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The distance between the Gui Zhen City and the Yellow Dao City was around 13,000 to 14,000 miles. This area was dry and rainy, and was basically yellow sand with few vegetation.

In this yellow sand field, there were many Stage Four and above demon beasts. However, these demon beasts posed no threat to Wei Suo and Li Ruohai.

Therefore, Wei Suo didn't have any worries as he pushed the speed of the Fire Boat to the maximum.

Along the way, they saw quite a few cultivators fleeing for their lives. Most of these cultivators were in the Fragmentation Realm and the Heavenly Axis Realm. Naturally, they didn't bother with them and directly flew past them.

According to the speed of the ship, it would take about half a day to reach the vicinity of the Yellow Dao City.

However, about two hours later, Wei Suo, who was controlling the boat, suddenly had a glint flash across his eyes. He controlled the boat to stop.

"Dao Friend Wei, what's wrong?" Seeing Wei Suo's actions, Li Ruohai's reaction was naturally to spread out his spiritual sense to its maximum, but he didn't feel that anything was amiss.

"There seems to be something big up ahead. I wonder if it's a cultivator or a demon beast." Wei Suo looked forward without moving as he spoke with a serious expression.

"There's a big pile of things?" Li Ruo Hai, Qi Long Shan, his wife, and Taoist Fa Hua were all slightly stunned. Because the speed of the ship was several times faster than normal magic treasures, they had already left the cultivators who had departed from the Gui Zhen City at the same time as them. It was probably around half an hour for ordinary cultivators of the Divine Realm to reach this place, and looking up at the sky, they couldn't see anything.

But a moment later, in the distant horizon, it seemed as if a dark cloud was floating towards the direction of Wei Suo and the others.

This dark cloud was thousands of feet high. It stretched for dozens of miles; it didn't seem to be formed naturally.

"This person's eyesight is actually able to see so much earlier than us. He must have used medicine to greatly enhance it." When they saw this situation, a serious expression appeared on Li Ruohai and the others' faces. At the same time, such a thought also appeared in their hearts.

"Quick, look!"

Suddenly, Qing Ping pointed forward and softly called out.

He saw that within the dark clouds, there was a glimmer of light. It was just that it was too far away, so he couldn't tell what kind of color it was.

"It's a cultivator's light beam. It should be a cultivator fighting with a demonic beast." Wei Suo frowned and said directly.

"Could it be that this enormous Yin cloud is formed by a demon beast? How many demon beasts are there?" Adept Fa Hua said with a somewhat amazed look on his face.

"Since we're here, we naturally cannot run away. Let's go and take a good look first." A vicious look flashed through the eyes of Mountain Qi. "Fellow Daoists, what do you think?"

"Let's go take a look first. With so many of us here, even if we're not a match for them, we should be able to escape." Li Ruohai said faintly.

Without wasting any time, Wei Suo extended his hand and pointed at the boat. Once again, the Li Huo Boat shot out in front of them.

The Yin cloud was flying towards Wei Suo's direction. In less than half an incense's time, the huge Yin cloud had arrived in front of Wei Suo and the others.

The strong winds howled, blotting out the sky as they rushed over. Waves of shocking killing intent shot straight into the clouds.

From afar, one could see that these enormous dark clouds were ash-yellow in color. But now that they were close, one could see that they weren't clouds at all, but layers of ash-yellow gales.

As the sand flew and rocks flew, countless amounts of yellow sand and dried branches were blown into the air. Amongst the fierce winds that covered the sky, there were numerous gray circular wind clusters that were around twenty to thirty feet in diameter.

Each of these storm winds contained a vulture-like demon beast. However, these demon beasts had four claws, while their bodies were grayish-black, while their claws were green.

Whirlwind spiraled around these demon beasts, forming gray, circular balls of wind.

"It's the Wind Emperor's Four-footed Eagle, a low level five demon beast! There are actually so many of them! "

Seeing the demon beast inside clearly, Qing Ping could not help but let out a cry of surprise. She did not care about the fact that everyone was present when it came to the identification of the demon beast Li Ruohai.

It was no wonder that Qing Ping was like this. The number of these Demonic Beasts within the gale that came blotting out the sky was too astonishing. There were numerous circular clusters of wind densely packed together. At a glance, there were at least over ten thousand of them.

At this moment, a cluster of greenish-white Spiritual Lights was being besieged by many of these demon beasts.

From afar, it looked as if countless gray balls were floating outside this greenish-white spiritual light. From all directions, numerous balls of light collided with this greenish-white spiritual light, and inside the balls of light, green wind blades flew out like rain.

The green-white Spiritual Light tried its best to dodge and shift within the greyish storm. However, a unique melody was constantly emitted from the green-white Spiritual Light.

From time to time, the Wind Emperor's Four-footed Vulture would release a violent attack, as if it couldn't recognize its opponent, before turning around and launching an attack on the rest of the Wind Emperor's Four-footed Vultures.

