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Long chains of "...." dominated in the video live feed chat, with quite a few of them being posted by the members of the other participating squadrons in this CHF. There were even some fellows that were engrossed in reading the statistics who could not help but to puke in response to this. Are there any paths left for others to climb!'

"Ah! Ah! Do you guys realise that she's the ninth person on the list? Who's the last one???"

"Looks like this is more or less the experts within our age group. The various families have unleashed their hidden cards already. As for the last person, he or she should have a bigger fame and reputation than the rest, yet there's still no one appearing in the video."

Appearing to have sensed everyone's doubts, the video transitioned to a white background. All of a sudden lines of static appeared. Eh? Was there something wrong with the signal?

Instantly, the video live feed chat was swarmed by an ocean's worth of question marks. Swimming in satisfaction as they watched the video, how could they accept their enjoyment be cut short by a bad signal?

Nevertheless, it wasn't due to a bad signal. As the sea of static dissipated away, a swaying figure speed to appear within the darkness, before instantly followed by the appearance of a gigantic question mark on the screen.

The final person on the list of the top ten experts was...

Bang… Bang… Bang...

Three words appeared within the world of darkness.

As the appeared, it seemed as though the entire world had turned silent. Was this for real>

A surge of hotness seemed to roar out from people's throats as they thought. Could it be that the legendary All Mouthy King will really participate in this year's CHF?

All Mouthy King???

Akin to the eruption of a volcano at the advert of silence, everyone felt as though their hearts have started to pound. Many a time, everyone was still doubtful of the reality of All Mouthy King's existence. To them, there was a possibility that he was just a trick made up by an older generation expert, with the whole thing just being a multilayered joke.

All Mouthy King is a student of a Heroic Soul Academy! There's actually a super genius that has remained hidden by our sides! That's right, he's participating in this CHF!

"Brother King?! It's actually brother King?!"

"Is this for real? Could it be that the Mo Family knows the identity of All Mouthy King?!"

"Could he be a person from the Mo Family?"

"That's unlikely! If the Mo Family isn't able to know about the academy in which brother King is attending, how can they be certain that All Mouthy King will participate in this CHF? This is the list of the top ten greatest experts we're talking about!"

There was noone that would refute All Mouthy King's qualifications to be on that list. Nevertheless, there were countless people that were pulling their hairs out in suspicion as to how the Mo Family had managed to get their hands on this information.

This was approximately the first time a Mo Family's information had received such clear cut doubt and suspicion.

Indeed. Since they weren't even able to obtain any concrete information as to which academy was All Mouthy King attending in, how could they be certain that All Mouthy King would participate in this CHF?

A butterfly flaps its wings and a hurricane starts. The news about All Mouthy King had caused the hearts of everyone watching to go into turmoil.

After experience the latest period of his crazy training, Wang Zhong had gradually started to reduce the training workload for the Tianjing squadron, with Barran specifically in mind. After the past period of training, he had already made sufficient progress in his strength. Therefore, Wang Zhong had started to allow him to relax, so as to allow for him to contemplate what he had learnt to obtain progression. There were obvious advancements in the strength of Barran and Scarlet, with even Milami having made quite a bit of progress iher strength. Compared to them, despite giving their all, Colby and Lily were still having difficulties in making any substantial progress in their strength. Nevertheless, the cooperation and synergy between the members have increased. From this, the Tianjing Squadron could be said to have made preparations for the upcoming CHF.

The videos of the various experts posted by the Mo Family didn't affect the mood of the Tianjing squadron. To the other members of the squad, those people were way, way out of their reach. At this moment, they had only one goal, which was to enter the official competition of the CHF. Naturally, this wasn't the thoughts of Wang Zhong and Scarlet. To them, entering the official competition the first step they needed to take. Of course, obtaining a good result while doing would be icing on the cake.

