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Chapter 25 Eavesdropping

The water faintly moved around in the pond full of lotus flowers, the white lotus flowers were still in full bloom. But the woman by the pond who was coincidentally smiling beautifully was already gone. Xue Yunge was laying on the fence, he was mindlessly breaking the lotus petals. The expression on his face was lost and pained. His Yi Yi had already been gone for three days. The absurd him believed that his own strength was strong enough, but he couldn't even find a bit of the trail. Even all the black clothed people from that night had killed themselves using poison. He didn't even know who the opposite party that hired them was. He was already sick of these waiting days! If he knew who took Yi Yi away, he would've already killed them a long time ago. There was no need to waste time here. Yue was already in seclusion, he didn't dare tell him of his own incompetence. Yi Yi still hadn't been found, if he heard that, he (Yunge) was afraid that he (Yue) would spit out another mouthful of blood! Self blame, powerlessness, and deeply rooted longing wound around him. It was constantly pestering him, causing him to be almost unable to breath.

"Yi Yi, my Yi Yi, where are you?"

He took the wine cup next to him and drained it in one gulp. The wine sprinkled out, wetting the corner of his mouth and dampening his lapel. His ordinarily enchanting and beautiful features turned extremely haggard. The tears welling in his eyes were on the verge of coming out, causing his comparably peerless looks to carry a sort of miserable and sorrowful feeling. It wasn't because he wasn't sensible, eager, or sad enough, it was because he couldn't lose his head, collapse, or lose hope. In outsiders' eyes, they were sinister and cruel devils who wouldn't have emotions, wouldn't have happiness or sadness. But who could know the pain and longing that laid at the bottom of his heart. He understood Yue's loss of self control for a moment. It wasn't that it didn't hurt, it was just that he couldn't yell out his pain. He buried all his uneasiness and concern at the bottom of his hurt, but during that instant of loss, he was incapable of stopping himself from collapsing. But the Yue that truly expressed his mood was a rarely seen scene. They couldn't allow themselves to lose control.

"Lord!" A shadow appeared and bent down on his knee.

"Get lost!" The unhappy Xue Yunge threw the wine cup in his hand, but the shadow didn't dodge. "Pa" sounded and the pottery shattered into thousands of pieces. A few bloody scars already appeared on the shadow's face.

"Lord, there is some news of Miss!" The kneeling figure didn't move and reported with detachment in his voice.

"Why haven't you said anything then!" He emotionally stood up and arranged his messy hair and clothes, Xue Yunge returned to the alluring Xue Yunge again.

"We still aren't sure about where Miss is, but we found out that those black clothed people, from that evening, were heading towards Yan Zhou. According to our intelligence, those people went into Blue Snow Stronghold." The shadow was neither overbearing or servile, but he turned around and expressed his meaning.

Blue Snow Stronghold was the number one organization in jianghu. It was an extremely mysterious organization, but the people in the lead in the martial arts circles all blindly followed them. It was just like Xiu Luo villa, who was on the black side, but it was definitely much stronger than Xiu Luo villa. Blue Snow Stronghold was one hundred years old, it was an organization that survived a century worth of ups and downs. All along, it commanded the martial arts circles. With this type of strength, it was bound to be more powerful than Xiu Luo villa, which had only been established for ten years. But Xue Yunge didn't feel dread, even if he had to put Ming Xue's strength to use, he wouldn't hesitate.

"Assign people to infiltrate Blue Snow Stronghold and gain information on Miss' whereabouts. Once you find information, immediately report. After second gongzi comes out in ten days, we'll set out to Yan Zhou!"

"Yes Lord!"

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Yan Zhou, Water Pavilion, Second Courtyard

"I said, can you not follow me?" This damned Lan Sheng Ling, ever since he assigned Ya'er, this shadow, she never stopped following behind her. Gu Weiyi had nearly been driven mad. Eating food, sleeping, even going to the bathroom, this Ya'er would follow her. Not only that, she also frequently used that hated stare to gaze at herself. Gu Weiyi knew that, if it weren't for Lan Sheng Ling's command, she (Ya'er) would certainly immediately kill her (Yi Yi)!

But, she still had methods to deal with her, that was to go to Lan Sheng Ling's study. Previously, Lan Sheng Ling had issued an order that nobody could enter his study without his command. But, ever since last time she said she was bored and wanted to read, the study room wasn't restricted to her anymore. No matter what the reason why Lan Sheng Ling allowed her to enter the room, it was better than having Ya'er eyeing her covetously twenty-four seven. Although it was because of this that Ya'er looked at herself with eyes full of, not only, hatred, but also jealousy. She, Gu Weiyi, didn't have the good intentions to pay attention to a servant girl's emotions. Let misunderstandings just be misunderstandings, infuriating her was the best. She couldn't look upon Lan Sheng Ling, that rotten person. Apart from gege, there weren't any people that could enter her, Gu Weiyi's, eyes in this world.

"Master gave an order, slave servant must follow Miss at all times!" Ya'er responded with clenched teeth, her facial expression was cold and full of hatred.

"Is that so, then I won't be stubborn. Today I'll go to the study. Ya'er stay here, go to make some pastries for me. When I come back, it'll be the best time to pad my stomach, yes?"

Pretending to be carefree and opening her mouth, she satisfyingly watched as Ya'er instantly stiffened and her face filled with embarrassment. Happiness blossomed at the bottom of her heart! What a pitiful woman, getting feelings for Lan Sheng Ling, that ruthless male, indeed it's very sorrowful. But none of these matters concerned her, if one wanted to feel pain, then go feel pain. Wasn't she also suffering?

From far away, she saw the study's large doorway. What was strange was, apart from the hidden guards all over her own Matchless Garden, this entire second courtyard only had two guards. Especially this study, there wasn't even one guard around. If she had the chance could she escape from this place?

As she secretly thought about this, she observed the terrain around this study. Unknowingly, she walked underneath one of the eaves by the window, beside her was the wall. Looking up, she estimated the height of the wall and thought about whether or not she could climb up the walls. But the outcome was extremely clear. The wall was three times Gu Weiyi's height, the only way she could climb up the wall was with a ladder. But where could she find such a tall ladder? Such a large affair, she had a small body, not to mention the fact that she couldn't carry it (the ladder) up. Dragging it in second courtyard, only if one was a blind person, nobody would not know that she was trying to escape.

Abandoning this idea of climbing the wall, she was just about to leave. Suddenly, she heard the sound of a male's voice come through from inside the window. That voice appeared in Gu Weiyi, each time, in her nightmares. It was Lan Sheng Ling's voice.

"Have the Xue brothers been found?"

"Master, they will certainly come to Yan Zhou after ten days. When that moment comes, I'm afraid that they won't answer unless we bring Xue Wushang* out, that bargaining chip."

"Heng, I want them gone forever! Summon all the hidden guards and bring them to Yan Zhou."

"Yes Master, subordinate will go do this at once!"

»»————- ✼ ————-««

Covering her mouth, Gu Weiyi didn't even dare to breath and quickly stopped. Until the sounds in the room stopped and the sounds of the men's footsteps gradually faded away, she quietly stepped up and ran to Matchless Garden.

But she didn't see that the two people in that room didn't leave at all. All they did was trick her hearing by putting a facade up, nothing more. From the beginning, Lan Sheng Ling had been paying attention to her every movement. Everything had already been prepared at an earlier time, all that was left was her, Gu Weiyi's, arrival.

A strange smiling expression hung on the profound and handsome male's face.

*just as a reminder, Xue Wushang is Yi Yi's identity to the world outside

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