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Chapter 646: 646

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This definitely wasn't the earthen yellow tinge brought about by an earth attribute special ability . Despite it being called a golden color by many earth attribute special ability users, it wasn't the case . However, there was indeed a smidge of earth attribute energies within Mo Wen's Soul Power essence .

A Heavenly Soul Stage's Soul Power essence?

If that was truly the case, all of the soldiers in the stadium would not feel like living anymore! That basically meant that Mo Wen would definitely enter the Heavenly Soul Stage!

The entire stadium erupted into chaos, before people quickly arrived at a proper understanding . That wasn't a Heavenly Soul Stage Soul Power essence! Instead, it was a representation of Mo Wen's mastery over his 5 Elements Constitution . He definitely didn't just awaken his 5 Elements Constitution, as he was already showing control over the mutual repulsion between the 5 elements .

Exactly what kind of might it was able to display? No one knew, as no one had ever seen it before! At the very least, Mo Wen had yet to display it against a Casted Soul Stage opponent .

The smile was still present on Mo Wen's face as his figure disappeared . This was his appreciation of Wang Zhong's Yin Yang Force!

There was no explosive rush, nor any loud whooshing . Instead, all of Mo Wen's energies appeared to be controlled in an extremely strict manner .  

Whoosh . . .

Even Wang Zhong was incapable of using his eyes to track Mo Wen's movements! In an instant, the latter had appeared before him . At this instant, his Yin Yang Force was still activated, with him already sensing Mo Wen's blossoming fighting intent earlier . This allowed him to instantly unleash the spiraling aura, which formed into a cylindrical pillar of mud . Extending his hands, he immediately focused all of his attention towards the incoming Mo Wen .  

However, just as he had raised his hands, Mo Wen's fist had already come bearing down from his front .


Immediately, Wang Zhong suffered a heavy blow on his head, causing his entire body to backpedal . Although his Ying Yang Force and his defensive Soul Power had negated the greater half of Mo Wen's attack, the impact still caused Wang Zhong to feel slightly dizzy .

The Yin Yang Force was ineffective . When the strength and speed on an incoming attack were multiple levels higher, neither the Yin Yang Force nor the Circular Force would be able to convert the incoming force into a counter-attack . This was the inherent limitation of those moves . Bluntly speaking, those pure counter-attacking techniques were more energy-saving, durable, and advantageous against opponents at the same level . However, once the equilibrium of power was broken, any combat technique would be useless .

Clearly, Mo Wen was well aware of this . Therefore, using overwhelming force was the best way to deal with the Yin Yang Force . Of course, he could also choose to use Circular Force to entangle Wang Zhong . However, that was not a move Mo Wen would make!

Wang Zhong immediately pressed his hands against the ground and rapidly summoned his strength to push himself upright . However, just as he had bent his elbows, a heavy kick had already rushed towards his chest .


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An intense pain radiated out from his chest . Before Wang Zhong could right himself, he was sent flying backwards once again . However, a figure rapidly pursued over, as Mo Wen had already appeared before the flying Wang Zhong .

A left leg was held high like Thor's hammer, before chopping down like a war axe!


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An earthquake-like tremor struck the stadium once again .

Mo Wen's foot smashed into Wang Zhong's chest, smashing him right into the ground . Like a piece of tofu, the ground instantly caved in, forming a 3 meter wide, ½ meter deep depression .

Everyone was dumbfounded . . .

Compared to before, the speed and strength Mo Wen was currently displaying was at least twice as much! This was the strength of the 5 Elements Constitution, which lorded over the masses . Once it was awakened, coupled with the tenacity and luck of someone like Mo Wen, the accomplishments would be terrifying . Every single progression was exceedingly difficult to make, though the benefits would be compounded .

Someone as strong as All Mouthy King was unexpectedly unable to find any leeway to counterattack! This was an utter beatdown!


Without waiting for the audience to regain their senses from their shock, an azure fire was set ablaze around Wang Zhong's hands, attempting to burn that leg pressing down onto him, to burn it to ashes!

Upon appearing, the divinized azure flames instantly exploded out, transforming into a massive blaze . The resulting heatwave rushed towards the sky, while the azure blaze instantly enveloped the 2 within . In the next second, Mo Wen had already disappeared, reappearing immediately at a location 10 meters away . As the azure blaze attempted to burn his Soul Power, Mo Wen gave a slight shake of his body, causing the flames to rapidly dissipate . This divinized blaze, that was exceedingly difficult to get rid off, and possessed more than sufficient power to cause the other CHF participants to tremble in fear, was extinguished by him with such ease! In fact, the blaze wasn't even able to break through the outer defensive Soul Power layer around his body! The absolute defensive and offensive capabilities formed by his control over the mutually destructive effects between the 5 elements were more than any other single element special abilities could rival . At the very least, an ordinary divinized realm attack was completely insufficient .  

