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At that moment, all the demons couldn't stop sweating like a waterfall.

The legendary human cultivator Immortal Zhenyuan himself, who was reputed to be the only Venerated Immortal among all the human cultivators in the present age, was actually standing right in front of their eyes, and was actually willing to act as a hired thug for an unknown green-furred dog…

On top of the pillar, Sage Master had an awed expression on his face. "I checked this dog repeatedly and it's just a second-class spirit beast, but why does the legendary human cultivator Immortal Zhenyuan address it as Senior Dog?" This Sage Master had great strength, was skilled in perception and divination, and was very confident in his discernment, as could be seen from the way he had tracked Wang Ling down to a mass of pixels.

While Sage Master ultimately still didn't know the exact identity of the dog's owner, any regular person wouldn't have even been able to follow a trail to the pixels.

Sage Master sucked in a breath of air. "Is it possible that this dog truly is very strong? And my senses were wrong?"

The point was that his discernment had never failed him before!

Holding the scepter, Second Generation Demon Saint was also dazed. After a moment, he turned to look at Sage Master and said, "I don't know!"

Sage Master: "…"

It could only be said that this dog was unusual. Maybe things really weren't as simple as they had imagined, otherwise there was no way to explain the current situation at all. Before learning about Zhenyuan's true identity, they had thought that this cultivator had deigned to be this dog's thug because of its owner.

But knowing who he was now, things were different.

Because Zhenyuan's Daoist name was too renowned, not only in the human world, but also in the demon world. How could such a mythical figure who had his own pride so easily become a hired thug for someone else?

Also, one could see that this legendary cultivator was extremely deferential toward this dog, and revered it as if it was his own father, ermmm…

"What are you going to do now?" asked Sage Master as he stroked his white beard.

As Demon Saint's assistant, Sage Master was prohibited from and had no right to obstruct or interfere with Demon Saint's decision. This ban also applied to the Holy Pillar, and was a rule which the original Demon Saint had established when he had prayed to the Holy Pillar to protect the generations of Demon Saint that came after him from the interference of their "confidantes" in leading the demon world.

Second Generation Demon Saint: "Let's follow their lead. In fact, I also want to know how strong this legendary human cultivator is. Let's just be a little careful…"


Sage Master nodded his head. "Actually, I feel that the dog's owner is probably more formidable."

Thinking of the dead fish eyes that had filled him with dread before, Second Generation Demon Saint got goosebumps all over his body. "I would rather believe that he's an alien from outside the Milky Way."

Sage Master: "We can actually study the galaxy beyond the Milky Way later. In fact, the original Demon Saint made a science education film about it previously. Moreover, the film is an adaptation of when that orangutan from outer space almost brought the Holy Pillar down."

Second Generation Demon Saint was dazed. "There's even a science education film?"

Sage Master: "It's in the depository of classics. I'll look for it later. It's called My Love From the Planet of the Apes."

Second Generation Demon Saint: "…"


On the other side, Dog Two and Zhenyuan quietly waited for the four demon gods to summon Demon Saint.

Hand in hand, the four demon gods formed a circle and prayed with their eyes closed. This was a momentous scene, one which all the demons present felt would go down in the history of the demon world. In the past century, there had been constant strife in the inner territories of the demon world. It had been seven or eight hundred years since the four demon gods had last sat down together to talk things out calmly, but now they were actually working hand in hand to call upon Demon Saint.

Dozens of seconds later, the clouds in the sky parted and a brilliant blue light fell from the heavens. One after another, the demons present fell to their knees in awe and kowtowed.

Demon Saint had really responded!

Dog Two and Zhenyuan watched as a blurred figure unhurriedly landed inside that column of blue light. The blue column then vanished to be replaced by a mist which enveloped the figure at its center as it spread outward.

"Is this just a projection?" Zhenyuan's Daoist robes, which were the fiery color of maple leaves, danced in the air as he stared at Demon Saint's virtual body.

Unexpectedly, it wasn't the real person that had come, which made Zhenyuan slightly unhappy. But in the end this was just an act, and he actually didn't need to be so serious. Moreover, it wasn't like Zhenyuan didn't understand; Demon Saint had never shown his face before, to preserve a sense of mystery. Zhenyuan had always felt that this was a disease spread by some damn big-head pervert of a particular news entertainment program…

Zhenyuan sighed in his heart. Standing with his hands behind his back, a red glow rose up under his feet to emit an even more terrifying light. Dog Two saw tremendous spirit power coalesce behind Zhenyuan into a huge figure.

This was the apparition of a Venerated Immortal.

All the demons were petrified.

The auras of Demon Saint's virtual body and a Venerated Immortal's apparition collided, and it was horrifying!

This wasn't a direct confrontation between two people, but a battle between a virtual body and a apparition was already a close approximation since if the virtual body was injured or the apparition wounded, the injury would ultimately be reflected on the original body.

The showdown was about to begin!

"Show me what a legendary cultivator is capable of…"

On top of the Holy Pillar, Demon Saint used the scepter to control his virtual body, narrowing his eyes as he gazed at Immortal Zhenyuan.

In the next moment, he tapped the ground with the scepter. Demon light instantly sprung up underneath the virtual body as it emitted a kind of power to drain things, which affected the entire demon world.

All the vegetation in the demon world started to wither.

The range of this power was very wide. It was just an aura, but every living plant for ten thousand li around started to wither, as if the whole world was being drained of color!

Was this Demon Saint's power…

All the demons turned pale with fright. In addition to the demon gods, the demon kings and demon beasts had never experienced Demon Saint's power for themselves.

"Be revived…"

Zhenyuan gave a murmur, and a pure and golden holy light shot out from his hands to illuminate their surroundings like the rising sun. This wasn't magic, but the power to verbally use a nomological law to rouse and revive the withered vegetation.

The demons stared at the plants on the ground. As the two powers collided, the plants jerked between wilting and reviving, and after reviving, wilting again, and then reviving again…


Dog Two could tell that these two people were using the virtual body and the apparition to "arm wrestle."

This was a relatively peaceful way of fighting. If their auras directly clashed, all of the demon world would suffer.

It was just that the vegetation looked a little pitiful…


Looking at this clash, Demon Saint suddenly perked up.

He tapped the ground with the scepter again, increasing the power to drain things.

Very quickly, Zhenyuan felt the power to drain things emitted by the virtual body increase.

This wasn't as simple as strengthening this power. Demon Saint had added a Heavenly Dao to it so that the aura of the Heavenly Dao would bolster its strength.

Zhenyuan cocked an eyebrow, and then manipulated his apparition to also activate the power of Heavenly Dao.

"How many Heavenly Dao do you have?" At this moment, Demon Saint's voice came from the virtual body.

He felt that Zhenyuan would have three Heavenly Dao at most on him.

Immortal Zhenyuan: "Guess!"

"I can't be bothered guessing, I'll just test you directly to find out."

The virtual body smiled and immediately roared, "Holy Pillar… give me strength!"

As soon as he said the words, his power to drain things instantly increased yet again!

In just a short moment, the number of Heavenly Dao mixed into this power increased from one to six!

Zhenyuan and Dog Two were taken aback. He had even brought foreign aid?!A play on the Korean drama "My Love From The Stars."A reference to the online talk-variety show "Baozou Big News Events," where the host wears a huge headpiece with a comic face on it and reports ridiculous news events.

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