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With a loud bang, Zhao Yilong disappeared, man and spear travelling as one. The Overlord Spear pierced right at Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong welcomed the attack without any signs of weakness, and the two spears collided.


Wang Zhong's Overlord Spear vibrated intensely, while his entire being was sent flying back. On the contrary, Zhao Yilong appeared to be completely unaffected by any rebounding force. With a casual wave, he sent his spear sweeping out, which was met by Wang Zhong's Overlord Spear. However, upon contact, the latter's spear was sent shooting back, appearing as if it had been expelled by an earth-shatteringly massive amount of force. With just an ordinary attack, Zhao Yilong's Overlord Spear appeared to have annihilated all resistance put up by Wang Zhong.


A blast of spear aura exploded forth, piercing out even before the spear tip arrived.


Along with his spear, Wang Zhong was sent flying back a dozen metres back, his face turning somewhat pale as a result. Zhao Yilong did not immediately give pursuit, as he did not unleash this move just to let his opponent die so quickly. Just like what the Zhao Family had done earlier, their opponent's despair and wails of misery were what they loved to hear the most. They wanted to make their opponents tremble and stutter at the mere mention of their Zhao Family, and let them forever become losers and slaves in their presence. At the same time, they would kill one to warn everybody else that anyone who went against the Zhao Family would meet with death!

With a sweep of his Overlord Spear, Soul Power burst forth once again, resulting in ripples enveloping the Overlord Spear. This time, he wanted to beat Wang Zhong to a state worse than death, and shatter all of the bones in his body!

Below the stage, all of the Zhao Family supporters had already burst out into frenzied roars of celebration. As long as Zhao Yilong was serious, the only thing a waste like Wang Zhong could do was to eat dust! Mimicking a simple set of moves ain't worth anything! Let's see if you can mimic this rippling might!

However, at this moment, Wang Zhong proceeded to enter the same stance as Zhao Yilong, with the copycat Overlord Spear being the same copycat Overlord Spear as before.

Despite that, layer upon layer of rippling Soul Power started to gush out from his body, surging into his copycat Overlord Spear, transforming into a layered rippled wave-like state! What's more, not only did those ripples remain in the spear, they formed a spiralling force at the tip of the spear!

This was basically just like countless birds flying out from the colourful clouds in the skies, before delivering a wave of fresh, steaming shit on the faces of the Zhao Family people, wiping the rampant and self-satisfied smiles right off their faces.


"Wang Zhong is unexpectedly displaying the same exact move as Zhao Yilong!" although Ruo Zhi was considerably knowledgeable and possessed an abundance of experience, this was frankly the first time he had ever seen such a fight unfold. Wang Zhong was replicating whatever move his opponent had unleashed! Was this a training match? Or was this a match between a son and his parents? That was Zhao Yilong! What madness was this! "From the convergence of the rippling Soul Power, the move Wang Zhong is currently displaying appears really like the genuine version that Zhao Yilong has just shown earlier. Although we do not know about the power behind it, being able to achieve such control over his Soul Power frequency is something that only a handful of people in the CHF can accomplish!"

Being able to control one's Soul Power frequency was equivalent to possessing a miraculous talent or special ability. Understanding the essence of one's Soul Power and strength meant that one possessed infinite possibilities in their manipulation. This was also the reason why Zhao Yilong was ranked on the Mo's List. However, never in everyone's wildest dreams did everyone imagine that Wang Zhong actually possessed the same ability.

"It's different!" all of a sudden, a chill racked through Rou Zhi's body. At this moment, he had already been absorbed by the fight happening on stage.

Clearly, everyone could see the difference between the spiralling force unleashed by Wang Zhong and Zhao Yilong. The presence of countless rock chips floating around Zhao Yilong as a result of his spiralling force intent made him appear astonishingly imposing. However, not a single speck of dust was swept up on Wang Zhong's side. Other than the continued presence of the spiralling force at the tip of his spear, the ground around him remained as calm as a tranquil lake, while the rock chips scattered on the ground appeared to have grown roots, not moving even an inch!

Both had unleashed similar spiralling forces, yet upon closer inspection, they were as different as heaven and earth!

That technique had been mastered to perfection by Zhao Yilong. Yet, was this All Mouthy King a madman, or did he have brain problems, to actually mimic the appearance of the former's move? If he had done so for the sake of putting up an act, that would basically be equivalent to seeking death!

