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There was basically no need to for him to pull his spear back to gather his strength. Relying on the rebounding force from Wang Zhong's block, Zhao Yilong merely gave a slight whip, twist, and shove of his wrists before the Overlord Spear was thrust out with even greater might. These were extremely detailed movements, these were the essentials of spear techniques. Any student who had used the spear and related weapons were completely dumbfounded by the spectacle unfolding before their eyes. When they attacked with their spears, it would appear as though they were waving large matchsticks around. However, in Zhao Yilong's hands, the spear had basically ascended into a weapon of perfection. So it turned out that a spear could be used like this!

Wang Zhong's really displaying his superficial skills in the face of an expert!

Faced against such a situation, there would definitely be no hope for him if he defended against it head on. Wang Zhong shifted his body to face the evade the incoming Overlord Spear, while sending his spear whipping over from the side. However, his opponent's spear, which was originally piercing forwards, was unexpectedly able to shift in accordance with Wang Zhong's movements! What's more, its might did not diminish at all! Wang Zhong's whipping spear strike had only caused the incoming Overlord Spear to shift a couple of inches!

Being unable to match in incoming attack, Wang Zhong started to execute the Ghostly Steps, swaying as he moved about.

Then came the third spear strike!

The accumulated strength in the spear rose again!

Before the spear arrived, the might of the spear appeared to have shoved all the air in the surroundings away, causing Wang Zhong to feel his breathing becoming stifled. This spear strike was even stronger than the previous one!

"What an overbearing attack!" Wind God shouted out in a hurried manner. "Of the incoming successive attacks, this is just the third spear strike! However, the power coming from it has already exceeded the peak of the Casted Soul Stage! If he's allowed to unleash all 18 spear strikes, who in this CHF is able to block it? Wang Zhong's defeat is certain, he's retreating step after step; against the Overlord Spear, he's just like a little dancing jester!"

The casting and analysis of a fight were extremely important for a match, especially in the Skylink, as statements with hidden provocations would have a great effect on the rhythm of the viewers. It had to be said that everyone had felt that Zhao Yilong was suppressing Wang Zhong ever so slightly at the beginning. However, they now felt that Zhao Yilong really was a class higher; Wang Zhong had only managed to endure for three minutes of before revealing signs of defeat. At this moment, people had seemed to forget his other identity, as a Wang Zhong who did not use cross wheels wasn't really All Mouthy King.

Fourth spear strike... fifth spear strike... sixth spear strike... Wang Zhong's defence remained extremely stable. There was nothing to say about his feet movements, only that they were able to rival those made by the Mo's List assassins. However, Zhao Yilong's spear techniques had sealed up every angle and direction that Wang Zhong could evade towards. The Zhao Family's Overlord Spear wasn't a weapon with an undeserved reputation. Every time an attack was unleashed, the target would suffer regardless of occupation. Without a doubt, Zhao Yilong was really intent on taking a life as he unleashed these successive attacks. He wasn't even afraid of being investigated by the organizing committee; in any case, he wasn't able to hold back while unleashing it.

Tenth spear strike… the tyrannical Soul Power coupled with the might of a genuine Overlord Spear that was mastered to perfection meant that Zhao Yilong's Overlord Spear held a unique position in this world. As for Wang Zhong's replica, it could only block the incoming strikes, and he was repeatedly retreating. However, even the path of retreat had its limits, and the spear was unlike other weapons. Retreating in this manner, Wang Zhong had lost his presence in the fight, and his power and might were gone; the advancing Zhao Yilong appeared like the sole ruler of heaven and earth.

What followed closely were five more spear strikes. Although it was a series of successive attacks, there was much variation between the strikes. This caused Wang Zhong's defence to appear weak and exposed. Feints and actuals attacks were mixed into the many multi-directional transfers of strength! At this moment, the entire arena was extremely silent; everyone had been awed into submission by Zhao Yilong's spear techniques.

