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Chapter 647: 647

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Having dealt with the most difficult aspect, the only thing left was to find the critical points that were present in both special abilities . The greater the number of similarities, the greater the possibility of a successful fusion .

As for those similarities, he had already found 3 of them .

The first one was that both were at the divinized realm . His azure fire was already at that level . As for his darkness attribute special ability, it had, in fact, reached the divinized realm after the stimulation it had received from the Fate Stone after the duel against Gui Xinying . Although he still wasn't too used to controlling this divinized darkness attribute special ability, he also didn't have any corresponding moves that he could unleash . However, at the very least, the 2 special abilities were at the same realm .

On the other hand, both of them shared the aspect of combustion, which was undoubtedly another similarity .

Naturally, these 2 points were still insufficient . The 3rd similarity was the one that had genuinely assured Wang Zhong of a successful fusion: the true essence of the Yin Yang shield he had comprehended right in this fight against Mo Wen!

As long as the 2 different powers were able to reach a certain level of compatibility with one another, through the application of the Yin Yang shield's true essence, he would be able to fuse them together into a stronger power! This was something the entire world had only dreamt of accomplishing!

The heavens and the earth would be as big as one's heart willed!

An absolutely resolute shade flashed across Wang Zhong's eyes . Without a shred of hesitation, the 2 completely different flames quickly reached his chest, before coming into contact with each other .


At the instant of contact, the azure flames and black flames created mysterious sparks that appeared just like little balls of lightning . Upon forming, they immediately exploded apart, revealing the distinct incompatibility between these 2 flames .

This was closely followed by the 2nd contact .

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle sizzle~~~

With just a simple probing contact, the 2 flames had already produced such berserk reactions .

With a maddened fury, they attempted to devour and attack each other . However, the divinized azure flames were unable to triumph over the hellish flames, while the hellish flames were also unable to devour the azure flames . At this moment, the might of these 2 special abilities were unexpectedly rising in tandem, before 2 thick pillars of fire rushed up into the sky . Could it be that the darkness-attribute hellish flames were on a realm higher than ordinary special abilities? That was clearly impossible! A divinized special ability was a divinized special ability, and was on a distinct level higher than ordinary special abilities .

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However, as she watched this spectacle, Gui Xinying's eyes had already lit up like torches, while an inconceivable expression appeared on her face . This Wang Zhong was simply too inconceivable! Hellish flames at a divinized realm! On the other side, Mario was already stupefied by what he was seeing . Was this even possible?

Only these 2 people who had an incomparable understanding towards hellish flames were able to instantly sense that those hellish flames were definitely extraordinary . That was because ordinary hellish flames were utterly incapable of possessing such might!

The only possible explanation was a divinized darkness attribute special ability .

However, even if they really were divinized hellish flames, did it have anything in common with 2nd rank azure flames? The darkness attribute special ability was in complete opposition to the light attribute and the 5 elemental attribute special abilities! Perhaps, he was using the opposing traits of these 2 special abilities, but . . .

This was too crazy! Only a madman would attempt such an extreme method! That was utterly at odds with the common knowledge for the fusion of special abilities .

Even people who did not understand what was going one were shocked by what they saw . Of course, those who were unable to comprehend the situation were also shocked by Wang Zhong's decision . Although Mo Wen did not use his eyes to see, he could already sense the madness, with his incomparably clear Heart's Eye letting him "see" every single detail with impeccable detail .

Wang Zhong seemed to have awakened his darkness attribute special ability not long ago . That was because his usage of it was undoubtedly too basic . However, he strangely possessed an exceedingly high talent in it, while being considerably clear in his understanding of the mysteries of darkness .

This was utterly inconceivable! Anyone would first rely on imitation before gaining a better understanding of their special abilities . However, Wang Zhong gave Mo Wen the feeling of having understood the mysteries, before learning how to apply them . He had completely flipped the orthodox learning process on its head! The reason why his control over the hellish flames appeared so unique was due to being completely unbounded by the limits and boundaries that other hellish flames were restricted with .

During the training process to reach the apex of strength, one would need to possess the madness and bravery to surpass limits . Mo Wen was like that, and so was Wang Zhong . This was truly worth his wait!

At this moment, the 2 berserk special abilities had already filled the entire stadium with terrifying waves of heat . The scorching heat from the 2nd rank divinized azure flames, coupled with the dread unleashed by the devouring trait of the hellish flames, permeated throughout the entire stadium . Now, with the defensive barrier being shattered, the laymen in the audience were experiencing an uncontrollable bout of dread and terror .