Understanding the importance of this CHF, student Grai had indeed returned on time. From the looks of it, Grai still maintained his heroic and suave bearing despite being on such a long backpacking trip, appearing in a rather good state of mind upon his return.

"I've returned, senior Wang Zhong." looking at everyone, a radiant smile appeared on Grai's face.

"That's why I've mentioned about how senior sister Hymin would unexpectedly turn up early in the training grounds." Wang Zhong could not help but to reply in a teasing fashion.

"Oh great captain, how can you frame me like that!" replied Hymin as she stuck her hip out. "Aren't you the person always arrive the latest?"

"Yes yes yes." Wang Zhong replied before laughing out, not refuting Hymin's rebuke. Pulling over a bench, he took a seat, before looking excitedly at Grai. "So, what interesting matters did you encounter on your trip, Grai?"

"That's right, that's right!" Hymin's attention was immediately drawn by Wang Zhong's question as excitement appeared on her face. "Hurry up and tell us which places have you been to? How did you arrive at those place? Are there any fun things over there?"

"I've been to quite a few places. I headed north from Tianjing City, going to any substantial city along the way, though I didn't stay too long in them" replied Grai with a smile. " Basically, I've been only doing some sightseeing at them, with the majority of the time spent in travelling from place to place. As for interesting matters, I feel that living in the wilderness is much more interesting. Regardless of the various garrisons or vagabonds that I've bumped into, they were rather friending and warm, allowing me to make quite a few friends among them."

"I've heard that the vagabonds in the north are rather tough and hard while possessing a rather impatient character too." Colby said as he butted in the conversation." They aren't too easy to live with. You're really formidable, Grai."

"Actually, it's still relatively alright. I feel that the true vagabonds aren't as barbaric as what people describe them to be. They are rather hospitable, and treat people with sincerity, with the only thing being their various kinds of rules and laws. Its easy for people who don't know them to offend them in various kinds of ways. While over there, I've even made a few jokes when communicating with them."

"Quickly say it, say it quickly!" Hymin spoke out with extreme urgency.

There were quite a few places in the northern area of the federation that maintained the nomadic tradition. Naturally, the majority of the nomads live in the grass plains surrounding the cities and iron railway. Being termed as vagabonds, these nomads were tasked to take care of the grounds around the iron railway, and would often coordinate with the garrison troops to deal with mutated beast hordes. Liking in such a cruel and vile environment and at times at the frontlines in combat against mutated beasts, these had led to the nomadic tribes being as tough as nails. The northern area of the federation specializes in heavy soldiers, with many of the aristocratic families sending their younger generations to the most remote of grasslands to live two to three years as nomads as a way to temper them and pass through their rite of adulthood. At there, these people would either die there or return with their strength increased by quite a bit. Those people that return from such tempering would absolutely be true men that would radiate with wildness and rare savagery.

In the eyes of people, nomads were cruel, savage, overbearing and wild. On the contrary, it was just a misunderstanding of the people of the northern area against the nomads. Basically, everything was in the eyes of the beholder.

While the entirety of the squadron was grouped up in happy chat, the door was suddenly shoved open. Holding a bunch of information in his hand, Ma Dong rushed in, before shouting out, "The CHF competition rules have been officially announced. Ha! Be prepared to set out, brothers and sisters! Ah, Grai is back? Ha! This is really too great! I was thinking about how to contact you when I received this information! Come come come, everyone, take a look at these!"

As of recently, Ma Dong had not remained idle. Being the leader of the Training squadron, he had tolled about here and there, while having officially stepped into the right track of being a representative for the task in the C ranked territory. What's more, his main mission was to be an advance party to initiate contact with the Dise Musk's people. As for the construction of the territory, that would actually require the Assassin Family's think tanks to create an integrated program to manage this task. Regards to experience and mental capabilities, these matters weren't something that Ma Dong could achieve by himself. What's more, with his old man being in charge of liasing and supervision with the Assassin Family, there was basically nothing that Ma Dong needed to do.

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