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However, in the next second, Wang Zhong, who had continuously been forced into a defensive position, had obtained the initiative.


Waving his sword with both of his hands, Wang Zhong parried the sword radiance that had left him in a disadvantage earlier. Compared to their first exchange, Adam was unable to connect the 1st strike with the second, appearing to be unable to control the shifted momentum of his sword.

This was followed up by a flying knee as Wang Zhong struck home!

Adam pulled his left hand in response to block the incoming knee. Taking advantage of his momentum, Wang Zhong punched his right fist straight out. With a backhanded swipe, Adam blocked the incoming attack yet again. This time, he managed to regain control of his rapier that was knocked away, sending a stab right back.

Ding! The swords collided with greater force, before being followed up by an even quicker counterattack!

The rapier was knocked away once again. Relying on the momentum from the sword collision, Wang Zhong rotated to his back, before sending his left leg to shoot out towards the sky!

This close-contact counter-attack was too quick!


The kick landed squarely on Adam's chin, shaking his brain, scrambling his vision up while sending him reeling back several steps. However, before he could stabilise himself, Wang Zhong's attacks came hurtling over!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of invisible leg strikes! Akin to kicking a sandbag, all of them struck home on Adam's chest.


A mouthful of scarlet red liquid spurted out from Adam as his vision turned black. Like a kite whose string was cut, he flew back a couple dozen metres, before collapsing on the ground, motionless!

Everyone in the audience was stunned.

Since the start of this fight, Adam had always held onto the advantage. However, this change had just happened out of nowhere! Did Adam suddenly start to daydream, or was it Wang Zhong who had shown mercy at the beginning? The laymen weren't able to understand, and were just unable to react to this!

Wind God's mouth had fallen open. Could this guy still be considered as a human? Even the Bella Dean captain was beaten to a pulp! Fortunately, he had learnt from his mistakes and not make a bet for this duel. This bastard's simply inhuman!

However, had, had this duel come to an end? Had Adam fainted?

Silence once again filled the entire competition grounds, and everyone seemed to be waiting for the referee's voice to ring out. While they were waiting, a thought surfaced in the hearts of everyone: "Are all of the current black horses this fierce?"

However, as they thought about it, it seemed reasonable. After all, Wang Zhong was someone who had defeated a Mo's List expert. Although the name Bella Dean commanded a lot of fame and reputation, these were useless in combat. Such were the thrills of life.

From the looks of it, Tianjing really had a substantial chance of winning this match. Under the situation where the average ability of the squadrons was unknown, Wang Zhong and Grai's strength may have been able to forcefully suppress the entire Bella Dean squadron lineup in the group battle. The only pity was that Grai didn't deal a heavy hand to Gaden, as the latter's frightening special abilities were even more terrifying in a group battle setting. During Gaden's evaluation, the officials recognised that his most suitable position was a ranged soldier, as the threat he posed was much more terrifying than in a duel. With a poisonous mist that had a wide area of dispersal, the special ability of concealment, coupled with his terrifying ranged attacks, it made Gaden's group battle combat prowess exceedingly astonishing. On the aspect of the entire line up, Bella Dean has a broader range of stronger characters than the motley crew of Tianjing.

Despite his victory, Wang Zhong's face did not display even the slightest hint of happiness. On the contrary, a slightly strange expression was present; one that appeared like anticipation, yet it also appeared akin to one of curiosity.

"Don't just lie there. Let me see your real strength." All of a sudden, Wang Zhong spoke out towards Adam, who was currently lying motionless on the ground.

As those words rang out, other than Gaden, all other members of the Bella Dean squadron were slightly stunned.

That was the full strength of their captain! While other people had been unable to resist, this Wang Zhong had defended against it in a "relaxed and easy" manner! What's more, Tianjing also had Grai, who had defeated Gaden! How the fuck were they a C rank squadron! They were basically tag team of freaks!

Now, he's actually talking something about wanting their captain to bring out "his true strength"? Was he purposefully ridiculing their captain?

As the entire competition grounds fell into silence, a strange laughter suddenly rang out from Adam.

In the next instant, he suddenly pulled off a backflip into a seated position. As he did so, there was no trace of the ever-so-present gentlemanly smile left on his face. Now, it had changed to a slightly crazed and beastial one. He started to claw chaotically at his hair, and his aristocratic looking style become one of total chaos, before revealing a satisfied look. Turning around to survey his surroundings, he narrowed his eyes slightly before taking a deep breath, finally replacing his expression to one filled with a brilliant smile. There was no change in his appearance, yet he gave everyone the feeling as though he had become an entirely different person.

"How do you do? Nice to meet you! I'm Galen Bella Dean!"

Everyone in the audience, including the host, Wind God, and those watching via the Skylink had their jaws fall the ground, while their eyes turned as wide as saucers. Similar expressions were also present on Divian, who believed that she had an excellent understanding of him, and even on the faces of the other Bella Dean squadron members.

What Galen Bella Dean? What nice to meet you?

No matter how you treat it, those sounded like words of satire and sarcasm. Could such words come out from the mouth of the ever so perfect gentleman, Adam Galen Bella Dean?

What's more, that smile, expression, gaze, and constant swaying, it appeared as though simply standing straight was an arduous task!

Was this really the same person who had been universally praised throughout the Federation to possess the most refined style and the most excellent temperament of a representative?

Even Wang Zhong was somewhat shocked and surprised by these changes. Just a while ago, he had felt the change in frequency of his opponent's Soul Power. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect the latter to appear as though he had changed into a completely different person.

After firing the first volley of words, Galen followed up closely with another barrage. "Sigh. Why do you always like to be serious? It's too uncomfortable! I've long told you that there's a problem with this fella, so let me out! Yet you just have to not believe in me! Hehe! See how you're beaten to a pulp? You weak fellow! Sigh!" At this moment, he seemed to finally realise that he was holding a sword in his hand.

In the memories of all of the members from the Bella Dean squadron, the rapier was their captain's beloved, and would never, ever leave his body! However, at this moment, he had casually tossed his rapier far, far away with the flick of his hand, just like one would do with rubbish! "What a useless thing! Didn't I tell you long ago that your body is your strongest weapon! Only cowards would use such useless toys. Hehe, you just don't listen, don't you! That's why you had suffered a beating from him! Let me take your place to teach him a lesson. However, it'll be my turn for the next few days!"

Once again, the entire competition grounds, as well as the audience watching via Skylink, had instantly sunk into absolute silence, as all of the cameras were focused on Adam Galen. At this moment, every single expression, sentence and word he said was being broadcasted to everyone. It was a full ten seconds before people watching via Skylink finally regained their senses back.

"This, has he been beaten crazy?"

"It's over! Bella Dean's captain has gone crazy!"

"What an upset this is...:"

"His mental fortitude can't be that poor, right?"

"Has the cap, captain really gone crazy?" the members of the Bella Dean squadron slightly incredulous, and were unable to believe what they were seeing.

"Shut up!" Gaden gave a cold snap. From the looks of it, those rumours were true! Indeed, there weren't any ordinary people in the Bella Dean Family! Their family has always wanted to obtain greater power. Not only did they want to be more powerful, but they also wanted a strength greater than the Stuart, Gui and even Vasilyevich Families. Therefore, they had tinkered with all of their successors, with Adam being no exception. From the look of it, it was unavoidable for Adam to escape this fate.

Personality disintegration.

At this moment, Gaden could not help but reveal a peculiar shade of emotion on his face, one that was not of astonishment, but of excitement!

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