Fortunately, Joseph Cole and the other deputy judges had hastily executed the backup plan, immediately activating the reserve defensive barrier . At the same time, there were employees rapidly moving around while hugging large boxes filled with red crystals, to supplement the energy reserves of the defensive barrier . The source of the defensive barrier was the projector that was installed in the basement of the stadium . As long as sufficient energy was provided, it would immediately reactivate . Furthermore, they had turned the defensive barrier's protective ranking to its highest possible state, causing the golden-tinged defensive barrier to appear quite a bit more stable than the earlier ones .

Hum hum hum hum . . .

All of a sudden, the 2 fiery pillars sprouting out from Wang Zhong's body had already started to twine together, just like a fiery beast from the ancient antiquity bursting through the clouds, roaring with fury as though it wanted to devour the sky . In the next instant, the fiery pillars suddenly retracted, while the ballooning power was immediately suppressed . The flames and heat waves that had blotted the skies instantly dissipated, being replaced by a deep purplish figure standing in the middle of the stage!

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A completely different Wang Zhong had appeared, with his Soul Power burning with a deep purplish brilliance . This was a completely new fire, causing the entire stadium to be at a loss for words . No one had ever heard of darkness and fire attribute energies fusing together! Wang Zhong had become a legitimate pioneer!

An all-new fusion special ability had been born! Completely unlike the radiant explosiveness possessed by the divinized azure flames, as well as the sinister devouring aura from the darkness flames, the purplish flames appeared rather calm and tranquil, yet possessed a devilish shade to it .

No one had a clear understanding of this current situation . Even Long Mei'er with her vast knowledge, as well as those bigshots in the VIP podium, had their eyes lighting up like torches and their foreheads all scrunched up . All of them were combing their memories, trying to find a similar example to the current situation happening on stage . However, none of them were able to find any precedents! Since the establishment of the Federation, the system of power had been thoroughly mapped and was extremely stable . Anything that was not listed within would have some problem or another on a fundamental level . Furthermore, it was too difficult to create a new path, as any attempt to discover any new mysterious power would always come with a corresponding form of mortal danger . After all, if something "new" could be discovered, someone else would probably have already documented it .

In fact, from the responses they were getting from Wang Zhong, they could sense that the purplish flames had already exceeded a divinized special ability, though it had not reached the dominion realm .

This . . . was a completely new power! A power that had never been recorded in the history books!

The bigshots were stopped their whispered discussions, and focused a greater level of attention towards Wang Zhong . This new power the latter had created would definitely be entered into the history books .

This Wang Zhong had created a runic array for combat use, and had now displayed that mysterious purple flames! This was the 2nd time he had created history!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Previously, the birth of every legend would be accompanied by the story of how this legend was born . However, seemingly all of them had happened on Heavenly Soul Stage experts . However, this little fellow was merely at the Casted Soul Stage!

The purple flames rapidly stabilized . Extending his left hand, he gave a clench of his fist .


A purple brilliance blossomed before power exploded out uncontrollably in all directions . He had merely clenched his fist, yet it felt like he had shattered the surrounding space apart!

A small spark dangling on his fingertip dripped onto the ground like melted wax .

Sizzle sizzle . . .

What seemed like a sizzling sound, abet sounding quite soft, rang out from the stage . Although nothing happened at first, people quickly noticed signs of corrosion appearing within a 2-meter radius of where the spark had landed .

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Seeing this, Wang Zhong's face was filled with delight and excitement . This was the first time he had done such a thing, as this matter had only been a theory he was pondering about . Only after experiencing the pressure from Mo Wen, as well as the stimulation that came along with it, that he decided to walk down this path!

Frankly speaking, the purpose of this fight was for the sake of growth . His growth rate had been rather astonishing, as he had only started to comprehend many of his abilities during this CHF . The so-called precipitation and accumulation were matters of the past, as he had previously experienced too many crazy activities in the infinite darkness during his childhood . However, during that time, he had the company of Simba . Therefore, this was the first time that he had undergone such danger while attempting to create a new move, without receiving any guidance from anyone .

Raising his head, Wang Zhong focused his gaze back on his opponent . At this moment, a shade of excitement had already appeared on Mo Wen's face .

Wang Zhong did not disappoint him .

In fact, through his Heart's Eye, he could sense that Wang Zhong's current state was rather similar to his 5 Elements Constitution . However, there were still differences in their core essences that appeared rather contradictory to each other . Nevertheless, it had caused Wang Zhong to appear more mysterious, and thus stimulated his curiosity and fighting intent even more .

The desire for combat was already roaring ablaze in Mo Wen's heart . Lowering his body slightly, he pulled his left fist to his waist as he shifted into a fighting stance .



Just as Mo Wen's voice rang out, a purple shade had already flashed across the stage . Despite having a certain level of judgement towards Wang Zhong's newfound power, the absolutely lighting-quick speed still caught Mo Wen slightly off guard .

