Yan’s departure time. After which, he slowly nodded. He was similarly aware that this kind of thing should not be delayed for too long. Although leaving tomorrow might appear a little rushed, speed was important in a battle. They could catch the Hall of Souls off-guard, snatch the person, and swiftly leave. By the time the experts from the Hall of Souls hurried over, they would only be able to stare at the situation.

“In that case, we will do as you say and leave tomorrow!”

Xuan Kong Zi was also startled as he looked at Xiao Yan and Feng zun-zhe, who had swiftly decided the time they would act. He helplessly nodded as he stood up and said, “Since all of you have already decided, the old me shall wish all of you a successful operation!”

“We’ll receive old Xuan’s auspicious words.”

Xiao Yan laughed. A stern glint suddenly surged into his dark-black eyes. He had worked so hard for so many years for this day. Now, it was finally time for him to act!

“Teacher, wait for disciple. This time around, I will definitely rescue you from the hands of the Hall of Souls!”

When the first ray of sunlight cut through the darkness and landed on the ground the next day, a couple of figures quietly rushed out of the Pill Tower without attracting anyone’s attention. They disappeared into the sky within a couple of flashes.

Wind sounded on the top of a mountain outside of Holy Pill City. A couple of figures appeared from empty space before landing on the mountain peak.

“Let’s go…”

Xiao Yan counted them. His expression was instantly covered with stern seriousness. With a low cry, his body was the first to turn into a blurry black line that shot into the distant sky in a lightning-like fashion. After which, Feng zun-zhe, the Little Fairy Doctor, and the rest closely followed.

The rescue mission had finally begun at this moment!

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