This clearly wasn't the first time that Divian had seen Zhao Yilong's Overlord Spear in action. At this moment, she was having some slight feelings of pity towards Wang Zhong. His fundamentals and foundations were extremely good, though spear techniques always required a certain level of successive attacks. This was the reason why the Zhao Family could still retain its dominance. Every young member of the various great families would be able to learn secret techniques and skills which were previously used and modified by Heavenly Soul Stage experts. The comprehension and mysteries present within them weren't something that academy students could hope to obtain. Even if they had the talent, their knowledge and understanding were worlds apart. This exactly like the portrayal of Wang Zhong. With his background, he could only use the OP to accumulate experience. However, the problem was that after a certain level, there was practically nothing more to be learnt from the OP, as people weren't stupid enough to reveal their hidden moves in there.

In an instant, five successive rapid thrusts smashed Wang Zhong's defence apart. Whoosh...

16th Spear Strike--- Chopping Spear Strike!

At this instant, the Overlord Spear abruptly chopped down, completely switching away from the forward thrusts and stabs that it had unleashed earlier. It appeared at the least expected moment, slicing down across the horizon! Such a downward chop was hardest to guard against. Wang Zhong had already no place to evade or dodge to. With his replica Overlord Spear in his hands being knocked aside by the five successive strikes, he was unable to use it to defend himself.

Nonetheless, Wang Zhong did not have the intention of forcefully pulling his Overlord Spear back. Instead, he allowed his body to follow his spear. With a rotation of his body, his legs appeared to have stumbled over each other. However, it was instead a miraculous revolution, as Zhao Yilong's win determining strike had actually struck air.

Nonetheless, Zhao Yilong followed suit, moving along behind his spear. As his body cut into range, his hands slid to the middle of his spear shaft. In a flash, the Overlord Spear was ferociously spun about, the rotational force smashing right towards Wang Zhong.

17th Spear Strike---Dragon Twister Massacre!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!... Wang Zhong's clothing was ripped apart by the howling gales rampaging out, while his Overlord Spear swept out vertically in defence.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!...

Everyone's eyes grew wide open. Was this the moment which decided victory or defeat??? Wang Zhong had already lost control of the fight, constantly receiving Zhao Yilong's attacks! Furthermore, his hands would definitely be numb after defending against the force of the spiralling attacks. His judgement and reaction speed had already declined, while the distance between them had already shrunk.

18th Spear--Devouring Dragon Spear!

Accumulating all of the momentum from the previous 16th strikes and compounding it with the inertia generated from the 17th twirling attack, this spear strike was a strike that Zhao Yilong had practised to perfection. Although he had already stopped spinning his Overlord Spear, the gales whipped up by his revolutions had blocked Wang Zhong's vision, while this universally shocking spear strike had already come killing over.

The Overlord Spear appeared to have disappeared, turning into a white stream of light with a thunderous roar, stabbing towards Wang Zhong's head in a flash.


Everyone held their breaths, the next second...

Zhao Yilong's confident spear strike... had missed???

Wang Zhong stood just right there, yet the Overlord Spear had struck air???

What was this situation?

Everyone's jaw dropped wide open, while they appeared to have been petrified. Was Zhao Yilong blind???

From the audience's perspective, Wang Zhong appeared to still be standing at his original location, yet Zhao Yilong had missed his strike as if he were blind! What kind of expert would make such a mistake?

Upon seeing this spectacle, Divian's expression totally changed. That's because she knew what had happened, and that had frightened her. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that there would be people in her age group whose understanding of the spear had reached such a realm! After being forced to defend passively, Wang Zhong did not treat his body as the centre of his being, but rather, he used his Overlord Spear as the centre! This was a comprehension obtained only by those who have trained in the way of the spear to the pinnacle -- Spear Substitution Technique!

When a human was able to interchange his centre with that of his spear at will, it would result in the most frightening confusion towards his opponent's attack pathways! This was also the area where the Seer Family was most proud of their superiority as compared to the Zhao Family's spear techniques! Being overly overbearing would result in a lack of flexibility and nimbleness. Even Divian herself had only managed to recently obtain her mastery over this technique! However, Wang Zhong was already able to execute it in actual combat!

At this moment, Karl shot a look at Divian, already having given up on breaking his melon seeds long ago, and having already retracted his giggling. This Spear Substitution Technique was something Divian had comprehended after his tough and arduous accompaniment in training, all for of their strategy to demonstrate their splendour in the CHF and frighten others... This...

God damn it, who told me that this fellow doesn't know how to use a spear?

