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The distance was too close, and the incoming attack was too quick! It was even faster than the earlier stab!

Wang Zhong was completely unable to see which direction the sword shade was piercing towards, and was even unable to catch a glimpse of the sword shade! The only thing he felt was a sense of danger; a premonition of something terrible that was going to happen.

A searing heat swept across his face. Despite only coming into slight contact with his skin, it left a long welt on his face. Furthermore, the terrifying force caused Wang Zhong's centre of gravity to shift, sending him flying back.

With a shudder, the rapier twisted, before it was thrusted out once again.

The 2nd strike! Dragon's ascent to the heavens!

The Sword Qi appeared once again!

Wang Zhong subconsciously brought his sword up to parry!


A metallic sound rang out. Having already lost his balance and being unable to divert the incoming force of the strike, Wang Zhong's entire body was sent flying into the air!

Like a spectre, Adam gave chase to Wang Zhong, travelling faster than Wang Zhong was flying. There was another collision of swords in the air, followed by a heavy kick smashing down!


The continuous attacks sent Wang Zhong shooting backwards like a cannonball!

Adam's attacks didn't stop there. Descending from the air, he sent yet another strike hurtling towards the spinning Wang Zhong. The essence of an offensive lies in how the attacks flow into one another. Fighting spirit is aroused by the first roll of drums, depleted by the second and exhausted by the third. As long as he began his attack, it would only end when one party was defeated!

Adam wanted to finish off his opponent in one go!

A flash of brilliance shot out of Adam's eyes as Sword Qi surged out!

However, in that instant, Wang Zhong, who should have already lost his balance, gave a ferocious twist of his waist. Counteracting his momentum as he descended, he forcefully threw his body into a backflip in the most unimaginable of ways!

Giving a fierce stamp with the tip of his feet, he made a half step to the side.

As the pursuing Adam's stab struck air, a bad feeling arose in his heart. However, before he could respond to it, a kick had already taken advantage of his miss to come whipping over!

Adam subconsciously crossed his hands before his chest as the massive force of this kick coursed through his entire body, sending him barreling back a dozen metres.

Thud thud thud thud thud!

Although he landed feet-first, he stumbled 7 to 8 steps backwards before finally regaining stability.

Although his opponent was sent stumbling back, Wang Zhong did not give chase. Standing at where he sent the kick out, he leisurely rubbed away the bloodstain on his face, before looking towards Adam with a faint smile on his face. If Wang Zhong had not come into contact with Mu Zi and Aiolos, he would have probably focused more on victory and defeat. However, having gained new perspectives, he was able to view the precious and value phase he was currently in with greater clarity. Every strong and powerful expert he was going to meet in the CHF was an experimental guinea pig in his eyes. Every single fight was beneficial towards his future breakthroughs. In the path to becoming an unparalleled expert, nothing is as simple as winning or losing.

He had welcomed the fight against Adam Bella Dean not only for the sake of exposing his opponent's trump cards but also for the sake of his own progression, both of which he could not miss out on. All of the captains who were from the 10 great families had inherited vast amounts of knowledge and history from their families. Therefore, regardless of the depth or simplicity of their combat moves, the essence contained within was representative of their styles.

At this moment, silence hung over the entire competition grounds. Just a moment ago, a wave of cheering and shouting had rung out from the Bella Dean side when Adam had sent Wang Zhong flying. To them, the defences of that pretentious Wang had almost made them question their lives. Fortunately, Adam was still stronger than him! The attacks that sent Wang Zhong flying about in succession caused incomparable delight in them. However, never in their wildest dreams did they expect that what seemed like the beginning had turned into a bleak ending of the show.

He had actually defended against that rush? What's more, he had even counterattacked!

Divian shook her head, before laughing out.

Although Adam had appeared to control the momentum of the fight, Divian knew within her heart that this was the most he could give, and was the limit of his offence. For a Casted Soul Stage soldier to be able to launch an offensive at such a level, even experts on the Mo's List would not be able to do better than him.

However, it was a pity that this was the extent of his ability.

