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Chapter 70 – Feelings Can’t Keep People Around

Lei Bing gawked. He'd said those words out of courtesy. Since victory and defeat had already been decided, there wasn't any meaning to continue the fight. Yet, his opponent insisted on  a life and death ending. Well, it didn't matter to Lei Bing as he didn't care about killing another person.

With a swing of his ice sword, Lei Bing's soul power began to condense. With complete control over the situation, he had ample time to prepare his attacks. In that instant, the stationary All-Mouthy King suddenly launched his attack. He made a beeline straight for Lei Bing. From the imposing aura coming off him, it looked as though he wanted to end this with mutual destruction.

Lei Bing's gaze turned cold as he thought… Too naive!

With a wave of his ice sword, three icicles came rumbling out instantly. Wang Zhong didn't evade and simply used his fist to directly sweep them away. Lei Bing couldn't have imagined that his opponent was able to so accurately do so, even with his eyes damaged. It seemed as though he was extraordinarily sensitive to the changes in soul power.

This, however, was just a last ditch struggle!

Lei Bing's judgment and perception wasn't the slightest bit weaker than his opponent's. At this time of crisis, Lei Bing only took a half-step backward.

This was half a step of despair!

An ice wall suddenly appeared before Lei Bing. This wasn't just some simple ice shield, but a thick ice wall. There was no disparity in that it was an all-round defence. In this extreme environment, it was his paradise. Since the beginning he'd given his opponent a chance, yet his opponent was extremely conceited as he rejected him.

In this split second, the over three thousand watchers in the viewing gallery knew the result. A few students of the cannon fodder division shut their eyes as they couldn't bear to see the moment where All-Mouthy King falls, powerless. It seemed as though it would become their own fate, an end to a delusion that would forever appear distant.

The entire process was over in the flash of a spark. All-Mouthy King rushed toward the front of that ice wall. What he grabbed wasn't Lei Bing, but that ice wall. His hands pressed against the wall, and what was left was only helplessness and despair.

Laura's final hope had also been shattered. She knew All-Mouthy King had a universally shocking Oscillating Fist, but his opponent simply didn't give him a chance of sending out that fist. Losing one's sight in combat was the most fatal thing.

Student Anlor clenched his fists tightly as he couldn't help controling his mouth, chidingly saying, "Damn it, it's finally over! This All-Mouthy King is really tenacious. It's a pity, a pity! His opponent is the super genius of the Northern Region. Mwahahah. Captain and I are about to go on a da… da…"


The ice wall instantly exploded, shattering in all directions. All-Mouthy King stood still, his eyes closed shut as the blood around them was frozen over. He was right in front of Lei Bing, who had suddenly lost all colour in his face. There was no reaction by him, even as the broken pieces of ice slashed across his face.

The 3,651 watchers stared chokingly at the strange scene before them. Lei Bing stared inconceivably at his opponent before his body shook uncontrollably. He didn't want to fall as he couldn't believe what was happening before him. An opponent whose eyes had been pierced apart, an opponent who had lost everything, had actually…


Lei Bing fell face down.

Victory for All-Mouthy King!!

The entire viewing gallery turned extremely quiet… so much so that some even forgot to breathe as they all thought, In an extreme environment… against an ice ability user… a blind person… managed to achieve victory?

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes… no, even if they had seen it with their own eyes,they were incapable of believing it!

Special Ability?

In that previous moment where All-Mouthy King had no room to unleash his strength, how did that ice wall that could withstand a hundred and eighty grassos of soul power suddenly explode?

After a few seconds passed, world-shaking roars rang out from the viewing gallery. Those sounds mostly originated from students of the cannon fodder division. They didn't care how All-Mouthy King won; the most important point was that he had won!

All Mouthy King had won!

They had won!

Within her dormitories, Scarlet had also jumped suddenly, waving her fists in the air. Definitely too mysterious! There was actually such a giant reversal!

She would naturally pay more attention to the analysis video after the match. What kind of technique was it this time!?

Within the throng of cheers was the voice of a special girl. This was the captain of the Wild Beast Battle Squadron, Laura. Beside her stood a pale-faced Arnold Teuton. He had jeered at Anlor only two days ago and was now thinking, Fuck, this is too cruel! Fortunately for him, Anlor is the vanguard and has a robust physique. Fuck, I'm just a ranged soldier! Just thinking about that frightening Explosive Flame Bear torturing his tiny physique was enough to raise all the hairs on his body.

"Brother, you are welcome to share my burden!" teased Anlor as he grinned and patted Arnold Teuton.

"Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.. This little one finally understands," replied Arnold Teuton as he bravely made the sacrificial preparations.

Currently, there was a trace of a different kind of smile at the corner of Laura's mouth. The gaze of that man when he placed his hands on the ice wall was just as resolute as before. At that moment, he even revealed a casual smile at the corner of his mouth. He could actual smile in such a situation…

That nonchalant smile had captured Laura's heart.

"Arnold, Anlor, find a way to contact All-Mouthy King. Whomever manages to contact him will be exempt from being my training partner," Laura suddenly said.

"Cough cough. Boss, you can't be thinking about dueling him, right? It isn't appropriate for this week," Arnold Teuton promptly replied. Matchmaking was one thing, but a challenge was always done by a weaker challenger to the other. It wasn't ever the other way around. What's more, this year's CHF was a really big matter.

A seductive smile appeared at the corner of Laura's mouth as she waved her hand. "It's not a challenge; just a date. I want to get acquainted with this kind of man."

Arnold and Anlor suddenly looked at each other in dismay. It was as if they'd received hundreds of thousands of blows.

The two men's hearts were silently weeping. They'd followed their captain and were always at her beck and call. They were willing to bear the burden of their office, and had a loyal heart… but why…

Feelings can't keep people around, but benefits do!

Wang Zhong had satisfied his cravings with this match… but it seemed ghostly wails and wolfish howls sounded outside the OP room.

All Mouthy King! All Mouthy King! All Mouthy King!

A group of students were currently watching the combat video in the rest room and were hollering crazily. Each and every one of them had a 'fierce appearance', were 'flushed with anger', and 'clutching their fists tightly'. Student Wang Zhong felt it best that he slip away as quickly as possible. He returned to his place and took a bath. Afterward, as he was very hungry, he ate his fill until he was completely satisfied.

Although Wang Zhong had been able to leave with confidence and ease, others didn't have the same emotions as he.

Everyone was like little chicks crying piteously for food, eagerly awaiting the guidance of a great god.

The pride of the Northern Region, the kind of the new generation, Lei Bing, had returned in low spirits following that defeat.

All-Mouthy King persisted in his path of a king. A mysterious killing move had once again appeared in OP!

Who could obstruct the march of this man!

First victory of a cannon fodder against an elite grade in all of history!

All-Mouthy King, the man was on fire!

Little rumor: Goddess Laura admired All-Mouthy King!

A man as godlike as he, how far could he walk?

The analysis video was out.

It was Laura's video. As one of his earliest fans, Laura's interest in him was no longer a secret.

Sharmie was also waiting for it. Although she couldn't accept Laura, she wouldn't fight with her over how she analyzed the entire combat process.

Laura didn't include the earlier portions of the fight in her analysis. Even if she didn't do it, there would definitely be others who would. The concern of everyone was All-Mouthy King's final attack.

It should have been Oscillating Fist, but he simply didn't have the room to unleash his power. How did he accomplish it?

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