A sneer surfaced at the corner of Zhao Yilong's mouth. Indeed, Wang Zhong's strength had slightly exceeded his previous expectations. However, has he been reacting this way just to mock and ridicule his Zhao Family? That's basically a surefire way to die!

Let's see how you block this!

Having accumulated sufficient Soul Power, he formed his spear aura, condensing all the power right into a small point at the tip of his Overlord Spear!

All of a sudden, the countless rock chips floating around him appeared to have lost their power to stay in the air, dropping down on the floor with a crash. This was immediately followed up by a ray of black light!

"Heaven Reaching Rippling Spear!"


With the spear aura shooting out like a rainbow, time seemed to slow down, as everyone could not help but to focus their gaze on that chilling spot on the tip of Zhao Yilong's Overlord Spear, appearing as though there was only one such thing in the whole entire world!

However, it was at this instant that Wang Zhong made his move. The layers of Soul Power ripples at the tip of his spear condensed together, unexpectedly forming a point that burst forth towards Zhao Yilong!

Could a simple imitation accomplish the same feat?

The hearts of millions of people in the audience, including countless All Mouthy King fans, were all stuck in their throats.

As the two identical spirals converged, Zhao Yilong's spear aura revealed its overbearingness, rumbling thunderously across the sky like a streaking meteor! In comparison, Wang Zhong's spear intent did not raise any great billows at all, showing an otherworldly disparity in prestige and dominance.

Could it an impending defeat?

"Overlord descended into the word! Invincible Divine Dragon!"

Under the noisy shouts from the Divine Dragon fans, the two streaking meteors collided in the air with a might that was not inferior to that of thunderbolts raining down in a storm!

However, there weren't any of the impactful collisions that everyone was expecting, nor were there sparks spewing out in all directions.


Only a soft sound rang out.

At the instant when their spears collided, Zhao Yilong felt his spear aura, which was unmatched in ferocity and power, appeared to have lunged straight into an incomparably gigantic black hole! All of its power appeared as though it had sunk into an ocean of mud!

The spiralling force appeared as though it has met its natural-born nemesis, with every sliver of its force being devoured by a completely inverse force, before vanishing into thin air!

What the hell was that?!

His most powerful killing move, had actually been completely defused! What's more, the way how the two spiralling forces had fused together felt too strange and weird, just like… a completely inverted rippling spear!

How was this possible!

Zhao Yilong had seen such a phenomenon happening before, being unleashed by the senior of his family who had taught him this rippling spear! He had similarly changed the amplitude and frequency of his Soul Power. However, that was a realm of Soul Power usage even higher than his, and the experts that could do that were of the Heavenly Soul Stage!

If Zhao Yilong could change his Soul Power frequency, being able to unleash the destructive rippling spear would be a talent; being able to unleash that inverse rippling spear would signify a complete control over one's Soul Power!

The disparity was akin to a little student who was immeasurably self-satisfied after just learning the multiplication table, comparing against a university student who had already immersed himself in the world of mathematics!

After being halted momentarily by the inverse devouring force of coming from his opponent, his spear's force had actually condensed at Wang Zhong's spear tip, before all of it was sent rumbling back out!

With an addition and a subtraction, even with his divine-weapon like Overlord Spear and naturally born divine strength, Zhao Yilong instantly felt as though he was being crushed like Mount Tai was bearing down on him.

This spear strike wasn't a move that could be resisted with brute strength! Too many top class experts had been defeated when Zhao Yilong used this move. However, at this moment, he was on the receiving end.

The frightening power instantly sent him and his spear flying!


Zhao Yilong shoved his Overlord Spear into the ground behind him. However, it was unable to counteract the impact he had received, which shoved him across the stage. As he slid across the ground, a long pit was formed from the Overlord Spear that was pierced into the ground.

Zhao Yilong continued sliding across the stage, before stopping narrowly at the edge. Zhao Yilong seemed to have used all of his strength just to endure and completely negate the force of the impact. However...


A mouthful of blood was spurted out. This was a result of him trying to forcefully resist the impact he had received. Not wanting to lose face had resulted in him suffering damage.

The rampant Zhao Family supporters turned silent once again. Anyone that liked the Zhao Family basically had the desire to be extremely strong in their attacks, and like to step on others for the fun of it. Following the Zhao Family had allowed them to constantly satisfy these cravings. However, today...

The current spectacle had not gone according to the script. It couldn't be that Zhao Yilong was going to be flipped out, right? Weren't super geniuses the only people who could control Soul Power ripples? What was this situation? Why was he beaten like a dog!

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