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When the two swords were smashed apart, Adam's next attack came at an astonishing speed. With a faint twist of his feet, he easily redirected the momentum of his repelled rapier. Drawing a small circle in the air, the second attack came hurtling over at an even faster speed than the first!

Wang Zhong parried once more, while Adam sent another stab!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Clearly, his opponent's way of linking up the successive stabs relied on some unique skill or technique, appearing as though it required no downtime between attacks. With each stab being stronger than the previous one, this continued all the way till the 4th stab, which sent Wang Zhong back by half a step!

During a head-on confrontation, retreating by half a step was already a sign of weakness!

Like a maggot in a tarsal bone, Adam followed closely forward. Like water rampaging out upon the opening of the floodgates, Adam's entire set of sword strikes came surging forwards, flowing from one right into the next!

Whish! Ding! Whish! Ding! Whish! Ding!

Quick! Too quick!

Adam's sword strikes appeared just like a flame-spitting machine gun in rapid fire! Countless rainbow-like flashes coming from shades created by the sword strikes lit up the entire stage. In just an instant, over a hundred attacks had been sent out!

Unlike the rapid flurry of strike unleashed by an assassin, each of the sword strikes was sent out with 200 Grassos of Soul Power behind them. Coupled with Adam's terrifying arm strength, they created a storm-like flurry of attacks raining out!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The metallic clangs caused by the swords clashing reached a frequency that caused them to become one continuous sound!

Being able to maintain a peak output of 200 Grassos of Soul Power for every strike while unleashing them at such rapid speeds! This was no longer just about peak Soul Power, nor was it about the momentum conservation technique used for the Cross Wheels.

This was the pure explosion of power! In the next instant, numerous 200 Grassos-filled sword strikes were unleashed!

It was tough for the people watching to picture the instantaneous overloading of Soul Power in each of the sword strikes. Even the bodies of ordinary soldiers at the peak of the Casted Soul Sage could not withstand the effects of unleashing such attacks!

Retreating seemed to be the only thing Wang Zhong could do, moving back again and again, relying on the backward momentum to dispel the incoming force of Adam's strikes.

Offence and defence.

In the offensive position, Adam demonstrated the attitude of a prince, with his fighting spirit surging through the roof with every move and attack he made. Clearly, his Soul Power had already reached the critical point for the Casted Soul Stage. Typically, people at this point would consciously suppress the promotion of their soul stage, something that Adam too had done. This had allowed him to maintain a higher power output of his Soul Power. What's more, the unique runic sword was obviously a masterpiece of the Bella Dean Family, as ordinary runic swords were incapable of enduring such a barrage of high powered Soul Power-imbued attacks.

However, the tight defence of his opponent was unparalleled! He was genuinely worthy of being the expert that had ended a Mo's List assassin!

What's more, he was still so young! This was the definition of talent!

Adam himself didn't possess such talent. However, he had the perseverance that those geniuses don't! After spending 15 years of tempering his sword, he finally possessed the qualifications to stand where he was now!

The ancient art of fencing was unable to become one of the mainstream ways of sword fighting due to the incredibly difficult practice required, and also because of the slow progress the wielder would have in gaining proficiency in its usage. Unlike the orthodox ways of the sword, its emphasis was in the control over the flow of the fight, fanciful moves as well as the fusion of feints and real attacks. Adam had started learning the ways of fencing when he was 5 years old, and had been practising for the last 15 years. All in all, he had only practised one move: the stab!

Adam could no longer remember exactly how many times he had practised the stab. When he was 5, he used a light wooden sword to practise, before moving to a heavier mahogany one, to an ordinary steel one, to a specially designed European rapier, before tying wooden containers filled with water on the blade, to even lead blocks...

Ten thousand stabs, a 100 thousand stabs, a million stabs, 10 million stabs!

There were way too many people who would have given up if they had to suffer through such a monotonous and dull training! However, Adam continued to persevere on, practising from day to night, no matter rain or shine!

Ever since he was young, there was not a single day that Adam didn't have sores on his hands. After practising non-stop for these 15 years, he had completed tens of thousands of practice sessions! At this very moment, a stab was no longer a form of practice for him, but a part of life itself!

