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Chapter 71 – Instantaneous Oscillating Fist!

The entire battle played out in slow motion. One had to admit that Lei Bing's skills were high; that slash toward the eyes was something even All-Mouthy King couldn't dodge.

The slash had cut All-Mouthy King's eyelids open, and the resulting blood had frozen solid after coming into contact with the air, sealing his eyes shut such that he couldn't see.

Afterwards, Lei Bing's judgement hadn't been wrong; it was just that All-Mouthy King had relied on his perception to identify his location. It wasn't completely impossible to launch a punch with that. Anyone who closed their eyes would still be able to sense an approximate location. Launching a blow, however, still required an accurate application of strength, which wasn't something that could be judged without vision.

As such, All-Mouthy King could only grab Lei Bing. Although Lei Bing was part of the vanguard, his defensive capabilities wasn't the same as that of a heavy soldier. If he was grabbed, then that might have ended up as a chance for All-Mouthy King.

But at that fatal moment, an incredibly thick ice wall appeared, eliciting gasps of admiration. All-Mouthy King had ended up getting his fist stuck in the wall.

No, his fist wasn't stuck!

There had been a fluctuation of soul power!

Just as his fist had touched the ice wall, there had been a berserk eruption of soul power. High frequency oscillations could be seen emitting from his fist at that instant.

Oscillating Fist!?

If one had had enough preparatory space, high frequency oscillations from Oscillating Fist could suppress the rebound force of their attack, allowing for a double compounded impact. This could have led to frightening damage, and was the principle behind Oscillating Fist.

Yet, few soldiers met the criteria of having a strong physique and an adequate control over their soul power that was necessary for generating high frequency oscillations within their body, which would allow them to unleash Oscillating Fist in the instant they made contact.

This kind of attack was called—Instantaneous Oscillating Fist!

This was an incredible killing move that even heroic soul soldiers envied. It was an attack with a very strong backlash toward the user's soul sea. If one wasn't careful, then their soul sea would collapse before the killing move was even launched.

But once it managed to land, the power…

What was shown in the video was enough proof.

In fact, All-Mouthy King had continuously used a soul power level of around 55 grassos. With the constant superimposition of force that the combat technique possessed, however, that Instantaneous Oscillating Fist blow contained approximately 200 grassos of killing might.

This technique did have a contradicting point, however;  the technique was unable to be utilized by soldiers even in the Cast Soul stage. A person's fragile soul sea wasn't able to withstand such a level of pressure. It could be said that their soul sea would collapse before the technique could be unleashed.

If it were a soldier in the Heroic Soul stage, then this combat technique would be considered a soul dominating skill. The basic soul power of a soul dominating skill would inevitably be over 200 grassos, its power universally shocking. The problem here was that it was rare for even a Heroic Soul stage soldier to master such a terrifying combat technique.

This raised a question. Could this All-Mouthy King be a Heavenly Soul stage soldier that appeared only in legends?

Perhaps only a Heavenly Soul stage soldier could perform an Instantaneous Oscillating Fist. But let's not talk about what kind of existence a Heavenly Soul stage soldier was, just the age itself meant that they couldn't be considered young. One at that level would have to be  fifty-plus years of age, yet while All-Mouthy King's age was a mystery, anyone with combat experience could see that he was, at most, around twenty years old.

OP's entire forum had thoroughly exploded. Could it be that he was a twenty-year-old youth who possessed heroic soul techniques and had the potential to reach the Heavenly Soul stage!?

Was this a fantasy story!?

Once that discussion topic came out, the negative responses dominated the forums. What Instantaneous Oscillating Fist? This was simply the saying of a single party. It was a combat technique that wasn't even recorded within the Freedom Federation. This was simply too preposterous; perhaps it was a special ability with an explosive trait!

Laura stuck to her belief that All-Mouthy King was an extraordinary youth. She could infer from All-Mouthy King's subtle expressions that he was young, and that there was even a possibility that his age wasn't above twenty. Those small expressions that were filled with excitement and self-satisfaction wasn't something a middle-aged monster would make.

The only thing that could be said was that this world was too large, and that nothing was too bizarre within it. The Federation had just produced a mysterious genius, that was all.

Sharmie, on the other hand, didn't believe in this. She felt that it was all due to Laura being reluctant to admit her mistakes. All-Mouthy King was definitely some expert of the Heroic Soul stage and, for some reason, had dropped his grade in order to offer some guidance to the younger generation. Sharmie left a message for Laura asking her to admit her error in judgement and to not force it.

With regard for this, Laura didn't care about it at all.

This debate, however, already wasn't reserved for just Sharmie and Laura. Countless others were currently arguing over this matter. There were some who even felt this was just an act on the OP's part and were trying to get some extra money from the CHF's fucking huge event.

But for the other side of this battle, Lei Bing held a different kind of feeling.

After his loss, he was still able to control his own emotions. This was a special trait that ice ability users had. It gave him a level of coolheadedness, meaning he rarely lost his temper. He moved to flip through his combat log with All-Mouthy King.

He began to seriously examine the entire match, not letting a single thing slip past. Although he had a cool head, the inner heart was unique. With his keen and perceptive eye, he continued to watch through the night. He didn't sleep or speak a single word.

From that point onward, Lei Bing never mentioned the word genius ever again. He also never mentioned that Circling Blade Waltz. His teacher's words continued to ring in his ears the entire night.

Lei Bing could feel that the opposite party's age didn't differ much from his. He would definitely meet him at the CHF!

He needed to meditate more on this and further his concentration. It was clearly evident that the CHF would be more marvelous than he imagined. He hoped that one day, he could proudly proclaim his teacher's name!

Early the next morning, Wang Zhong arrived at the Prodigy Society's training room and witnessed an unprecedented sight; Ma Dong was inside. It was as if the sun had risen from the west.

Then he saw that many of the new female society members were there, training in rather revealing outfits. Wang Zhong completely understood what had happened.

Barran continued to throw himself at the collision device in his own corner, sweat dripping off of him. He knew he wasn't capable in many aspects, and he felt pressure after seeing so many new members joining the society. Although he was simple and honest, he wasn't stupid. He felt that he needed to work harder, and that his diligence would make up for his lack of natural talent.

When he saw Wang Zhong arrive, Ma Dong's spirit turned up a notch as he said, "How about it? Isn’t the current atmosphere different?"

Wang Zhong a look at the Ma Dong who was thoroughly addicted to being president and simply replied, "Are they all here for Grai?"

In an instant, it was as if President Ma Dong suffered a fatal blow. "Cough cough. Isn't it the same? Furthermore, Grai wouldn't be able to eat them all by himself. Why isn't that brat here yet? He's always late for morning training every day. Doesn't he know that he has to train hard to prevent his skills from degrading!?"

Stunned, Wang Zhong stared blankly at Ma Dong. "When those words come out of your mouth, I somehow feel that something isn't right.”

"Haha. This is called a senior's sense of responsibility! Oh right, are you sure there's really no problem with Barran's hammering? He isn't that smart in the first place, so after knocking against that thing for so long, what do we do if he turns stupid?" asked Ma Dong. He himself felt pain just from listening to the sound of Barran rebounding when he hit the testing device. Ever since Wang Zhong's guidance, he had been training all day and night. Although Ma Dong didn't say much, he really was feeling worried that Barran would smack himself into an unfortunate situation.

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