Standing up, the blaze around Wang Zhong dissipated, though he did not immediately go on the offensive . Before him, Mo Wen also did not unleash any more attacks, standing still at his current position as he looked at Wang Zhong . It would be completely useless if Wang Zhong was only able to summon divinized flames . Furthermore, he believed that Wang Zhong was not the kind of person who would be senseless to continue using an ineffective method .

"Let me see something new . " Mo Wen's voice rang out indifferently .

There was already no one speaking in the stadium, as well in the Skylink . These 2 perverts! Those were divinized flames! How could he extinguish them like that! Most importantly, Mo Wen was still slightly disappointed . . . he was disappointed in All Mouthy King's divinized special ability . . .

Wang Zhong gawked slightly, before bursting out into uncontrollable laughter . This was the reason why he felt that Mo Wen was an interesting fellow! Only this kind of person would have similar thoughts as himself . Being able to fight with this person in this place was worth it!

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Wang Zhong was now in high spirits, while his clothes had long become tattered pieces hanging on his body . With a casual pull and a slight ripple of his exquisite muscles, a burst of power exploded out from him, shattering the remnants of Mo Wen's fist intent present on the defensive Soul Power layer on his body .  

From Wang Zhong's current appearance, it seemed like Mo Wen's earlier attacks had clearly done no substantial damage . For people at their realm, it was impossible for them to sustain serious injuries if their Soul power and fleshly body defenses were not broken through . Simply speaking, it was just like ordinary people accumulating their power . As long as the power didn't drain away, it was extremely difficult to get injured . Naturally, the degree of accumulation for these 2 freaks was truly astonishing .  

Wang Zhong raised his left hand, before spreading out his palm .


An azure flame immediately appeared in the middle of his palm .

Divinized fire attribute special ability?

Silence hung over the entire stadium . Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong's supporters were feeling rather nervous about the current situation, with some feeling their throats turning parched, with their breathing became laborious . That was because Wang Zhong's current special ability was utterly useless against Mo Wen, as it was unable to even break through the Soul Power defenses created by Mo Wen's 5 Elements Constitution! Under such circumstances, even a powerful attack using the divinized flames might not have any effect at all .

Just as doubts were appearing in people's hearts, Wang Zhong had already extended his right hand .

There was no sound nor any sparkle of light . As his right hand extended, a clump of black flames had already started burning silently within his palm .

Hellish Flames?

That should also be useless! He didn't even use it against Vladimir . Obviously, that little bit of darkness attribute special ability would basically be insignificant before Mo Wen . At their level, the number of moves would no longer be an indication of an advantage . Instead, it was all about the realm!

The more of such actions Wang Zhong displayed, the more people felt as though he was closer towards exhausting all of his options . Compared to Mo Wen's increase in all of his stats, Wang Zhong only had a divinized flame in one hand, and Hellish Flames in the other, causing him to appear incomparably pitiful . . .

Those words sounded slightly awkward, as anyone with capabilities at this level would become famous in combat . However, up against Mo Wen, in this apex showdown in the CHF finals, it truly paled in comparison . . .

Quite a few people in the participant viewing gallery were shaking their heads . It wasn't due to Wang Zhong being weak, but . . . he was finished! Mo Wen was truly shameless to participate in the CHF with this level of strength! He should have participated in a more suitable competition! This was basically like an adult beating down little children!

Laura's tightly clenched hands were already drenched in cold sweat, while her heart was filled with considerable worry . At this moment, Mo Wen was radiating with suffocating pressure . Furthermore, he had yet to remove his blindfold! This was an immense psychological pressure! Not far away, Carolyn shot a look towards Laura, paying special attention to the worrying state the latter was in . Although she had heard of some rumours, the scene before here caused a slight frown to appear on her face .

Frankly speaking, any divinized special ability would clearly seem inferior in the face of Mo Wen's 5 Elements Constitution . This disparity in realm absolutely couldn't be made up for with quantity .

However, Mo Wen was the only person who wasn't looking down on Wang Zhong . It was very simple . How would Wang Zhong, among everyone present, now have the clearest understanding of the issues at hand?

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The blazing azure and hellish flames grew bigger at the same time, growing from little flames dancing in his palms into 2 roaring blazes . They proceeded to burn along Wang Zhong's hands, before extending towards the center of his body .

Hua hua hua hua… .

In just a second, the azure and black flames were about to meet at Wang Zhong's chest?

Before the audience could react to this situation, they had already made contact!!!

Fusion special ability?

While watching via Skylink, despite feeling even more unbearable than before, seeing Wang Zhong getting beaten up by Mo Wen still brought about satisfaction in Gui Hao's heart . As for Wang Zhong wanting to fuse his divinized azure flames and the hellish flames?


What dogshit fusion special ability! He was just looking to die!

Only ordinary special abilities had the possibility of being fused together . That was because they weren't especially high in realm, nor in power, and thus were obviously much more "tamed", allowing them to be controlled and subdued .

However, what about divinized special abilities? Take a look at the name; that was a power of deities! It was already an enormous blessing to be able to use them! How could a mere Casted Soul Stage person actually dare to "control and subdue" them? From the dark era till now, there had been no cases of anyone being able to fuse them to other special abilities .

