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Chapter 699

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The voice was hoarse and terrifying and was accompanied by an arrogant, hoarse laugh .

Gong Yi turned around immediately and almost puked at what he saw .

That was Little Xin?

At that moment, her originally cute and lovely face had become like melted dough; her face's entire skin had sagged downwards, exposing her orange peel textured skin similar to the bark of a dead tree . "My God! What a damned place . Luckily, you finally took this thing out before Baby's face fell off . But rest assured, I will leave with your wishes . "

When her skin peeled off, the woman appeared as though she was more than a hundred years old and had just crawled out of her coffin . She was almost toothless, and her dried lips appeared to be pursed together . The countless wrinkles on her face were like horror works carved out of wood .

Such a horrendous-looking old monster actually claimed to be a 'Baby' and had actually tried to sound cute with her hoarse voice…

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If he wasn't in such a precarious situation, Gong Yi could literally puke .

She cackled strangely as she reached out to grab the dimensional channel instrument . A perverted smile appeared on her almost-fully peeled-off face as she looked at Gong Yi and Wang Zhong . "Don't attempt to fight me . You have been poisoned by Baby's Plague Flies . You will only die faster if you move around . You lowly guys can accompany me with your remaining time to ease my loneliness, hahaha…"

"Plague…" Gong Yi's face changed immediately . "You are Granny Fly? The S-rank wanted criminal?"

The old witch's murky eyes lit up, and she smiled as she said, "It's really too bad . You are actually a smart boy . You could identify the Queen of Hearts and even this boy at Casted Soul Stage . And yet, you failed to recognize Baby, hahaha . Alas… is it because I am too cute? Guys are easily blinded by cute things; this has been proven many times . "

"Can you stop calling yourself that?" Unlike Gong Yi's trembling voice, Wang Zhong's voice was rather calm . "You're so disgusting that I dare not die . "

Granny Fly's face changed slightly . "You little brat, your vitality is very strong . I can definitely maintain youth for several years after I drain you . It is an honor to become a part of me!"

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At the side, Gong Yi tried his best to sit up, but he wasn't strong enough . He felt extremely disappointed in himself . He was initially very cautious along the way in fear of mishaps . But after meeting Sister Hong, Reynolds and Wang Zhong, he automatically considered Little Xin among them . His habitual thinking completely ruined everything . It must be admitted that one's appearance could indeed influence people's perception . Alas, it must be admitted that Granny Fly was really good at disguising herself as another .

In certain circles within the Federation, Granny Fly was considered to be a legendary existence . She had already made her name by killing no less than a hundred or so families about 60 or 70 years ago . Furthermore, this crazy woman was not a picky eater . As long as she was unhappy, she would kill one's whole family, be it civilian or noble . Her favorite move was to feed on the hearts and souls of little girls to supplement herself .

It was said that no one had ever seen her true face because anyone that did would be killed . Considering only combat ability, many could probably kill her . However, this person was obviously specialized in abilities such as disguising oneself or those involving the mind . She would disappear without a trace to wait for matters to blow over before she came out to commit crimes again, making it impossible for powerful hunters to find her .

Another thing was the infamous 'Plague Flies,' which was said to be Granny Fly's Dharma Idol . Bite marks of the strange Plague Flies were often found on the corpses of her victims . The venom found was not all that toxic, but it could erode one's mind, physical strength, Soul Power, etc . , and paralyze one's nerves .

It was said that the Institute of Sciences had extracted her plague venom from the deceased . Everyone shuddered at the speculative result . There was absolutely no chance of survival if one had been poisoned by the Plague Flies unless she was willing to let the victim off .

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Gong Yi swallowed some saliva . Although he was paralyzed, he started to use his brain . Having gone through countless hardships to arrive at this final destination, he was absolutely not ready to die yet .

"I feel that we can talk this through," Gong Yi said in a soft voice . "There is neither deep hatred nor conflict of interest between us . Also, we did save you more than once . "

"That's true . I actually feel bad for you guys . You even killed the 5th rank evil multi-armed king . Hehe, you guys really did save Baby's life, but…" She looked at Gong Yi with amusement as she twirled the knife around between her withered fingers and smiled so widely that her face appeared to be disintegrating . "But I've exhausted all my energy . Do you think I can go to the Empire like this? However, if you can give me a reason to let you go, I just might do it . "

She absolutely loved this feeling .

Having killed so many people, she was already numb to direct kills . She enjoyed watching her victims struggle in pain before they died . She would give them a little hope, then let them fall into despair, just like a cat toying with its prey .

"You know about my bet . As long as I leave this place alive, you will be the owner of that 10 billion," said Gong Yi in a low voice . "I treasure my life more than money . "

"Ten billion? It does seem a lot," said Granny Fly, smiling . "But money can be earned as long as I'm alive and I have a thousand and one ways to get it . I feel that the secret of me being alive is more important compared to money . It took me more than a decade to build up my currently stable identity . I thought I would meet my end when my real identity was revealed . Who knew I could avoid my death with a twist of fate? It seems like I am not meant to die . "

Even a fool could hear the sarcasm in her words; she was bent on killing them . A fool can also hear her ridicule . As smart as Gong Yi was, he was at a loss for words, and he finally conceded defeat . He did not expect to fall short of success at the last stage . Such old monsters were cruel and ruthless . Obviously, she did not intend to let them leave this place alive .

"Huh? You have nothing more to say?" asked Granny Fly as she sighed . "Since you can't provide me with a logical reason, it seems like it is time to bid farewell to you guys . Baby has not eaten well for several days . Which one of you should I start with?"

She looked at Gong Yi, then set her sights on Sister Hong and Reynolds, who were still lying on the ground . Their hearts would obviously be stronger as they were Heroic Soul Stage soldiers . They would be a great supplement for her . She would only need to absorb the power of one Heroic Soul Soldier — instead of the usual 10 or more people — to restore her lost youth and transform back into a little loli .

Before she could make a choice, Wang Zhong sat up beside her and moved his arms . "It wouldn't matter if you were just ugly, but it is definitely wrong of you to come out and stir up trouble with such an ugly face . "

Granny Fly was surprised . "Huh? Not bad, you actually kept some power . Don't say you saw through me long ago . "

Squinting her eyes, she sized him up with great interest . Although he contributed greatly in the battle with the evil multi-armed king and had incredible power, he was nothing to her after being poisoned by her Plague Flies . "How did you see through me?"

"You revealed yourself twice . The first time was in the illusion's 3rd layer," said Wang Zhong in an abnormally calm voice . "After waking up, everyone experienced intense fluctuations mentally, but you were unusually calm . With the story you told everyone regarding your experience, by all rights, you shouldn't have been able to act so calmly . Thus, it showed that you either had powerful spiritual energy or a special ability to resist hallucinations . Whichever reason it might have been, it was not compatible with what you told us . "

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