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Compared to being an assassin. Wang Zhong preferred to fight as a soldier. Compared to an assassin's objective of slitting throats upon moving, the feeling of fist impacting flesh, and the nostalgia brought about by the opponent's heavy attacks were undoubtedly more suitable for a real man.

Adam was a perfect opponent for Wang Zhong, as his speed and strength were above average. His understanding of close range combat wasn't only restricted to the way of the sword, as his combat skills with punches and kicks were also exceedingly outstanding. Furthermore, his control over his strength was practically perfect. Being able to unleash blows at the peak of 200 grassos was just the minimum standard of someone at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage. The crucial factor was control! There was an enormous difference between straining every muscle to exert strength, as compared to accomplishing it with the flip of a hand.Both parties did not use any combat skills or techniques. The higher the realm of the fight, the greater the focus on the clash of the fundamentals. This wasn't just the process of evaluating the opponent, as it also a safe and reliable way to guard against them. Regardless of how strong they were, there would definitely be ways to break through any combat skill or technique, more so if they were famous moves. If used correctly and at the right moment, one would appear godlike. However, if one's timing were grasped by the opponent, one would immediately become a fool.

Ding!The sword and the rapier clashed against each other once again. This time, both parties were using both hands to wield their swords, with the massive rebounding force sending them shooting a dozen metres back.

Tap tap...the two stabilised their retreating bodies. The close distance punches and kicks unleashed by soldiers brought about a higher rate of energy consumption. However, the two of them were precisely the types an endless pool of strength. The intense clash of flesh was simply unable to even create even the slightest bit of fatigue in either party.Up till now, their breathing had remained extremely tranquil and stable.

However, Wind God and a few observant people in the audience had immediately noticed that Adam had retreated backwards half a step further than Wang Zhong!Although such a small difference was extremely inconspicuous in the intense bout of exchanges, and could even be said to have no effect to the overall situation, Wind God could not help but turn slack-jawed, completely forgetting about his casting.

Clearly, both parties had yet to explode with the limits of their strength. However, both of them had also exercised control over their strength throughout the exchange. During it, such a minute detail was very likely to be a legitimate indicator of their difference in strength.This Wang Zhong... precisely who the fuck was he?

Is this Tianjing about to defy the heavens? Could he really possess the capability to suppress Adam while using a runic sword?It had to be said that Wind God's heart was slightly shaken at this instant. This was primarily due to the doubts that Wang Zhong had casted on his heart in his previous match.

It wasn't that he had never seen people change fighting styles from an assassin to that of a soldier, as there were people out there who were exceedingly proficient in both the dagger and runic sword. However, the meaning of "exceedingly proficient" also meant that they still weren't good enough! Naturally, there was an exception to that in the form of All Mouthy King in the OP. However, not everyone was All Mouthy King!However, from what he had seen, this Wang Zhong was actually able to pull that off! He was able to contend against Eddie with a dagger, and was still able to match up against Adam with a runic sword! What's more, he was even able to obtain a slight advantage over the latter! This had absolutely exceeded the realm of "exceedingly proficient"!

At this moment, a faint smile appeared on Adam's face. People like Wind God were able to spot the difference in control from a distance. Being on the stage, Adam was even clearer about the outcome of the first exchange.This Wang Zhong's definitely not using the runic sword just to put up an act. Only people who have crossed hands with that fellow would understand precisely, the terrifying realm his close-combat prowess had reached.

Strength, speed, reaction time, control over Soul Power, and even his response toward auras. This Wang Zhong could be considered as one of the strongest Casted Soul Stage experts that Adam has ever faced!If he was 2 years younger than now, his hot-blooded self then might not be willing to be on the losing side and would choose to continue duking it out till the very end. However, after the careful guidance and training from his family, he had tossed away the foolish heart of comparison and learnt how to make the most appropriate decisions at the most suitable of times.

Whoosh!Adam's body twisted slightly to the left, while his left hand went behind his back. Taking half a step forward, with his right foot, he brought his right hand to his front. After drawing a semi-circle in the air, his unique looking slender sword rested vertically before his chest.

This was a peculiar stance, yet Wang Zhong was able to sense the instantaneous change in his opponent's aura.If the Adam from before was reserved and abstruse, the Adam now was just like an unsheathed sword, ready to let its sharp edges shine with radiance!

Not only did his aura change, but even his skin had also turned slightly flushed. Rings of air surged up from his feet, giving the appearance of an air curtain that surrounded him!"Oh my god! What's that?"

"Is that Adam's Soul Power?"A grave expression appeared on Wang Zhong's face.

By itself, Soul Power was invisible and without form, due to it being too spread out, like air. It cannot be seen, and cannot be felt. Yet, when Soul Power is condensed past a certain limit, one would be able to see the Soul Power with one's naked eyes.Everyone's Soul Power had different characteristics. This included the vibrational frequency; it could be violent or calm. Adam's Soul Power could be classified as the type that was incomparably stable, which allowed the extruded Soul Power to form the appearance of neat and concise halos. Not only was his Soul Power sufficiently strong, but his control over it was also already at the stage of perfection!

His opponent clearly wasn't planning on playing a slow game with him. He was definitely up against an intelligence-type captain, who was doing everything he could to obtain victory. After accumulating strength and Soul Power all the way till his peak, his next move might be the deciding factor towards victory or defeat.The two set the gazes firmly on the other. Although none of them made a single move, their strength and Soul Power had accumulated to their peak. Now, the only thing they were waiting for was to the opportunity to take action!

As their auras continued to rise, their fighting intent surged to sky-high levels, and sparks seemed to fly in the air where their gazes intersected as if the 2 had already fought for a dozen of exchanges. However, the entire stage was silent and devoid of sound!However, one could imagine that if they were to start their attacks, it would definitely be like claps of thunder!

While the audience watching via the Skylink wasn't able to feel this, those in the competition grounds, including Wind God standing on the casting platform, could feel their anxiety rise to the point of speechlessness. The entire audience was silent, shocked by the auras radiating out from the two on the stage. All of their hearts were beating rapidly, their minds growing tighter, and they grew thirsty and parched while they waited. Nonetheless, no one remembered to drink a sip of water, all afraid of missing even a single split second of the instant where the two opponents would take action!Ding~

The sound of a metal tumbler dropping on the floor in the viewing gallery broke the silence. Such a sound would not have been heard in such a vast and spacious competition grounds, yet it was incomparably ear-piercing in this silence-filled stage.Quite a few people with frayed nerves were subconsciously attracted by the sound, causing them to turn their gazes slightly.

However, just at this instant, Adam's eyes suddenly narrowed!This was the instant!

Hurricane Dash!Conventional descriptions of figures turning into bolts of lightning during their dash were usually exaggerated. However, in this case, Adam had indeed appeared to have turned into a bolt of lightning!

Although the speed of his dash appeared like a bolt of lightning, even more terrifying was the Soul Power that had accumulated in his rapier, which was currently giving off a radiance that covered the entirety of the rapier. This caused his entire being to appear as though he was a shooting comet with a tail, rushing straight towards Wang Zhong!Such a quick dashing speed!

Ding!A loud metallic clang rang out. At the instant when the runic sword and rapier clashed, Wang Zhong felt an incomparably terrifying force being transmitted through his sword, shaking his wrist until it felt slightly numb.

Just a puny needle-like rapier was unexpectedly able to erupt with such terrifyingly powerful force!

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