What's more, he was trying to fuse it with ordinary hellish flames! A 2nd rank fire fusing with a 1st rank fire?

Without talking about fusion, the divinized azure fire would definitely reject that low ranking fire, out of disdain and incompatibility . The hellish flames were considered to be from a darkness attribute special ability . Although it possessed a devouring ability, it wouldn't even have the qualifications to come close to a higher ranking divinized special ability .

Could this fellow not even know the fundamental theory of equilibrium when it came to special ability fusion? Did he just do this to create a more powerful move? This was so hilarious that it would knock people's teeth off!

If fusing special abilities were that easy, the streets would already be filled with fusion special abilities! The only result that would happen would be that fellow self-destructing when that fusion failed, ending his wretched, lowly, dog-like commoner life .

Die! Go and die! Die, you lowly bastard! Go and die in that rotten competition!

Every single time he looked at Wang Zhong, berserk roars would howl out from Gui Hao's heart . His loss, followed by a string of bad decisions, had caused himself to fall into an unrecoverable pit . Only through Wang Zhong's death would he be able to wash away this loss of dignity . However, that waste, Zhao Zimo, was still not able to dispose of Wang Zhong, and had ended up losing his life! Now, the higher-ups had felt that the Gui Family was extremely vulgar and stupid . Currently, the Gui Family had not made their move, and it was impossible for them to touch Wang Zhong in such a situation . However, it definitely wouldn't end here . When the CHF was over, everything would be settled!

A malevolent expression covered the entirety of Gui Hao's face, causing him to appear just like a crazed demon, eyes gleaming with a reddish glow . At this moment, one would be utterly incapable of finding any trace of the calm and cool-headed nature that a heaven-gifted son should possess .  

If there was one person that he really wished to get rid of in this world, it would be, without the slightest bit of doubt, the dog-like commoner with vulgar smoke all around his body on the Skylink!

Gui Hao's malevolence was a stark contrast to the many uneasy eyes that were focused on Wang Zhong . To him, Wang Zhong had already become a sore point in his heart . If Wang Zhong didn't die, Gui Hao would be utterly incapable of meeting anyone else! Although he had lost his dignity by doing so, the Gui Family would absolutely not give up on this successor of theirs, especially one with such talents .

Laura, Scarlet, Emily . . . truthfully speaking, most of the girls had turned pale as they clenched their fists tightly . Sharmie placed her hands on Laura's white knuckles . As she did so, she could feel that Laura's soft, little hands were currently shivering .  

In an exceedingly rare note, Sharmie had actually teased the latter . "Relax . I feel that Wang Zhong definitely has his own assurance of doing this . We better not waste our worries blindly . "

Hearing that, Laura nodded . She could hear her heart pounding, as well as droning sounds filling her head . She was also able to feel the assurance that Sharmie was radiating from her hand . Frankly speaking, she did not pay attention to what Sharmie had said .

Fusing special abilities . Furthermore, one of the abilities was a divinized special ability . . . an explosion was the most likely outcome . Mo Wen's 5 Elements Constitution was in accordance with the theory of mutual subjugation between the 5 elements . However, was there such a thing between darkness and fire? No one had ever heard of such a thing! For both the academies and the aristocratic families, this was unprecedented! Wang Zhong was playing with his life!

There was no need for this, right? This was just a competition! This was just a competition . . .

There was no need to bet one's life for victory in this competition!

Incomparable silence filled the stadium, as everyone focused all of their attention towards the stage . Even the totally unknowing laymen in the audience could feel the extraordinary decisiveness Wang Zhong was displaying by fusing 2 special abilities .

The atmosphere suddenly turned solemn .

There were only 2 people who didn't share a similar expression . Mo Wen's eyes were filled with anticipation, without any intention of interrupting Wang Zhong . As for Wang Zhong, his eyes were now gleaming with excitement .

His opponent was stronger, so strong to the extent that Wang Zhong had been forced to his wit's end! Against such an opponent, he definitely needed to surpass himself, to gain the possibility of obtaining victory!

The fusion of his divinized fire and his darkness attribute special ability .

In fact, long ago, while he was dueling with Gui Xinying, after completely unleashing his darkness attribute special ability, Wang Zhong had these thoughts swimming through his head .  The basis of this was due to the exceedingly strong tolerance of his Soul Sea, a blessing from the Fate Stone, which negated some of the dangers other people would face when fusing special abilities . While pondering on this issue, what he considered wasn't the dangers he would face, but the more concrete intricacies about special ability fusion .

The difficulties faced when fusing special abilities were the tolerance and control of one's Soul Power, as well as the similarities between the special abilities . As long as the critical balance was found, the possibility of fusion would be greater than zero .

Unlike others, Wang Zhong did not have even a shred of worry regarding the aspect of the Soul Sea , as he possessed a gargantuan Soul Sea that was unfathomable to everyone else . In fact, even the owner, Wang Zhong, was not clear exactly how large his Soul Sea was . The level of tolerance would definitely be extraordinary; there was absolutely no need for him to worry at all .

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