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Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190: Receiving the Pill Lightning

A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out of Old Mu Gu’s mouth. His feet only stabilized after taking two steps back. Both of his eyes were vicious as he looked at Xiao Yan, appearing exceptionally terrifying.

With the status of Old Mu Gu, he was a renowned existence even within the Central Plains region. However, at this moment, he had been impaired by the hands of Xiao Yan, a member of the younger generation. How could he easily swallow the anger in his heart.

However, regardless of how furious, he needed to suppress his killing intent. He understood that his appearance had already caused Xuan Kong Zi and the rest to view him as a thorn in their sides. Xuan Kong Zi had not acted because he had not found an excuse to. However, if Old Mu Gu were to do anything that deviated from the norm, Xuan Kong Zi would use a bombshell tactic to kill him, this scourge

Hence, Old Mu Gu could only crush his teeth and swallow his anger at this moment.

“Xiao Yan, do not be happy just yet. The Pill Gathering is not completely over. With your strength it is just a fantasy if you wish to receive this five-colored Pill Lightning!”

However, this Old Mu Gu was an extremely scheming person. After suppressing his anger, he caught sight of the enormous five-colored thundercloud in the sky, and he suddenly jeered at Xiao Yan with a cold laugh.

Receiving the Pill Lightning was also a test of the Pill Gathering. A tier 8 medicinal pill was too powerful. The natural strength it created could destroy it. If the alchemist was unable to protect the medicinal pill, it would be destroyed as a result. Hence, receiving the Pill Lightning and protecting the medicinal pill was also part of the final test.

The Pill Lightning’s strength rose along with the quality of the medicinal pill. An ordinary elite Dou Zun would not dare to slight this kind of five-colored thundercloud. From the way Old Mu Gu saw it, Xiao Yan was merely a Dou Zong. Even though Xiao Yan possessed many tactics, it would not be an easy matter to receive this Pill Lightning. Moreover, if he was unlucky and ended up destroying the medicinal pill while receiving the Pill Lightning, Xiao Yan would not only lose his champion spot but would also lose the qualification to participate in the competition. After all, how could one participate if one’s medicinal pill was gone?

The surging sound of the entire square was reduced when everyone heard Old Mu Gu’s cold laughter. With his reminder, they finally discovered that the true strength of Xiao Yan was only at the Dou Zong level. Although this kind of strength was already quite great, it was insufficient against a five-colored Pill Lightning.

Quite a number of people looked at each other. The most difficult portion had already finished. However, was it possible that Xiao Yan might be forced to death at this critical moment?

Few people really cared if one could receive the Pill Lightning. While refining medicinal pills during normal times, alchemists could gather many helpers to help block the Pill Lightning. After all, alchemists did not rely on themselves when fighting others. Many experts would volunteer to protect an alchemist who could refine a high tier medicinal pill. A high tier alchemist had no need to worry about finding helpers.

Although one might say this, receiving the Pill Lightning had been a rule of the Pill Gathering for a long time. Even though it did not match the reality of the situation, one did not have any other choice.

“This fellow is still not giving up…”

Cao Ying slightly knit her brows as anxiety flashed across her eyes. Five-colored Pill Lightning was really too powerful. Although she was confident in Xiao Yan’s prowess, this five-colored Pill Lightning was not going to be good. If one were careless, it was not impossi

ble for one to fail this last hurdle.

Xiao Yan, who was the person involved, smiled under the focus of the worried eyes of many people. He raised his head and looked at the five-colored Pill Lightning in the sky. The smile on his face became even more obvious. This thing was really a great tonic for his Earth Demon Puppet…

“There is no need for you to be worried over such small matters.”

Old Mu Gu assumed Xiao Yan was putting on a brave front once he how calm Xiao Yan was. The cold smile on his face became even richer as he said in a dark and dense manner, “Alright, the old me shall see just how you will receive this five-colored Pill Lightning with your abilities!”

Xiao Yan smiled. He raised his head and looked at the seething sky. There was a faint but bright bolt of lightning that cut through the long sky with a ‘bang.’ The sky lit up like the sun was out. From the looks of this thunderous might, this five-colored Pill Lightning was indeed extremely terrifying. No wonder Old Mu Gu adopted an attitude of watching a show.

If the Earth Demon Puppet could not absorb lightning, Xiao Yan might have really been stuck with a massive headache today. Unfortunately…

A soft laugh was emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth. His hand was gently raised and the Storage Ring on his finger slightly flashed. Immediately, a bright-silver figure appeared in front of him.

The current Earth Demon Puppet was in a miserable state after having blocked Old Gu Mu’s killing move within the Pill Realm. Not only had its chest sunk into its body, but its harder-than-metal skin had split, revealing its silver-colored flesh.

This sudden action of Xiao Yan immediately attracted many gazes. However, after these gazes saw that he had summoned a nearly crippled puppet, they involuntarily felt a little disappointed. Could it be that Xiao Yan was hoping to deal with the terrifying five-colored Pill Lightning with this nearly ruined puppet?

