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Chapter 2046: Fending off with a Formation

The Major Achievement of Sword Spirit meant that Jian Chen's comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had reached the level of Godkings. However, his Chaotic Body still remained at the level of Overgods.

As a result, his breakthrough at this moment clearly was not enough for Jian Chen to deal with the threat he currently faced.

Jian Chen's wounds became heavier and heavier, where he was completely soaked in blood. He had so many wounds that it was a shocking sight. Each wound was terrifyingly vicious, revealing the white bone inside.

However, Jian Chen did not weaken at all despite his heavy wounds. His battle prowess was still extremely great, like an undying god of war, engaging in an intense slaughter against many Godkings.

Godkings had already died to Jian Chen's hands. They were all early Godkings. These people either had their heads pierced by Jian Chen's sword Qi or shattered by his palm strikes. One of the early Godkings had even been forcefully ripped in half by Jian Chen. It was an extremely shocking sight.

Kai Ya was also heavily injured. She was covered in blood as she used the Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire together. She fended off many Godkings.

All the Godkings in the Divine Medicinal Garden were astonished. Their gazes at Jian Chen and Kai Ya were filled with shock and fear.

Two Overgods were actually able to last so long against an encirclement of Godkings, and they even claimed the lives of a few early Godkings.

All of them felt fear towards such powerful Overgods.

Specks of red light flickered in Jian Chen's pupils, and vaguely, an evil presence seemed to slowly awaken within him.

Not only was he heavily injured right now, but more than half of the power of his soul had been drained by the two strands of Profound Sword Qi as well. Coupled with the heavy smell of blood around, he struggled to suppress the evil power that had fused with his soul.

Across the years, his strength had completely exceeded the evil power's, as he grew just too quickly. As a result, the evil power was unable to affect his consciousness at all even when he was heavily injured in the past.

However, when he absorbed that droplet of power of the ancient Skywolf's bloodline before, the evil power had benefited far more than he had, allowing it to strengthen drastically. He struggled to keep it at bay now that he was facing this situation.


The sword spirits immediately sensed Jian Chen's condition, and their voices rang through Jian Chen's soul like huge chimes.

In the past, when Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Chanlong roamed through outer space, Jian Chen had been heavily injured several times with the power of his soul greatly drained. He also struggled to keep the evil power suppressed at such times, and it was always the sword spirits that got him to his senses as quickly as possible, preventing him from completely losing consciousness.

Jian Chen did his best to remain conscious as he fended off the attacks in the surroundings.

He was constantly being wounded. Many stab wounds appeared, which had reduced his organs to pieces long ago. He completely relied on the Chaotic Body to keep going.

"Hehe, a mere Overgod wants to keep a Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways all to herself? You're dreaming."

At this moment, a sneer rang out from beside Yun Xin. As Yun Xin paled in fright, a hand extended out from the space before her, snatching away the Space Rings in her hands.

Not only did he take away the Space Ring that held the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, but he had also taken away the Space Ring that Yun Xin wore on her finger.

He was clearly a late Godking, having made his way around Jian Chen and Kai Ya to approach Yun Xin.

"You bastard, leave the Space Ring behind…"

"Don't let him leave here…"

Another few Godkings approached Yun Xin from behind. They had also made their way around Jian Chen and Kai Ya, approaching Yun Xin silently from the other side. They were just about to steal the Space Ring as well.

However, when they saw the Space Ring being taken away by someone else first, they were immediately enraged. Their gazes immediately shifted to the Godking hidden in space, and they struck out without hesitation. They shook up the space with powerful energy, forcing out the person hidden in there.

The Godking with the Space Ring laughed aloud. He did not try to fight with anyone. Instead, he disappeared into space once again as he immediately wanted to leave.


At this moment, master Chanlong's formation was finally completed. After calling out, the formation finally rose up, and with a powerful pulse of energy, a hemisphere of energy instantly condensed, enveloping a radius of fifty meters.

Apart from Chanlong, Yun Xin, and Xiao Zheng, a few of the Godkings had made their way around in the formation as well. As they were too close, they were enveloped by it as well.


With a thud, the fleeing Godking with the Space Ring slammed into the energy barrier. The energy barrier was completely fine, but he fell out of the space there. He cursed secretly before immediately attacking the barrier in a hurry.

"Get in the formation!" Master Chanlong ignored the unwelcomed guests in his formation as he called out to Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

Jian Chen let out a roar at the sky as his eyes exploded with light. He suppressed the awakening evil power as much as he could before instantly sending out a few strands of Daluo Sword Qi. Afterwards, he approached the energy barrier as quickly as he could before completely melding into it. He entered without any obstructions.

Kai Ya entered the energy barrier at basically the same time as Jian Chen. Many Godkings charged over from behind them.

However, they failed to repeat what Jian Chen and Kai Ya had just done. They were unable to pass through the energy barrier, having all been blocked outside.

"God dammit, get through this formation!"

The Godkings all attacked the energy barrier from the outside, causing it to tremble.

Master Chanlong was grim. He took out a large number of divine crystals from his Space Ring and poured them into the formation. He said gruffly, "Hurry up and deal with the people in the formation if you want to stabilise it. I'll control it to assist you."

Jian Chen and Kai Ya did not hesitate. They immediately charged towards the Godkings who had intruded on the energy barrier. Xiao Zheng took part as well, charging towards a mid Godking.

Under master Chanlong's control, the barrier created strands of white energy that wrapped around the Godkings. At the same time, it would produce streams of energy from time to time to pierce their bodies.

Not only could the formation defend, but it could also attack.

The Godkings who had entered the formation all died to Jian Chen and Kai Ya's hands after being restricted by the formation. Even late Godkings passed away.

Outside the energy barrier, all the Godkings stood around it as they unleashed violent attacks at it. Even though the barrier was very powerful, it continued to shake from the combined efforts of so many Godkings. It almost collapsed several times before being stabilised by master Chanlong.

"The energy is being consumed too rapidly. Quick, give me divine crystals," master Chanlong called out. After becoming a Godking, his formations had reached a new level as well, but it was still very difficult for him to stop the attacks of so many Godkings with a formation he had cast down in a hurry.

Jian Chen ignored his injuries and immediately took out ten blocks of supreme grade divine crystal, which he gave to master Chanlong. He placed all of them into the crucial point.

With the support of ten blocks of supreme grade divine crystal, the tremoring immediately decreased slightly. However, it still distorted from all the attacks.

Jian Chen frowned. He discovered that the ten blocks of divine crystal were being consumed extremely quickly. As soon as it had been placed in, the energy in one of the blocks decreased significantly. At this speed, the ten blocks would not be able to last for very long.   

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