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Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189: Five-colored Pill Lightning!

“The thundercloud in the sky has begun to change!”

A cry of disbelief suddenly resounded over the sky. Immediately, countless numbers of gazes firmly focused on the thundercloud above Xiao Yan’s head. People as the original Pill Lightning began to change with the churning of the thundercloud…

The expressions of a countless number of people were just stunned as they looked at this strange scene. Xiao Yan had actually done it…

“Good fellow, very incredible!”

Some people finally recovered in front of the stunned gazes of the countless number of people. They immediately cried out in an excited manner. Today, Xiao Yan had allowed them to witness a miracle!


Cao Ying’s heart had risen to her throat earlier, but it finally fell as she stood on a distant stone platform Her hand patted her full chest, which was rising and falling. A beautiful and bewitching smile quietly appeared on her face.

“He has really succeeded…”

Even Xuan Kong Zi and the other important people on the tall stage were somewhat absent-minded at this moment. Their eyes were stunned as they watched the young figure on the stone platform. An envious expression involuntarily surfaced in Xuan Kong Zi’s eyes as he softly said, “I really envy that old fellow Yao Chen. He was able to find such an outstanding disciple…”

“The situation has begun to change again. Next, we will just have to see just where Xiao Yan reaches. He is destined to be the main character in this Pill Gathering. Ha ha, it’s just like that old fellow back then…” The pretty woman slightly nodded and laughed.

Those around also nodded upon hearing her words. Their eyes immediately looked to the thundercloud gathered in the sky with some anxiety. The situation they had thought was a foregone conclusion had been shaken by Xiao Yan. However, they still needed to wait for the change in the thundercloud to establish the final result…

“How is this possible?”

Compared to the joy of Xuan Kong Zi’s group, the expression of Old Mu Gu had instantly sunk. He had not imagined that Xiao Yan would be able to rely on his own strength to shake this situation. A situation Old Mu Gu thought had already been finalized!

“This person will definitely be a great enemy of the Hall of Souls in the future!”

A rich killing intent suddenly surged into the heart of Old Mu Gu while his expression was dark and gloomy. Xiao Yan was able to reach this stage at such an age. If he were given enough time, would he not end up becoming an ultimate existence of this world?

Old Mu Gu inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the churning killing intent within his heart. His expression was dark and cold as he stared at Xiao Yan. After which, he glanced at the churning thundercloud in the sky as hr muttered to himself, “Although this skill of this brat is a little unexpected, it might not be able to surpass the old me. It is a little too early to act pleased now!”

Xiao Yan stood on the stone platform and looked down at the sea of people that stretched all the way to the edge of one’s sight. Immediately, his eyes swung to Old Mu Gu. His somewhat pale-white face revealed a cold smile. He rubbed off the blood trace on the corner of his mouth before returning his gaze to the sky.

Thunderclouds rolled around the vast and mighty sky. The sky had been forcefully split into a couple of different sections. Each section was occupied by a bright and colorful thundercloud. Powerful lightning lingered in the sky, causing the skin of quite a number of people to chill. When these bolts of lightning in the sky randomly fell, it was likely that many unlucky fellows would be blasted t

o the point where even their corpse disappeared.

Two thundercloud segments were the largest. One of them was the four-colored thundercloud of Old Mu Gu while the other was still churning. The churning thundercloud was Xiao Yan’s three-colored thundercloud, which had undergone a transformation due to the spiritual aura that Xiao Yan had added…

The churning of the three-colored thundercloud became intense above the gazes below. At a certain moment, a thread of golden light finally appeared in a sudden manner…

“It has appeared. The fourth color has appeared!”

The golden light was extremely dazzling. The moment it appeared, this light was detected tons of people. Immediately, a soul-stirring cheer resonated over the stages.

Old Mu Gu’s heart slightly sank when he saw this scene from the stone platform. The fists in his sleeves were tightened.

The golden light brightened under the focus of a countless number of excited eyes. In the end, the brightness caught up with Old Mu Gu’s four-colored thundercloud. Even the richness of the color had become similar to it!

After the golden light completely appeared, everyone thought this would be the end, but they were suddenly shocked to discover that the churning of the thundercloud did not come to a stop.


The people present had gained a simple understanding of the thunderclouds after the many experiences from earlier. They naturally knew that this meant the Pill Lightning’s energy had yet to stabilize. There was still something brewing within the churning cloud…

The thundercloud churned and the entire plaza had strangely descended into silence. Everyone held their breaths, and their eyes appeared to be fixed to the thundercloud. If this thundercloud were to reveal even a hint of color at this moment, it was likely that the champion of this Pill Gathering would transfer from Old Mu Gu to Xiao Yan!