Old Mu Gu was stunned because of the Earth Demon Puppet that Xiao Yan had summoned. He was familiar with this thing. If this puppet had not jumped in front of him within this Pill Realm, he would have killed Cao Ying on the spot. It was because of his contact with this thing that his face involuntarily revealed a mocking smile when he saw that Xiao Yan was planning on relying on this thing to block the five-colored Pill Lightning.

This puppet was unable to receive even a punch from him. How would it be able to receive the five-colored Pill Lightning?

According Old Mu Gu’s guess, that silver-colored puppet should only be around an eight or nine star Dou Zong. It could be considered a puppet of a high level, and it could be used to block one or two bolts of five-colored Pill Lightning. However, one was daydreaming if one wished to rely on it to endure the entire Pill Lightning.

“I think that you are randomly looking for solutions…”

Old Mu Gu shook his head as he laughed with a mocking tone.

Xiao Yan did not mind Old Mu Gu’s laughter. Someone who failed would always find other methods to vent one’s anger. This venting appeared a little sad.

Xiao Yan’s hand gently rubbed the body of the Earth Demon Puppet. Although this Earth Demon Puppet had been left in tragic state after its battle with Old Mu Gu, it was fortunate that this thing did not possess any form of intelligence or any feelings of pain. As long as its body was not destroyed, it would obey Xiao Yan’s orders forever…

“I will rely on you this time around…”

Xiao Yan smiled as his hand gently patted the body of the Earth Demon Puppet. He suddenly raised his head and looked at the five-colored thundercloud, emitting low rumbles in the sky. He laughed out loud, “Come!”

The churning of the thundercloud in the sky intensified after Xiao Yan’s laughed. A deep rumble reverberated above the ground. A thigh-thick, bright bolt of lightning shot through the cloud.


The thundercloud churned before it abruptly shrank. Immediately, a five-colored bolt of lightning rushed down from the cloud like a giant python. It tore through the air, carrying a terrifying ripping sound as it violently pounced toward the stone stage where Xiao Yan was located.


Xiao Yan smiled as he watched the Pill Lightning finally unleash an attack. His finger pointed at the sky as he softly commanded.

His cry sounded and the Earth Demon Puppet, which was almost a pile of scrap, immediately stomped on the ground. The powerful force created rocketed it into the sky. After which, it collided with the powerful thunderbolt in front of everyone’s stunned eyes.


A sigh immediately sounded in the stadium when everyone saw what was happening.

“Hee hee…”

Old Mu Gu also let out a strange laugh. However, before he could speak, his expression suddenly changed. He discovered that the Earth Demon Puppet, which had been struck by the five-colored bolt of lightning, did not crumble apart. Instead, its damaged body slowly began to recover in the thunderbolt. Its chest gradually began to reform!

“This puppet is absorbing the thunderbolt’s strength?”

Old Mu Gu’s eyes immediately contracted when he saw the Earth Demon Puppet grow brighter after being struck by the lightning. This kind of strange puppet was one that he had never even heard of!

“No wonder this fellow is so confident. He possesses such a unique puppet. Bastard! Had I known back then, I would have destroyed it in the Pill Realm!”

The expression of Old Mu Gu turned gloomy to the point of being frightening. His heart was filled with regret. If his blow had been a little heavier within the Pill Realm, this Earth Demon Puppet would have been laid to waste. Now, Xiao Yan would use this sharp weapon to avoid the lightning!

Compared to the gloominess and regret of Old Mu Gu, Cao Ying’s group sighed in relief at this moment. Although she was unaware of why this unique puppet possessed such a strength, reality told them that Xiao Yan successfully passed the final test. The champion spot of the Pill Gathering belonged to him!

“Ha ha, this little fellow does indeed possess a lot of treasures. A puppet that absorbs the strength of a thunderbolt. Back then, I saw one in an ancient ruin. Unfortunately, it was destroyed while those fellows were fighting over it…” The pretty woman on the tall stage smiled as she softly reminisced.

“That old bastard Mu Gu is likely feeling depressed.” That dark-skinned, old man also revealed a gloating smile on his face at this moment.

Xuan Kong Zi nodded with a grin. The current him had once again recovered his usual calmness. His fingers crossed each other as he smiled and said, “This time around, our Pill Tower will owe this little fellow a favor…”

The pretty woman and the dark-skinned man by his side nodded with beaming expressions when they heard his words. If Xiao Yan had not lent a hand, it was likely that the champion spot of this Pill Gathering would have landed in the hands of the old bastard Mu Gu this time around. At that time, the reputation of the Pill Tower would have suffered a heavy blow.

Xiao Yan on the stone platform was staring at the Earth Demon Puppet. It was growing brighter after being struck by numerous five-colored thunderbolt, while the three of them were chatting. Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes had a heated expression flash over them. He wondered whether the Earth Demon Puppet would be able to evolve into a Sky Demon Puppet after absorbing this five-colored Pill Lightning?

Xiao Yan’s breathing involuntarily became hurried after he thought of the frightening strength of the Sky Demon Puppet, comparable to an elite Dou Zun…

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