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Chapter 698

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Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~~~~

With a flick of the wrist, the cards were flung forward . Energy bodies in the form of two cards transformed into two streaks of intertwining snake-like laser beams at the moment of attack, spiraling forward .


The attacks were fast and furious . The Evil King was truly rather powerful, being able to tilt his body barely in time to avoid the cards in such a precarious situation .

However, just as he avoided the previous attacks, a second set of cards was released concurrently .

This was a royal flush!

Soul Domination Dharma Idol — Heaven's Compliance Dragon!

This time, the attack was at a much faster speed, even faster than the evil multi-armed king's prime attacks .

There was no way to avoid it!

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The five golden light streaks transformed into five golden dragons, intertwining into a spiral and instantly hit — and even penetrated — the chest of the evil multi-armed king, forming a transparent hole through its body . It roared painfully and nearly fell to its knees .

Gong Yi did not dare to let his guard own . As a gambler, he knew that there was the possibility of a comeback at any time unless the other party had completely lost everything .

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Without a pause, his wrists flicked again . This time two hands were used, taking turns to release the cards from his chest .

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa!

In a split second, four golden cards appeared in both of his hands .

The Ghost Card! He finally got it!

Gong Yi's eyes flashed with golden light as he somersaulted in the air, hands shaking .

King Bomb — Pear Blossoms Rainstorm!

Meanwhile, a roar of despair erupted from the Evil King while he charged towards Gong Yi .

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The attacks landed perfectly on the Evil King . However, the evil multi-armed king had also charged toward him and successfully knocked into Gong Yi, which sent him flying . His Dharma Idol dissipated as an obvious dent formed in his chest, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood, which splattered everywhere .

A human's weakness was a lack of body armor as compared to these monsters .

Its bulky body finally fell backward and a pool of precious demon blood formed on the ground . A pungent and bloody smell permeated the air . There were huge broken limbs and bloody flesh flying everywhere, making everyone palpitate, as though they were in Shura Hell!

The previously majestic-looking and awe-inspiring Gong Yi also fell to the ground . After all, he had just entered the middle of the Heroic Soul Stage; thus, it was considered playing with fire for him to use such tyrannical strength, especially with its low success rate . To have selected the straight flush and the King Bomb was extremely taxing for his Dharma Idol . But there could only be two results: either the enemy dies or I die . After experiencing such a huge drain mentally and in terms of strength, no matter how powerful the will, it would be next to impossible to have the energy to fight again immediately .

Fortunately, the evil multi-armed king was dead .

How were Wang Zhong, Reynolds and Sister Hong doing?

Panting heavily, Gong Yi stood up, wanting to check on the situation right away, but his body was not in coordination with his mind . His limbs were numb and he could not stop trembling .

Clamour, clamour… .

That was the sound of rolling gravel from the cliff wall not far away, and a bloody figure crawled out of the pit .

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Gong Yi gawked before bursting into laughter .

It was Wang Zhong! Although he looked a little unstable, he definitely had the most awesome Casted Soul Gong Yi had ever seen or even heard of, and it was definitely unrivalled . That last punch from the evil multi-armed king was abnormally powerful, but he still managed to pull through without being severely injured .

That was an exceptionally strong and intelligent 5th rank Dimensional Evil Demon after all .

Wang Zhong not only stood up, but he had enough energy to lift Sister Hong and Reynolds . He then limped over, dragging them behind him .

Little Xin, who had hid in a corner the whole time, ran over to carry one of them . Now, she was the only one who still had energy .

The five reunited once more and took a quick look at Reynolds's and Sister Hong's injuries . As for outer trauma, they could slowly recover even in the most severe cases . Reynolds had only passed out due to an excessive expenditure of energy, but Sister Hong's injuries were much more severe . The Soul Power in her body was rather scattered and unable to condense . Little by little, bit by bit, her Soul Power spilled out of her body just like leaking air, signalling that something was probably wrong with her Soul Sea .

Wang Zhong had witnessed the same thing happen to Barran before . All signs were pointing to the Soul Sea crumbling . Fortunately, she was still fighting for her life . Although her pulse was extremely weak, she had not stopped breathing yet .

"There is still hope as long as she's still alive! Even though the quality of the empire's medical care is bad, there are many different types of secret arts there; there is definitely a way to save her! Our fight has probably attracted the nearby monsters' attention . We should leave as soon as possible!" said Gong Yi .

"How do we leave though?" Little Xin said as her eyes lit up . Anyone would be begging to leave after staying in this hell-like place for a month, let alone them, who had just experienced a bloody battle .

Gong Yi fished out a round metal ball from his backpack, took off the ordinary-looking pendant around his neck, and broke the pendant's shell . Inside was a crystal clear and lustrous crystal, exuding strong dimensional energy .

There was a mechanical switch on the small metal ball . Once pressed, the metal ball began to spread out like layers of flower petals, exposing a saddle-like plate in the middle . Once he put the crystal on it, the mechanism activated . Gong Yi then heaved a sigh of relief . "Those guys didn't tamper with the mechanism . It is indeed true that money makes the mare go . "

Attracting the dimensional forces emanating from the spatial coordinate, a ray of blue light emerged . It quickly converged and condensed, forming a beam-like path .

"Wow, that's awesome!" It was an eye-opener for Wang Zhong . This channel seemed to be only a little smaller than the one in the 7th Regiment, but it was extremely stable and not inferior at all in terms of effect . However, the one in the military was composed of countless sophisticated instruments and huge bases, whereas this one only required two small items . He had always thought that the Federation's technology was mediocre, but now it seemed that he was the ignorant one .

"Haha, isn't it amazing? In fact, the Federation has many core, black technologies that are unknown to the outside world . The Federation's technological advancement is far greater than the empire's and has exceeded everyone's imagination . They all come from one place, a place that you should be able to go to at your level," said Gong Yi .

Speaking of this, Gong Yi sighed a little . According to rumours, Wang Zhong had offended the Gui Family and the Zhao family, and they easily had the power to suppress any oppositional voices in the Federation . Otherwise, with Wang Zhong's talent, he could definitely go to that place . "Let's not talk about this, there will always be a way as long as you are alive . Since they dare not kill you, it proves that you still have a chance!"

Wang Zhong nodded in agreement . Honestly, he was not afraid at all .

"Let's leave this place!" said Gong Yi as he stood up . Although his mind had not recovered from using his Dharma Idol, his physical strength had almost fully returned . Seeing that a miracle was about to be completed, he got rather excited . However, he suddenly felt faint as his vision turned dark, falling back onto the ground the moment he stood up .

It was as though he had lost all his energy, and there was a weird power suppressing and eating at him .

"Leave?" A hoarse voice could be heard from behind Gong Yi . "I'm afraid none of you can leave . "

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