"This person uses a beast horn, he should be a cultivator from the Illusory Beast Sect." Hearing such unique, humming music, and seeing such a scene again, Li Ruhai softly said.

"Illusory Beast Sect?" The most famous slave sects in the Tian Xuan land were the Spirit Beast Palace and the Illusory Beast Sect. Furthermore, the Illusory Beast Sect was a famous sect in the northern part of the Profound Sky Continent. It had several Aurous Core stage cultivators and was even stronger than the Spirit Beast Palace.

However, at this moment, although this group of white spiritual light rushed left and right in the overwhelming gale, it still couldn't break out. However, at this moment, this group of white spiritual light rushed left and right in the overwhelming gale, but it still couldn't break out.

"Dao Friend Wei, let's kill a big battle first and get rid of these Demonic Beasts. Save this cultivator and see what the situation is, what do you think?" After determining the identity of the cultivators in the Gale Formation, Li Ruohai glanced at Wei Suo and spoke indifferently.

"Haha, if we don't take care of these demon beasts, then they want to take care of us too. Moreover, this demon beast is worth quite a bit of crystal. Normally, it would be difficult to find so many demon beasts." Wei Suo laughed and stretched out his hand to tap, summoning the flying sword from the door board.

In order to cultivate more two spiritual roots, as well as prepare to cultivate the Immortal Foundation's five secrets, using multiple door boards and flying swords could also form the Golden Spirit Roots. Now, this door board flying sword naturally had to be used more.

"Fellow Daoist, this flying sword is truly unique." When he saw Wei Suo take out his flying sword, Li Ruhai couldn't help but slightly smile, but then he stirred his True Essence and said with a rolling voice: "Is this our Fellow Daoist from the Illusory Beast Sect?"

"I'm Yu Buji, I'm a cultivator from the Illusory Beast Sect." As soon as he heard Li Ruohai's voice, an extremely pleasantly surprised sound emerged from within the green-white ball of light.

It was a male voice. It sounded quite shrill, and it didn't seem very old.

The moment Li Ruohai's voice was heard, the cultivators inside the greenish-white spiritual light didn't say anything more. Instead, it attracted many of the Wind Emperor's Four-legged Vultures at the forefront to charge towards Li Ruhai and Wei Suo's group.

Seeing this, Li Ruohai faintly smiled, pointed his hand, and took out a magic treasure that looked like a white handkerchief.

This white handkerchief magical equipment was inlaid with quite a few jades and magical beads, appearing extremely beautiful. As Li Ruhai's greenish-yellow true essence was concentrated in it, the white light on this white handkerchief magical equipment instantly spread out, forming an enormous barrier of white light that enveloped the entire Li Huo boat.

At the same time, Taoist Master Fa Hua also stretched out his hand and threw out a buddhist pearl like magical treasure. As his true essence concentrated, eighteen yellow balls of spiritual light around one meter in diameter floated above his magical treasure.

Upon seeing this, Wei Suo did not keep the Lava Beast. Instead, he slapped his bag, causing a black light to flash. In the next moment, he had also released the Abyssal Bone Lord.

Immediately afterwards, Wei Suo took out the golden magic treasure that could activate the lion-headed lightning.


The Wind Emperor's Four-footed Vulture was still at a distance of almost five hundred meters from the fire boat when Wei Suo activated the golden magic treasure in his hand. A dazzling golden lightning pillar accurately struck one of the Wind Emperor's Four-footed Vultures in the front until its entire body was charred black and it fell to the ground.

"This person's divine sense is indeed better than that of a level 4 Aurous Core stage cultivator."

Seeing this scene, Li Ruo Hai, Qi Long Shan, and the others felt their hearts tremble. It was clear that Wei Suo's attack was the result of using his spiritual sense to lock onto the target. An attack from such a distance was something even Li Ruohai couldn't match up to.


The instant the golden magic treasure was activated, a sonic boom sounded out in front of Wei Suo. The flying sword on the door also transformed into a ball of golden light as it shot out.

"Pah!" Pow! Pow! "Pah!"

Like a rubber ball, the Wind Emperor's Four Legged Vulture that was flying in front of him was knocked flying backward by his flying sword without any resistance.

"It is fortunate that there are so many of these beasts. If there were only a few hundred of them, they would have been killed by him before we could even get close to him. We would have become the real decorations." When Qing Ping saw this scene, she could not help but have such a thought appear in her heart.

But this was not the case.

With another soft 'pu' sound, an azurish-black streak of light instantly shot out to a distance of several hundred meters.

It was Wei Suo who simultaneously released his Black Fiend Ghost Claw. Every time he killed a Wind Emperor Four-footed Vulture with his golden magic treasure and his door plate flying sword, Wei Suo's Black Fiend Ghost Claw would quickly retrieve it. In just a moment, Wei Suo had already captured over ten Wind Emperor Four-footed Vultures.

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