Everyone raised their heads. Their throats rolled, emitting wave after wave of saliva sounds.

An anxious atmosphere covered the entire stadium. At this moment, even Cao Ying’s group could not resist clenching their hands. The heartbeats in their chests had suddenly become faster.

Old Mu Gu was also staring at the churning thundercloud in the sky from the stone platform. His face was a little distorted. His eyes turned to Xiao Yan in the distance. However, he only saw Xiao Yan standing there with his hands behind him. Xiao Yan’s relaxed demeanor caused his heart to abruptly sink!

An unusually terrifying, thunderous might suddenly surged while an uneasiness surged within Old Mu Gu’s heart. After which, it scattered across the sky!

“Not good!”

Old Mu Gu’s expression suddenly turned white when the thunderous might appeared. He suddenly raised his head, only to see the churning thundercloud slowly come to a halt. A moment later, the cloud churned and a wisp of a purple light quietly penetrated the cloud layer with a gold-like radiance. It dyed the thundercloud a faint-purple color!

The purple color had just appeared when the thundercloud turned into a five-colored Pill Lightning!


The quiet stadium started boiling at this moment. Countless numbers of excited people’s faces turned red. Their cheers reverberated in an earth-shaking manner. Holy Pill City trembled under this sonic wave.

Five-colored Pill Lightning!

This kind of legendary thing had finally appeared in front of their eyes at this moment. How could this not cause them to be agitated and excited?

Everyone knew that the victor of this Pill gathering had been decided!

Numerous heated eyes from all around were looked on the skinny figure standing on a stone platform in the sky. The degree of heat had reached a crazy level. Who could have possibly imagined that the foregone conclusion of the Pill Gathering would make a complete reversal because of a young man in his twenties!

From today on, the name Xiao Yan would completely resonate over the entire Central Plains region!

Cao Ying’s pretty eyes also contained some excitement as she stared at the young man, whose expression had remained calm despite being the focus of tens of thousands of gazes. An unusual glint twinkled deep within her pretty eyes. The twinkling let anyone who witnessed it know that this witch, the person the Cao clan was most proud of, had begun to feel a warmth…

Of course, no one could deny that Xiao Yan possesses a charm that no one could match at this moment. It was something brought about by success.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief within his heart after the five-colored thundercloud was formed. His tensed nerves relaxed at this moment. Waves of dizziness were transmitted to the rest of his body from his head. That so-called spiritual enhancement method had really exhausted his Spiritual Strength…


Old Mu Gu’s face was green as he looked at the five-colored thundercloud in the sky. His dark, dense eyes suddenly swung to Xiao Yan. His fist was clenched until it emitted a cracking sound. His victory had been in reach, but it was shattered by Xiao Yan. How could Old Mu Gu not become furious?

The moment the five-colored thundercloud appeared, Old Mu Gu understood that the champion spot had distanced itself from him.

“Hu, hu…”

A rough breathing was emitted from the nostrils of Old Mu Gu. He eyes gained a dense killing intent as he stared at Xiao Yan. However, just as his desire to kill had reached its peak, icy-cold eyes suddenly swept over, causing the killing intent within his heart to instantly shatter. His head turned, only to see Xuan Kong Zi using an ice-cold gaze to stare at him from a tall platform.

The corner of Old Mu Gu’s mouth twitched after recovering some parts of his consciousness. He hurriedly suppressed the killing intent within his heart. If he dared to attack Xiao Yan now, he knew that Xuan Kong Zi would kill him on the spot!

“Brat, you better pray that you will not end up in the hands of the old me in the future. Otherwise, I will definitely let you taste what it means to suffer a fate worse than death, unable to die!”

The lips of Old Mu Gu moved slightly as his vicious eyes returned to Xiao Yan. A dark and dense voice was suddenly emitted.

Old Mu Gu’s vicious voice was suddenly transmitted to Xiao Yan’s ear, causing his brows to twitch. He turned his head to look at Old Mu Gu. However, a warm smile suddenly surfaced on his face. He extended his hand with his thumb up before gently turning it upside down, directing his gesture to Old Mu Gu.

“I have already told you that you are not qualified for teacher to act.”

Xiao Yan’s lips moved after his thumb pointed down. A faint laugh was suddenly transmitted into Old Mu Gu’s ears.


This gesture, along with the faint disdain in Xiao Yan’s words, caused Old Mu Gu’s face to turn green. A fury was accumulating in his heart, but he was unable to let it out. In the end, his face turned red. Bright-red fresh blood was spat out in front of everyone’s stunned eyes.

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