Zhao Yilong's attack target was the previous location of the Wang Zhong's Overlord Spear. Upon being revealed, this misconception instantly shocked Zhao Yilong to the extent that he was instantly drenched in cold sweat.

At this moment, Wang Zhong's Overlord Spear had already entered an offensive stance, before being thrust out like a bolt of lightning.


This... wasn't this just like Zhao Yilong's Lightning Fire God's Divine 18 Spear Strikes??!

Chilling intent sparkled in Wang Zhong's eyes as he unleashed the same moves while channelling the intent through his spear.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Anger and rage instantly rushed into Zhao Yilong's head. His opponent could have used many other ways and methods to increase and widen his superiority over this fight. However, of all of them, his opponent had to use his signature move, this exact same move that he could evade in his sleep!

How much did he look down on me?!

Feelings surged within Zhao Yilong's heart like ten thousand horses running rampant, while his murderous spirit present grew even stronger. If his intentions at the start of the match were to simply cripple Wang Zhong, now it was a blatant desire to end his life!

As if his Zhao Family's spear techniques were that easy to imitate! This was a chance given to Zhao Yilong, and he wouldn't be courteous to deny it!

However, after a single riposte, Zhao Yilong immediately felt that something was amiss. That motherfucker's actually using the same way of force generation as himself!


In an instant, a series of five successive high-speed thrusts rained down on him! They were even faster than his earlier thrusts! Nevertheless, Zhao Yilong knew the follow-up move!

16th strike--Chopping Spear Strike.

However, this was where a problem occurred. Zhao Yilong had assumed that Wang Zhong was going to follow up with this. However, the latter never, ever mentioned anything about imitating the Lightning Fire God's Divine 18 Spear Strikes! While Zhao Yilong responded with a downward chop, Wang Zhong did a rising strike.


A splash of blood shot out as a gash appeared on Zhao Yilong's face! He retreated explosively, causing the ground to shatter by the force generated by his backpedalling. However, the only thing he could do was to pull away from Wang Zhong. Nonetheless, Wang Zhong's explosiveness couldn't be underestimated. Wang Zhong knew what Zhao Yilong knew. Therefore he had already predicted that Zhao Yilong would make such a decision, resulting in an instantaneous advance to catch him.


As the Overlord Spear in Wang Zhong's hands revolved crazily, Zhao Yilong, being unable to evade, could only clench his teeth and keep his defence up. Enduring the successive attacks, his hands had already turned numb. Despite that, he was surrounded by the damnable spear shadows, forcing his mind away from such thoughts.

19th spear--Dragon Devouring!


Zhao Yilong was utterly unable to dodge and evade. He did not recognise this move from Wang Zhong. However, he was clear about the might present behind it. Only by confronting that spear technique before it had accumulated sufficient might would he able to break it. He definitely understood the weakness of his style and techniques!

When he first started to learn this set of moves, he had resented his teacher. At that point in time, he had believed this set of moves to be invincible. Since it was the case, why did he need to learn the method to break this set of moves? Only at this instant did he understood his teacher's intentions!

However, the spear strike unleashed by Zhao Yilong had missed once again...

Wang Zhong simply did not intend to unleash the 18th spear. At the instant when Zhao Yilong had unleashed his spear strike, he had sent a kick hurtling forward, smashing right into Zhao Yilong's centre of mass.


Being caught completely off guard, Zhao Yilong was completely unable to muster any defence before being smashed and rolling away, flying 7 to 8 metres back before laying flat on the ground.

As soon as this happened, the entire world turned silent, with everyone feeling as though they could hear the pounding of their hearts... what the hell is this?

Did the two fighters swap their names?

Upon being unleashed, Zhao Yilong's renowned Lightning Fire God's Divine 18 Spear Strikes was a set of moves that no one could contend against. However, at this moment, not only had it been broken, it had also been turned into a joke, before being modified, and he even got kicked in the face!

Wang Zhong had no intention of following up with a pursuit, standing right where he had launched the kick from.

At this moment, those All Mouthy King's fans who didn't dare to shout and cheer for their idol earlier, those who were forced to keep this fire suppressed in their heart, were finally able to let it all go at once! Hiding the skies and covering the earth, their roars resounded throughout the world. This was All Mouthy King!

What Zhao Family! What dogshit Overlord Spear! He'll thrash all of them in the same manner!