Regardless of how strong his attacks were, they would need to abide by the limitations of the Casted Soul Stage. Limits were limits. These were the facts! No one was able to exceed them, regardless of how hard they tried!

This was why he was not on the Mo's List! Anyone who could climb up onto the Mo's List would never reason with you! It was only those unreasonable talents and special abilities which were truly able to break through the limits of the Casted Soul Stage!

This was also the reason why Adam was still reluctant to ignite his Heroic Soul. He was hoping, hoping very hard to be able to obtain a power that was uniquely his during the Casted Soul Stage. Nonetheless, it was a pity. Some things could be substituted with hard work and diligence, and there were some which could not. Now, Divian was feeling even more interested in Wang Zhong. All of a sudden, she thought that this person had already become an incredibly frightening opponent. Clearly, it wasn't a fluke that he was able to defeat a Mo's List assassin in the previous round. This person undoubtedly possessed an firm self-confidence.

This Tianjing squadron is too exciting! Carolyn should really tune in to watch.

However, Divian did not know that Carolyn had already tuned in to watch this match. Naturally, she was doing so via Skylink. In the beginning, Carolyn was planning on skipping this match. However, the more she thought of doing so, the more it would become an obstruction in her heart. Was there anything good about an obstruction?

This was the only glimmer of light in her entire life. Ever since the first time she had crossed hands with him, she knew that this person possessed some ability, and was stubborn, yet brimming with the arrogance for his grassroots. The competition stage of the CHF was indeed the moment for such grassroots like him to struggle and rise. However, he had actually managed to bring a ragtag squadron all the way to the top 64. This was indeed a surprise for her. However, having bumped into Bella Dean in the round of 64, there was no way he could have progressed from here.

Although other people did not know much about Adam Galen Bella Dean, being the successor of the Stuart Family, Carolyn knew a certain secret about him. After all, he had once been considered as a potential candidate to be her other half. Therefore, her family had done an extensive investigation into his background.

A sliver of blood appeared at the corner of Adam's mouth. Wang Zhong's kick contained tremendous power behind it. With his Soul Power being expended on his attacks, Adam was completely unable to divert any of it to his defence in time, and this was the best time to counterattack. This was a problem that he had faced all along in this competition. Even if his opponent wasn't Wang Zhong, he would definitely be meeting Mo's List experts in his path to the championship. What's more, this was the part that he was helpless to do anything about.

Wang Zhong's attitude was provocative, something Adam could tell, as he knew that the former wanted to see him display even more moves.

Rubbing the corner of his mouth, he condensed his Soul Power once again!

"An intense collision, a stressful frequency!" Wind God's voice finally came after much delay. The 2 parties were too quick in their exchanges, giving him utterly no time to comment. Before he could speak about any action either of them had made, both parties had already collided in dozens of exchanges. "During the earlier clashes, Adam was always the one pressuring his opponent. However, he seemed to have suffered a bit of disadvantage in the end. Nonetheless, this is of no concern, as I can feel that he's condensing his strength into his sword once again! Is he planning on pulling off a repeat of the earlier bout of exchanges?"

In the twinkling of an eye, Sword Qi appeared once again! A white flash swept out!

The incoming strike appeared no different from the earlier one. However, Wang Zhong could already see that there was a substantial change to it.

It wasn't due to him adapting to it, but that his opponent had changed.

At this moment, despite Adam appearing as calm as before, Wang Zhong could feel that the heart of his opponent has already started to shake.

The style of his ancient European fencing was the type that would not cease till the end, always heading forwards in an incomparably ferocious manner. It was consistent all the way till the end, and possessed unlimited explosive potential! However, if one's attacks were obstructed, or one's confidence gets shaken, despite still being able to unleash attacks with similar vigor, there would be a considerable reduction in their might.

Not only Wang Zhong, Divian, the Blazing Angel's Papada, Oli and the other experts present were able to notice this change. However, such changes were obviously out of the realm of what the ordinary audience could see.

As the Sword brilliance came thrusting over, the audience had their hearts in their mouths, regardless of whether they supported Bella Dean or Tianjing.

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