Through his Heart's Eye, he could sense that his opponent's speed wasn't just limited to the basic speed granted from his physical ability . On the contrary, the newly formed demonic flames seemed to naturally possess some kind of additional power, formed from the fusion of fire and darkness; this was somehow different from each individual special ability .

Although Wang Zhong's speed was exceedingly quick, Mo Wen's speed was similarly high . With his reaction speed reaching the limits of human ability, Mo Wen had already rushed up into the air the same time Wang Zhong had done the same . Without any indication or noise, the 2 figures had already collided midair in the blink of an eye!


An intensely dazzling halo expanded out rapidly from where the 2 met, closely followed by a terrifying boom .


The laymen in the audience were utterly incapable of using their eyes to watch the exchange, as the dazzling light forced all of them to close their eyes, while the reverberating boom shook quite a few people's heads into dizziness . Fortunately, with the defensive barrier being turned to maximum output, a dizzying input of near-unlimited amounts of energies, coupled with Zhou Mu taking personal control over the defensive runic array, rumbling noises and a slight tremor was all that the defensive barrier experienced, showing its increased stability from the previously shattered ones .

The experts present in the stadium once again focused their attention onto the fight . However, the majority of the people at a similar level with Bobo Torres were utterly incapable of properly observing the actions the 2 made . They were only able to see the 2 figures smashing against each other in the middle of the stage, before separating like 2 streaks of light .

In the first collision, there wasn't much of a difference in speed and strength between the 2 . Clearly, the purple flames possessed newfound capabilities, though this would be undiscoverable without personally experiencing it . However, it was evident that it was still rather ineffective against Mo Wen and his 5 Elements Constitution . In reality, making contact with the purple flames did not result in any substantial losses for Mo Wen . This was one of the formidable aspects of the 5 Elements Constitution . This was due to the core essence, where any attack, regardless of power, could be transformed into an effective defence .

However, compared to what people were seeing, Mo Wen was now experiencing a completely different feeling . At this moment, he was experiencing the burning, devouring, and sinister aura emanating from the purple flames . It appeared to display the powers of a darkness attribute special ability, coupled with a terrifying heat . It was only due to his 5 Elements Constitution that he was able to form an effective defence against it . Nevertheless, this caused quite a big burden on his Soul Power . The demonic flames had a berserk offensive aspect to it, which formed the greatest might of the attack he had just received .

Upon the first contact, both sides felt that everything wasn't as simple as it looked . After a certain amount of guessing and judgement, the differences caused by Mo Wen's activation of his 5 Elements Constitution had already been remedied, with the differences between the 2 returning back to equilibrium .

Tap tap .

Streaking across the air, the 2 backpedaling figures landed on the ground . Following their landing, the ground naturally collapsed, before exploding apart beneath their feet as both of them immediately dashed forwards!


Yet another terrifying boom rang out, while an intense halo of light expanded out . Smashing against the defensive barrier, it caused heart-shocking hums to ring out .

The 2 on stage instantly entered an all-out brawl . Regardless of people's eyes of cameras, none of them were able to catch the actions the 2 made on stage . Other than those bigshots seated high in the VIP podium, even experts like Carolyn could barely judge the situation on the stage by relying on their perception with maximum focus .

Halos of light continued to blossom in the air above the stage, accompanied by intense booms and shadows of figures exploding around . The 2 appeared to be chasing each other, moving at considerably astonishing speeds as they did so . Within a short span of time, their afterimages had already filled up the entire stage!

A greater amount of basic strength and speed!

In terms of destructiveness, Wang Zhong and his purple flame-clad body had the advantage, as the unique offensive properties of the purple demonic flames seemed to have some kind of terrifying power to break down energies . This was already beyond the combustion effects of a divinized fire . On the other hand, Wang Zhong and his purple flame-clad body also possessed a slight advantage in terms of strength and speed . Every single time the 2 unleashed their attacks, Wang Zhong's attacks would always travel further than Mo Wen, with Mo Wen always flying further away than Wang Zhong in every clash .

However, at the same time, Mo Wen's 5 Elements Constitution possessed an advantage in defence . Clearly, Mo Wen was more take much more of a beating than Wang Zhong . This was not only due to the self-recovery capabilities of his 5 Elements Constitution, but the perfection of his inner world . Due to the 5 Elements Constitution being complementary with Circular Force, as they were born from the same roots, it allowed the application of the Circular Force's power diversion with perfection . Compared to this, Wang Zhong's purple flame had a slight disadvantage in terms of defence, as he had just comprehended it during this fight, causing his control to be far from perfect .

A more powerful offence on one side, and a stronger defence on the other . In the blink of an eye, they had made dozens of exchanges, with no significant change in superiority . Regardless of their Soul Power or physical strength consumption, the 2 were basically on equal footing .

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