While Skylink had exploded into madness, the arena had remained deathly silent. No one was sure exactly what had happened. The spear expert, Zhao Yilong, has been beaten up like a dog?

Below the stage, the faces of the Divine Dragon squadron members had turned extremely ugly. The faces of the personnel stationed in the viewing gallery who related to the Zhao Family had also contorted, all of them wishing they could head down to massacre Wang Zhong hundreds of times over!

Wang Zhong's kick appeared to not have caused any damage, as Zhao Yilong had instantly gotten up. The cold and cruel gaze shooting out from his eyes seemed to be able to freeze up anything it came in contact with. Nonetheless, a look of indifference was present in Wang Zhong's expression as he looked towards the latter, appearing to say that there was nothing more to Zhao Yilong.

A layer of frost had already covered Zhao Yilong's face. If one's gaze could kill people, Wang Zhong would have already been chopped up by tens of thousands of blades!

The chilling and frosty killing intent radiating from him seemed as if it would freeze up the entire stage!

Not a single word rang out from him, as his hands started to tremble.

"The games have ended. An inferior fellow like you will never be able to mimic a genuine form of combat!"


An intense hum instantly rang out from his Overlord Spear as its shaft started to vibrate rapidly. In the next instant, gurgling Soul Power visible to the naked up surged out from Zhao Yilong's body, passing through the spear shaft layer by layer, before condensing at the spear tip like the waves crashing on a beach!

Those experts who were in shock of Wang Zhong's frightening toughness instantly stopped their discussions.

This was the first time they had seen Zhao Yilong getting this serious. He's about to reveal his true self.

Layer upon layer, the Soul Power ripples continued to increase. Upon reaching the limit of its convergence at the spear tip, they unexpectedly started to form a spiralling aura!

The condensed Soul Power ripples appeared to have become the centre of the world. In a flash, rays of brilliance blossomed from it, causing the surroundings to pale in comparison to it. On the ground, the small rock chips that had formed from the shattered granite floor were affected by the spear aura, as they started to swirl about and float into the air!


Although the previous Overlord 18 successive spear strikes were indeed an extremely overbearing set of moves, they were no more than a brutish output of strength. Top class experts might be able to see through the essence of those moves, and might even be able to mimic them. However, there were some techniques and skills that couldn't be imitated even after being seen!

A surging, domineering aura burst forth ferociously from his body, while Zhao Yilong's eyes appeared to have turned into orbs of lightning. Even before taking action, the spear aura he had condensed was already completely different from before!

A serious expression appeared on Noriba's face. Even though he was a couple hundred metres away in the viewing gallery, he was already able to sense the threat and danger posed from that spear!

The might of an attack was depended on the strength of one's Soul Power and fleshly body. In most situations, there was a limit in the difference between people at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage. However, there was in fact a considerable disparity in combat prowess. This was the charm of combat techniques and skills, and the quest to understand their details and inner constructs. This was also the reason why countless experts would pause their cultivation at the Casted Soul Stage, in order to gain a deeper comprehension.

Zhao Yilong's overbearingness wasn't just a superficial thing!

He was changing the frequency and amplitude of his Soul Power, while using undulating waves layered together to assist in increasing the might of his attacks. This resulted in his attacks being able to overcome anything in their path. The instantaneous explosion of power was comparable to the charged cross wheels All Mouthy King had used to achieve his fame and reputation!

Changing the frequency and amplitude of one's Soul Power sounded like an easy task to accomplish. However, a person who was actually able to do so couldn't even be found in ten thousand people!

To 99.99% of the Casted Soul Stage soldiers, such a feat sounded just like The Arabian Nights, or akin to asking an ordinary person to change his fingerprints. Without even talking about doing it, they wouldn't even know where to start, as they had utterly no clue how it worked!

This was an absolute mystery!

This was a divine combat technique that couldn't be imitated by ordinary people!

Upon unleashing this move, anyone familiar with Zhao Yilong knew that this fight was about to end. Using this move meant that he was truly enraged. If not, with the Zhao Family's arrogance, he would definitely not use this secret aristocratic family combat technique to deal with a commoner.

Everyone's gaze was focused on Wang Zhong's body. It was alright if they didn't. However, upon looking, all of them didn't feel right.


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