Therefore, he was able to endure the overloading of Soul Power into his stabs! While other people would treat his attacks as a terrifying explosion, it was just a habit, a basic move for him! As long as his accumulation of Soul Power didn't end, there was no limit to his endless attacks! He would continue this all the way till his opponent lay flat on the ground!

Silence filled the entire competition grounds, with the only sound present being the reverberations coming from the clashing of swords on stage!

The people from the Blazing Angels had trained their eyes on the stage with an intense focus.

At this moment, Divian and Karl no longer had any mood left to gossip.

The Seer Family and the Bella Dean Family could be considered to have some aristocratic ties. Therefore, Divian was considerably knowledgeable about Adam.

Frankly speaking, he was a pretty much a perfect soldier. The only reason why he wasn't ranked on the Mo's List was that he wasn't sufficiently outstanding or talented.

Other than possessing excellent strength and combat prowess, the experts ranked on the Mo's List all possessed some bit of supernatural talent. For example, the Bella Dean squadron's Gaden. Although he had an exceedingly ugly appearance, his fundamentals were extremely solid and firm, while possessing the two special abilities of concealment and ageing!

Adam was considered to be the extremely diligent type. Regarding effort, Divian felt that there was no one within the younger generation who could match up to him. Although he was talented, it was a pity that it wasn't that extraordinary. The mainstream view of the various great aristocratic families was that "If one could obtain everything through hard work and diligence, what's the point of having talent?"

One's talent would determine the limit of growth for one's strength. Therefore, this made Adam all the more pitiful, as he was more suited to the path of managing the family. Despite this, Adam Bella Dean evidently did not acknowledge this.

However, it was a pity that those unique capabilities were the required stalemate breakers in intense fights like this! Only with such abilities would one be ranked on the Mo's List!

Nonetheless, no such thoughts were flowing through the minds of the two locked in combat.

Adam still had a calm and tranquil expression present on his face. In the blink of an eye, he had launched another 100-over strikes. One party continued with his high powered attacks, with the other was maintaining his tight defence.

Ear-splitting metallic clashes reverberated across the entire stage, with every single strike sounding like the ring from a giant bell!

Wang Zhong's figure retreated rapidly as he crossed blades with Adam. What seemed like an extremely exhausting defence was in fact a rock-steady one. The explosive rush from Adam had continued for a whole minute, yet he was still unable to obtain even the slightest breakthrough against Wang Zhong's defence.

As for Wang Zhong, he had tried to launch a counterattack but had failed, as the pressure coming from he dense and numerous attacks was too high for him to do so. As he continued to retreat step after step, not a single gap presented itself for him to return an attack!

The fight sunk into a stalemate.

With one attacking and one defending, they appeared just like a string being pulled taut from both ends. With the high tension, the situation would become extreme torturous for both parties, as they would either have to wait for their opponent to completely exhaust their strength, otherwise, they would be suppressed!

Without mentioning those experts with an acute eye, even the laymen in the audience were able to feel the tense atmosphere present on stage, causing people to be unable to catch their breath!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! … Ding!

After consecutively launching several hundred high-powered strikes, Adam's sword suddenly came to a halt.

Had he finally ran out of gas?

The Tianjing supporters could not help but want to shout out in happiness, as Adam's offence was too pressuring, causing them to feel nervous and worried. When talking about offence and defence, the offensive side would generally consume more strength and energy. From the look of it, it seems like Adam was the one who couldn't continue this stalemate!

However, before these people could shout out, everyone noticed Adam taking a step back.

His rapier had suddenly halted, yet it did not lose any of its momentum. At this moment, all of the momentum generated by the strikes he had sent out earlier was instantly retracted back into his body!

Adam's expression changed furiously! From calm and tranquil to violent and berserk!

After practising tens of thousands of stabs, all of the momentum generated from every attack he had made was now condensed within the sword in his hand!


As Adam roared out, a sword stabbed out. Instantly, brilliant white radiance erupted from the sword, appearing just like the so-called Sword Qi!

This wasn't the wind pressure caused by the stab, nor was it the condensation of Soul Power, or even the reflection of light off the sword. This was a legitimate burst of Sword Qi! A thunderous thrust!

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